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Found 625 results

  1. Maybe Sagat

    Maybe Sagat Overpowered, cheap and crazy edit/joke revision of classic Sagat, with new standard attacks and excessive supers/hypers, like the rest of the "Street WTFighter" roster. The stage "Dusk" is included in the file package (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work). DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  2. Pain Vega

    Pain Vega Nonsensical, overpowered and insane edit/joke version of Vega, the spanish yodel by Capcom classic Street Fighter 2. More 3 characters and the "Street WTFighter" project will be over. The original "The Pain Desk" stage is included (all files of the stage must be placed in "stages" folder to work). DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  3. Fart Balrog

    Fart Balrog Cheap, overpowered, fast and extremely un-educated edit/joke version of Balrog (classic SF2). The original "Graffiti Street" stage is included (all stage files must be in "stages" folder to work). DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  4. Family Guile

    Family Guile Another cheap/overpowered/crazy edit of classic SF2 Guile, 8th completed edit char/stage for the "Street WTFighter" MUGEN project. Now it's time to edit the Shadaloo squad Stage included in char's package (extract stage files into "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  5. Khali Dhalsim

    Khali Dhalsim Dhalsim discovers dark meditation and becomes evil, my 7th edit production for the "Street WTFighters" and a bit less crazy/joking than the rest of the roster, but still a bit op. The Khali Temple stage is included in the chars file (put them in "stages" folder to make them work) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  6. Coffee Blanka

    Coffee Blanka Overpowered, cheap, brutal, spammy and loaded with coffee joke/edit version of classic SF2 Blanka. The char comes with a stage (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  7. Cory [Booby Tales]

    [PREVIEW] [Download]
  8. Drunk Zangief

    Drunk Zangief Zangief drank too many vodka shots, and forgets how to do throws. My fifth ultra-cheap/overpowered/spamming revision of classic SF2 Zangief. Stage included (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work properly) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  9. Period ChunLi

    Period ChunLi Brutally cheap remix of classic SF2 ChunLi, with gross / spamming / overpowered supermoves and normal moves as well. The character comes with the stage (put the stage files into the same "stages" folder of your mugen, to make it work properly) DEMO VIDEO DOWNLOAD:
  10. Gotenks Z2 - Released by Balthazar (01/12/2018) Another char of Team Z2 was released, this time was the Gotenks. Original thread here: Download here:
  11. Loud Honda

    Loud Honda My brutally cheap version of the classic SF2 Honda: weird palettes, overpowered moves ... and really loud sounds! The character comes with the exclusive stage : Hasselhoff's Bathroom. Sexy! XD (stage files must be put into "stages" folder to work properly) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  12. Drastic Ken

    Drastic Ken Another brutally crazy joke/edit char made by me, using a classic SF2 Ken Masters as base/template. Surprisingly, this char is able to beat Spam Ryu even if he doesn't multiply himself. Fantastic! This character comes with a stage which is adapted to the char's attitude. DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  13. Spam Ryu

    Spam Ryu Another joke character made by me, edited version of a less known Ryu (one of the many). The char comes with a stage reflecting the char's attitude (also edited from another stage). Don't blame me for this, I was bored. DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD: CHECK MORE STUFF BY ME:
  14. Pupa Salgueiro KOF XI UM

    Pupa Salgueiro KOF XI UM [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD]!FpNDmQBB!X79uJ8om2leUGvK5wxFk63rFPsHqs118d0U108qP9Y8
  15. tokka_TMNT by Malovka1 & borewood2013
  16. Arcueid Brunestud (CvS3/POTS Style) by Jadeeye The White Princess of the True Ancestors has come..... This is my first POTS style character. Hope you guys enjoy :) Preview: Video: Download link: A.I Difficulty Option: Level 1-4: Easy A.I Level 5-8: Hard A.I Version History: Especially thanks to: RajaaBoy for his original customized character. ShinSmoke for his open source A.I coding. Any feedback is welcome!
  17. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO What a great surprise! :D Yes, you guys won't see wrong. Ikaruga released Adelheid, in KOF '98 STYLE! Never thought i'll see Adelheid playing in this style one day, but Ikaruga did it and did it well, as expected from him. Also all their KOF '98 chars are updated.
  18. Kung Fu Jerk

    Kung Fu Jerk Kung Fu Man is back! He can use fire power, he makes crazy combos, he flies in guard state, he f@rts fire and he's also cheap AF. (This char has been done in some hours, it's a joke/edit character of the original KFM720) DOWNLOAD
  19. Goku Black by LegendTTA, edit by coldskin1 WARNING CHARACTER IS OP fast pace edit of black goku with new custom moves and supersD,B,x+yD,F,x+yteleport combolink:
  20. Powerscaling Hulk?

    Powerscaling Hulk? Renegade + edit by coldskin1 something i was trying to do almost a year ago Now enemy 20+ combos pisses the hulk off pretty much most edit character kof boss syndrome attacksNov1 update power beyond lvl 30 now hulk can still to a power where it seems like for ever unless you press spacebar, f3 or training mode ofcourseSuperarmor how ever stops upgrading at lvl 30 because it will start to get ridiculous
  21. Extreme butoden Buu Saga Vegeta Author: LegendTTA, Edited by Coldskin1 level 1 melee combo switched to one powerful punch that sends enemy flying in a custom statefaster combos + update for each trans, allowed to stay in trans after round unless koedNot that much overpowered (likemost of my edits) ai normally around evil ken ai lvl unless ssj2Now vegeta 2 new ultimates but ultimate sacrifice will no longer work for base form and ssj1
  22. Rainbow dash released

    Rainbow dash released video link for rd link for fluttershy update Pinkie is next
  23. Mr Karate XIII UM

    Mr Karate XIII UM [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD]!1tUi2CgQ!OqDr1eYNqyZttVIl5SvJrpa4QRwq9XlP1mvhpDG7BxQ
  24. Shock

    Shock Happy New Year's Eve, everyone. Shock's beta is out, and he's much better than the previous one. He's still a beta, so there's still more stuff to add. Any feedback is appreciated. Get him here
  25. Agent Nash by MGMURROW released (12/18/2017) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO After a long time, MGMURROW is back to MUGEN, releasing a long-awaited character by him, Nash! (or as he called, Agent Nash) Like his other stuff, MGMURROW's Nash had your attacks from Street Fighter V with original and crazy stuff and he plays in MvC Style.