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  1. Komachi updated. Fixed issue with tails on wisp moves. Fixed issues with wallbounce. Fixed timings on certain movement & hit animations. Slight adjustments to hurtboxes on aerial attacks. 5x: Pausetime reduced. 5z: Proration reduced (0.90->0.85). 2x: Pausetime reduced. j5x: Fixed bug that allowed hitting opponents out of a reset. j5y, j5z, and j2z: Fixed bug that prevented combo from j5x. j5z: Startup reduced by 2f. j2z: Startup reduced by 2f. Spirits of the Firm: Power gains increased (20/40/20 -> 20/60/30). Floating Indolent Dead Spirits: Power gains increased (20/20/10 -> 20/40/20). Lonely Bound Spirits: Power gains increased (20/20/10 -> 20/60/30). Fixed several debug errors on detonation. Lonely Bound Spirits: Damage increased (75->85). Wind on the Last Journey [X ver]: Power gains adjusted (40/20x5/10x5 -> 45/16x5/8x5). Wind on the Last Journey [Y ver]: Power gains adjusted (40/20x8/10x8 -> 45/10x8/5x8). Wind on the Last Journey [Z ver]: Power gains adjusted (40/20x12/10x12 -> 45/10x12/5x12). The Endless Way: Power gains adjusted (20/40/20 -> 20/60/30). The Endless Way: Recovery time increased by 2f. Soul Detonate: Can now be cancelled into from Special attacks. "Flow of the River": P2 power gain per hit increased (20->43). "Abundant Floating Spirits": P2 power gain per hit increased (10->40), P2 power gain on detonate increased (10->20). "Irresolute Bound Spirit": P2 power gain per hit increased (10->60). "Scythe of Final Judgement": Fixed certain lag issues in IKEMEN. "Scythe of Final Judgement": P2 power gain on hit increased (500->600). "Scythe of Final Judgement": Chip damage decreased (100->86). "Short Life Expectancy": Size of dust FX decreased, reduced lag on IKEMEN. "Short Life Expectancy": P2 power gain on hit increased (500->600).
  2. Eirin & Remilia updated. Fixed minor hurtboxes on several animations. Minor adjustments to ground teching. Minor adjustments to ground bounce behavior. Throw: Recovery on whiff decreased by 1f. Burst Shot [Air versions]: Startup decreased by 2f. Burst Shot [X & Y versions]: Power gains decreased (20/50/25 -> 20/30/15). Burst Shot [Z version]: Power gains decreased (20/50/25 -> 20/40/20). Lunar Debris: Power gains increased (20/15x5/7x5 -> 20/16x5/8x5). Elixir: Power gains increased (20/50/25 -> 20/60/30). Fixed major bug where juggle flags were not being applied properly. Fixed animation timings in anims 5050 & 5100. j6z: Proration increased (75%->80). Chain Gang [Z Version]: Proration increased (65%->75%).
  3. Everyone complaining about the Saturday Morning Multipost Bug is starting to get a bit obnoxious now. Yes, we know about it, we've been dealing with it for months now, you don't need to keep reminding us.

    1. GarchompMatt


      By the way, there's a bug that happens on Saturdays involving multiple posts and the inability to view forum activity/profiles. I don't think anyone's noticed it so I thought I'd point it out.


      Tune in next Saturday for more reports on this bug.

  4. Alice, Marisa, & Sakuya updated Fixed timing issues with anim 5100. Anim 5120 extended by 2f. Fixed timing issues with anim 5100. Fixed timing issues with anim 5050. Fixed timing issues with anim 5120. Adjustments to anim 5051 & 5061. Added missing dust FX on tech recovery. Fixed timing issues with anim 5100. Adjusted bounce acceleration. Animation 5050 made more fluid. Standup animation from knockdown reduced by 1f. 5z: Damage per hit decreased (47->46). 5z: Proration per hit increased (0.80->0.87). 5z: Hit velocities slightly increased. 5z: Pausetime slightly decreased. j5y: pausetime increased by 1f. j5z: pausetime increased by 1f. Sense of Thrown Edge: Power gains rebalanced (30/5xN/5xN -> 15/7xN/3xN). Crossup Magic: Power gain on startup increased (30->45). Bounce/No-bounce: Power gains rebalanced (30/10/5 -> 15/8/4). Time Paradox: Power gains rebalanced (30/30x2/15x2 -> 45/30x2/15x2).
  5. Stefan Karl (Robbie Rotten)'s cancer is back and has reached Stage 4.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. HelloMyNameIsAAA
    3. OxyontheWolf


      GOD DAMNIT! first Peter Sallis, then Adam West, now this, WHAT'S NEXT!? ARE YOU ALSO GOING TO KILL HIROHIKO ARAKI!?

    4. Synck


      We all die, that's our nature. There's no cure for this well known disease.

  6. Kanako updated Removed unused sound files. Fixed animation timing with anim 5100. Misayama Hunting Ritual: Power gains per hit for P1 & P2 decreased (20->16, 10->8).
  7. Youmu updated. Spirit Level system rebalancing: Spirit Level 2 is now obtained at 300 Spirit (down from 350). Youmu now starts each match at 350 Spirit (Level 2). Spirit Levels now have a Level Max, obtained at 950 Spirit. 6y: Can now cancel into 6z at Level Max. 6z: Hurtbox size decreased. j2z: Damage now increases during Level Max (65->75). Crescent Moon Slash: Corrected hitvels against airborne opponents. Crescent Moon Slash [Z version]: Hitbox size on 2nd hit slightly increased. Insightful Sword: Now gains increased damage during Level Max. Insightful Sword: Power gains for P1 and P2 increased (50->80, 25->40). Slash of Life & Death: Power gains on MP & HP versions of 3rd hit reduced (80->40, 40->20). "Slash of Present": Now hits twice during Level Max. "Meditation": Damage per hit increased during Level Max (48->52). "6-Root Cleansing": Damage during Levels 1-3 decreased (400->390, 500->480, 600->570). "6-Root Cleansing": Can now counter throws at Level Max. "6-Root Cleansing": Now deals 650 damage during Level Max.
  8. Yukari & Kanako updated. Maxwell's Demon: Throw animation slightly revised, now turns 5f earlier. Maxwell's Demon: Damage on all versions increased (10->20, 15->30, 20->40). Maxwell's Demon: Now brings opponent slightly closer to Yukari. "Chen": Corrected bug where Chen would hit more than 4 times. Maximum Life reduced (1100->1000). 5x: Hurtbox slightly extended. 5y: Hurtbox extended. 5y: Proration decreased (0.90->0.85). 2y: Hurtbox extended. 2y: Proration decreased (0.85->0.80). Sky God: Onbashira: Damage reduced (100->90). Sky God: Onbashira: Proration decreased (0.75->0.70). Omiwatari God Cross: Hitbox size reduced. Pushbox width decreased. Omiwatari God Cross: Proration per hit decreased (0.88->0.84). Misayama Hunting Ritual: Startup on all versions increased by 1f. Misayama Hunting Ritual: Hurtbox extended during active frames. Misayama Hunting Ritual: Corrected bug in proration values when cancelled at certain times. "Meteoric Onbashira": Damage per hit decreased (44->40).
  9. Anyone using Skype might wanna change your passwords after today.


    1. Xiristatos


      I looked this up on other news outlets, and most of those share the opinion that nothing is 100% confirmed yet. It may probably have been another DDoS on Skype, but not much else has been decided on, not even by Microsoft themselves... I don't even know where you got that password claim from, I found it nowhere, not even implied.


      Due all respect, Rice, I highly recommend you not to cite the Daily Mail nor its fellow British garbage (Express, Daily Star, The Sun, etc.). They're known bullshitters, and don't forget that even Wikipedia has considered Daily Mail "unreliable".

  10. Recursive redirection isn't supported in MUGEN yet.
  11. What's my favorite thing to do in MineCrap? BROWN BRICKS!

    1. Xiristatos


      "What is this, Castlevania?"


      "Castlevania my asshole"

    2. Artoria Alter

      Artoria Alter

      Chicken and chips

    3. DLF The Meme Lord

      DLF The Meme Lord

      Chickens and Chips

      Small Brown Bricks

  12. Alice & Chen updated. Fixed several minor bugs involving doll strings on certain attacks. j5y: Damage reduced (70->60). j5y: Proration increased (0.80->0.85). j5z: Hitpause increased. New Special: Dharmapala's Rampage (63214x/y/z).
  13. Its starting to look more and more likely that THRP might end up getting three new characters in a single update. Nothing confirmed yet though...

    1. Darkflare


      SUPER THRP: Gensokyo Reloaded: The new challengers.

  14. Alice & Hong Meiling updated. 5x: Hitpause reduced. 4x: Hitpause reduced. 2x: Hitpause reduced. 1x: Hitpause reduced. 1y: P1 power gain increased (50->80), P2 power gain decreased (50->40). 1z: P1 power gain increased (70->120), P2 power gain decreased (70->60). Thousand Spear Dolls: Power gain on startup decreased (60->45). Edo High-Explosive Pawn: Power gain on startup reduced (30->20). Edo High-Explosive Pawn: P1 power gain decreased (70->60), P2 power gain decreased (70->30). Doll Set: No longer gives Alice Power on use. Doll Activation: Now gives Alice 30 Power on startup. Doll Activation: Fixed bug in IKEMEN involving two dolls hitting simultaneously. 4y: Projectile hitbox size decreased. 4y: Recovery increased by 2f. 5z: Now moves Meiling forward. 5z: Vertical hit velocity increased. j3y/j3z: Vertical velocity increased. Cyclone Light Step: Effect now disappears when active frames end. Cyclone Light Step [Y version]: Active frames increased by 2f. Cyclone Light Step [Z version]: Active frames increased by 4f. Cyclone Light Step [Tiger]: Total active frames increased by 4f. "Colorful Windchime": Horizontal velocity increased.