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  1. I'm searching for Benimaru made by Byakko; the original site that was held by Internet Wayback Machine was down because of Robots.txt; and I can't get access to download that character. Help and a response is appreciated.
  2. Is there any chance you can send Fusako as well? I've searched for her everywhere; but no avail; a response is appreciated.

    1. Xx_MasterIlluminati_xX


      If you have MUGEN 1.0, I Will tell for you, Fusako only Works in Winmugen

  3. Thanks Very Much! ^_^ "Solved!"
  4. I'm desperately looking for an AI patch that was modified by Ikaruga; because now most of his AI patches are now offline! A response will be appreciated please!
  5. And I thought it was offline for good. Thanx.
  6. This version of Konata Izumi was already updated by Ouchi; but it appears the character is already offline. Any chance providing a link leading to the character? A response will be appreciated.
  7. Does anybody has Yatogami Tohka by Daily, Dark Ruler, and YKUN? I know this is the same since some Mugenites are requesting this char. It would be nice if send this character by PM this is a "VERY HARD" character to obtain. Let me know a response.
  8. Thnx much.
  9. Anybody has an AI patch made by もんすん for Beppu's Gato? The Skydrive is already offline and I'm unable to access his site. A response will be nice.
  10. Anybody has Toki's AI patch by koikoi? Koikoi's Skydrive appears to be offline along with Toki's AI patch and I've searched everywhere. A response will be nice while I continue searching.
  11. Thnx much!
  12. Kirino Kousaka by YU-TOHARU is offline just to give you the heads up.
  13. I will like to request Kirino by YU-TOHARU; I was planning to get her in YU-TOHARU'S Skydrive but now she and YU-TOHARU's other characters are offline. A response will be nice.
  14. Thnx for the reminder (on second post.) -_-'. Furthermore; that file in mediafire was somehow removed because of their terms of violations; (sigh).
  15. Does anybody have King K. Rool by Darkruler? I plan to play as him; but the links leading to his download are all broken. A response will be nice.