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  1. Calendar not showing date fixed.

  2. Upgrade in progress, some errors may occur over the next couple hours.  They're temporary. 

    1) Forum software upgrade
    2) CKeditor minor update
    3) Search index rebuild

  3. Can't stop laughing? Gif funny as shit? Post it here! We'll take gifs, pics, vids, articles, quotes, whatever. Just make sure it's Safe For Work. Disclaimer: No guarantees it's getting in. The News Staff has the final say about what they want to use in the news.
  4. Demo videos of a fighting game I programmed back in 1996-97, which included a custom character maker.  It's called Real Hard Death Smack:




    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Coded this when I was 15-16 in Basic.  No sprites, all math based graphics.
      Here's the source code if anyone's interested:  Download
      *Link updated
  5. Mugen online?  Live streaming Mugen online?  Yep, KOF Zillion tourney today at the Dojo!

    Check the Upcoming Events link below for more info.

  6. KOF Zillion Online Mugen Tourney

    Sign up or watch the live stream on YouTube today! Here's the Discord for more details:
  7. Working on getting the global holidays thread working right.
  8. Cars are definitely first gen mech suits.

    1. Metalkong1


      That's a pretty good comparison. XD

  9. MFFA is currently looking for some new members on staff. The following positions are open: 1 Global Moderator ~ Everyone knows what this job is about :) 2 Social Media Experts ~ Help promote the site across Facebook, Google+, YouTube and various other social media platforms. Hold contests, trivia, make vids, whatever you like. Should be fun. 1 Collections Curator ~ Help out in the Collections section as a section moderator, creating, adding to, and refining the collections MFFA is famous for.
  10. ~ Bug Report and Discussion Thread Post any bugs you run into here. The more details you can provide the better. If you know how to replicate it, even better. Links and/or screenshots are also a plus.
  11. I hear what you're saying about the g-mod thing being asked freely, where you never know who you're going to get applying. But if we narrow the field by making it a 'promotion only' type position, you never know who we're going to miss by handling the position that way. So my approach is to keep it open to both, but with a strong lean towards promoting, because the current section mods have clearly proven themselves already. The Social Media Experts function is outlined in the first link in my last post. (here) I'm currently waiting to hear back from the person running the FB. If they end up never responding, or something to that effect, we'll create an alternate FB page to work alongside the existing one.
  12. Request new features and suggest ways to improve the forum here.
  13. Quoting this because I can't move the post here. But members can have up to 10 recipients for personal messages.
  14. Creator Editor Evaluator Author Artist If you think someone (including yourself) should be given one of the ranks above, post their name below. You can nominate yourself, but you can't up or down vote yourself.
  15. Right, you can nominate yourself, but you can't up or down vote yourself.
  16. For everyone asking me to explain the positions in more detail, here's the link. The threads kinda new, still a bit of a wip on my part, so the display is... slightly less than optimal, shall we say? @DS12 Productions here's the link for the author thing. Discussion amongst staff is under way. Just wanted to let everyone know. That doesn't mean it's too late to put in your bid for a position, just that once we decide that's it, so time is limited.
  17. FLOW OF MUGEN CONTENT ON-SITE ◥◣______________________________________ START 1 START 2 START 3 [ CREATION LAB ] • This is where Mugen content is created onsite. Characters ~ Stages ~ Skins ~ Upgrades OFFSITE • This is Mugen content that is found off-site. Character ~ Stages ~ Skins ~ Upgrades OFFSITE • Sprites, sounds and data that's ripped or found off-site. Resources ~ Sounds ~ Sprites ~ Frame Data ▼ ▼ ▼ [ RELEASES ] • Topics stay here for 1 year before being auto-moved to the Collections forum. They get moved to The Docks in the collections warehouse that matches their tags. They stay there until staff feels like moving them to the appropriate room in that warehouse. [ NEWS ] • Topics stay here for 1 year before being auto-moved to the Collections forum. They get moved to The Docks in the collections warehouse that matches their tags. They stay there until staff feels like moving them to the appropriate room in that warehouse. [ CREATION LAB ] or [ RELEASES ] • The Resources sub-forum in Releases redirects to the Sprites & Sounds sub-forum in the Creation Lab where they stay. Which means releasing them either place has the same effect. ► ► ▼ GO TO START 1 [ COLLECTIONS ] • Each Collections sub-forum has it's own warehouse where content is stored. It's auto-moved to there from Releases and News, and it's meant to work as a content-stockpile that people can choose from when building collections. ▼ ◀ ◀► ► ▼ [ FULL MUGEN GAMES ] • One end-product of all of this creative mayhem is to make actual full games. Whatever format they take is completely up to the designer, and they have all of the collections on the Collections, Releases and News forums to choose from. [ FULL IKEMEN GAMES ] • Ikemen games are Very similar to Mugen games. They use the same characters and stages, but the skins (screen-pack, lifebars and hitsparks) are coded differently. Ikemen is basically online Mugen, and the Ikemen Dojo has a leaderboard and tourneys. FINSH 1 FINISH 2
  18. STAFF RANKS ◥◣______________________________________ ADMINISTRATORS Administrators, also called Admins are the highest ranking staff members. They oversee all aspects of the forum, and make sure everything is running properly. They reserve the right to, but are not generally responsible for managing social conflicts. Instead they keep a 1000 mile view from orbit, and manage the forum at the big-picture level. GLOBAL MODERATORS Global Moderators, also called G-Mods, Global mods, or gmods are the sites peace keepers. They make sure everything remains civil on the forums, and generally resolve conflicts as fairly as possible when the need arises. If things escalate they issue verbal warnings, official warning points, and ultimately bans. They also do general upkeep work around the site, like moving, merging, an splitting misplaced posts and answering basic questions. When you click that 'Report this Post' button on an offending post or the 'Report to Staff' button at the bottom of the page, it notifies all of the sites G-Mods and Admins. NEWS STAFF The News Staff are the people behind The Motha Fuckin Fawn, the sites weekly news which gets is name from the abbreviation M.F.F.A.W.N. for MFFA Weekly News. These guys have one of the most time sensitive jobs on the site, cranking out weekly editions, which include both on and off site material, so they deserve plenty of respect for that. They are also Section Moderators on the News forum, meaning they can issue warnings, move posts or do anything else a G-Mod can do, but just on sub-forums inside the News forum. DOJO GRANDMASTERS The Dojo Grandmasters are the Section Moderators of everything in the Ikemen Mountains, meaning the Ikemen Dojo, and the Ikemen Forge. This is where Mugen goes online, and members are allowed to battle one another with their own creations. Online Mugen is still relatively new territory, meaning the Grandmasters are basically pioneering Mugen's future. They oversee everything Ikemen, from the tutorials you need to get going, right on through to the tournaments and leaderboards where the finished balanced Ikemen games are played. COLLECTIONS CURATORS The Collections Curators, also called Curators keep an eye on the Collections forum. They act as Section Mods there, moving various threads and posts, and updating collections as members post new links. They upkeep the thing the site is most well known for, our collections. They also periodically move threads from The Docks to their appropriate rooms in the warehouses. The warehouses being the stockpiles that people build collections from. SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS Social Media Experts upkeep MFFA's presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ Twitch, Evolve, and Steam. Their basic goal is to have fun, and involve people in said fun. Trivia, screenshot / vid contests, anything mugen related. Including Tourney related news, from the Ikemen Dojo. Occasionally even simulated betting on tourneys. They also let people know if someone is going live in MFFA's Live Gaming Lounge or in the Dojo. The calendar allows members to schedule events, but it only notifies onsite.
  19. The 2 social media experts we're taking on to help the forum network outward a little, draw in some new people, build the communities future base, and make us more easily accessible to people on platforms they're already on anyway, like facebook, twitter, twitch, youtube etc. I will say there is a grand design at work here that should slowly become visible over the next month or so.
  20. From a status update from Noside. Had to.
  21. Yes, absolutely. It'll be thoroughly discussed and decided on collectively by everyone on staff. And if it winds up taking us longer than a week to come to a group decision, that's fine. It's just a projected time frame, not like a deadline of any sort. I have to say too, it's been really great to see so much interest so far.
  22. @Ricepigeon I would prefer to promote a board moderator to global mod, and if any of the board mods express interest in the position, they're far more likely to get it. I did ask staff about 2 weeks ago if anybody had suggestions for the g-mod position, and nobody said anything. But if any of you, gui0007, Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ, Big Green would like the g-mod position, please do say so. Or even if you'd like to move to a different board mod title, that works too. Now would be a good time too, if that's something you want. It's going to be about a week before we make any final decisions anyway, so you have some time to think, and staff will have some time to talk over all of the decisions before anything is finalized. And to everyone, in the mean time, please don't take any lack of a response from staff as a no. We're just going to let everyone express their interests before we choose. Partially to maximize our options, and make the choice that will most help the forum, and partially so that going forward we have a sense of who's interested in what positions.
  23. If you've ever wondered what the site would look like with no plugins added, this is it :)

    (Except the text editor of course.)

  24. A few things may change or disappear momentarily for the next couple hours or so.  Routine maintenance.

  25. [ GAMING ] now has a sub-forum titled Live Gaming where you can live stream.  Just get the stream key there, and stream right to the page top.  No Twitch account necessary.  Create an event on the Calendar to let other members know when you're going live.  It'll show up on the front page, just under the status updates and birthdays. :gaming: