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Found 176 results

  1. A month ago, I start working on a pic of the museum level from the game Batman The Brave And The Bold (Nintendo DS). It slowly became a new custom version, and a simple mugen DC stage. It comes with superjump, animation, parallax, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. DOWNLOAD
  2. Mugen lifebar by sysn [converted to 1280x720 by me RAMON GARCIA] official version 1 [1.0/1.1] DIRECT LINK IS HERE: Note: The lifebar was tested in screenpack called Proelium [M.U.G.E.N 1.1] The chars and stages is in my account too [note: the char heavy strike is in the site of friend Douglas Baldan '' Illusionista '' (y) ] If the images don't appear more visit the original post in my group of mugen ok: or
  3. Mugen lifebar by sysn [edited by RAMON GARCIA] [640x480] [1.0 or 1.1] VERSION 2 2016 + old version DIRECT LINK IS HERE: or + old version: Mugen Lifebar by sysn [edited by me RAMON GARCIA] [640x480] [1.0/1.1] DIRECT LINK IS HERE: or [ The life bar came with 5% of rar recovery this way if the download came corrupted you could repair the file and don't need download again ] [ Thanks to Addi Khan that share the imcomplete version in my group, and this way was possible for me convert to 640x480 and do this full version :) enjoy friends (y) ] [Note: The chars and stages is in my account of 4shared too ok] If the images don't show more enter in my original post ok: or And for more links of mugen enter here too: Enjoy friends :)
  4. KOFZS Lifebars by Rayzo [1280x720 / 850x480 Edited by me Ramon Garcia] 3 versions link of download here: or Note: Have many different .def files with different positions and types ok, enjoy friends char: Mugen was created to share with everyone :) , never forget this friends :) , and please stop to let good works private.[/spoiler] If the images don't show more enter in my original post ok: Enjoy friends :) ======================================================================== ================================================================== ================================================================== ======================================================================== KOFZS Lifebars by Rayzo [converted to 1280x720 and fixed some erros by me RAMON GARCIA] [with other power bar and time font] ver 2 1.0/1.1 Note: Have many different .def files with different positions and types ok, enjoy friends :) Direct link for this version of life bar is here: ======================================================================== ================================================================== ================================================================== ======================================================================== KOFZS Lifebars by Rayzo [converted to 850x480 by RAMON GARCIA with other power bar 1.0/1.1] [Note have 5 versions of fight.def inside just extract the files called ''KOFZS [converted to 850x480 by RAMON GARCIA] [with other power bar] oficial version 1.rar'' 2,3,4,5 etc to change the version ok] link of download here: or Password: RAMON GARCIA stage: char: If the images don't show more enter in my original post ok: Enjoy friends :) Mugen was created to share with everyone, never forget this friends , and please stop to let good works private.
  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO My words All characters are edited by Milt Jr. himself, their style is kinda a mix of MvC and POTS stlyes. Also the game uses the Uno Tag Team System by UnoShe/Ako si Uno and an edited version by Milt Jr. of the Hatsune Miku Screenpack by Dissidia. Milt Jr. words Before you download the game please note that versions 1.0 and 1.1 has some differences. The main differences is that the stages and music is not the same. Version 1.0 has more 2D arcade stages and Capcom style music so it feels more like a Capcom game. Version 1.1 has more 3D stages and Melty Blood music so it feels more like the Melty blood Series. Try both of them out and see which one you like. Specai thanks! WizzyWhipitWonderful, DaMarcus008 and GenisesKeys for the music. Xenomic for some of the Midnight Bliss. Characters and stages original creators. And YOU for playing this game!
  6. Obligatory Halloween release Link:
  7. The Chase Stage1.1&1.0

    The Chase Stage1.1&1.0 Another humble attempt to make a stage from a gif. This time it's a nice pixel art about the first season of Strangers Things made by RazNI7E. The stage brings mid-jump, animations, parallax, looped BGM, 1.1 (zoom & no zoom) and 1.0 option files. DOWNLOAD
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Turtles released!! No, it's not your idea, it isn't a joke either. This was a secret project I got since months ago and finally achieved during these days (started after I released Robot Chuck). Yes, the Turtles we all know and love now with the 8-bit treatment!! Different from other Turtles released on MUGEN, these ones plays almost exactly like in TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project on the NES, with only 3 buttons to use (punch, throw and special move) and a lot of features you can catch on the readme. Each Turtle have their own folders and each of them is compatible with MUGEN1.0 (data, winquotes, etc) Screenshots: So, get out of your sewer, grab your slice of pizza with you and download them now!! COWABUNGA!! Chars -> Classics -> 8-Bit Series
  9. Cynos by XenoCard

    Cynos by XenoCard "Wake up!" I'm pleased to say that despite a little bit of flaws intact (and other stuff), Cynos is finally here! He's not truly finished but he has two specials and two supers to spare. I hope you can enjoy him, I did my best. Cynos is a 6 buttoned Marvel vs Capcom styled character made in Pivot Stick Figure 4. He's more suited for close combat so he has no projectiles but he knows how to tango when the duty calls for it. More stuff will be on the way for him, but for now I hope that you'll enjoy this character to your heart's content.
  10. Hi guys, I'm proud to introduce a new character from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, and isn't a character you're thinking (not some of the main ones nor Evil Exes). So, let me introduce you: 1. Robot Chuck A stage enemy from the game (World 5: Julie's Halloween Party), a guy with a Gundam-like robot head that appears against Scott and friends and even has some clones (Linus and Tom, guys with a pumpkin head and a skeleton respectively instead the robot head). Made when I was making Envy (and working on Kim, still on works), I was thinking about Chuck being a tough enemy for them, seeing he has enough sprites to make him a proper character, I said "why not?", so here it is. From the readme: And now, the screenshots: 2. Envy Adams Yes, also I updated her with some few things, nothing special. Mostly fixed the bug reported about one of Lynette's supers and, the most important, fully compatibility with MUGEN 1.0+ (winquotes, data, etc.), just choose "envy-m1.def" and that's all ;) no screenshots here 3. Scott Pilgrim Also minor stuff, added Gideon Graves and Robot Chuck to the "intro vs. bad guys" list, and now I make the things easier than before: now you just choose "scott-nost.def" or "scott-nost-m1.def" and now you can play Scott without strikers instead manually to modify the list in your DEF :P no screenshots here, either That's all, enjoy this char and the updates ;) Chars -> Adaptations
  11. Camp Crystal Lake Trail

    Camp Crystal Lake Trail [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] [COMMENT] ~~ for 1.0 ~~ 2 stage sizes, as well as optional lengths for each [deets in .defs] ~~ Slight Super Jump [BIG version] ~~ loop kut BGM so ya boi Alpyne's been out of circulation for a good minute, & it's mainly my own fault, so my bad. imma make up for lost time tho, know that! anyhoo, enjoy dem shitz y'all.
  12. Mr. Tyrant is here to smack you in the face, and then eat it for dinner. Because that's what he does. Find him on my OneDrive here. So with the success of Kagura Mutsuki, I laid plans for more Blazblue characters that I would look into, after a nice long break. The one who would follow was Azrael, and just like Kagura, he's based on his CPEX version, has all the moves from the game, and is about as close to the source as I could get him. As per usual, there's a Mugen 1.1 and a Mugen 1.0 version, and as always I recommend the 1.1 version, because Mugen 1.0 has lower quality sprites and effects. For more specific information, go to my site. Movelist and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Azrael comes with. Here's some examples of Azrael fighting: Exposition time: It hasn't been easy. Even though I already had a solid foundation in Kagura to start with, it would still take hundreds of hours to build up this guy. Azrael had the same problem as all other Blazblue characters: Most of his effect sprites are 3d textured and pretty damn hard to rip, and unlike Kagura, Azrael had almost no standard 2d sprites of his own to work with. Therefore, I've had to heavily improvise: Azrael uses more sprites from other games than Kagura, and is also using a bunch of the 2d sprites available from various other Blazblue characters. As a result, Azrael now has alot more claw and fire in his moves. Well, I had my share of fun figuring out how to make him work, and learning how Dust and Vanishing (Banishing?) attacks work in Arcsys games, because Azrael has his own versions of both. Anywho, with this, I think it's high time that I put away my Mugen resources and fade away. After having made 27 LF2 and Touhou characters, followed by two Blazblue monstrocities, both eating hundreds of hours for their completion, I think it's about high time that I call it quits. My Mugen interest has all but faded, and I've long since left the main reason I even got into it in the first place. That means that I won't be making anymore Blazblue characters, and probably not anything else either, though I did consider making Izayoi after Azrael, but that was in his early stages. The most I'll be doing is fixing any gamebreaking bugs, if there's any that have escaped my testing. PS: Kagura Mutsuki was updated just the other day. The newest version includes all the fixes and improvements I discovered while making Azrael.
  13. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers released by Jerii Uzimaki This YouTube user made his own versions of Scott Pilgrim (finally not an edit of my char) and Ramona Flowers (first on MUGEN) and both were recently released, as well his "fullgame" which is most a simple 1.0 screenpack based on SPvTW and some compilated stages (and KFM of course) The quality is something debatable, but at least there're more SPvTW chars on MUGEN, which is not bad, I guess... however, for those ones who don't want to download the "fullgame" pack (204MB!!) just for one character, I made the job and I already downloaded the "game" and extract the chars into separate downloads so you can test them without downloading the pack ;) Release thread: (includes the 2 characters and his "fullgame" in 1 pack) Scott Pilgrim: Pilgrim.rar Ramona Flowers: Flowers.rar
  14. Dark God Rugal XI UM

    Dark God Rugal XI UM [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD]
  15. 1 Year Anniversary (8 Characters Compilation) Here are the team 1 Year Anniversary's present, including 8 characters released by the team in one compilation. Thank you and enjoy. Download Link:
  16. B-kun is back!! Envy Adams released, Scott pilgrim updated After leaving the forum since December, finally I can say I come back to MUGEN, not just posting here, also making characters... so before September ends (Green Day, I summon you!!), I got you this double release for the ones you've missed this: 1. Envy Adams (& Lynette Guycott) released Scott's Evil Ex now catwalks for MUGEN ready to kick asses. Apart of her, she got the aid of Lynette, who's integral part of her moveset instead just being a simple striker, having her own special and super moves. And about strikers, Todd Ingram and Gideon Graves appears too as normal strikers as well :P I could talk more about Envy, but I prefer you discover her with this new release Screenshots: PS: Sorry, I couldn't make her 1.0+ compatible (winquotes, data, etc), but that will be made soon, probably in the next update, so don't worry (it's playable in 1.0+ anyway) 2. Scott Pilgrim updated Here there's not much to say that I finally added various of the sprites ripped by Maverick PK, so now Scott feels (or at least seems) more complete. Some of the features added: -Dizzy and Lose anims are added -After all of these years, finally the Megaman winpose is on -A new pose where Scott thumbs up is added as a winpose and a second taunt -You want a fair fight? You got it: now separate CMDs without strikers were made, choose "scott-nost.cmd" or scott-nost-m1.cmd" in the DEF and voilá! -And of course, an intro against Envy that references the movie (AND HOW!!) Probably soon I'll see if I add or modify moves of him... but not now for the moment... also, no screenshots here =P So, enjoy these releases oh, did I tell you I come back to MUGEN?? Chars -> Adaptations
  17. [MLEO002] Raphael - Battle Lancer (2nd Update) [Mugen League FREE Release] Info:- Name: Battle Lancer (2nd Update) Author: Raphael Version: 1.0+ Release Type: Update Patch Release Catalog: MLEO002 Release Date: 25/09/2017 Release Team: Mugen League Video Info:- Type: Real Play Provider: Raphael Download:
  18. Sonic Mania Blasts From The Past! In 1991, one hedgehog changed the world. And for 25 years, he has collected countless rings. In honor of SEGA's official release of Sonic Mania, the blue blur with a classic, nostalgic twist has finally returned and he's ready to go fast with a blast from the past into MUGEN! This is where the ultimate celebration of past and future begins!
  19. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Original Topic Well guys, here is another Morrigan for MUGEN. But this Morrigan however plays in a Custom style that you never imagined. This time, jade_midori did a Morrigan that plays in AzuFight style. I bet you guys are asking themselves, what the hell is AzuFight? Remember Azumanga Daioh? Well, AzuFight is a döjin fighting game based in the manga/anime series. And Daniel simply did a Morrigan that plays in the style of this game. Simply awesome!! :D
  20. PREVIEW Video Preview #1 / Video Preview #2 DOWNLOAD INFO You can check details and additional stuff in the MFG's original thread
  21. Download: Original thread:
  22. Anakin Skywalker is now being remade for MUGEN. Since I was disappointed on how Anakin turned out LAST time, I decided to remake him using the MvC template, seeing how that was my original plan anyhow. I plan to release a BETA soon, and may complete the full version in September. Who knows? :D Anywho...I'd like to show all my progress so far and what I have implemented. Need to add:Force PushMake the Lightsaber come back to Anakin after he throws it.Force Shockwave (A Properly coded and awesome looking Force Shockwave move anyways...)1 More HyperIntrosSpecial Intro against Obi WanTag Team attack
  24. So i Going to Make Pivot Stickman. all of sprites made in Pivot StickFigure Animator. so i going to make a mugen character for the first time. Here the Picture! Standing animation and Portrait
  25. Wild Yuri

    Wild Yuri KOF Yuri Sakazaki edited for my personal. Not to be a substitute of traditional KOF Yuri, but as an alternative character. I hope someone likes it. Wild Yuri's Move Set KoopaKoot's Yuri slight modified for my personal taste. ------------------------------------------------------- Normal ------------------------------------------------------- Ko'ou Ken - D, DF, F, Punch (Hold Punch to turn in Haoh Sho Ko'ou Ken) Chou Knuckle - D, DB, B, Punch (Hold Punch to improve damage) Chou Upper - F, D, DF, Punch Rage Chou Upper - F, D, DF, Punch (During running) Enbu kyaku - D, DB, B, Kick Yuri Chou Slash - B, DB, D, DF, F, Kick Raiou Ken - D, DF, F, Kick (In Air) ------------------------------------------------------- DM POWER = 1000 ------------------------------------------------------- Yuri Ranbu - D, F, D, B, Punch Yuri Buster - D, F, D, F, Punch Shin! Chou Upper - D, F, D, F, Kick ------------------------------------------------------- SDM POWER = 2000 ------------------------------------------------------- Rage Yuri Ranbu - D, F, D, B, Two Punches Rage Yuri Buster - D, F, D, F, Two Punches Rage Shin! Chou Upper - D, F, D, F, Two Kickes ------------------------------------------------------- HSDM POWER = 3000 ------------------------------------------------------- Shishi Ko'ou Ken - F, B, D, F, Two Punches (Hold Punches to improve damage) Download: Download: