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  1. Every figthing game at this year is basicly a Mugen

    1. Pluscross


      More like a Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter...


      Norimaro and all... And Sakura and Dan.

    2. Cook4251


      Sounds legit. 

  2. I think you should need a help from the author who make Kagura, Azrael and Izayoi. he's can be your big help
  3. can't wait to play your naoto in complete state. he's my secondary favorite character on blazblue series!
  4. ArcBeast


    I hope this Naoto Kurogane Matrix version using source style
  5. ArcBeast


    oh man.... I really want to test Mai so bad :< better wait for someone to find out the password
  6. good job on making another blazblue character. can't wait to test it!
  7. is there a way to turn off her Auto A.I?
  8. anyone know how to turn off his AI? he is in auto AI when I about to try him
  9. nice! but somehow It said error when I open the rar :/
  10. hmm the character seems to have a lag when it come facing with other mugen character