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Found 21 results

  1. WARNING:THIS MUGEN IS HEAVY! [SBFFREE] 1.00GB [SBFPRO] 1.56GB Download: Super BRAWL Fighters Free Download: Super BRAWL Fighters Pro The MEGA Key Is in Spoiler [PRO ONLY] Screenshots © Metalware 2016-2017 SBF all rights reserved
  2. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Screenpack // Fullgame (Select.def fix) INFO From the README: Hey fellas! Many asked me to post the MUGEN Match 2.1 screenpack made by the great Shiyo Kakuge that I edited and used for my Fullgame MUGEN with Tag System (add004) also made by Shiyo. Well, here is the screenpack, but this is finally the updated version of the screenpack, which I edited with the same treatment of the old version and some more. Any doubts regarding the Tag System, check the "GUIDE.txt". What was edited? - Patches 3v3 (Three against three) and 4v4 (Four against four) for MUGEN 1.1, made by Tim Markworth included. Details of how to use these patches in the Tag System, check out the "GUIDE.txt". - "add004_svc" removed, for having A LOT of bugs when configuring chars (at least for me ). - Systems (add004 and add004_bs0) edited: > More slots added. > New songs for menu, select, versus, victory and game over (coming from my Fullgame of MUGEN Match 2.1). > Fixed Fadein and Fadeout. - More screen resolution options (1366x768, 1280x720, 850x480, 800x600, 640x480 and 320x240). I hope you all ENJOY!
  3. Esse com certeza é o melhor e mais bem feito MUGEN que já fiz até hoje, ele é de One Piece conta com 68 personagens jogáveis, 45 estágios, uma boa trilha sonora e jogabilidade tem alguns chars e estágios exclusivos. DOWNLOADS: Download Full / Completo: Parte 1 /Part 1: Parte 2 /Part 2: Parte 3 /Part 3: COMANDOS: Golpe 1: A Golpe 2: B Golpe 3/ Akuma no Mi / Habilidade especial: C Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial Leve: Z Super Especial Pesado : S PARA ALGUNS PERSONAGENS HAVERÃO VARIAÇÕES EM ESPECIAIS COMO : ←→ C (Por exemplo) (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens, ) Special Thanks to (Agradecimento Especial): Mikel8888 ,Team One Piece OS ,Edd13 , Monkey D. Yomi ,NBA01 ,Wenchu ,Xasor ,Hermoduro, Intoxicados. Site da Tower:
  4. Version Download: Version Update Patch: Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded is a "fullgame" compiled by Traweezie and myself, where the characters have been adjusted to fit into a fullgame environment with netplay functionality. I've noticed that this compilation has a bit of a competitive following, so I figured I'd promote discussion here. This also helps me in a way so that I know what issues to address in future updates.
  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Well, it's finally here fellas! The 2.0 version of the Ultimate Update of MKP S2.5 by me (gui0007), borg117, MKA, LEAN MK, Bathory, EddieMattos, TheUltimateBastich and Jrockslim1. You guys can see the whole credits list and all the details about the updates in three .txt archives in the game folder and also in the download folder. ENJOY! ;)
  6. Hyper Dragon Ball Z the ZapZaz7 build Hello everyone and today I've finally released My build of Hyper Dragon Ball Z. I've been working on this one for a while and it is made with all respect to the original creators of both Hyper DBZ and Dragon Ball. This is only my first version, I will update it in the future. More info in video Download here:
  7. [Preview] (Old) [Download]!AuXptN8AdWGVq1pWkQ6WMrfeqWUF [Comment] Welcome everyone! Today I have something that I'm very proud of. After fiddling with 1 or 2 characters, I decided to convert the entire game of Power Quest for mugen. Power Quest is like no other Gameboy/Gameboy Color game. Its a RPG/Fighting game that simply is unparalleled to anything else the handheld has (with maybe an exception to Street Fighter Alpha) After playing the game, I fell in love with it, I had to mugenize it. So I did. And skip forward about 1 year, and here I am. This is probably one of the hardest things i've worked on. I've done most of the work. Ripping (characters (sheets found on spriters resource) , effects, randomstuff), Recoloring all 6 characters to make them reflect there boxart colors (as well as giving them a new life....LON's colors sucked) Making storyboards for mugen which i've rarely EVER done, screenpacks, brand new sprites to go along with the game, Unlike the norm of having everything high res and fancy graphics I de-resed the graphics, to lower quality 8bit. I'm sorta at a loss of words, but please test this out. Give me feedback, tell me whats broken. Still to come in the complete version. 2 characters Patches AI for all characters Proper Ending / Gameover. Here is a comparison shot.
  8. Naruto - Subete no Saga (NZC) Esse jogo de Naruto contém mais de 70 personagens, tendo personagens de Naruto clássico, Shippuden, Gaiden, Shinden, The Last, Boruto e até que alguns Fillers do Anime. Também tem mais de 30 estágios de todas de todas as partes e fases do anime e com uma ótima trilha sonora. DOWNLOADS: Download Full / Completo: Parte 1 /Part 1: Parte 2 /Part 2: Parte 3 /Part 3: Parte 4 /Part 4: Parte 5 /Part 5: COMANDOS: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Combo 3: C Carregar energia/Chakra: S Despertar : ↓+S Super Despertar: Segurar S com energia cheia e vida menos de 50%(Apenas alguns personagens) Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial 1: ↓+A Super Especial 1: ↓+B Super Especial 1: ↓+C (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens) Site da Tower:
  9. Chimei Tekina Himitsu Bueno primero que nada me presento, mi nombre es Rodrigo pero mi nick es Lord Poro xd Amo el mugen hace muchos años y me a pesar de que me encanta, no se nada sobre programacion lo que creo es lo que me limita en muchas cosas pero veo trabajos de muchas personas las cuales hacen chars o stages y me quedo facinado! espero en un futuro ser mas que un editor de contenido y poder se autor de personajes propios,bueno a lo nuestro : Finalmente, logre acabar con mi proyecto, por lo que me siento muy feliz ya que si bien esto no puede ser un empleo para mí debido a que realmente el desarrollo de video juegos en Argentina es para pocos ,ya que necesitas ser contratado por firmas importantes (Y poseer demasiado talento xd) o tener el capital para financiar tus ideas. Sin embargo, esto para mi es un “Pasatiempo” el cual me hace muy feliz y si bien no suelo subir lo que realizo esta vez quiero que sea un poco diferente y bueno si mi esfuerzo puede darles un poco de entretenimiento mucho mejor aun, sin más que decir gracias por leer y aquí están los resultados: Pero antes, use chars y stages de otras personas, y no planeo robarle su credito yo solo lo arme con su material. Chars: Stages: Hay un stage llamado "Japanese summer_Forest" que es uno de mis favoritos del juego y no se de quien es pero gracias a su creador(El def no dice autor) Screenpack el cual edite,pero su autor original es: Las Lifebars que use son de:DartzPie Aqui les dejo un video con todos los climax del juego: Asi se ve in-Game: Un poco del Art del juego: Y para concluir les dejare el modo historia que estoy armando, si les gusta lo subire al acabar... Muchas gracias a todos por su tiempo! aqui dejo el link:!Uh81gICJ!BU0rmGu9b5JFuHR84Hh5d3msma9s73aHPpwHfpc-eMk Gracias por leerme!
  10. Dragon Ball Z Legacy Battle SPARKING! Available Now Video: Download the game here:
  11. As alot people know that this game been around for awhile and its been growing and growing since. Nijikaku is a game full of variety of characters based off Animes, mangas, Video games and other crazy japanese Memes. which is funny and sometimes disturbing to some people. LOL! XD This game was made and still worked on by the community of "2chan" [Edit post] Links: Full game download here: New Link: (thanks SSBK65 ) [last update for the game was Feb.- 2017] Alternate link (characters and stages only): Info on characters and Move-sets: (Credit to SPRI YAR ZON, Tabris666, SSBK65✯ ,jenngra505 , for providing new download links to the game) Note: This version of the game Run in Winmugen so their might be some glitches and bugs. For those who wants mugen 1.0 conversions go to this topic made by SSBK65✯ :虹格-collection/ Also be Warn this game contains some NSFW material. So you might want to play this game privately. Enjoy!
  12. Anime Jump Ultimate Stars Battle Um jogo mugen com personagens 63 e mais de 30 cenários diferentes, todos com musicas de animes em 8 bits. os animes que esse jogo tem são Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Saint Seiya, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Ho, Full Metal, Alchemist, Noragami, Sword Art Online e etc. Tudo isso com chars JUS e uma ótima jogabilidade. Comandos: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia/ Combo 3: C Carregar energia: S Transformar/ Bankai: Z Despertar (Apenas alguns personagens de Naruto): ↓+S Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens) Criador: Antnub1 DOWNLOADS: Parte 1: Parte 2: Parte 3: Todas Partes Juntas:
  13. [Preview] [Comment] Well, here is my compilation game UMK3! All the characters by russian creator borg117 (many thanks to him for that), converted by mugen 1.0! Features characters : sega controls, now everyone has the finishing, old and new! I added logo, all the intros and endings, stages, music, this can be considered a full game! All movements and finishing press start : up or down + Y or B! Enjoy! [Download]!xB42VbgY!_5Ao5PCfgW-uwMSurlrbcNZoLv_6yQFOuEtB-X42AV4
  14. Mugen 2017 by MUGEN Battles Filled with old Infinite MvC characters Part 01: Part 02: Part 03: Part 04: Part 05: Part 06: Part 07: Part 08: Part 09: Part 10: Part 11: Part 12: Part 13: Part 14: Part 15: Part 16:
  15. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD MEGA INFO Just a compilation i did with Hloader's Screenpack. Hope you guys enjoy it. :)
  16. The feast has begun and all are invited: - This project is a legitimate homage to the 15th anniversary of "The King of Fighters 2002" - Several gameplay attributes are based on the original game, without any authorization or consent of SNK Playmore, fan made cannot be sold. - Every interface was altered for this new game : colors, voices, sounds, music, lifebar, portraits, icons, backgrounds, characters, etc. - Several researches were made to join details of plenty sources, to select the best ones and to gather in this considered game. - Directly thanks to the authors of these used items: chars, stages, screenpack. Details : * Winmugen with updated plugins * 135 characters - ( 66 visible + 69 extra chars, occult sidelong in the selection screen ) * 80 new different stages and music * Matches graduation by according to the opponent's difficulty level : (15) arcade mode * Readjustment of movement , speed, volume, parameters and others Upgraded by " Brazombie " 2017 , original project by Hiro-Hiro #Winmugen , DL:
  17. Bleach - Shinigami Daiko Um jogo mugen com 14 personagens e mais de 10 cenários diferentes no estilo de baixa definição com uma boa e divertida jogabilidade (e com uma trilha sonora melhor que de todos meus outros jogos). Comandos: ~ Golpe leve: X Golpe medio: Y Golpe forte: Z Passo Relampago/Dash: A Especial 1: ↓→ + Z ou Y ou X Especial 2: ↓← + Z ou Y ou X Super escpecial: ↓ + C (Lembrando esses comandos servem para todos personagens) Criador: Antnub1 [DOWNLOAD] Ou
  18. DBZ 2017 by mh team
  19. Chars: Naruto: Mikel8888 (Transform Chakra Mode, Bijuu Mode, Ashura and Kurama), CobraG6 (Sannin Mode) , CobraG6 (Start) , CobraG6 - Mikel8888 (Kid) / Sasuke: Mikel8888 (Rinnegan Mode), Mikel8888 (Akatsuki), CobraG6, CobraG6 (Taka), CobraG6 (Hebi), CobraG6 (Kid) / Sakura: Mikel8888 (Shippuden), CobraG6 (Kid) / Kakashi: Mikel8888 (Susanoo), CobraG6 (Kamui), CobraG6 (Kid) Choji: Mikel8888 / Neji: Mikel8888 / Hinata: Monkey D.Yomi / Kiba: Mikel8888 / Shino: CobraG6 / Ino: CobraG6 / Rock Lee: CobraG6 / Shikamaru: CobraG6 / Tenten: Mikel8888 / Sai: CobraG6 Pain: Shadow Mercer, Alexei / Itachi: Shadow Mercer, CobraG6 / Hidan: Mikel8888 / Kakuzu: Hermoduro / Deidara: Shadow Mercer / Kisame: Shadow Mercer / Tobi: CobraG6 / Madara Rikudou: Mikel8888 / Obito: CobraG6, Mikel8888 (Normal and Rikudou Mode) Stages: By Mikel8888: Full Games: By Antnub1: Ultimate Naruto Shippuden Infinity
  20. Um jogo com boa jogabilidade e uma ótima trilha sonora, de dragon ball z e super. contém 20 personagens jogáveis todos JUS e com a mesma jogabilidade muito fácil de jogar e usar, mais de 10 estágios Comandos: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia/ki: C Carregar energia/ki: S Transformar em Super sayajin : Z (Apenas com Goku e Vegeta pois os outros vem transformados) Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y (Lembrando esses comandos servem para todos personagens) Criador: Antnub1 [DOWNLOAD] ou