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  1. Jubei Announce in Central Fiction & Blazblue Crossover Battle HYPE

    1. OxyontheWolf


      at this point, Capcom's dead

  2. anyway the aquarium file zip seems error whenever I extract it can you fix it?
  3. I love this life-bars :D
  4. the golden fish castle stage seems to be missing or get delete
  5. anyone can help me with 640x480 stages somehow it not working or show up at mugen 1.1 but only working if I put it at extra stage I was like WTF why only working extra and not working as character stage for arcade
  6. the roof stage (BG 08) not working/show up at stage select of my mugen 1.1 but it only appared if I put it at extra stage how I can make it officialy work at Mugen 1.1
  7. can anyone help me? I add a new stage to my mugen and configure it on character stage but it not showing but when I add it at extra stage it showing how I can make it work as character stage?
  8. so I have to make/put the number index pallete in diffrent number? thank's normaly it never happaned to the other character pallete I mean I made a new ACT file pallete and change it on DEF and configure the old act file to new act file without change the index
  9. the problem is when ever I already made my own kagura pallete it just stay as his previous color for example I made costume kagura pallete but it still in blue standar pallete
  10. should I re-download it again? plus if I want to customize the pallete is it same as voice to configured in CNS?
  11. nice gonna try her out soon
  12. I better wait for the update than download it too soon
  13. nice but when he do some other move he didn't speaking
  14. can you add the range attack?