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Found 40 results

  1. Battle Vixens Demo 9/14/17

    What's up you guys ShawnD93 here and I'm back with Queen Of Fighters re-imagined. I present to you Battle Vixens. Hope Ya'll Enjoy
  2. Version 2.4.1 Full Download: Version 2.4.1 Update Patch (Requires Version 2.4.0 or later): Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded is a "fullgame" compiled by Traweezie and myself, where the characters have been adjusted to fit into a fullgame environment with netplay functionality. I've noticed that this compilation has a bit of a competitive following, so I figured I'd promote discussion here. This also helps me in a way so that I know what issues to address in future updates.
  3. Super BRAWL Fighters Arena Plus Is Now Available [The last Release] Super BRAWL Fighters Arena plus Is Now Available [The last Release] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --Download-- [WARNING] This Mugen is heavy (3.15GB) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Screenshots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ © Metalware 2016-2017 SBF all rights reserved
  4. [Preview] I am not a part of Capcom Universe and credit the original devs for coding the project but I converted it into an ikemen enjoy. [Download] Capcom Universe Online.7z
  5. Super Brawl Fighters The New Game for mugen
  6. [Re-uploaded Version] Super BRAWL Fighters® Arena is Now Available. (Newer Version) ---Download--- [Warning] This MUGEN Is Heavy (2.64GB) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Characters New Stages New Menu UI Is a Updated Version Of Super BRAWL Fighters Pro®. New Soundtrack BRAWL CUTS™ ---Download BRAWL CUTS™--- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woodshopcreeper YouTube Channel --Subscribe-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots © Metalware 2016-2017 SBF all rights reserved
  7. DC Vs Marvel
  8. Marvel Vs Capcom

    226 Characters, Marvel and Capcom characters only. Most of them have MVC gameplay as much as I could find except a few. Feel free to edit. Credit to all creators. Enjoy peeps.
  9. Naruto Torneo Ninja 3.0 La Saga (G)OLD MUGEN Ok, so i have a long time seeing this on youtube. So long i search this game it turns out the game is not in publication, so i give up to find it, but some characters of them there are public (seperately). After that i search for it again, and i found it, but what i see Very different from some people who make this game impressions. Download this game directly to : Personajes: 68 + ocultos Stages: 50 Link:!qoQTFR5T!WY55466J5kNjKEwkWjbrlbMz5HomXQiUunKl35sW1Mo Creditos:Rock Ron/ Lider / Creador y Editador: de Chars y stages Grc-009/ Sub Lider / Creador de chars y stages Veron/ Coder / Creador de chars Uchinaru/ Coder / Creador de chars y un gran ayudante Luxx/ Coder/ Creador de Chars MG/ Coder / Creador de chars D-Yan/ Coder / Creador de chars y life bars Sasuke JG/ Coder / Ayudante de Sonidos Blenardb/ Coder / Creador de Chars Tobi_07/ Lider de Sprites / Creador y Editador de: Sprites y addon para los chars Sergiu/ Coder / Creador de Chars G23/ Sprintero / Creador de sprites F-Funes/ Sprintero / Creador de Sprites y ayudante de ideas mattfv/ Stagero / Creador de stages Mikel888/ Stagero / Creador de stages Arthurrrrrr/ Stagero / Creador de stages IACO95/ Ayudante / Ayudante de ideas y creador de stages Isaac Dillom/ Ayudante / Ayudante de ideas e impulsador del juego Screenpack = By Rock Ron Life Bars = By D-Yan si lo desean pueden suscribirse a mi canal espero que les guste saludos! rockron13 Mensajes : 1 Fecha de inscripción : 10/06/2016
  10. Download Naruto Shippuden Ninja Struggle NZC 2017 with my own version Thanks to : JesuSRenaut (Screenpack) (Character) Cobra6G Mikel8888 Shadow Mercer Monkey D. Yomi and (Stage) Manoichi David11 MEDYN Wolf_Stak Sprites, Codes, FX, Ideas, etc: Benhazard David pajon Juan 18 Diego Uchiha Spectro Sosuke RBM_Kyubi Juubi Sennin15 Pierremings Download : Part 1!tQgmQTTI!WYBkZuEibrDHzG-iHAG40rec_KgjnVzP2Q-tVwWkkK4 Part 2!JEhSESbS!VHNjCSJPHbEcvOvOorKYSmm0hpUclJJ_ClYb7_X5DOU Part 3!IdIGRbYA!SWtlmMZtVvClLYWkzRLhNbLQBmG-ex07LQY3IICJG-0 Part 4!oc4khKYR!SXGr2XMEOdgjeSuPXjHjbMS4cQaSn7XcY4crcAPfLTk Note: i accidentally made a little stages and the character slot is still not complete, to complement it ! Meet them soon, the person I have written above !
  11. The time has come!War of Shinobi 2.0 - OpenGL version is officially released!..Click here to download OpenGL version:… . Mirror 1:…/… . DirectX version:… . Mirror 1:…/… . **Upcoming updates will be signed with date, so be sure you have the latest version! (You can press F1 in menu screen to check your current version) For now, the latest one is 2.0 - 1.5.17 . ***There might be some bugs, so please, contact us so we can fix them as soon as possible, thanks! (Screenshot would be a perfect addition) . ****Also if you think any character is too weak/strong - share your opinion, we may consider balancing it in the future. . . Thanks for downloading, enjoy playing
  12. PREVIEW (SMOKE PLAYTHROUGH) DOWNLOAD INFO Hey fellas! :) Basically, this is a MKII MUGEN, but now with the new MKP S2.5 stuff instead of the Juano or the old MKP stuff. Not only this, i remade and edit some things. Also i did myself new features (i constantly updated this from the time, but i only shared now because i wanted to share a definitive version here). Version 1.0 - Ressurecta's Screenpack redone, especially the Main Menu screen. - Lifebars by Leandro remade. Stuff edited from the FightFx: * Battle Plan * New Flawless Victory message, from the original MKII game * Dan Forden (TOASTY!) of MKII instead of the MK3 one * Position of the Finish Him/Her and Fatality messages fixed - New Common.snd, with sounds ripped from the original MKII Arcade version - MKII Wins fonts for Baraka, Raiden, Kintaro and Shao Kahn (thanks IceCold Assassin for these ones!) - Position of the Kharacters Wins messages fixed - Round text color now yellow, as it looks in the original MKII Arcade version - Some bugs on the chars fixed - New "Noob Saibot Wins" sound, ripped from the original MKII game ("Feel the power of TOASTY!") - New sound for Shao Kahn's defeat, ripped from the original MKII game - Endings from the original MKII game and custom endings Version 2.0/2.1 - Added Hornbuckle (thanks Barook!) and new version of Sub-Zero (thanks Leandro!) - Bugs fixed - Stages more cleaner now - Noob Saibot Win sound (Feel the power of TOASTY!) fixed and better to hear - Dan Forden image fixed (Thanks IceCold Assassin for that!) - Portraits of the Battle Plan fixed - Brutalities easier to do. Just keep pressing High Punch (A) - Sound when appear the message of the Secret Kharacter changed to fit well - Custom Wins sound now for Ermac, Rain and also for Hornbuckle - Hornbuckle fixed by Leocobainjr (thanks a lot fella!) - Another version of The Pit II for Hornbuckle (without him and Blaze in the background) Suggested by Alessandro Draiona on Facebook Version 3.0 - Huge fixes and edits by ShinSmoke. I can't thank him enough for this, there are such too much! YOU ROCK BRUH! :D You can check all the details in the "ShinSmoke's Read Me", but there some other things not mentioned * New snd (voices) for Jax, Kitana, Jade, Johnny Cage, Raiden, Shang Tsung and Sub-Zero * There are two options of AI, the one made by ShinSmoke (ShinSmoke.cmd) and the original (1.cmd) * Also there two common1 options (common1.cns and common1(ShinSmoke).cns) You can chance one of them or both in the Kharacter .def archive Just Liu Kang had only the ShinSmoke AI cause sadly the original had some annoying bugs * Sprites and CNS fixed, especially from the Male Ninjas and especially from Reptile that had serious bugs fixed now * Now the game loads more faster and cleaner to play * Game Over screen changed Once again, thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for this ShinSmoke! ENJOY! Credits and Special Thanks: borg117, for the new MKP stuff Juano16, BlackJack and Reignman, for the original MKII MUGEN Project Ressurecta, for the original Screenpack Interloko, for the great work with the Opening Le@N/LEAN MK, for the excellent job with the stages and the chars sound rips EddieMattos, for the chars bio pics ShinSmoke, for the BIG help and for the EPIC job with the fixes and edits. YOU ROCK! Leandro, for the awesome work with the Lifebars and Sub-Zero Jermaine Kidd, for the converting MKII chars IceCold Assassin, for the MKII Male Ninjas, for helping me with the MKII Wins Fonts and the Dan Forden image. YOU DA MAN! :) Barook, for the great edit of Hornbuckle into MK2 Style All the custom stages creators And of course Ed Boon, John Tobias, John Vogel and Dan "Toasty" Forden for creating Mortal Kombat! MORTAL KOMBAT II © 1992,93 MIDWAY MANUFACTURING. Developed by Midway Games/NetherRealm Studios. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. MORTAL KOMBAT, THE DRAGON LOGO, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  13. Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden Legends. This game is based off the old Super Butouden and Hyper Dimension games for the snes. The game play is standard stuff, powerbars, 1 match, two rounds, run, air dashes, double jump. 6 buttons: x for punch, a for kick, b is power charge and y is special attack, a melee attack unique to the character (i.e Piccolo's dash kick; Vegeta's fireball barrage), plus z and c are used in team mode for assist and tag, respectively. Each character has 3-5 specials and 1-2 "Z Specials" (basically EX moves; i.e Goku's teleport kamehameha) that cost half the powerbar and 1 "Z Counter" that costs a third; Finally, each character has a unique ultimate move that costs the entire powerbar. Screenshots: This download contains 10 characters and 10 stages. Keep in mind that this is a demo/alpha/beta/whatever; any feedback/bug reports are welcome. DOWNLOAD: Additional Credits:
  14. As alot people know that this game been around for awhile and its been growing and growing since. Nijikaku is a game full of variety of characters based off Animes, mangas, Video games and other crazy japanese Memes. which is funny and sometimes disturbing to some people. LOL! XD This game was made and still worked on by the community of "2chan" [Edit post] Links: Full game download here: New Link: (thanks SSBK65 ) [last update for the game was Feb.- 2017] Alternate link (characters and stages only): Info on characters and Move-sets: (Credit to SPRI YAR ZON, Tabris666, SSBK65✯ ,jenngra505 , for providing new download links to the game) Note: This version of the game Run in Winmugen so their might be some glitches and bugs. For those who wants mugen 1.0 conversions go to this topic made by SSBK65✯ :虹格-collection/ Also be Warn this game contains some NSFW material. So you might want to play this game privately. Enjoy!
  15. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Screenpack // Fullgame (Select.def fix) INFO From the README: Hey fellas! Many asked me to post the MUGEN Match 2.1 screenpack made by the great Shiyo Kakuge that I edited and used for my Fullgame MUGEN with Tag System (add004) also made by Shiyo. Well, here is the screenpack, but this is finally the updated version of the screenpack, which I edited with the same treatment of the old version and some more. Any doubts regarding the Tag System, check the "GUIDE.txt". What was edited? - Patches 3v3 (Three against three) and 4v4 (Four against four) for MUGEN 1.1, made by Tim Markworth included. Details of how to use these patches in the Tag System, check out the "GUIDE.txt". - "add004_svc" removed, for having A LOT of bugs when configuring chars (at least for me ). - Systems (add004 and add004_bs0) edited: > More slots added. > New songs for menu, select, versus, victory and game over (coming from my Fullgame of MUGEN Match 2.1). > Fixed Fadein and Fadeout. - More screen resolution options (1366x768, 1280x720, 850x480, 800x600, 640x480 and 320x240). I hope you all ENJOY!
  16. This is a tribute to the famous " Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 ". A new version, made using the M.U.G.E.N engine, based esthetically on KOF XIV. For the people that don't remember, C.T.H.D 2003 was a hack made with the KOF 2001 rom. Many fans were surprised, because was modified the original game esthetically. The modifier inserted backgrounds of Street Fighter Alpha, The Last Blade, etc; new colors and details. Some assiduous fans criticized that, they ignored an innovation by habit lack. Today, many hacks of KOF exists, and several followers adore to collect this. The proposal of the 2018 edition consists of honoring KOF XIV, including all the classic characters. Several innovations can be noticed. * Innovations : - Lifebar, Guardbar and Powerbar based in KOF XIV, however in different colors, new details and resolution in pixels. - New voices in the Mugen world : " Round 1,2,3,4,5 ", " Ready ", " Fight! ", " K.O.", " Double K.O. " and " Time´s Over "; were formed by a mix of 4 or 5 channels by King of Fighters, Street Fighter and other. - New screenpack construction, selection screen of good proportions and organized in an unpublished way. - New music in the Mugen world : recent and very interesting works. * Beta Version : - Work in progress. Many months were dedicated, but this version has the purpose of testing the gameplay. Several types of chars were inserted: Kof Zillion, Kof Antology, R.O.T.D, etc. Diversified styles, but with standardized keys. The guardbar still doesn't work, and the powerbar doesn't possess a maximum system. * Alterations : - Chars and Stages obtained some adaptations for this project. For example, in Kofa chars, the shine "MvC" style was substituted, now is similar to the rebound of a machine gun. Also removed airjumps. - New values for damage and other. New colors for some characters. - The stages were adapted for the classic KOF style, new measures, colors and details. ( for more information, read the files .txt included ) * Credits : CHARS : - ahuron --> Oswald, Whip, Mizuchi, Lee Pai Long, DuoLon, Daimon, Nameless, Yashiro, Gai Tendo, Jyazu, Silber, Lin, Marco ( edit=ptzptz7 ), Yamazaki, Duck King, Eiji, Asura, Goodman, Kaede, Mr.Karate 2, Kyo 2 ( Edited by KamranBernstein ), Omega-Rugal, May 2, Orochi Leona, Shermie+Orochi, Souji-Kusanagi, Syo Kirishima, Chris, Guile ( Edit : ptzptz ). - David Demianoff --> Andy, Kula ( + 119way ), Kim Kaphwan, Jhun, Kusanagi, Mr.Big ( + Jerzy ), Saisyu ( & GoD_Ryu ), Shingo, Terry 95, Hinako ( + riskbreakersiegfried" aka "ryosdegloria"), Jin Chonshu, Jhun 2. - RYO 2005 --> Vanessa, Xiangfei, Jin Chonrei ( Edit by: Aioria2525 ), Hokutomaru, Clark, Leona, Rock, Rugal, Moriya, Brian, Heavy D!, Kasumi, Maki Kagura. - KoopaKoot --> Kyo, Ryo, Yuri, Blue Mary, May Lee, Shiki, Billy, Mai, Malin, Athena 94 ( & Athenax ). - Vans --> Robert, Terry, Ralf, Hayate, Geese, Alfred, Iori. - Fervicante --> Yurika, Lucy ( & On.Off ), Elisabeth Branctorche, Chun-Li, Jenet 2. - Zelgadis --> Mizore, Terry 2, Hakufu Sonsaku, Kung Fu Girl, Mai 2 ( & JIN ), Naomi Kokoro, Orochi Iori ( + YamatanoOrochi,PsyqhciaL ). - 119way --> Nakoruru, Mizoguchi ( + winodds ), Evil Ryu ( + win0dds ), Blanka ( + winodds ), Kain. - jin --> Magaki, Angel, Shen, Adelheid, K-Blood, Krauser, Shen 2 ( EDIT : mugeningan & ptzptz ), Evil Ash ( &SHICHIBUKAI ), Neo Dio, Kim Dong Hwan ( + oscar12345 ), Ash ( &S.K.Y.&D-Tox"; "eric and auia from mugenchina ). - Swipergod --> Chizuru Kagura, Mr. Karate, Joe 2. - Raposo --> Tung Fu Rue, Heidern, Washizuka, Vega (Balrog). - Juke Kisaragi --> Shion, Mature, Momoko, Kasumi 2 ( Edited by KamranBernstein ). - M.M.R. --> Foxy ( &&editado por Oskr/<<Athena>>"y "actualizado por mauro.m.k.m y ryosdegloria ), Chang Koehan. - Mouser --> Earthquake, Terry 03, Kisarah Westfield, Sagat ( edit: ptzptz ). - K.O.D --> K', Kim Jae Hoon, Gato, Freeman. - Tin --> Ramon, Shishioh, Ramon 2 - Kamekaze --> Ryu XIII, Akuma XIII - TightRiam --> Genjuro - Nyankoro/osk --> Seth - Aomura --> Cyber Woo, Chin Gentsai - Hiram Yagami --> Neo Geegus - dark-shade --> Takuma - Adrianares --> Grant - GONZO- --> Mukai, Igniz - Tobikage --> Joe - FZL-MGCool --> Alba - Deuce --> Benimaru - Gargoyle --> Maxima - YongMing --> Goenitz - CROSSõCAT --> Tizoc - P-tan --> Bonne Jenet - NHK --> Kevin ( Edit : ptzptz7 ) - HAPPA --> Mars People - Rin & Bat --> Original Zero, White - GoD_Ryu --> Krizalid, Ken ( Edit : ptzptz ) - Anjel --> Shermie - BLACK --> K9999 ( + Mouser ), K9999 Black, Nameless Black - Scal --> Sie Kensou - Jansen121 --> Athena Asamiya ( Original Author is Fumitsuki ) - Misamu K Young --> Bao - adamskie --> Hugo ( Edit : ptzptz ) - randy y ale --> Rose Bernstein - hirohiro --> Haohmaru ( Edit:ptzptz ) - MR.S & Larno --> Hwa Jai - NAO&M.&119way --> Leona + Orochi Leona - MDK --> Chris + Orochi - Belial & Clayton --> Special Geese - Z man --> Ryu - Hh --> Choi Bounge - Kotori£¦LJH --> King - Cerenas --> Vice - Men'sClub --> Clone Zero - M3 --> Hotaru Futaba - darkgirl --> Sakura Kasugano - YoungKirei --> Demitri Maximov - Thedge --> Edmond Honda --4LUCARD H3L§!NG--> Another Iori - Archangel (Jorge / JWPunk) - Kjha´s-igniz - BBB --> Michael Max - mastchen --> Kyoko - Sander71113 --> Lucky Glauber - Blue Blood --> Luise Meyrink - illusion --> Omega Goenitz - maxim --> Orochi Yashiro - ActJapan --> Yuri - Sepp --> Balrog (Mike Bison) ( Editor : CYBER_GOUKI ) - wara --> Dhalsim - nana --> Hibiki Takane - LunaTuna --> Shermie/Orochi Shermie - stephengi and colorwind --> Robert 2003 - H --> M.Bison (Vega) ( Edit : ptzptz ) STAGES : - Night --> Touhou Suimusou (Immaterial and Missing Power) - Alice's House; Touhou Immaterial and Missing Power - Graveyard Night; Touhou Suimusou (Immaterial and Missing Power) - Hakurei Shrine Night; Touhou Suimusou (Immaterial and Missing Power) - Marisa House Night; Megamari - Eirin's Stage - EXShadow --> AH2 Amusement Park - Arcana Force; Canyon; Castle Ruins; Highland Castle; Highway; Inner City; Mansion; Mountain Shrine Day; Mountain Shrine Night; Mount Fuji; Village - Choiyer --> Arcana Heart - Fiona's Palace; Hinode Town Park; Arcana-Heart - Foreign General Cemetery - ACE --> Forever Fall Forest; Schnee Mansion; Vale Street - NoZ --> Ghost Town; Thailand - YUSUKE --> The Peaceful World; Eternity - aokmaniac13 --> Arcana Heart 3 - Clock Tower - Excahm --> Palace Sunset - TS --> Chibi RWBY Dormitory - Glasses --> Hae-Un-Dae City - Magnus --> Haunted Forest - MEDYN --> Naruto Hokages Mansion - Edit Severan Yasakani --> Maho Gakuen no Severan - Lightoss --> Arcana Heart - Palace Evening - Charles2011 --> Protectors Of The Sword - The Mike --> Faust's Tomb - Queen's Tomb - I_Burner --> Hall Of Souls - Kaandorpius --> MK: The Portal - ? --> The Beach * DETAILS : - M.U.G.E.N 1.1 beta - resolution 1280 x 720 High definition 16:9 Widescreen - 40 Hi-Res Stages - 40 New Modern Music - 185 Characters ( 120 visible + 65 hidden ) - Classic KOF gameplay ( NO ZOOM ) - Based on the KOF XIV, however in retro-style DOWNLOAD in 3 parts : part 1 : 525 MB => part 2 : 525 MB => part 3 : 524 MB =>
  17. Hu3Hu3BR: Esse é um projeto que estou fazendo à algum tempo, já está 60% é um mugen JUS com os chars de Cavaleiros do Zodiaco criados por Shadow Mercer, não tem data de lançamento. English (Sorry my english): This is a project that I are making was a long time, already is a 60% it is a mugen JUS with the chars of Saint Seiya Created for Shadow Mercer, there is not date for release. Special Thanks to (Agradecimento Especial): Shadow Mercer. Site da Tower:
  18. Dragon Ball - JUS Edition 2

    Um "Remake", do primeiro jogo que eu fiz com chars de DBZ JUS, só que desta vesta vez está bem feito, pois na época não sabia fazer direito, além disso tem 25 personagens 20 estágios e continua com uma boa trilha sonora, pra quem gostou do primeiro esse segundo vai ser umas 10 vezes melhor. COMANDOS: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia/ki: C Carregar energia/ki: S Transformar SSJ/Kaioken: ↓+A ou ↓+B ou ↓+C (Apenas com alguns) Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y (Lembrando esses comandos servem para todos personagens) Special Thanks to (Agradecimento Especial): Mikel8888, This Boy, Legendtta, Inseph, TrafalgarLawzz DOWNLOAD:
  19. Esse com certeza é o melhor e mais bem feito MUGEN que já fiz até hoje, ele é de One Piece conta com 68 personagens jogáveis, 45 estágios, uma boa trilha sonora e jogabilidade tem alguns chars e estágios exclusivos. DOWNLOADS: Download Full / Completo: Parte 1 /Part 1: Parte 2 /Part 2: Parte 3 /Part 3: COMANDOS: Golpe 1: A Golpe 2: B Golpe 3/ Akuma no Mi / Habilidade especial: C Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial Leve: Z Super Especial Pesado : S PARA ALGUNS PERSONAGENS HAVERÃO VARIAÇÕES EM ESPECIAIS COMO : ←→ C (Por exemplo) (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens, ) Special Thanks to (Agradecimento Especial): Mikel8888 ,Team One Piece OS ,Edd13 , Monkey D. Yomi ,NBA01 ,Wenchu ,Xasor ,Hermoduro, Intoxicados. Site da Tower:
  20. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Well, it's finally here fellas! The 2.0 version of the Ultimate Update of MKP S2.5 by me (gui0007), borg117, MKA, LEAN MK, Bathory, EddieMattos, TheUltimateBastich and Jrockslim1. You guys can see the whole credits list and all the details about the updates in three .txt archives in the game folder and also in the download folder. ENJOY! ;)
  21. Esse jogo deve sair em algum momento de maio, ainda faltam algumas correções de bugs e portaits para serem feitas, estou fazendo ele há três meses todos os seus personagens tem uma jogabilidade igual, com especias diferentes e varíados respeitando o universo de One Piece, ótimos estágios e uma das melhores trilhas sonoras de meus jogos.
  22. Hyper Dragon Ball Z the ZapZaz7 build Hello everyone and today I've finally released My build of Hyper Dragon Ball Z. I've been working on this one for a while and it is made with all respect to the original creators of both Hyper DBZ and Dragon Ball. This is only my first version, I will update it in the future. More info in video Download here:
  23. [Preview] (Old) [Download]!AuXptN8AdWGVq1pWkQ6WMrfeqWUF [Comment] Welcome everyone! Today I have something that I'm very proud of. After fiddling with 1 or 2 characters, I decided to convert the entire game of Power Quest for mugen. Power Quest is like no other Gameboy/Gameboy Color game. Its a RPG/Fighting game that simply is unparalleled to anything else the handheld has (with maybe an exception to Street Fighter Alpha) After playing the game, I fell in love with it, I had to mugenize it. So I did. And skip forward about 1 year, and here I am. This is probably one of the hardest things i've worked on. I've done most of the work. Ripping (characters (sheets found on spriters resource) , effects, randomstuff), Recoloring all 6 characters to make them reflect there boxart colors (as well as giving them a new life....LON's colors sucked) Making storyboards for mugen which i've rarely EVER done, screenpacks, brand new sprites to go along with the game, Unlike the norm of having everything high res and fancy graphics I de-resed the graphics, to lower quality 8bit. I'm sorta at a loss of words, but please test this out. Give me feedback, tell me whats broken. Still to come in the complete version. 2 characters Patches AI for all characters Proper Ending / Gameover. Here is a comparison shot.
  24. Project Power Quest So What is this? This is my reimagining of a Game Boy / Color game that I randomly stumbled across. I found the sprites and gameplay so amazing I just had to recreate it in mugen. Whats The Finished Product Gonna Be? 1x Full Game 6x Characters 16x Stages (8 Colored, 8 Monochrome) 1x Intro 1x Storyboard How long have you worked on this? I originally made MAX first, but then I decided to rip all the other sprites since no one had ripped them. So I then made Speed, and Axe. Lon was made by a Ultra Fatality, I will eventually make Gong, and He will make Borot. I'd say overall 1 week since I started the screenpack work. I've giving this my all, Doing alot of things i've never done before.
  25. Naruto - Subete no Saga (NZC) Esse jogo de Naruto contém mais de 70 personagens, tendo personagens de Naruto clássico, Shippuden, Gaiden, Shinden, The Last, Boruto e até que alguns Fillers do Anime. Também tem mais de 30 estágios de todas de todas as partes e fases do anime e com uma ótima trilha sonora. DOWNLOADS: Download Full / Completo: Parte 1 /Part 1: Parte 2 /Part 2: Parte 3 /Part 3: Parte 4 /Part 4: Parte 5 /Part 5: COMANDOS: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Combo 3: C Carregar energia/Chakra: S Despertar : ↓+S Super Despertar: Segurar S com energia cheia e vida menos de 50%(Apenas alguns personagens) Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial 1: ↓+A Super Especial 1: ↓+B Super Especial 1: ↓+C (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens) Site da Tower: