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  1. Can use any zoom control with variable state in zoom controls : Scale = 1,1 try to find the coding for any character in 1.1 selection
  2. the idea is. the Air Boomerang is settled in "physics = A" when the projectile hitting on the floor it cause a glitch and the KO state need some invisible control
  3. Ahh... that embarrassing work.


    i'm during to play my old interested games and it not recognize to make another mugen character it even that not. and any unplayed fan game

  4. Oppssv..... sorry i'm setted mugen 1.1 sprites. try to convert in fighter factory
  5. Dunno Know...
  6. This stages was ripped by the flash player Download 1.0fixed Download 1.1
  7. i'm need your help


    Can't stop recommended me from YouTube while delete and pause my watch history


    the liked videos and watched recommending us


    please can you help me to send the feedback from YouTube

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    2. Infantry Double Zero クライマッ

      Infantry Double Zero クライマッ

      What are you saying

      That problem to stop recommending on YouTube

    3. Darkflare


      I'm saying that english of yours is too broken to understand what you're saying and we're having a language barrier problem

    4. Infantry Double Zero クライマッ
  8. Spongebob and Patrick Old Time Battle Throwback


  9. There some weird when i'm using joystick


  10. Yuuki was finish with his WIP
  11. Think about the coding Technic.
  12. Wow the base combo was better now. and i'm train new combo from kyo kusanagi
  13. It's has no Butterfly Wings .can compatible mugen 1.1 using 32bit alpha
  14. I said don't delete the file this is important
  15. Could everyone to find a Voice rip from Tatsuya Shiba in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition. it's use full make that in see the video the combo is awesome. please send your resource here when i'm to start make the character