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  1. IZ Yukari updated [System] Fixed bug that prevented Spellcards from being used during Spell Overdrive if Power is less than 1000. [System] Type-C alignment now allows up to two air dashes. [System] Wallbounces and Groundbounces can now be teched. [System] Hitstun values for attacks now use static values based on assigned attack level. Frame data adjusted to compensate for this change: 5x: Recovery decreased by 2f (Lv 1). 5y: Recovery decreased by 3f (Lv 2). 6y: Recovery decreased by 1f (Lv 3). 5z: Startup decreased by 2f, Recovery decreased by 4f (Lv 4). 6z: Recovery decreased by 7f (Lv 4). 6zz: Recovery decreased by 4f (Lv 4). 2x: Recovery decreased by 2f (Lv 1). 2y: Recovery decreased by 2f (Lv 2). 2z: Startup decreased by 2f, Recovery decreased by 4f (Lv 4). j5x: No change in animation data (Lv 2). j5y: No change in animation data (Lv 2). j5z: Startup decreased by 2f (Lv 4). j2z: Startup decreased by 2f (Lv 4). Bewitching Bait: No change in animation data (Lv 4). Illusion Manji Parasol: Recovery decreased by 4f (Lv 4). Illusionary Rift X: Recovery decreased by 10f (Lv 4). Illusionary Rift Y: Recovery decreased by 3f (Lv 4). Illusionary Rift Z: Recovery decreased by 3f (Lv 4). Full Moon Umbrella: No change in animation data (Lv 4). Fantasy Firefly Nest: Recovery decreased by 4f (Lv 4). Graveyard Flotsam: No change in animation data (Lv 4). "Unmanned Abandoned Railroad Car Bomb": No change in animation data (Lv 5). "Ran Yakumo & Chen": No change in animation data (Lv 5). "Phantasm, Foam & Shadow": Recovery decreased by 9f (Lv 5).
  2. Ricepigeon

    My Little Pony

    Please don't link to blacklisted websites.
  3. At this point any further posts in this thread regarding or asking for citations or evidence about which hosting services are malicious or not will be construed as deliberate flame baiting and/or provocation and will be deleted on sight + the poster infracted. We've been through this same shitty song & dance routine many times before. This stops now.
  4. Ricepigeon

    Meimu released (07/04/18)

    Auer's original character and the final boss of Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded, has been released. Get her in the Characters section. Link: http://ricepigeon.neocities.org First release.
  5. Right, no more derailing the thread with petty shit and threats of legal action & other harassment. This goes for everyone.
  6. i dont know what you meant by multiple accounts since i only have this one,besides the one with multiple account is user and author dissidia.

    Besides there is a lot of problem with this forum,i have posted several content but none to be found even help guides,content creation and lot more so you will remove the restriction or apply that restriction to user dissida since he has always had several accounts reason of why he never got downvotes.


    User account the auditor http://mugenfreeforall.com/profile/3979-the-auditor/ is one of the several accounts of use dissidia http://mugenfreeforall.com/profile/2871-dissidia/ in fact in anothers forum dissidia got perma banned and ipbanned for using several accounts to harrass other users same as he is doing with me since most of my downvotes are from user dissidia,the auditor,mister fael and similar users that write in the same way and express in the same from praising themselves

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    2. Tabris666


      what do you know of other forums admins?

      nothing at all since you never get out of your comfort zone (MFFA) unless you see someone complaining from "your" stages or the screenpack.

    3. Dissidia


      Let's see... former admin of Newagemugen, moderator of their discord, do I need to say more?


      You have no clue what you're talking about. Refrain yourself from posting. This isn't really helping your case nor your alternate accounts just to simply downvote me lol.

    4. Ricepigeon


      I think I've seen enough... Keep it up Tabris and see how far this behavior gets you.

  7. Tomorrow marks the end of a mugen era for me...

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Going on hiatus?

    2. Nodog


      One last Touhou character?

    3. ArtistofLegacy


      GR is finally finished I'm assuming.

  8. Ricepigeon


    @yuri linda I'm going to ask that you keep it civil here. Plasmoid and Flare are both entitled to their opinions and ultimately because Plas is the curator of this collection thread, it's ultimately up to him to decide if the characters you want added are of sufficient quality to be added to the collection or not. In Flare's defense, his statement was based on the observation that the majority of the characters you want added are, in fact, sprite swaps and/or hastily edited from other characters with little to no attempt done to differentiate them from the base character, which can be construed moreso as an objective observation rather than a subjective opinion, so please don't attack others purely because he said something you may or may not agree with. This goes for both sides.
  9. @yuri linda Either keep it civil and add something relevant to the discussion at hand or expect another infraction to be handed out, especially if you're going to start slinging insults at others again.
  10. Ricepigeon

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Before I bring this up for discussion with the other mods on whether or not we should remove the character from the collection (as this constitutes borderline harassment), can I ask what possessed you to think it was a good idea to add this to the collection? EDIT: Aaand removed.
  11. Ricepigeon

    2B by Betalille released (4/15/18)

    If the author wanted to use english language clips then that's the author's decision. More than likely english is the author's native language and would prefer to hear something that makes sense, instead of inadvertently adding a language that they're not familiar and end up in an embarassing situation where the character ends up saying something like "suck my a-hole" for a Normal move or something. Just move on from it, it's honestly not that big a deal in comparison to stuff that actually matters, like the gameplay.
  12. Marisa updated Voice added courtesy of PlasmoidThunder. 1 New palette added. Miasma Sweep: Fixed IKEMEN-exclusive bug with invincibility.
  13. Just to clarify, the poll wasn't intended to be a determining factor in our final decision, but we wanted to get a feeling of what public opinion on the subject was.
  14. Major Patchouli update. Fixed bugs with cancels & command processing. Updated command inputs to current standards (courtesy of Plasmoidthunder). Adjustments to hurtboxes on certain system animations. Slight adjustments to airdash behaviors. 5x: Hitbox size increased. 5y: Hitbox position adjusted. New Command Normal: 6z. 2y: Hitbox & Hurtbox adjusted. 3z: Velocity increased. j5y: Hitbox now remains consistent during all active frames. j5z: Hitbox position adjusted. Summer Red: Hitstun & Blockstun decreased by 13f. Summer Red [Ground]: Recovery decreased by 13f. Summer Red [Air]: Now induces recoil, button press now determines angle. Spring Wind: Removed. Replaced with Sylphae Horn. Winter Element: Fixed bug with juggle flags, startup reduced by 1f. "Philosopher's Stone": Duration decreased (1200f->840f), chip damage on crystal projectiles decreased (5xN->2xN).
  15. Reisen & Yuyuko updated Illusionary Blast: Fixed bug regarding crossup inputs. Grounded backdash arc adjusted. j5z: Hitbox extended downward on first few active frames, now causes a soft knockdown. Ghost Butterfly: Now disappears if Yuyuko is hit. Butterfly Dream Dance: Startup on all versions decreased by 1f. Butterfly Dream Dance [Y ver]: Damage increased (120->130). Butterfly Dream Dance [Z ver]: Damage increased (120/100->130/110).