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Found 302 results

  1. Pullum Purna [SFEX] by armin_iur [Feb 22, 2017]
  2. SHOVEL KNIGHT DIGS IN! Introducing... Shovel Knight From the Shovel Knight Series! Shovel Knight is a main protagonist of the series with a same name. He is a chivalrous knight who wears his light, shining blue armor, and his mission is to stop the Enchantress and find his lost love Shield Knight. He uses his Shovel Blade and the Relics to aid him in his journey, and solves many challenging puzzles, going from lair to lair of the Order of No Quarter, showing his great intelligence and strength. Shovel Knight is a shining example of the code of Shovelry: Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly! Download this special holiday gift now!
  3. Pink panther's beta release! In the name of God. Hi, How are you? My name is notepad and I'm here to give you information about this character. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* WHAT'S NEW? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* EVERYTHING!!! this is the first and best version of Pink panther, only and only for mugen, beta, 1.0, 1.1. haha so funny. :I but remember, this is NOT a complete version of pink. this is just a beta version,(but this beta version looks good, too) maybe you ask were did Ali get sprites, when He is not a Custom sprite creator. the Answer is, Dear WlanmaniaX. He helped Ali a lot in this way, and made sprites for him. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Files ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Sprites : 755 Animations : 228 sounds : 50 Number of Hypers : 5 Number of specials : 10 additional colors : 3 ******************************************************************************************************************************************* What do we have for Final version? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* More colors More Moves Some sprites should be improved Some errors should be fixed More compatible Animations. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Informations ******************************************************************************************************************************************* This character uses 7 buttons (a, b, c, x, y, z, start) and has 10 specials. He also has a power charge that activates only and only in crouch mode. if you want to power charge, Hold both down button And start button. Try not to laugh when you see how he charges his power! Here's the list of Special moves : ===================================================================================================================== power charge = Hold down + Start dodge = x+a Refile = D,DF,F,a BigNose = D,DF,F,b Dog = D,DF,F,c Chain = D,DF,F,x bmb = D,DF,F,y pink spray = D,DF,F,z Magic = D,DB,B,z Midnight Bliss = D,DB,B,a skat = D,DB,B,b ===================================================================================================================== As you can see, the list of Hyper moves is approaching. Saxophone = D,DF,F,x+y SuperPink = D,DB,B,x+y BullKart = D,DF,F,a+b Karate = D,DF,F,b+c (it's so coooool) Turtles = D,DB,B,b+c ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Rules ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Ali showed you the character's moves. and he hopes you like this char. but he also has some rules. 1. DO NOT UPLOAD BASHING VIDEOS ABOUT THIS CHAR. If I, Ali, find the video, video is reported. 2. If you want to give me feedback, DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS. I don't like to see hate or feedback videos about my character such as mario. 3. If you hate this char, Try not to leave a hate comment in char's page. 4. Do not Edit the character. 5. If you want to use sprites, you can call WlanmaniaX. 6. IS there any code that you want to copy? it's free! you can copy whatever you want. :> ... DO NEVER UPLOAD HATE OR FEEDBACK VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Thanks to ******************************************************************************************************************************************* God, for everything. My family, For being awesome WlanmaniaX my friend, For sprites, Sound clips, sfx, some codes, etc Ryon , for Character creation tutorial. MGM, for owning Pink panther. Elecbyte, for MUGEN Virtualtek, For fighter factory 3 Adobe, For photoshop !draw, the app that I used. maybe this one : Dark souls III, For being So hard o0o0o0o0o KlonaD fan, Diamondswag production, Galvatron, etc for waiting and following me to see this character. You, for downloading this character. ===================================================================================================== Bye bye, hope to like this char, god bless :> Eh, this readme was too long, isn't it? i'm a bit bored. so, here is the link : size : 12 TB preview :
  4. The Master (Paper Mario 64) So here's a character I've been working on for a while. Based off the super boss in Paper Mario 64, The Master. He's a 4 button character with a huge amount of moves to get close to his opponent. A few things you can do with him are in the video below. He also features two assists which are based on the game as well, his sister, Tayce T. and Chan. This is a character I felt should be mugenized in some way as he has a lot of potential to be a formidable foe. The character itself is pretty much finished (by finished, I ran out of moves I wanted him to use), but he is still missing an ai which I will include in an update sometime down the line. I hope you all enjoy this character as he the first character I've actually created and finished. Also thanks to those who showed a bit of support way back when I first started and posted my character in the "W.I.P" section. Note1: He was built for 1.0 so I'm not sure if he works in other versions Note2: His moveslist is in the readme text
  5. Ultraman X by Bakisimu [1/28/2017]
  6. SNK Sakuraba Sakazaki (Takuma's father) by Malevka1 [Feb 18, 2017]
  7. Cassandra Murata ROTD KOF Style by Mugen Zone (Zadkiel Mugen) [Fed 17 2017]!9sEzXIoK!FFLclmm27a...
  8. Oni Inomura ROTD KOF XI UM Style by Zadkiel Mugen (Mugen Zone) [Feb 23, 2017]!shkGECKa!rSt5QUyhhU...
  9. oshitora Tokugawa KOF XI UM by Zadkiel Mugen (Mugen Zone) [Feb 8 2017]!FgcxXI6B!h6kZcjOI7p...
  10. [PREVIEW] [Download]
  11. Hello boys and girls! Introducing Kung Fury - cop from future! - kung fu master!! - chosen one!!! This is for mortal kombat project mugen Download character Character has intro and ending I dont have plans to port it in regular mugen. But someone will
  12. [Maple Story Char.] Hilla By Dream Illumination Hilla By Dream Illumination [Maple Story] ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”--Whoa!! An Author Who Calls Himself "Dream Illumination" Created One Of The Main Villains From Maple Story! Hilla Is One Of The Commanders Of The Black Mage From Maple Story! This Character Plays Like A Boss Character and Is Tough To Beat! This Character Has Some Pretty Cool Moves And If You Do Bring Your A-Game To The Fight...She'll Become A Super Hilla Of Some Sort With Her Hair Transforming To White! If You Want A Challenge Or If Your Roster Is Up For The Challenge...Good Luck! Dream Illumination Did a Awesome Job On This Character! You'll Find This Character On The Right Side Of His Blog! This Character Is Password Protected When You Get It, But Luckily He Provided The Password! Have Fun, Yo! Password:I love you. love you love you love you.!AKC3OVLhDQDnbUM&id=BC03D6638314666A!139&cid=BC03D6638314666A
  14. JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Kakyoin EoH voice patch Hi everyone. I am a newcomer who just joined. I am Korean, so I use translator because I do not speak English well. What I will share is a voice patch for Kakyoin. I changed myself to EoH Voice. The voice actor is the same as TVA. And New Kakyoin is included here. The video is my YouTube, the voice of the video has been improved a lot. Link:!AuQhStOBmEpsgxIUv6v8ljVEFUSj Thanks.
  15. Seruzad by Azu released 2/13/17 Original character, only has air specials/supers!ALyPG-G9fWG6Yz8&id=E7674E3D8A2510B5!187&cid=E7674E3D8A2510B5
  16. Poshpsylocke's Sailor Moon Characters English Update I been trying to update these for a long time, but I felt lazy so... CHANGES - Decreased sound volume - Changed Sailor Mercury's aerial attack back - Sync sounds to the right timing - Fixed one of Sailor Jupiter's sprites - Changed some sounds DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS With Moon and Chibi Moon of course
  17. Junpei Iori by Ajiyayakko [2/17/2017]!107&cid=AE178FE807CFE3BB
  18. Raidramon by Ezequiel Torrejon released Hola de nuevo amigos , aqui les traigo una de mis creaciones Raidramon de digimon ,agradecimientos a VeeMaster por proporcionar los Sprites y que lo disfruten!
  19. [PREVIEW] [LINK]
  20. Grillby by sumin2393/Gram Parson Released (2/17/17)
  21. B-Vegeta by Sustina [02/17/2016] Alt DL link with fixed .cns to work in 1.0
  22. Old Infinite Astro By R@ce45 and Infinite, this version is no longer online. Till now, bitches! Thanks to the big homie!
  23. Download link: (original link is no longer available - it's been deleted)Preview: From a warehouse site. This version's gameplay is based off Kamekaze's Captain Falcon's with some changes (it seems to be using his files as a base). There is no readme and "Unknown" is listed as the author's name. Unfortunately, it has no AI. The SFF is 1.1, but it can be converted to 1.0 just fine.
  24. 3D Lilil by Caraibandragonfury