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Found 127 results

  1. Supreme World Of Fighters

    I tried to made my own mugen, but from the moment i am a programmer not a graphic designer i can't make my own lifebar and menu. You can watch my trailer video on youtube at the following link: You must download these 3 folders since the characters roster is very huge, and you have to drag all characters folders into chars folder which is located into the "supreme world of fighters" folder. Otherwise you will not have any character in the roster If the mugen gives to you an error like this one: M.U.G.E.N ver 1.1.0 Beta 1 P1 (2013.08.11) status log --------------------------------------------------- Parsing command line... Command line: C:\Users\bellm\Desktop\Supreme World Of Fighters\mugen.exe Parse command line OK Initializing... Allocating game variables Reading configuration file...Setting language "en". OK Initializing timer...performance timer enabled...frequency 2338451...OK Initializing keyboard...configuring...OK Initializing input engine...OK Initializing sound...OK Initializing BGM... OK Initializing graphics...gameCoord 1920x1080...render mode 2_22...trying 1920x1080x32 mode 0x0...failed. You must go into the supreme world of fighter folder, then go into data folder and open the mugen.cfg file, with a text editor or notepad if you have installed it on your computer. Scroll down until you see these lines: ;------------------------------------------------------- [Config] ;Set the game speed here. The default is 60 frames per second. The ;larger the number, the faster it goes. Don't use a value less than 10. GameSpeed = 60 ;Game native width and height. ;Recommended settings are: ; 640x480 Standard definition 4:3 ; 1280x720 High definition 16:9 ; 1920x1080 Full HD 16:9 GameWidth = 1920 GameHeight = 1080 Change the GameWidth and the GameHeight values just like this: GameWidth = 1280 GameHeight = 720 Game features: - 192 characters, they came from 11 universes: dragon ball, blazblue, guilty gear, bandai namco (tekken and soul calibur), marvel, mortal kombat, capcom, hokuto no ken, snk and the last charcters come from other universes with final bosses included; - 32 boss characters in arcade modes: in the single arcade mode you will fight 7 random fighters from all universes, while in the last 3 matches you will fight against 3 bosses from the easiest to the hardest. In team arcade you will fight 8 matches with random fighters, while the last 2 matches you will fight against 4 bosses. Two bosses in the ninth match and other 2 in the last match; - characters moves list, in the game folder i create an extra folder with all characters movelist, and i put a txt file which explain to you how to understand mugen commands; - Controls, i set the commands for a xbox 360 controller, x weak punch, y medium punch, rb strong punch, a weak kick, b medium kick, rt strong kick. With the start button you will use the character taunt, if you want close the game or leave a mode press the esc button of your keyboard; - The stages are 77 from all universes; - The hard disk space requiredis at least 8gb, it's really heavy for a mugen, because there are 192 characters and they are made in high quality and high resolution; - You must download all the 3 files on mediafire, and you must drag all characters folders into the chars folder of supreme world of fighters. When you have done click on the .exe icon.
  2. KOFXIII Arranged

    KOFXIII Arranged 640x480[custom] 640x480[standard] 1280x720 more preview; link; ---------------------------------------------- about sp; a slighlty updated version of the previous one it's a simple screen pack,there's no moving bg stuff it comes with standard and custom port available res = 640x480 and 1280x720 please take consideration with the winquote, it wont fit the screen if it's too long,i also don't make use of the window feature for it unlike before,this time the lifebar using shaking combo type while the rest is the same ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- template provided along with a few sample feel free to improvise for the sp custom port,maybe make your own template to fits your needs
  3. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Original Topic Well guys, here is another Morrigan for MUGEN. But this Morrigan however plays in a Custom style that you never imagined. This time, jade_midori did a Morrigan that plays in AzuFight style. I bet you guys are asking themselves, what the hell is AzuFight? Remember Azumanga Daioh? Well, AzuFight is a döjin fighting game based in the manga/anime series. And Daniel simply did a Morrigan that plays in the style of this game. Simply awesome!! :D
  4. PREVIEW Video Preview #1 / Video Preview #2 DOWNLOAD INFO You can check details and additional stuff in the MFG's original thread
  5. Kamizen [Tekken Inspired] 1280 x 720 1.1 SP [BETA] [Introduction] Welcome, I don't know if I will complete this, but I think I should... I'mma just release a beta so it's easier for people to access it for now (since I'mma prob take a hella long time finishing the thing if anything). This screenpack is kind of Tekken inspired (even though it does take a lot of Tekken elements), it's mainly Tekken 7 inspired with some custom bits. Templates are in the folder and it's RAM heavy. Only OPERATIONAL with OpenGL users. To begin, here are some screenshots of the screenpack. This screenpack doesn't have a win screen since the actual Tekken 7 doesn't really have it rather than it has a select screen for rematch/character select/quit. [Screenshots] Menu Select Versus Team Select Lifebar (Incomplete) Credits will be given, within full release. Video [youtube] Download Link!28NgjDRS!yv-UD1HZdDhoCAFXFiV7tSOoaCLbjBwK40ilqRSDR18/ Enjoy.
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO From the char's Readme - Total revamp/recode. Added a more extensive color separation by Shao_kun. Overhauled sprites, damage levels, animations, hitboxes, and coding. Now (mostly) uses frame data/velocities/timings from CvS2. - Hit sparks reduced 65% in size - Added EXPLODsive Buffering system, projectile reflection, and compatibility with the Reigi no Ishizue super from Vans's Chizuru. - LP/MP Hurricane Upper projectiles now fade away after travelling a short distance - EX Slash Kick now launches opponents upwards, and no longer wall bounces, so that comboing off it is easier - EX Golden Heel had its damage adjusted, can no longer be comboed into, and can be performed multiple times per combo - Added alternative command for TNT punch - Added new sprites for Dynamite Fist - EX TNT punch has new animation and hit behavior patterned after KOFXIII - MAX Screw Upper now goes full screen, and won't lose hits as it moves forward - Golden Tiger Kick had its damage adjusted, it has new effects, and its hit behavior now matches KOF2002UM
  7. I make stages apparently. Combination of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's rendition of the library crossed with Immaterial and Missing Power's pulsating light effects, more or less. It'll work in whatever M.U.G.E.N you throw at it (maybe not DOS, but then why are you using DOS in this day and age?). Featurinos Animated Has indefinitely looping music Camera follows Mahvels when they jump high 'n' stuff Will probably lag on a 30 year old toaster Doesn't like BGPalFX all that much M.U.G.E.N 1.1 version that does like BGPalFX quite a bit (New!) Download GarchompMatt's Scrapheap
  8. Character Info 角色情报: Name 名字: Natural Miku (Final Version) Author 作者: NIBANIBANINIBA (泥巴泥巴泥泥巴) Current Progress 进度: Complete 已完成 Mugen Version 版本: 1.1 Release Team 发布群队: Mugen League Release Type 发布类型: Character Release Date 发布日期: 09/08/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY) Release Catalog 发布编号: MLOC005 Video Type 视频类型: Real Play/Demostration 手操/展示 Video Provider 视频提供者: NIBANIBANINIBA Video Premiere 视频首发: YouTube: AcFun: BiliBili: Follow 关注:- Nibanibaniniba Email: Facebook: YouTube: AcFun: BiliBili:!/... Mugen League Webpage 网页: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: BiliBili 哔哩哔哩动画:!/ Rules 条规: Read"ReadMe Before Use" before playing. 在使用前细读"ReadMe Before Use". Download 下载:
  9. Code Monkeys Mugen Game

    Still Working on it!!!
  10. Download
  11. Harabah it's not accurate,missing stuff, etc for widescreen user enable the localcoord set the zoomout to your liking if it's too much,the same goes for bound left/right and bound high
  12. [Voiceroid/ Joke Char.] Kotonoha Sisters (Akane & Aoi) by ShowBuySpirit ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! An Author by The Name Of "ShowBuySpirit" Just Released One Of The Voiceroid Characters From The VOICEROID+ Engine! This Character Will Give Both DiveKick Doom & Divekick KFM a Run For Their Money! Kotonoha Sisters Is a Joke Character That Has Only One Move...The Divekick! If They Hit Their Opponent Once They Win! But...If They Are Hit...They Lose! It's Pretty Funny! LOL! Kotonoha Sisters Is Just One Character In Which If You Select With Different Buttons You'll Either Play With Akane or Aoi In The Same Sprite Format! Look For "KotonohaSisters" On The Onedrive! We Finally Got A "Voiceroid" Character In Mugen, Yay!!111&cid=08166D0E1533F385
  13. Sunset Ring by Vegaz

  14. Omega Rugal CVS POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper Salve galera "Mugen Free for All"... "Porque o guerreiro de fé nunca gela" by: Racionais mc's I'm passing here to show you the char that I "recreated", after a certain and tiring time it's finally over ... Well, I present to you "CVS Omega Rugal POTS-Infinite" by Falcon Rapper (Yes I am hehehe ...: P) The biggest challenge was undoubtedly the conversion of sprites to CVS (Yes, in this char I must have tested at least 50 different methods until I get to the current method, although in future I will give an improvement in all sprites) ... The char is in "POTS / Infinite" mode (cvs and sparks in HD, fights mode setup, see Config.txt) plus have some new punches (preserving all strokes of KOF char, of course) ... Designed to be played on Mugen 1.0 or Mugen 1.1 (some settings prevent it from running in other versions) What you have: Adapted to be played with 6 buttons (3 for punch and 3 for kick) - Artificial intelligence "very hard" (milk with pear that never played a video game in a bar with the smell of cigarette in the life cries in his hand hahahaha); - 48 palettes (12 normal plus 36 extra, activating the selector in config.txt); - All alpha style sparks POTS - Ending (edited by me, for now only in the Portuguese language, but soon I will be making it available in other languages, I think: |) - Scams based on the 2k2UM & 98UM version (Crouching medium kick was based on the Omega RUgal 95) - Gameplay that can be changed in config.txt (activation of selector palettes, aerial combos, etc.) ... - All POTS / Infinite mode features (Parry, Custom Combo, etc.) - It can be adapted to be played in the ADD004 mode (it can be activated as a helper and be changed during team mode / simul mode, needs to use add004pie.exe, it works without problems, either in the jump tag style or in the style "Running tag", tested on both) What is missing: - In the future I intend to give an improvement in all sprites (if it is necessary, since it is practically "identical" to a CVS char - Correct errors that are found, otherwise nothing is missing, it is running good ...: P Commands: Basic blows: Throws: Two punch or kick buttons; Double TOmahawk: F + medium kick Special Skills Reppuken = D, DF, F, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Genocide Cutter = F, D, DF, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Dark Barrier = D, DF, F, kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) God Press = D, DB, B, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Beeds Destroyer = D, DB, B, Kick (Ex Mode with two kicks, spends 500 MP) Kaiser Wave = F, B, D, DF, F, Punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Vanish Rush = B, D, DB, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP) Gravity Smash = F, D, DF, punch (Ex Mode with two punches, spends 500 MP, can be performed in the air) Supers LV1 (Made with 1 super bar) Gigantic Pressure = D, DF, F, D, DB, B, Punch Destruction Omega = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, kick Rugal Execution = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch Dead End Screamer (can be done in the air) = D, DB, B, D, DB, B, kick Supers LV2 (Made with 2 super bars) Gigantic Pressure = D, DF, F, D, DB, B, two punch buttons Destruction Omega = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two kick buttons Rugal Execution = D, DF, F, D, DF, F, two punch buttons Dead End Screamer (can be done in the air) = D, DB, B, D, DB, B, two kick buttons Kaiser Phoenix = D, DB, B, D, DB, B, two punch buttons Super LV3 (Made with 3 super bars, no change if change the command variable)) Raging Omega (Omega Rugal version for Shungokusatsu hehehe) Punch, punch, forward, kick + punch Credits: - Electbyte (Creators of Mugen) - VIrtuallTeck (creators of Fighter Factory) - Infinite and R@ce Akira = For great chars in which I use as an aid during conversion - Phantom of the Server (best sparks and best style for ground fighting) - Jmorphman (Best effect for custom combos using helpers) - Hero (Sparks and codes of CVS Omega RUgal) - Vans (Code to reflect powers, used in the Dark Barrier) - Tin (Voices, sprites and codes of the KOF versions) - Gui007 (For always promoting my work via Youtube) - All those who accompanied the project in the Mfg forum, thank you Nedflandershouse, Staubhold, Beto, Mpower, BIG BOSS, Memes never die, Zhe Prime, kaczor787, The Sudden Rarity, Infinite kyo, R@ce Akira, ReixSeiryu, Kingxroyo, President Devon , Knuckles8864, WatsonGrim69, YugaCurry, Hades666, OldGamer and MotorRoach. - Administrators and members of mugen groups on Facebook, especially Ramon Garcia and the people in the group. Preview: Vs Screen KOF 2K2 vs KOF 98 God Rugal vs Edited Color Long-Sleeved Shirt (2k2 vs 98) Download link: I dedicate this char first to God, because without him nothing would be possible, to my parents and relatives, my bride and future wife (Te amo <3 Raquel) and all those who like me love MUGEN ... :)
  15. Super Brawl Fighters The New Game for mugen
  16. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD TrinityMUGEN INFO Original Topic Yes, Yamori X is back with Chun-Li, in the Custom Style (SFEX+DS) created by Yamori herself. She also updated her YX Style Lilith too.
  17. [Dungeon Fighter Online/ Boss Char.] YGreed by shyglma666 (2017.07.19) ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! The Author That Goes By The Name of "Shyglma666" Just Released One Of The Bosses From Dungeon Fighter! If You Are Looking For a Awesome Boss Battle or Want To Test Your Skills In Fighting Big Boss Characters....Then YGreed Will Not Disappoint! YGreed Brings The Pain and Doesn't Let Up For One Second! YGreed Is a Great Boss Character! Look For "Ygreed_ver1.1" On The Onedrive! We Have Another Dungeon Fighter Character For Mugen! Yay!!AKspfVjuwjZA-mc&id=B86DBA64017294C2!142&cid=B86DBA64017294C2
  18. [Dragonball Z/ Joke Char.] Farmer Z2 by TEAM Z2 ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! TEAM Z2 Brought Back The First Character In The DBZ Series That Took On Raditz With a Power Level Of "5"....and Failed Miserably! You Fought Bravely Farmer With a Shotgun! LOL! Anyway This Character Is Awesome and Funny At The Same Time! It's a Joke Character Because All It Takes Is One Hit and He's Down! He Has a Shotgun As a Weapon But...Well...You Know...LOL! The Sprites Are Well Done and I'm Glad Team Z2 Mixed It Up A Bit! The Farmer With The Shotgun Lives On In Mugen! Farmer With a Shotgun Is Ready For a Rematch Against Raditz! I Think...LOL! We Finally Got Another Dragonball Z Character In Mugen! Yay!
  19. [Batman/ DC Char.] Red Hood/Jason Todd By Sei (Edited by Yolomate) (2017.07.19) ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! Yolomate Made a Very Cool Edit Of Sei's Red Hood/Jason Todd! Yolomate Added...The Red Mask! It's Awesome!! Still Plays Like The Original Version of Sei's Jason Todd! We Got Another DC Character In Mugen! Yay!
  20. [Kantai Collection -KanColle- Char] Zuiho by pikapon ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! The Amazing Author "pikapon" Just Released One Of The Kantai Collection -KanColle- Characters From The Game! If You Want a Challenge This Character Packs Some Serious Heat! Not Only Does She Packs The Heat She Has Six Of Her Friends That Add Fuel To The Fire! Just Like Touhou She Can Keep Up With The Best Of Them When It Comes To Bullets Flying! This Is A Pretty Awesome Character and I Love Her Win Expressions When She Wins a Fight! Look For "瑞鳳" on His Blog! Look For "瑞鳳(2017.07.09)" On The Onedrive! We Finally Got Another "Kantai Collection" Character In Mugen, Yay!!AMVqC20yNmYBq9o&id=93AEE5C435948592!211&cid=93AEE5C435948592
  21. p3
  22. [PREVIEW] [DOWMLOAD] She is the one...SAILOR MOON...MOON...MOON...MOON [COMMENT] It's me, It's me! It's Ve-gaz-P! I've got some more classic arcade beat-em up love for yah. I didn't play this but based on the vids this game was pretty epic. The all contain the usual spec. Superjump. Zoom. Looped bgm and even some animations. Thanks to AzReazel and Dan at Spriter's Resource. Enjoy.
  23. Kazecat's Characters

    I worked on these characters for quite a while but within my own social bubble. So to improve them further I like to get outside opinions and thus I want to share all my characters to this point. Youtube: Jumbo: (Updated from previous release) Jiggly: (Updated from previous release) Katrina: Bertha: