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  1. you kind of forgot Ultraman and Ultraseven, who you said you would add
  2. so, apparently, the Ace file was taken down, could you re-upload it?, on the same topic (because of Muu's portraits not fitting my roster), I'll be asking more Ultramen, sorry if that annoys you
  3. Segata Sanshiro Ultraman Ultraseven
  4. what a beautiful DU-WANG

  5. (upperslashes Iblis) ORAAAAAAAH! now, for the finishing b- (hit by a meteor, his armor vanishes) SON OF A (pinned to the ground by Iblis) I could use some backup, guys! (before Zero could've been hurt, another giant figure flew in and striked the being) SILVER CROSS! (fires an energy cross at the being, allowing Zero to move out of Iblis' grip) backup's here, buddy (groans) you showoff.... No need to thank me!
  6. still waiting for my request Ryoucchi, sorry for the annoyance I may cause
  7. IKUSO! XCEED! X!!! (swings XLugger)
  8. (Ultraman Zero grew back onto his full-size) you screwed with the wrong team! alone we might be powerful, but together...WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE!!!! (Ultraman Zero proceeded to switch into his Ultimate Aegis armor and attack Iblis with repeaded sword slashes) (slashing the beast in the chest repeatedly) ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!!!! (recording the fight with her camera) that's not your phrase, wise-guy! (Sighs) give me a break! I still want to say it, is that a sin? (returns to his ORAORA-ing) ORAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (kicks Iblis, sending him crashing to some buildings)
  9. WARNING it's not complete, his grab sprites are missing, he's missing all moves involving the Y key, and such, kudos to Muu for releasing the beta though
  10. Sie Kensou King Guts
  11. (dies from a heart attack) EKKUSU! HE'S HERE! HE'S HEEEEEEEEEEERE! (tests him) it's a WIP...welp, I'll have to wait for the full experience
  12. http://mug3.anikipedia.com/mugen.htm Suika Ibuki by Ibukah
  13. hey man, huge fan of your Akainu, it's good to have human sized characters asides Luffy and Ace (making an anime roster, and your Akainu's one of the 3 One Piece representatives), think you can do Boa Hancock or Franky next?

  14. well when you put it that way... (cuts one of the worm's head off with his Zero Sluggers) anyways! where's that Iblis behemoth!? I am ready to take it down by myself! what do you think Erza?
  15. similar to Miss Margatroid, there's nothing I really "HATE", but I am a little bugged when a character's select icon and portrait don't match with my roster