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Found 546 results

  1. JUS Tsuna By Mikel8888 Edit by Tsukasa_Mike

    JUS Tsuna By Mikel8888 Edit by Tsukasa_Mike Complete Eidt... Make Flame Rush,Flame Thrower and Zero chitten Toppa First edition can be used in Air Flame Rush Air Flame Thrower Zero Chitten Toppa First Edition Also I Edit Trafalgarlawzz's X-BURNER more better LINK: CLICK HERE!!!
  2. Doraemon

    [PREVIEW] [Download] Other SCWU characters updated as well: -Zenka: -Added Doraemon's special immunity against Unyou No Tachi -TTRO: -Fixed mild powergain on TTR SP SHOT
  3. Hi people, since I've posting a lot here since 2015, I decided this 2016 to make my official WIP thread with my future chars and projects in MFFA. Here you are: On works On hold (by now) I hope to add another projects of mine (like lifebars and Anti-Gouki Project fullgame), but by now only this. I hope you like this thread, guys!!
  4. Krystal Fox

    Krystal Fox Hey there, I started this character back in November last year before I even begun Latias and I just sort of forgot about it. It's not very good but due to the surprising lack of star fox characters, it might be worth a spot on some peoples rosters. Here's a link to it.!otViUR5S!aIVxQu38sq6IQJfSQ5R25w Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Jaguar (Kemono Fight) released by ZETA 10/16/17 4 buttons, lmh launcher
  6. Avenger of Shinjuku/Hessian Lobo released by Minatomaru 10/22/17 pass: 死を纏う者
  7. Mae Jae (Original HD Char) 3D rendered+post edit manual Somethings i have been changed since i started this wip this is the new, and final method i developed to do the char STEPS: -1 : Have the idea and create a comcept -2 : Change the style of shading, lighting source, size and general develop style -3 : Try to model a character in 3d so close as possible to the style wanted -4 : Edit shader and render to optimize the result -5 : Edit the palete to turn it more easy for manual edit -6 : Some details, outlines, some fixes, and the 6th color -7 : Finish the sprite and add the hand made art for moves and other minor details Thanks for all those leave "good" feedback and help with this
  8. Hi guys, I'm proud to introduce a new character from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, and isn't a character you're thinking (not some of the main ones nor Evil Exes). So, let me introduce you: 1. Robot Chuck A stage enemy from the game (World 5: Julie's Halloween Party), a guy with a Gundam-like robot head that appears against Scott and friends and even has some clones (Linus and Tom, guys with a pumpkin head and a skeleton respectively instead the robot head). Made when I was making Envy (and working on Kim, still on works), I was thinking about Chuck being a tough enemy for them, seeing he has enough sprites to make him a proper character, I said "why not?", so here it is. From the readme: And now, the screenshots: 2. Envy Adams Yes, also I updated her with some few things, nothing special. Mostly fixed the bug reported about one of Lynette's supers and, the most important, fully compatibility with MUGEN 1.0+ (winquotes, data, etc.), just choose "envy-m1.def" and that's all ;) no screenshots here 3. Scott Pilgrim Also minor stuff, added Gideon Graves and Robot Chuck to the "intro vs. bad guys" list, and now I make the things easier than before: now you just choose "scott-nost.def" or "scott-nost-m1.def" and now you can play Scott without strikers instead manually to modify the list in your DEF :P no screenshots here, either That's all, enjoy this char and the updates ;) Chars -> Adaptations
  9. Hi everyone, I have edited Jmorphman's Ryo Sakazaki. He now have one more Super, more easier to play and new A.I. Preview: Download link: - Edited version: - A.I only version: Detail: ------------ BUG FIXES ------------- - Fix Zanretsuken cause freezing when affect multi opponents on Simul Mode - Fix missing target bug (sometime happen) after getting hit from Tenchi Haoh Ken ------------- EDITING -------------- - Stand Far Medium Kick can be Special/Super cancel - Combo with Hyochuwari much easier than before - Increase hit time for some Normals move to avoid missing combo - No longer perform multiple Ko'oken projectile - Increase velocity and invincibility time for EX Mokou Raijin Satsu - Increase Super pause time and reduce animation time for (MAX) Haoh Shokoken - No longer perform multiple Haoh Shokoken projectile - Reduce animation time for (MAX) Ryuko Ranbu - Remove juggle point for (MAX) Haoh Shokoken, (MAX) Ryuko Ranbu to avoid missing combo - Increase damage and reduce animation time for Tenchi Haoh Ken - Add new Super move: Haoh Burst --------------- A.I --------------- - Add A.I Jumping - Add A.I Walking - Add A.I Parry - Add A.I Rolling - Ryo can combo with Zanretsuken combine with other Supers - Ryo will often kicking to keep distance with an opponent but he will perform it less when his life below half - Using Ariel Ko'oken for air-attacking - Defend with Koho and Zanretsuken - Using EX Moko Raijinsetsu and MAX Ryuko Ranbu to attack projectile spammers suddently - Using Haoh Burst for anti-air and defending (Edited version) A.I Difficulty Option: Level 1-4: Original A.I Level 5-8: New A.I Credit: CrazyKoopa and Jmorphman for the character ShinSmoke for his A.I coding RajaaBoy for Ryo's Super Hope you guys enjoy :)
  10. (WIP) Inkling Boy

    Hello Folks. Since this forum is back in business, I think it's time to let out a new WIP It's Inkling Boy from Splatoon Since there's not a single Inkling Characters in MUGEN, so me and the rest of the MUGEN-X-Splatoon Group are gonna make it happen. This Character has a different gameplay compare to the CS-X-TBM Characters and has different modes. Melee Mode and Shooter Mode Gameplay Buttons =Melee Mode= A - Light Attack (Press 3x for Combo like in Super Smash Bros., can also cancel to mid attack) B - Mid Attack (can cancel to Hard Attack) C - Heav Attack X - Switch Mode Y - Hold to change to Squid Form (Charges Ink/Power) Z - Dodge =Shooter Mode= A - Shoot B - Shoot Diagonal Up (Diagonal Down in Aerial) C - Shoot Up (Down in Aerial) X - Switch Mode Y - Hold to change to Squid Form (Charges Ink/Power) Z - Dodge Click the word Progress below to see what we have done so far. PROGRESS
  11. So I decided to work on Ditto from Pokemon as a Character. I know DJ HANNIBALROYCE made a version of that Pokemon but thought it would be a good idea instead of turning into Pokemon to turn into actual fighters (and memes) and use their moves. This thread was made to those who want to suggest moves to be copied by Ditto. Credit will be given to those who gave ideas.
  12. Mr. Tyrant is here to smack you in the face, and then eat it for dinner. Because that's what he does. Find him on my OneDrive here. So with the success of Kagura Mutsuki, I laid plans for more Blazblue characters that I would look into, after a nice long break. The one who would follow was Azrael, and just like Kagura, he's based on his CPEX version, has all the moves from the game, and is about as close to the source as I could get him. As per usual, there's a Mugen 1.1 and a Mugen 1.0 version, and as always I recommend the 1.1 version, because Mugen 1.0 has lower quality sprites and effects. For more specific information, go to my site. Movelist and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Azrael comes with. Here's some examples of Azrael fighting: Exposition time: It hasn't been easy. Even though I already had a solid foundation in Kagura to start with, it would still take hundreds of hours to build up this guy. Azrael had the same problem as all other Blazblue characters: Most of his effect sprites are 3d textured and pretty damn hard to rip, and unlike Kagura, Azrael had almost no standard 2d sprites of his own to work with. Therefore, I've had to heavily improvise: Azrael uses more sprites from other games than Kagura, and is also using a bunch of the 2d sprites available from various other Blazblue characters. As a result, Azrael now has alot more claw and fire in his moves. Well, I had my share of fun figuring out how to make him work, and learning how Dust and Vanishing (Banishing?) attacks work in Arcsys games, because Azrael has his own versions of both. Anywho, with this, I think it's high time that I put away my Mugen resources and fade away. After having made 27 LF2 and Touhou characters, followed by two Blazblue monstrocities, both eating hundreds of hours for their completion, I think it's about high time that I call it quits. My Mugen interest has all but faded, and I've long since left the main reason I even got into it in the first place. That means that I won't be making anymore Blazblue characters, and probably not anything else either, though I did consider making Izayoi after Azrael, but that was in his early stages. The most I'll be doing is fixing any gamebreaking bugs, if there's any that have escaped my testing. PS: Kagura Mutsuki was updated just the other day. The newest version includes all the fixes and improvements I discovered while making Azrael.
  13. Guyver MVC Style I've always liked the Guyver for mugen, It was actually one of the reasons I got into creating. back when I knew nothing and edited characters, I edited The Ultimate Guyver by Youngdragun and I fixed it up... which lead to me making my own characters eventually. So years later, I relized there has never really been a Good Guyver (I know Odin787 was working on one but I havent seen it released or anything about it) So I think is time to bring back this legend. ALSO! I knew NOTHING about Guyver other than his name. So I'm reading the Manga, and watching the anime, and watching the live action movie. Its AMAZING! I strongly recommend any of the material. (People who hate live action adoptions, get over yourself, just enjoy it)
  14. Pitfall Harry Jr.

    (Picture) (Download) (Comment) Yeah, Pitfall Harry's son from that SNES spinoff. Here, he's unfortunately an unfinished, but somewhat decent KFM edit. However, the Pitfall Harry (Jr.) is greater than the amount of KFM leftover, a crouching attack, taunt, a few hurt states and his winpose. Aside from those Pitfall Harry Jr. has 6 buttons of standing attacks, 4 aerial attacks, and 4 crouching ones. 2, like his standing weak and strong kicks have secondary attacks that can be used by pressing the button twice, but they unfortunately don't exactly combo into each other properly. He has specials and hypers, but instead of traditional attacks, P..H. Jr. can spawn a couple powerups, like a (actual!!!) heart to gain health back, or a hourglass to freeze time. He has a couple down to earth attacks, like throwing bombs and a boomerang, which must be picked up to be thrown again. Also he can summon a mine cart to run over the enemy. Not much else to say, he functions. Made by RomeDogg.
  15. Obelix released, Claudia Program III 1.2 version. Hello everybody. Here comes Obelix for Mugen 1.0 from the Konami Arcade game, adapted to play with and rework in sprites. He uses 5 buttons as: x- light ,y- mid/chain combo ,a- strong ,b-stone and z for the special attack. Also, a new version of Claudia Program III with new attacks: I hope ya enjoy,get them: GET THEM HERE
  16. Hayato Kanzaki (POTS style) by Varo Hades & BahamianKing100 Hayato Kanzaki, the hero from Star Gladiator now in POTS style. Possessing wide slash advantage with his Plasma Sword, Hayato can attack and defend well against any opponent. Hayato can make a great combos with his sword, along with the Plasma Field which helps him to cause amount of damage on an opponent and perform another Super attacks without costing power. REVIEW DOWNLOAD Link: DETAIL <Normal> .Hien: F + strong P .Dai Oiuchi Kougeki: D + strong K (Air) .Byakko Hou: F/B + 2P (near opponent) .Throw Launcher: F/B + 2K (near opponent) .Plasma Combo 1: B + weak P, weak P, weak P, weak P (near opponent) .Plasma Combo 2: B + strong P, weak P, strong P, medium P, strong P (near opponent) <Special> .Shiden (EX): D, DF, F + P (PP with 500MP) .Guren (EX): F ,D, DF + P (PP with 500MP) .Grab Launcher (EX): D, DF, F + K (KK with 500MP) <Super> .Hyper Flash Sword (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F + P (PP with 2 super bars) .Scimitar (MAX): D, DF, F, D, DF, F + K (KK with 2 super bars) .Plasma Field (MAX): D, DB, B, D, DB, B + K (KK with 2 super bars) (If you connected the attack, can perform ex moves without power bar cost or can perform one super combo without power bar cost) <Lv3 Super> .Black Hayato: weak P, strong P, B, weak K, strong K / D, DF, F, D, DB, B + medium P + medium K
  17. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!! [Preview] [Download]!AuXptN8AdWGVrkU-UGTfxX-f4CgD [Comment] THIS IS A BETA! ORIGINALLY I CANCELLED HIM BUT I GOT BACK INTO MAKING HIM! NOW HE IS AT A ACCEPTABLE LEVEL! I MAY EVEN MAKE A FULL GAME OUT OF IT AND OTHER SPACESHIP SHOOTER....SHIPS. ZIG VS. GALAGA! ZIG VS. VIC VIPER!! What is Zig? Zig is a spaceship from the sega genesis game "Zero Wing" , Which became very popular several years back with the "All your base our belong to us" meme. The game was translated pretty bad. Zig, by my evil genius is a custom 2d Spaceship shooter character, He has 4 kinds of shots. - Normal - Power - Homing - Laser He takes 4 Hits to die, He is VERY cheap. But you CAN beat Zig! or become Zig and fight the evil Lord Catz and save the galaxy! HE HAS A FEW BUGS. I AM AWARE, BUT PLEASE TELL ME ANYWAYS.
  18. One Kick Rick

    he defeats everyone in one kick, it's truly amazing. you must hit a kick button (a or b or c) to activate the K I C K he can stop time as well. the command is F, D, F, x+y/x+z/y+z. doesn't require any power he is beatable. he has hittable hitboxes on his animations and only 1000 health. you can easily beat him with projectiles since his kick range is very low. but if he stops time you're finished TRAILER/DEMONSTRATION: DOWNLOAD:
  19. [Shiki Edit] Shiki_H (Satsujinki) [EDIT] An edit of Shiki that i didn´t see get posted in here. It´s an old edit,but,still does the job.The A.I is still hard and can be a cool challenge to hardcore M.U.G.E.N players. [LINK] <Mod Edit: Link Removed>
  20. So now we went and made Blazblue characters. Unlike the Touhou characters I've made, Kagura was made to be as close to source accurate as I could manage; Albeat with a few adjustments, because this is Mugen, and things don't always work the same in Mugen. Find him on my OneDrive here. Note that there's both a Mugen 1.1 and Mugen 1.0 version of Kagura, and just like the Touhou characters, I strongly recommend getting the 1.1 version, because converting from Mugen 1.1 to 1.0 has a tendency of absolutely destroying the more advanced sprite images a character might have, not to mention that 1.0 just can't keep up with certain coding in the same way 1.1 can. For more specific information, go to my site. Movelist and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Kagura comes with. Here's some examples of Kagura fighting: And now a bunch of exposition for anyone interested: The Story so far... After having made a bunch of Touhou characters filled to the brim with bullets and shiny effects, I decided to look towards a new challenge, and I found it in the vast unexplored world of Blazblue. I've wondered a few times in the past about why there were so few Blazblue characters out there, and even fewer source accurate ones, but I would soon find out while making this guy. Turns out that a huge amount of the effect sprites in the game are either made out of a single sheet putting together a few sprites in a million patterns, or they're just plain 3d textured effects, which are super hard to rip properly, unless you know how to break down the game entirely and somehow capture them. And while there are a few people out there who've done that (and thank god for those people or we wouldn't have any worthwhile effects whatsoever from the games), I couldn't be bothered learning how to do so for what was essentially just a fun side project for me, so in all the cases where I didn't have the sprite (or sound for that matter), I decided to just improvise instead, and either use the available ones in new ways or (in 2 cases) import them from other games. In the end, somehow this "side project" ended up eating more time and effort than pretty much all my other characters. I guess that's what trying to be source accurate does for you.
  21. B-kun is back!! Envy Adams released, Scott pilgrim updated After leaving the forum since December, finally I can say I come back to MUGEN, not just posting here, also making characters... so before September ends (Green Day, I summon you!!), I got you this double release for the ones you've missed this: 1. Envy Adams (& Lynette Guycott) released Scott's Evil Ex now catwalks for MUGEN ready to kick asses. Apart of her, she got the aid of Lynette, who's integral part of her moveset instead just being a simple striker, having her own special and super moves. And about strikers, Todd Ingram and Gideon Graves appears too as normal strikers as well :P I could talk more about Envy, but I prefer you discover her with this new release Screenshots: PS: Sorry, I couldn't make her 1.0+ compatible (winquotes, data, etc), but that will be made soon, probably in the next update, so don't worry (it's playable in 1.0+ anyway) 2. Scott Pilgrim updated Here there's not much to say that I finally added various of the sprites ripped by Maverick PK, so now Scott feels (or at least seems) more complete. Some of the features added: -Dizzy and Lose anims are added -After all of these years, finally the Megaman winpose is on -A new pose where Scott thumbs up is added as a winpose and a second taunt -You want a fair fight? You got it: now separate CMDs without strikers were made, choose "scott-nost.cmd" or scott-nost-m1.cmd" in the DEF and voilá! -And of course, an intro against Envy that references the movie (AND HOW!!) Probably soon I'll see if I add or modify moves of him... but not now for the moment... also, no screenshots here =P So, enjoy these releases oh, did I tell you I come back to MUGEN?? Chars -> Adaptations
  22. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers released by Jerii Uzimaki This YouTube user made his own versions of Scott Pilgrim (finally not an edit of my char) and Ramona Flowers (first on MUGEN) and both were recently released, as well his "fullgame" which is most a simple 1.0 screenpack based on SPvTW and some compilated stages (and KFM of course) The quality is something debatable, but at least there're more SPvTW chars on MUGEN, which is not bad, I guess... however, for those ones who don't want to download the "fullgame" pack (204MB!!) just for one character, I made the job and I already downloaded the "game" and extract the chars into separate downloads so you can test them without downloading the pack ;) Release thread: (includes the 2 characters and his "fullgame" in 1 pack) Scott Pilgrim: Pilgrim.rar Ramona Flowers: Flowers.rar
  23. Another K' edit for your collection. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  24. Dark God Rugal XI UM

    Dark God Rugal XI UM [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD]