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Found 23 results

  1. Descending Inferno Bonus Stage released (03/15/17) [1.1 Only] Link: Originally a project I was working on circa 2010, but lost all the files in a harddrive crash around that time, so I gave up. Fortunately, one of my beta testers at the time (Orochigill) still had a beta version that I sent him all those years back. With these workfiles back in my possession, I updated the bonus game for 1.1
  2. Naruto - Subete no Saga (NZC) Esse jogo de Naruto contém mais de 70 personagens, tendo personagens de Naruto clássico, Shippuden, Gaiden, Shinden, The Last, Boruto e até que alguns Fillers do Anime. Também tem mais de 30 estágios de todas de todas as partes e fases do anime e com uma ótima trilha sonora. DOWNLOADS: Download Full / Completo: Parte 1 /Part 1: Parte 2 /Part 2: Parte 3 /Part 3: Parte 4 /Part 4: Parte 5 /Part 5: COMANDOS: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Combo 3: C Carregar energia/Chakra: S Despertar : ↓+S Super Despertar: Segurar S com energia cheia e vida menos de 50%(Apenas alguns personagens) Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial 1: ↓+A Super Especial 1: ↓+B Super Especial 1: ↓+C (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens) Site da Tower:
  3. Balthazar : Hyper Dragon ball z Characters Normal Goku z2 Ssj Goku Z2 Normal Vegeta Z2 Majin Vegeta Z2 Gohan Z2 Piccolo Z2 Freeza Z2 Babidi Z2 Satan Z2 Saibamen Z2 FullGames HDBZ Balthazar Channel Here
  4. Anime Jump Ultimate Stars Battle Um jogo mugen com personagens 63 e mais de 30 cenários diferentes, todos com musicas de animes em 8 bits. os animes que esse jogo tem são Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Saint Seiya, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Ho, Full Metal, Alchemist, Noragami, Sword Art Online e etc. Tudo isso com chars JUS e uma ótima jogabilidade. Comandos: Combo 1: A Combo 2: B Dispara energia/ Combo 3: C Carregar energia: S Transformar/ Bankai: Z Despertar (Apenas alguns personagens de Naruto): ↓+S Especial 1: ↓→ + A Especial 2: ↓→ + B Especial 3: ↓→ + C Especial 4: ↓← + A Especial 5: ↓← + B Especial 6: ↓← + C Super Especial: ↓+Y (Lembrando esses comandos servem para a maioria dos personagens) Criador: Antnub1 DOWNLOADS: Parte 1: Parte 2: Parte 3: Todas Partes Juntas:
  5. What's this? 1280x720 lifebars? M.U.G.E.N 1.1-only? Yes. Sorry about that :P If it's any consolation, there's a 640x480 version too! ...but there's no way I'm getting these working in 1.0 (or WinMUGEN, har). GET SMASHING! For those of you who are interested, the inspiration for these lifebars comes from Vet's video depicting a stamina match with traditional lifebars: It's not a 1:1 conversion, but the overall design is still there.
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Screenpack // Fullgame (Select.def fix) INFO From the README: Hey fellas! Many asked me to post the MUGEN Match 2.1 screenpack made by the great Shiyo Kakuge that I edited and used for my Fullgame MUGEN with Tag System (add004) also made by Shiyo. Well, here is the screenpack, but this is finally the updated version of the screenpack, which I edited with the same treatment of the old version and some more. Any doubts regarding the Tag System, check the "GUIDE.txt". What was edited? - Patches 3v3 (Three against three) and 4v4 (Four against four) for MUGEN 1.1, made by Tim Markworth included. Details of how to use these patches in the Tag System, check out the "GUIDE.txt". - "add004_svc" removed, for having A LOT of bugs when configuring chars (at least for me ). - Systems (add004 and add004_bs0) edited: > More slots added. > New songs for menu, select, versus, victory and game over (coming from my Fullgame of MUGEN Match 2.1). > Fixed Fadein and Fadeout. - More screen resolution options (1366x768, 1280x720, 850x480, 800x600, 640x480 and 320x240). I hope you all ENJOY!
  7. Nappa one last gameplay change update now to take a nap and finally move on to updating cell.
  8. Yandere Simulator Stages by RU Design Producciones (01/26/2017)
  9. KOFXIII Arranged 640x480[custom] 640x480[standard] 1280x720 more preview; link; ---------------------------------------------- about sp; a slighlty updated version of the previous one it's a simple screen pack,there's no moving bg stuff it comes with standard and custom port available res = 640x480 and 1280x720 please take consideration with the winquote, it wont fit the screen if it's too long,i also don't make use of the window feature for it unlike before,this time the lifebar using shaking combo type while the rest is the same actually, i was only going to fix the lifebar,since the combo counter decided not to appear if i set the renderer mode to opengl and i have no idea what went wrong ----------------------------------------to install---------------------------------------------------------- [640x480] motif = data/640/system.def;-->standard port motif = data/640/system320.def;-->custom port[for lowres char such as melty blood] motif = data/640/system640.def;-->custom port[for lowres char with hires sprites such as kofxiii] tips;-if you use char with 640,480 localcoord on system640 resize the port by 200%[sp+lifebar] -if you use lowres char on system640,use the 640 template port or resize the already made lowres port by 200%[only for sp] [1280x720] motif = data/1280/system.def;-->standard port motif = data/1280/systemc.def;-->custom port[for hd char] motif = data/1280/system320.def;-->custom port[for lowres char] motif = data/1280/system420.def;-->custom port[for char with 420 localcoord] motif = data/1280/system420n.def;-->standard port[for char with 420 localcoord] tips;-if you're using hd char on system320 resize the port by 400%[sp+lifebar] -if you're using char with 640,480 localcoord on system320 resize the port by 200%[sp+lifebar] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- template provided along with a few sample feel free to improvise for the sp custom port,maybe make your own template to fits your needs
  10. The Red City by The Last Yasakani [01/13/2017] -MUGEN 1.0 y MUGEN 1.1 -Compartible con winmugen -Hi-Res (640x480) -Original
  11. City Streets/Bobby Street Smart Arcade by aspros [01/17/2017]
  12. Bleach - Shinigami Daiko Um jogo mugen com 14 personagens e mais de 10 cenários diferentes no estilo de baixa definição com uma boa e divertida jogabilidade (e com uma trilha sonora melhor que de todos meus outros jogos). Comandos: ~ Golpe leve: X Golpe medio: Y Golpe forte: Z Passo Relampago/Dash: A Especial 1: ↓→ + Z ou Y ou X Especial 2: ↓← + Z ou Y ou X Super escpecial: ↓ + C (Lembrando esses comandos servem para todos personagens) Criador: Antnub1 [DOWNLOAD] Ou
  13. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] [COMMENTS] Full credit goes to Xedarts for original screenpack and Taybear for the original 1.0 conversion, i just did few swapping here and there. Let me know if there's any error because i was half asleep while putting this together. Comes pre-patched with Mugen 1.0. Including sample character, stage and lifebar. @xBETAxMUGENERx Enjoy, dude
  15. Origin : Street Fighter V ANIMATED : Yes (rain, wind & moving grass. NOT a static background picture) SIZE : Medium SUPERJUMP : Yes RESOLUTION : HR MUSIC : Yes Download
  16.双子内部(PSO2).zip Download Now
  17. From Phantasy Star Online 2白ノ領域.zip
  18. From Phantasy Star Online 2 Day version =東京(PSO2).zip Download Now Night version =東京(夜)(PSO2).zip Download Now
  19. DOWNLOAD LINK 1280 x 720 Widescreen DOWNLOAD LINK 960 x 720 "Standard"** **Conversion by N1000sh. I'm not particularly fond of the scaling (currently), so hopefully I can figure out a "standard" resolution version with proper scaling 640x480 by n1000sh
  20. (Preview) Some time ago i edited this stage to run un 4:3 res, i hope you guys digg it!
  21. [PREVIEW] Before: After: [DOWNLOAD] PRLB_1.1.rar [COMMENTS] I was helping a friend to convert this to work in 1.1, in case anyone else want it here you go.
  22. Notes: - Combo fonts are improved. - Custom port should be in 140x33 px of resolution, located in sprite index group of 9000,44 and 0,0 axis. - Use fight-alt.def if you wish to use normal portraits instead. Download the patch here: Original lifebars:;dl=item130 Cheers and enjoy.
  23. [Preview] [Download][TURBO].rar