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  1. Yea, its missing the effects for a reason. The effects would look horrible and cause lag, so they were removed for the 1.0 version. Unless someone can make the effects look how they do in 1.1, its gonna have to be deleted.
  2. Can anyone download from Baidu? i need help

  3. [Preview] [Download] [Comment] Really fun character to play as. he has a hulk-ish type playing style, super armor and some quotes from the show as well. enjoy!
  4. SELECT CHARACTER El Chavo: Andre Marques Don Ramon: Mae77 / Heaven-e-hell Chilindrina: Unknown Quico: Unknown / MarlonHedgehogX / Frederico! (MVC) Doña Florinda: Unknown Jirafales: Unknown Señor Barriga: Unknown Doña Clotilde: Unknown Paty: Heaven-e-Hell Ñoño: Unknown Godines: Unknown Chapulin Colorado: Unknown Jaimito: Unknown
  5. Knuckle Fighter has some of the most INSANE characters ive ever seen in my life and almost half of them have not not been converted to mugen yet. And I have not found a single program that can rip sprites from it. I want to make my first character i really want my first character to be from there lmao, so can someone PLEASE help me out I would really appreciate it. @The Magic Toaster
  6. KFX Mario by Wara
  7. How do you even rip sprites from Knuckle Fighter?
  8. BUMP i know someone has to have ryoma nagare
  9. Anyone have this? his site is down for good.
  10. K' with A Stand Its name is A' btw @The Magic Toaster do you still have this?
  11. I hope we can get a Bizarre Fighters Doraemon or Nappa from you! Nice job btw
  12. Who knows how to crack Rar files with password?

    1. Noside


      You can use rar pasword cracker but it will take thousands of years to finish and I don't know if it will actually crack it.