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  1. (stops clenching onto the Locket, going visible, runs up to the cab and gets there) so they use Golde as currency too? Percival wondered how did Lightflare pay that cab
  2. (clenches on at the same time, going invisible) alright! let's get going, then
  3. That's not how it works, Light! I need the water in its purest state, I bought some with me...I'm almost done...almost...there, enough magic for the Phase Locket to work properly (opens the Relic, and pours the magic inside it) you ready?
  4. I would do that, but I'm out of magic! fear not, the Troupple King taught me how to distillate water to obtain essence, but it's a long process, give it one or two hours
  5. Worried about the consequences our acts will bring after attacking guards, of course! (sheathes shovel) although something was...off about those guards
  6. afterwards came Lucina Sorry I'm late...and for Lancer's information, I have my reasons to why I was late (looks at her Falchion) alright...I just re-newed this armor..at a reasonable price...hopefully it won't break, knowing how deals end up turning some times....(looks at Saber) hey, I forgot to introduce myself to you...I am Lucina (stretches hand) hopefully we can be good friends
  7. (hops above the guard aiming at him and hammer-punches the guard attacking Lightflare with both Dust Knuckles) the guard kept aiming at SK, but was caught by surprise by a fireball to the back, courtesy of Lightflare
  8. the guard who the fireball was aimed at was not fast enough and got sent flying by the impact of Lightflare's power, meanwhile, back with Shovel Knight... (blocks the taser rounds with strikes of his shovel) I don't think these guards are very educated on treating guests! (one of the guards shooting at Lightflare aims at SK) I got you on my sights... (brings out his Dust Knuckles, runs at the man and hits his rifle, breaking it) M-my rifle! how dare you! my wife gave it to me! (he punches SK before receiving a shovel strike to the chest)
  9. (jumps above the guards, avoiding the fight) surely, we can talk this, right? (shoots at Lightf) no? alright, I tried (uses his Propeller Dagger to fly to close quarters with one of the guards attacking him and hits the man's rifle, breaking it) alright! focus fire on the Fighter! he seems to be more of a threat than the gardener! (shoots at him alongside another guard)
  10. alright...Tommy's done with purchases? we cannot lose more time than the one we've lost, and besides, what even is he buying?
  11. Excelsior! it means we're close! the Phase Locket works like wonders! Percival opened his mouth too soon, the Phase Locket ran out of magic to function with, giving away the heroe's location, the Guards ran to them (gasps, and brings out a communicator) Mayday! Mayday! Charlie24 to Bravo13, Charlie24 to Bravo13, do you copy? do you copy? I've found the suspects! awaiting dispatch orders! (brings out his shovel) oh for the love of Gawain riding a one-legged pony...Lightflare, brace yourself, this will get rowdy BGM: Art Through Adversity
  12. as the duo clenched into the artifact, they became transparent, and then they fully vanished... With that done, we can head on, and we have become transparent, so we can go past the guards without having the fear of colliding with them, however, the Phase Locket eventually runs out of magic, and stops working until I re-load it
  13. Aha! guards! Lightflare, follow my lead! The duo ran behind a wall, where no one could see them, the Knight explained his plan to Light To avoid raising suspects, Lightflare, I have something (brings out a strange-looking relic, that he hadn't used before) this is the Phase Locket, just hold my hand as I clench into it, and we'll be able to go unnoticed (starts clenching to it)
  14. (puts her Falchion back in her sheath) you're right Agni, going around, screaming and swashbuckling with such a sword will raise a lot of eyebrows, even if in self-defense..as of Mirfah's situation, I hope they have managed to find her, we cannot lose any members
  15. if we're gonna stay in a place for long, then we must not lower our guard! enemies might take advantage out of this, I'll have my Falchion ready in case of a surprise attack