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  1. Twilight Spark does less damage than a fully-charged Flare Star. Huh.
  2. But why.
  3. Here's your answer: You don't.
  5. The Snivy edit.
  6. He originally came out on October 22nd though. Unfortunately because this site was down for so long I couldn't make a thread on here, only on the guild.
  7. Just poke into Gladia's OneDrive. They'll be right there.
  8. but can it be used thrice in a row?
  9. Pikachu updated. Heracross and Charizard got updated as well.
  10. Ha. Maybe he is. We'll see.
  11. But why here, of all places? That, and you don't seem much like TBM or CalilouStrawberry... EDIT: Oh. OHHH. Shit, my bad. Didn't know the names changed.
  12. I, for one, wanna go for more exotic choices, but Gladiacloud? Eh...Well, I originally wasn't intending to do a Pikachu at all, but he ended up dragging me into it anyway. And the end result was a gimmick character.
  13. Not yet..god damnit I need to remind myself to send updates to Gladia.
  14. Of course, you can't forget who helped code the character for Gladia.