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  1. Ichirin would be an amazing character, but I'd delay Chen in favor of Aya, this because Chen's already in as one of Yukari's assists
  2. so, who will be next addition? rooting for miss Aya Shameimaru, you're a master of Touhous, man
  3. the download does not work, I require a Mediafire
  4. IMO my boy Mondo could've been an amazing character, in fact, I can see him facing against maybe Officer Ryotsu (because of my lack of anime officers that were more competent)
  5. really? can I see the spriting and whatnot? (also we need a Togami punching bag)
  6. OH, SWEET; JESUS!!!! I gotta download this masterpiece
  7. it would be perfect if it had a voice, could you imagine that?
  8. .... (fangirls intensely) FINALLY! RWBY'S COMING! (crosses fingers for a Blazblue-style Roman)
  9. she suffered Roman's fate, times 20, RT confirmed it on a livestream, she was eaten alive by Griffons as she was flying, to commemorate her death, who wants some of Neo's Neo? not poisoned, I swear
  10. the time has come...VOLUME 4 JUST BEGUN! (also RIP Pyrrha, Roman and Neo)
  11. AWESOME! another one for muh roster!, hopefully your Aya will turn as well as this!
  12. listening to both as I rek ass as both in MUGEN, and next battle is against Archer and Lancer, so wish me luck