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    Mugen, Videogames, particularly RPGS and Fighting games, Manga, Anime, Disgaea, Pizza, Anything Interesting, and Cute girls.

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Well, this my profile. Well, time for introductions. My username is sonikun, but you can call me anything you like. I'm a pretty simple guy who's a bit of a procrastinator, but once I want to do something, I can get it done. I'm also aware that I can be a bit naive sometimes.

I love video games and mugen. I'm a bit of a fan of the Disgaea series as well.

I can be a bit mean at times, but other than that, if you want to talk, we could talk. Though I'm not too good at socializing either. Eitherway, i'm a pretty casual dude.

I also have a huge backlog of video games, but that's because I'm always looking for the next game that interests me. I guess you can say I'm pretty lazy. lol

Well in any case, that's all for the introductions. And I hope we can get along.