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Found 98 results

  1. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Screenpack // Fullgame (Select.def fix) INFO From the README: Hey fellas! Many asked me to post the MUGEN Match 2.1 screenpack made by the great Shiyo Kakuge that I edited and used for my Fullgame MUGEN with Tag System (add004) also made by Shiyo. Well, here is the screenpack, but this is finally the updated version of the screenpack, which I edited with the same treatment of the old version and some more. Any doubts regarding the Tag System, check the "GUIDE.txt". What was edited? - Patches 3v3 (Three against three) and 4v4 (Four against four) for MUGEN 1.1, made by Tim Markworth included. Details of how to use these patches in the Tag System, check out the "GUIDE.txt". - "add004_svc" removed, for having A LOT of bugs when configuring chars (at least for me ). - Systems (add004 and add004_bs0) edited: > More slots added. > New songs for menu, select, versus, victory and game over (coming from my Fullgame of MUGEN Match 2.1). > Fixed Fadein and Fadeout. - More screen resolution options (1366x768, 1280x720, 850x480, 800x600, 640x480 and 320x240). I hope you all ENJOY!
  2. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Kinda a mix of POTS and MvC Styles. Really a good edit. :)
  3. Essa transformação do Goku Black realmente aconteceu no mangá de Dragon Ball Super, e como ninguém fez esse char JUS ainda eu editei um char do Mikel já editado por Inseph, fiz apenas umas simples alterações. Super: D,y Char by Mikel8888, Edited for Tower Games and Inseph DOWNLOAD:
  4. Yo everyone! I made a newbie edit! Download here -> Updated Version -> Updated Version 2-> Fixed and updated version ->
  5. [PREVIEW] [COMMENTS] Since Skarlet is taking some time to make her actual debut for regular MUGEN, I decided to edit Juano16's Female Ninja UMK3 to make Skarlet out of it. She has some different commands, but mostly its Mileena's moveset with Kitana's fatalities and a red palette I found somewhere on the internet. I'll update her if I get her voice rips and a better palette. [LINK]
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Well, it's finally here fellas! The 2.0 version of the Ultimate Update of MKP S2.5 by me (gui0007), borg117, MKA, LEAN MK, Bathory, EddieMattos, TheUltimateBastich and Jrockslim1. You guys can see the whole credits list and all the details about the updates in three .txt archives in the game folder and also in the download folder. ENJOY! ;)
  7. The Best In The World - CM Punk Ladies and Gents, I present to you the most one of the most OP characters ever - BITW AKA The Best In The World AKA CM Punk. Yep, this guy can beat THE DUANE in 2 hits. He is pretty much invincible apart from op no hitbox characters like Chuck Norris. You can download him here. PREVIEWS:
  8. [KonoSuba Char./The Queen Of Heart '99 Edit] Megumin by 1/8192 ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! An Author Named "1/8192" Created One Of The Main Characters From The Anime/Manga Konosuba! Megumin is One Of The Main Heroes From Kunosuba (Awesome Anime, by the Way) This Character is a Joke Character and Is Pretty Funny Because Just Like In The Show Megumin Dedicates Her Skills To One Ability...EXPLOSION!!!! Sometimes When Using This Character, The Mugen Engine Will Crash Because of Some "Loop" With Her One and Only Special Move! But Hey...We Finally Got Another Kunosuba Character In Mugen! This Is An Edit Of Serika Kurusugawa From The Queen Of Heart "99 Doujin Game! If You Like Joke Characters and Want A Good Laugh Or Just Want To See an Explosion...Megumin Can Fill That Void! LOL!
  9. (Decadent) Stadium . . . from Gundam Battle Assault I was looking for screenshots of the source game for this background, and soon found out that Cenobite53 made the stage several years ago. But whatever, the more the merrier, I guess? Here's the Stadium stage from Gundam Battle Assault (images belong to Hardcore Gaming 101 and JEUXVIDEO.COM respectively): Converted and edited into M.U.G.E.N., with Super Jump compatibility! [CHARS USED IN SCREENCAPS: Kusanagi by Ikaruga and Ultimate K9999 by lucas 9999 (you can actually find this character on the Guild!)] Here it is in its glory, as I was in a bit of an Akira mood (SNK fans will get this from the screenshots of course, hahaha!). And yes, for those of you aware of the names of stages, it was originally called 'Stadium', but I renamed it as 'Decadent Stadium' to help make it stand out (especially if you have another stage already called that!). The video, as always. Two actually. You're lucky to have them (I think). I know Syo's in one of them rather than Kusanagi, but his AI kinda balanced out Ultimate K9999's own (and so did True K'): [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] There's at least six different variations of this stage (including the WinM.U.G.E.N./M.U.G.E.N. 1.1B1 versions). I included the 'Original' variation (the WinM.U.G.E.N. compatible one) of the stage is the one showcased in the above screenshots. There's also two different themes for the stage, one that's 'traditional', and the other one that's more 'atmospheric' (think KOF '97). As an extra tidbit nobody will care about, certain versions of the stage have down-scaled sprites from the Modern Era stage (from World Heroes Perfect) I made a while back. The second extra tidbit and the shortest of them all: If the stages are played in WinM.U.G.E.N., the character's shadows will have a teal tinge to them. Third extra tidbit: I do have two unreleased variations of this stage, which I attempted to use parallax coding for the floor. Outcome came out fine, but still not the way I wanted it. Let me know if you guys want it, I'll upload an updated release with them included (and possibly 'fixed-up' as well). Special thanks to: Natsume for creating the stage Elecbyte for creating M.U.G.E.N. VirtualTek for Fighter Factory Richard Lockard for his parallax code for the background, which I used for the sky NeoGouki for foreground sprite (which I edited) RYO2005 for static screen sprites (which I edited); and the small crowds & bus graphics (which I edited) Naofumi Hataya or Tatsuyuki Maeda for Cursed City theme from Golden Axe III (one of those guys composed it, don't know who!) Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan for Jewel of Light and Couple tracks from Fatal Fury 3 and KOF'97, respectively Maxim for ripping Stadium sprites VidGmr1996 for....oh shoot. Alright, I know you want that stage, though. Here's the links: ---- *Comes with two loopable music (if you didn't want to read the recommendation essay I have up there). ---- *Comes with six versions (read the first asterisk comment). --- **EDIT AS OF 3/11/2017: FIXED THE MUGENARCHIVE LINK. MY BAD.
  10. DC Comics Screenpack MUGEN 1.1 Um screenpack de um jogo que estou produzindo da DC para mugen 1.1, ele é bem simples mas bem leve e bonito no estilo Low Res. Resolução: 1280x720 Versão do MUGEN: 1.1 Criador: Antnub1 [DOWNLOAD] or
  11. Divinewolf style Yoko by Cruz (edited from Warusaki3) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Link: DETAIL <Normal> .Suramu: F/B + 2p (near opponent) .Keru: F/B + 2k (near opponent) .Step Low Kick: F + b .Mall Crush: F + y .Assault Kick: F + c <SPECIAL> .Rasen-ryoku Appa (EX): D, DF, F, p .Littner Strike (EX): D, DF, F, k .Yameru: x .Tenkai Kaihi: y .Kinkyu Kaihi: z .Ro: a .Haimen'uchi: hold F, p (On hit or block) .Midoru: b .Shomen Uchi: hold U, p (On hit or block) .Hai: c .Shomen Uchi: hold U, p (On hit or block) .Sakasa Uchi: hold UF, p (On hit or block) .Sunaipuea (EX): F, D, DF, k .Ya: x, x, x .Dengeki: y .Kaen Hosha: z .Air Littner Strike: k .Air Littner Strike (EX): D, DF, F, k (Air) .Shomen Uchi: hold U, p (On hit or block) .Sakasa Uchi: hold UF, p (On hit or block) .Simon! (EX): D, D, k .Kamina! (EX): F, DF, D, DB, B, F, p <SUPER> .Giza! Rasen-ryoku Appa (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, p .Giza! Rasen-ryoku Kikku (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, k (Air) .Littner Overdrive (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F, k <LV3 SUPER> .Ore-tachi muteki no Guren-dan!: F, DF, D, DB, B, F, DF, D, DB, B, 2k
  12. SNK Sakuraba Sakazaki (Takuma's father) by Malevka1 [Feb 18, 2017]
  13. Kurohige/Black Beard [Great Pirate Colesseum] Um char com sprites do game de 3DS One Piece Great Pirate Colesseum, é parte de um projeto que estou fazendo envolvendo chars do Pirate colesseum e outros, os comandos desse char são bem faceis e no arquivo dele tem um bloco de notas com todos comandos. DOWNLOAD: (PRÓXIMO CHAR TRAFALGAR LAW [GREAT PIRATE] NEXT CHAR TRAFALGAR LAW [GREAT PIRATE])
  14. Cassandra Murata ROTD KOF Style by Mugen Zone (Zadkiel Mugen) [Fed 17 2017]!9sEzXIoK!FFLclmm27a...
  15. Oni Inomura ROTD KOF XI UM Style by Zadkiel Mugen (Mugen Zone) [Feb 23, 2017]!shkGECKa!rSt5QUyhhU...
  16. oshitora Tokugawa KOF XI UM by Zadkiel Mugen (Mugen Zone) [Feb 8 2017]!FgcxXI6B!h6kZcjOI7p...
  17. JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Kakyoin EoH voice patch Hi everyone. I am a newcomer who just joined. I am Korean, so I use translator because I do not speak English well. What I will share is a voice patch for Kakyoin. I changed myself to EoH Voice. The voice actor is the same as TVA. And New Kakyoin is included here. The video is my YouTube, the voice of the video has been improved a lot. Link:!AuQhStOBmEpsgxIUv6v8ljVEFUSj Thanks.
  18. Old Infinite Astro By R@ce45 and Infinite, this version is no longer online. Till now, bitches! Thanks to the big homie!
  19. Canon Cooler by Coldskin1 Canon to the series power and speed
  20. CvS Smoke by CARNAGE777 [02/01/2017] [/url]
  21. Stan Lee by malevka1 (February 5, 2017)
  22. Ken Shinbu Messatsu by Mekstik (February 3, 2017)
  23. Add004 patch: Alternate Powerbars in Team Mode! For those who wish to try, place this in the add004 folder in data of your add004 MUGEN/IKEMEN. This common01.cns enables alternate powerbars for team battle mode! The powerbars are selected by palette, since for the add4 standard in the past, there was in fact 2 extra bars. Mind you it's experimental as I am also trying for tag mode as well. Hopefully I can do it and properly, but in the meantime, Enjoy!! Vid should be be coming soon! if anyone else wants to make one for posting do so plz! A bit of details of what these other bars do. For the left (Pal 3,6,9,12) are SVC/Samsho type bars. This bar enables energy for the powerbar by blocking and getting hurt, with Just Defend for additional energy/damage cancel. 50% energy grants lvl 1 supers, while MAXIMUM gives the lvl.2-3 attacks at the cost of 50% energy (This part has the bar draining as well, and I think this also increases the damage for lvl 3 Idk for sure). the Right (Pal 2,5,8,11) are SFA/KOF Based. This mode has parrying for healing a smidge of life. you start with only lvl.1 attacks at Max. When your life is at 25%, Max becomes super, the power bar slowly regenerates to full, and gives lvls 2-3 attacks. Have fun guys :D
  24. Unknown Zero AKOFUM by flowrallia [01/01/2017] Unknown Zero
  25. CvS Sub-Zero by ShinRei!x9lQjaYI!EdkjdUCM-i...