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  1. thanh you ryoucchi :)
  2. Cybaster made that stage. you're right
  3. thank you ryoucchi. I added this in the stage's ".def" : in game : did I do something wrong ?
  4. thank you! ryoucchi, I did what you guided me. The result is very good. But please help me with 2 things below: When I attacked P2, I and him jumped up. How to make camera move up with ? The P1 and P2 is a little bit smaller thn the stage. How can I make the stage and the people in it smallers or zoom out ?
  5. I'm using mugen 1.1, Here is the pic: The charaters is too big in a mugen stage. And in this pic, the charater is a little bit small: How can I fix it, please!
  6. thank you. :)
  7. Can 1.1 charaters fit mugen 1.0 ?
  8. yes I mean "custom big port". I have found some pics on deviantart. So I think it's fine now. thank you guys!
  9. Thank you. I've read the rule of Ryoucchi posted. I'm worried because i'm using KOF Anthology screenpack. The portrait is big like picture below. I don't know will they help me . @@
  10. I'm making big portraits for charaters. I have found some good chars (with me) but I don't know edit image @@. So if you have big portraits of edited charaters in this link below, share me please. Thank you ZombieBrock for making those good charaters. Here is the link :
  11. I've find it out and It is Street Fighter x Tekken likebar but it's resolution is not fit my 640,480 mugen. That's sad.
  12. so many private . o_o.
  13. Thank you Cruz. I'll continue find it.
  14. The lifebar, please ! I'm collecting nice lifebars like this.
  15. Your lifebar look great. Can you share me the link ?