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  1. Rival Schooled by Vegaz

    Thank you for your motivational support Elders ,,,ill be back soon and as for now im gonna start collecting the coding informations i lost from my head (that should be easy) lol... That bgm you made for that stage was the best ever,,i still enjoy it. Its an honor for me to represent R.O.K .
  2. Rival Schooled by Vegaz

    Thanks Elder,,,life is keeping me away from the things i love to do i even forgot how to code i miss mugen and i want to get back again and make new stuff for R.O.K,,as u knw i just made one stage,, .
  3. Your Top Five (5) Anime?

    1-Attack on Titan. 2- Elfen lied. 3- Black Lagoon. 4- Tokyo Ghoul. 5- Ergo Proxy.
  4. Excahm´s Wips [I Have No Idea]

    OHHHH AP - Convention Hall is amazing,,,i wish that every single element in this stage is animated
  5. Wooow,,thats impressive piece of art
  6. Rival Schooled by Vegaz

    Oh i like this one,,,you still doing great job in making those stages bro .
  7. Who Are You, Really?

  8. Everytime i come here i find wierd threads!!! .. Suuup Eleder, how you doing man, long time no see , hope you're gud buddy bro.........
  9. Marriage Is Amazing

    1. Kanbei


      why did you get married?

    2. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      ^Tyler Perry reference?

      I have to agree. Marrage is pretty awesome. And challenging...but its worth it.

    3. Thrillo


      Madea is a humiliation.

  10. I need no introduction

    Lightflare, darkflare!!!! whats going on......anyway welcome here. Sup Elder, hope you're good.
  11. Hey hey all

    Welcome in here, im sure that this place is much better than any other forum on the net (mugen forums).... Say with me
  12. Hello i'm Amir

    Welcome here, you can find everything you need to get you started... So your name is Amir, you have an arabic name...where are you from ?
  13. Whaaat, a war on the elders of R.O.K.!!!, oh please forgive him Vegaz, obviously he doent knw what hes doin
  14. I dont know you but i like your signature espcially the second one.
  15. One of the best elders in here, respect .
  16. Lol, does it matter!! i dont knw, i dont care, at least as long as my beautiful wife dont give a damn bout it.
  17. What make a user to be "unique"?

    You have your own section, that IS deserved it elders .
  18. What make a user to be "unique"?

    Doing really greate bro thank God and thanks for asking, i wish that i have time for mugen..really missed it, see you soon elder.....
  19. Who Are You, Really?

    You look hungy. Edit: Daaaam Nice suit..
  20. What make a user to be "unique"?

    When you start being yourself, you will be unique in your real life or on the net, for me it really dont matter what ppl think of me as long as i know that im unique, cheeers.. BTW suup Elders (Da_Realest/Da Ninja)..miss you guys.
  21. What are you guys thoughts of the new xbox

    We have a store for selling consoles and video games & all that shyt and i think the xbox on1 11 1 (wut a creey name) will be a heavy guest....all ppl love the ps4 so far.
  22. Yeah i know, im so busy lately, i even missed typing on my keyboard hehe, hope you're doing fine too..
  23. Sup Elder hope you back soon INSHALAH.
  24. Well i think thats a good idea, im here since two years i guess and i dont even have 200 post.
  25. Hello there this is a new WIP.....inspired from "Metal Slug" series. I love to go overboard with animations, cant help it, i love doing that ... everything in this stage is animated so far. Im going to put some cargoes on those tanks and add some jets choppers blah blah blah, creating some action in that back ground. Any feedback is really welcomed and i hope you like it.... ScreenShots: middle side: right side: left side: