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  1. When will you remake your Hina and Yuugi in the Gensokyo Reloaded style? You remade Meimu from Darkflare (which is not more unique than the original), so why not the one you forgot to remake and the one you didn't complete?

    1. Weiss_Circal


      He's pretty much done adding characters to GP. Besides, Minoo's sprites for those two are probably the only ones that looks accurate to Missing Power to Hisoutensoku, but he doesn't like working with those sprites.



      Well, I didn't thought that. So, will he just make all of the original Tasofro fighters into the new Incident Zero style (at the very least? He hasen't touched Iku, Aya, Suwako (outside of the April Fools veriant) yet, and with Tenshi being on the watchlist, I can see.... basically the Tasofro games under a new style.)


      Also, its GR, not GP.

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