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  1. Bakishimu (author of the best Ultraman characters there are on MUGEN) wants to digress:
  2. ¿alguien más está preocupado por las Link Summon? ¿nadie? ¿solo yo juego Yu-Gi-OH acá?
  3. we need all 5 members, who's with me?
  4. Labrys...hmmm, interesting, I imagined Yang Xiao-Long as a fitting voice, but then again what do I know BlazBlue/HDN, let's give it a go, and "Poot Birb" sounds interesting, is it for Cirno?
  5. link, please, and to all of RP's mute 2hus while at that
  6. so...no voice yet, drat, she really needs Mari's trademark spunk and wit
  7. I want someone to recolor these sprites to the more "traditional" colors, you know what I mean? give them the black outlines, and whatnots, I prefer the classic look more, can someone be kind enough to do so? (this applies to Mettaton, Undyne, Asgore, and all of his assists too)
  8. finally another character of the best part of Fate worth downloading that isn't a Saber recolor/recharacter, I'll be all-out on downloading it
  9. it's going to be Sariel, I'm all in on that one
  10. Nuuuu! why did you have to cut Alice!? now I'm angweh (angry face of angryness)
  11. Ultraman Max - Ultra Series Ultraman 80 - Ultra Series Roman Torchwick - RWBY Cinder Fall - RWBY Mettaton EX - Undertale Sumireko Usami - Touhou Project (TH12.3 sprites) ANY Danganronpa character (preferrably Mondo Oowada) Tito "Dick" Dickman - The Nutshack Takanuva - BIONICLE Makoa - Paladins Drogoz - Paladins Skye - Paladins Cassie - Paladins (well, anyone from Paladins in all honesty) a decent Frisk (Undertale) Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-OH)
  12. anyone knows where to find decent RWBY chars? (not those shitty 3D ones, those are awful), I heard of a Roman Torchwick being done in UNiB/BlazBlue style sprites, but no news have surfaced

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      There's none.

  13. I downloaded Fabry Taz's Mileena, Cyrax, and Sektor, but I their HPs/Zs (in my case, semicolon) trigger move lists, which I don't want appearing on my screen, can someone make me a favor and erasing them? here's the link to the characters (if you want to, you can fix the portraits too, to be 120X140 in size, like default portraits): https://www.mediafire.com/#5y3yyywv8k1ax