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  1. I believe this char registers under "C_Kars"
  2. Anyone know what's up with those numbered Keicho files on HtW's OneDrive folder? I downloaded the third one assuming it was some kind of update, but it's locked with a password.
  3. Just a heads up, the author of Enrico Pucci is said to be releasing an update to his character next week. Hell yeah, time for Heaven.
  5. Always happy to help.
  6. SSJ4 Kamehameha X10, SSJ4 Vegeta Final Shine assist, Big Bang Kamehameha fusion attack, regular/Instant Kamehameha, probably a couple other moves I missed. But yeah, what I'm getting at is, this guy mostly seems to have a shit ton of Hawaiian energy beams. Here ya go, boss.
  7. Sounds Resource has a pretty good selection from Xenoverse and Tenkaichi 3.
  8. Here they are, if you still need them.
  9.!135&cid=B733B36D722D358F Some part 4/5 characters to add