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  1. Congrats to TotalDramaXtremist, and StrikeFreedomGirl555, our tied first place winners! Each will get 6 months out of the year, so we now have a summer banner and a winter banner. TotalDramaXtremist's is currently up. Check em out along with all the other entries here!
  2. In regards to the tie, we decided to rotate the 2 winning banners, giving each 6 months out of each year. TotalDramaXtremist's will be our winter banner, and StrikeFreedomGirl555's the summer. Thanks to Rodknee for the idea of rotating em. To everyone who participated, thank you for putting in the time, effort and patience to make these. You guys definitely made some quality stuff. Congrats @TotalDramaXtremist and @StrikeFreedomGirl555!!! New banner's up!
  3. We've recently opened up the following new forums on the site. Come check em out! [ FANFICTION ] ~ Share your fan fiction work! It's in the Galleries section. [ COMMISSIONS HUB ] ~ Place to connect people for creative work commissioning. [ EMBASSIES ] ~ For discussing the Mugen community at large on other sites. Admins and Mods from any and all Mugen site's are welcome, and anyone is free to participate. [ MONTHLY JUDGEMENT ] ~ Monthly reviews of Mugen content by a rotating panel of reviewers! In the Events section. [ CHARACTER OF THE MONTH ] ~ Yep. Found in the Events section.
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    Character and Stage of the Month Every month MFFA holds voting on the best character and best stage released that month on the forum. The winners receive a CotM or SotM Trophy. Candidates are member submitted, and winners are member determined by vote. HERE'S WHERE IT ALL HAPPENS!
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    Review write up test.
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    Monthly Judgement Welcome to the first edition of MFFA Monthly Judgment. This is where, every month, we gather a team of members of the community to give their thoughts on some of the month's hottest releases. Each judge gets to select one character for that month, which the entire panel will judge based on 2 main areas: Presentation and Functionality. Presentation: How has the author presented this character? Is this character aesthetically interesting, or does it just appear bland? Judges will rate this out of 5 points. Functionality: The guts of the machine. How well does the character's gameplay mesh together? Was any thought put into how the character plays or did the author just throw moves together and call it a day? Judges will rate this out of 10 points. Notes: This is any additional notes or recommendations that a judge might have for the character, changes that need to be made, etc. No score value given Final Score: This is the final, average score of each judge's review. Visit the forum here: [ MONTHLY JUDGEMENT ]
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    Testing out a review.....
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    Tesssst comment on event,
  10. OVERVIEW ~ The purpose of this forum is to connect people offering paid Mugen related creative work, with people seeking to pay for custom Mugen related creative work. For example you might want to pay an experienced sprite artist to make you a custom sprite set. Or you might be willing to create a custom sprite set for the right price. Either way, this is where you find your connection. Here are some examples of the type of work you could commission here: A custom title screen for your motif, a voice patch for a certain character, original stage music, a sprite set for a new attack for an existing character, a 3,472 character slot select screen or a demo video for your recent project. DISCLAIMER ~ Any monetary exchanges that take place regarding this work are completely out of our hands. We take no responsibility for deals made or broken. TAGS ~ Only the following special tags are available on this forum: • Creator Offering Work • Requesting Creative Work • Mugen Coder • Mugen Editor • Character Creator • Stage Creator • Motif Creator • Spriter • Animator • Palette Maker • Voice Actor • Videographer • Artist • Musician DISCORD ~ Some of these tags also exist as roles on our Discord server, independently of how they're used here. You might find some connections there on the #mugen-requests channel as well.
  11. I still poke away at it here and there. If I can get to a point where it's ready for the final push I'll update.
  12. CoolAnimeHustler was the one person here to really make the Clubs work for him. He's graduated to having his own forum in the All-Star Creators forum in the Collections section. Check out his work here: Link to CoolAnimeHustler's Creations
  13. Welcome to hell. Post your Dank Maymays here. (ALMOST) Anything is allowed here. Basic rules still apply. Link to [ MEMEZONE ]
  14. Got spriting skills? Or willing to make custom characters and stages? Get paid for your work on the Commissions Hub forum. Set up a topic for yourself, and showcase your work. Or make a request if you've got a project in mind. Either end of the deal, this is your link-up spot. Link to [ COMMISSIONS HUB ]
  15. Show off your creative writing skill in our new Fanfiction subforum! Just make sure it's not on the same level as stuff like "My Immortal" and "Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles"... Link to [ FANFICTION ]