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  1. i'm need your help


    Can't stop recommended me from YouTube while delete and pause my watch history


    the liked videos and watched recommending us


    please can you help me to send the feedback from YouTube

    1. Darkflare


      Online translators are very unreliable...

  2. Spongebob and Patrick Old Time Battle Throwback


  3. There some weird when i'm using joystick


  4. Yuuki was finish with his WIP
  5. Think about the coding Technic.
  6. Wow the base combo was better now. and i'm train new combo from kyo kusanagi
  7. It's has no Butterfly Wings .can compatible mugen 1.1 using 32bit alpha
  8. I said don't delete the file this is important
  9. Survival Run World Record


    if you wan't to beat 300 score. you become M.U.G.E.N world record. just watch out your memory RAM if you wan't to reach the score. you got error 

    for all version of MUGEN recommended your memory RAM 4GB or 8GB and more


    for MUGEN 1.1 Alpha. 8GB or 16GB Very High PC


    upload your survival run videos on Youtube

  10. Can you add the Stage on your collector. we need some stage
  11. We ask for Question


    We can compatible with Fighting Stick Controler in M.U.G.E.N

     i'm think we have a usb connector

  12. Warning: the memory usage in 2GB ram can all version on mugen but it cant read the stage in to many alphas in 100% percent per size

  13. Aw... It's broken i'm have Tomaka W.I.P Progress but i'm gonna analyze her moves
  14. Phew. i can't reach the website because HTTP Error 500. and now the website was restored.

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      One of our old databases had bot trouble, which caused the shutdown.  We tried our assess off to save the 2 weeks of data between the 4th and the 18th, but unfortunately we were unable to do so.  My apologies for all the hard work lost on everyone's end.  I'm currently working on automating regular backups independent of our host, and once that's done it should be safe to say nothing like this will be happening any time in the near future.