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    I forgot just how hilarious Weird Al can be...

    1. RMaster007


      He can make an oil painting with his butt.

  2. I actually saved money on buying the VC releases of Pokemon Gold & Silver by manually replacing the lithium battery in my Pokemon Silver cart, now it works just like it did back in 2001.

    1. GarchompMatt


      But now you can't transfer your Pokémon to Gen VII :}

    2. carloscristero


      I kind of like the free pokemon fan games. Pokemon Uranium and fusion is recommended. 

  3. Yuuka updated again Adjusted head & mid positions in data. j2z: Fixed bug involving Yuuka's dizzy state. Throw: Fixed bug with proration. Fantastic Spring Flowers: Corrected buffer code that caused priority conflict with Yuuka's 360 motions. Fantastic Spring Flowers: Adjusted spawn positioning of projectile.
  4. Its September 19th, you know what that means...






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      It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey.

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      I guess I need to be American for it to make scene. :P

    4. carloscristero
  5. Yuuka updated Minor behavior adjustments on ground tech. New Special: Fantastic Spring Flowers (D,DF,F + X/Y/Z).
  6. Reimu updated 6y: Fixed bug where Overhead property is not lost when cancelled into. 4xyz/6xyz: Is now air blockable. Ascension Kick: Becomes air blockable after the first 3 active frames.
  7. Cirno updated Several new voices added/modified. Icicle Sword: Is now air blockable. Icicle Fairy Sculpture: Is now air blockable.
  8. Cirno updated Several new voices added/modified. Icicle Sword: Is now air blockable. Icicle Fairy Sculpture: Is now air blockable.
  9. Version 2.4.1 Full Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1m3prj59wi2z9i3/Touhou_RP_Gensokyo_Reloaded_v2.4.1_FULL.zip Version 2.4.1 Update Patch (Requires Version 2.4.0 or later): http://www.mediafire.com/file/vhdy9hc78hmssdh/Touhou_RP_Gensokyo_Reloaded_v2.4.1_update_patch.zip Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded is a "fullgame" compiled by Traweezie and myself, where the characters have been adjusted to fit into a fullgame environment with netplay functionality. I've noticed that this compilation has a bit of a competitive following, so I figured I'd promote discussion here. This also helps me in a way so that I know what issues to address in future updates.
  10. Download link to the full, pre-patched version of 2.4.1 added to the first post.
  11. Just a reminder that 24 hours remain to sign up for the Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded summer tournament


  12. Just a heads up that she has an NSFW KO animation, which is triggered under "certain conditions", for those who are sensitive to that kind of stuff. I know Marge was legit featured on the cover of Playboy like 8 years ago, but still...
  13. Game updated to version 2.4.1 Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vhdy9hc78hmssdh/Touhou_RP_Gensokyo_Reloaded_v2.4.1_update_patch.zip
  14. Ichirin updated Ichirin's hurtbox size now increases drastically while Unzan is active. Implemented failsafe if opponent is somehow lost during throws. 5x (Unzan): Startup increased by 2f. 5y (Unzan): Startup increased by 3f. 5y (Unzan): Hurtbox size increased, hitbox size decreased. 2y (Unzan): Fists now spawn closer to Ichirin. 2y (Unzan): Startup increased by 2f. 2z (Unzan): Can now be blocked high. 2z (Unzan): Hitbox size decreased. j5z (Unzan): Hitbox size decreased. Raging Running Fist (Inactive): Chip damage increased (2xN->3xN). Raging Running Fist (Active): Damage decreased (25xN->23xN). Raging Running Fist (Active): Can no longer supercancel before making contact. Raging Running Fist (Active): Fixed issue where Unzan would become disconnected from Ichirin. North Mountain Wind of Mercy: Can now be airblocked. North Mountain Wind of Mercy: Hitbox size decreased. Fixed issue where hurtbox shrinks for one frame. North Mountain Wind of Mercy: Blockstun decreased by 3f. Handful of Floating Cloud: Damage decreased (130/140/150->120/130/140). Handful of Floating Cloud: Power gains decreased (45/200/100->45/160/80). Handful of Floating Cloud: Proration decreased (55%->50%). Handful of Floating Cloud: Hitbox size decreased. "Foreseeing Nyuudou Cloud": Chip damage decreased (4xN->3xN). "Foreseeing Nyuudou Cloud": Hit velocities decreased. "King Kraken Strike": Projectile hitbox size slightly decreased. "King Kraken Strike": Hit velocities slightly decreased. "King Kraken Strike": Recovery increased by 4f. "Thunderous Rage of an Angry Old Man": Hitbox size slightly decreased. Hurtbox now persists into recovery frames.
  15. Okami getting a PC port? Fucking sold. 



    1. Алексей


      I absolutely loved Ookami when it came to PS2. I played the fuck out of it and then again on Wii. Hearing that music again brought tears to my eyes, no joke. I wonder how the brush controls are going to be on PC. I know you can use a controller, in which case it would be like PS2, but would it support mouse?

    2. Ricepigeon


      I'd imagine mouse support would be the most logical conclusion, or they'd just do what they did on the PS2 version and make it arrow keys only (which would be awkward, but at least its plausible).

    3. Ricepigeon


      It just dawned on me that if Okami is getting a PC port, that also means modding...

  16. Reimu updated Adjustments on certain hit animations. Adjusted air dash behaviors. Fixed cancel windows from dashes. 5x: Proration decreased (98%->96%). 6x/4x: Can now only be performed with 6x. 4y: Command changed to 4xyz and 6xyz. Now has two variations. 6y: Corrected oversight where incorrect power gains were applied when cancelled into. 5z: Damage decreased (75->70). 5z: Proration increased (80%->85%). 6z: Can now also be performed with 4z. 2x: Damage increased (20->25). 2y: Proration per hit increased (90%xN->94%xN). 2z: Proration decreased (80%->75%). 2z: Leg hurtbox size decreased. 3z: Proration decreased (85%->80%). j5x: Damage decreased (38->36). j5x: Proration increased (85%->90%). j5y: Proration per hit increased (92%xN->95%xN). j5z: Proration decreased (85%->80%). Hakurei Amulet: Power gains adjusted (15/80/40->15/60/30). Hakurei Amulet: Proration decreased (90%->85%). Hakurei Amulet: Damage increased (50->60). Hakurei Amulet: Fixed supercancel conditions. Ascension Kick: Can no longer be air blocked. Ascension Kick [Z version]: Damage increased (110->120). Rain Dance: Power gain on startup increased (30->45). Rain Dance: Fixed supercancel conditions. Dimensional Rift (Y version): Reimu now reappears closer to the opponent. Dimensional Rift (Z version): Power gains adjusted (30/25xN/12xN->30/30xN/15xN). "Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle": Chip damage increased (3xN->5xN). "Fantasy Heaven": P2 Power gains decreased (20xN->13xN). "Fantasy Nature": Chip damage increased (50->84). "Fantasy Nature": Corrected powergain values.
  17. Cirno has been updated with a few adjustments. Totally not an obligatory ⑨-day update... Nope, complete coincidence. Adjustments to hit animations. 6y: Fixed bug where overhead property was not lost when cancelling into. 2y: Chip damage increased (2xN->3xN). 2z: Proration decreased (80%->75%). Icicle Fairy Sculpture: Opponent can no longer erroneously block during startup. Ice Charge [Followup]: Chip damage decreased (10->9). "Great Crusher": Chip damage decreased (93-83).
  18. Cirno has been updated with a few adjustments. Totally not an obligatory ⑨-day update... Nope, complete coincidence. Adjustments to hit animations. 6y: Fixed bug where overhead property was not lost when cancelling into. 2y: Chip damage increased (2xN->3xN). 2z: Proration decreased (80%->75%). Icicle Fairy Sculpture: Opponent can no longer erroneously block during startup. Ice Charge [Followup]: Chip damage decreased (10->9). "Great Crusher": Chip damage decreased (93-83).
  19. Lie Meiling updated Minor adjustments to hit & system animations. 6z: Power gains decreased (120/60->90/45). j2y: Power gains decreased (80/40->60/30). "Roc's Fist": Proration on second hit decreased (85%->70%).
  20. So Gen 7 is here, and with it we gained a bunch of new threats, including some familiar faces. Of course, the status quo never persists between generations and Gen 7 is no exception. We all know that Pokemon that are deemed to powerful or uncompetitive for the standard tiers are banished to the Ubers tier, but what if Ubers was a usage based tier just like all the other tiers in competitive battling? How would the metagame of the lower tiers look? To simulate this, I bring you UnderUbers. Also because there's been some confusion regarding this tier, allow me to say, this is NOT an official tier on neither Smogon nor Pokemon Online, and is not officially supported on any simulators. Furthermore, this tier is not officially endorsed by Nintendo/Gamefreak/TPCi. I'm not sure what would make you think the latter was the case, but people have asked me that. For those who wish to play this tier on simulators, you can do so as either under the Singles Ubers option or, on Showdown, under "Custom Battle" under the Singles Battle option. General Rules Battles are done as 6vs6 Single battles. Item Clause: OFF (you may use any number of the same item). Species Clause: ON (You cannot use two Pokemon with the same Pokedex number). Sleep Clause: ON (only one Pokemon may be put to sleep at any given time. This does not include sleep induced by the move Rest) Evasion Clause: The moves Double Team and Minimize cannot be used. OHKO Clause: The moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold cannot be used. Self-KO Clause: In the event of a tie caused by the use of Selfdestruct, Explosion, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Memento, Final Gambit, or any similar suicidal move, the user of these moves will be considered to have lost the match. Self-KOs caused by recoil moves and Life Orb also fall under this category. Arceus Clause: Arceus may be used, but must be holding either a plate item or a Z-Crystal. In addition, Arceus cannot be holding the Pixie, Spooky, Earth, Iron, or Splash plates, nor is Arceus permitted to be holding Fairium-Z, Ghostium-Z, Groundium-Z, Normalium-Z, Steelium-Z, or Waterium-Z. Mega Rayquaza Clause: Rayquaza is not allowed to Mega Evolve. Eligible Pokemon must have attained no more than 3.41% usage in the Ubers metagame, according to Smogon's 1630 ladder stats. Tier shifts will every 3 months, just like every other tier. List of Pokemon banned from UnderUbers: Aegislash Arceus-Fairy, Arceus-Ghost, Arceus-Ground, Arceus-Normal, Arceus-Steel, Arceus-Water Blaziken-Mega Darkrai Deoxys-Attack, Deoxys-Speed Dialga Ditto Excadrill Ferrothorn Genesect Gengar-Mega Giratina-Origin Greninja (Torrent/Protean only) Groudon-Primal Ho-oh Kyogre-Primal Kyurem-White Lucario-Mega Lugia Lunala Magearna Marshadow Metagross-Mega Mewtwo-Mega X, Mewtwo-Mega Y Palkia Rayquaza, Rayquaza-Mega Salamence-Mega Shaymin-Sky Smeargle Solgaleo Tapu Lele Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde-Complete List of Items banned from UnderUbers: Blazikenite, Blue Orb, Gengarite, Griseous Orb, Lucarionite, Marshadium Z, Mewtwonite X, Mewtwonite Y, Red Orb, Salamencite List of Moves banned from UnderUbers: Baton Pass List of Abilities banned from UnderUbers: Moody, Power Construct
  21. [Gen7][Meta] UnderUbers discussion: September Tier update

    August's usage statistic are out. The high and low cutoff will both be 3.41% for this month; In addition to the above, the decision was made that, due to most Zygardes in Ubers using Power Construct, which is currently banned from UnderUbers, that Zygarde's 50% form will be unbanned. The following Pokemon are now BANNED from UnderUbers: (Torrent/Protean only) The following Pokemon are now UNBANNED from UnderUbers: (Arceus-Dark) The following items are now UNBANNED from UnderUbers: Kangaskhanite
  22. Utsuho updated. "Creeping Sun": Fixed bug involving charging during an opponent's pause/superpause. "Creeping Sun": Fixed bug where projectile would not be launched if opponent is KOed. "Creeping Sun": Fixed issue with scaling. "Creeping Sun": Fixed issue with minimum guarding distances. "Creeping Sun": Fixed interaction with Yukari's Ride the Waves. "Creeping Sun": Fixed bug on hitsparks when colliding with another projectile.
  23. Yuyuko updated Minor animation & hurtbox adjustments on some hit animations. Butterfly Dream Dance [Y version]: Chip damage increased (20->24). Butterfly Dream Dance [Z version]: Chip damage when in front of opponent increased (20->24). "Ghastly Dream": Fixed bug where pushing Yuyuko would misalign the butterfly rings. "Ghastly Dream": Chip damage per hit increased (3xN->5xN). "Death Lance": Chip damage per hit decreased (12xN->11xN). "Death Lance": Fixed bug where lasers would not destroy themselves offscreen if fired at certain angles. "Sense of Cherry Blossom": P2 Power gains on hit now scale with the move's charge level.