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  1. Added to the departure gates :) Nice lookin site, I hope this gets some more traffic.
  2. You can make a thread if you want one, and / or recommend it here. Either way I'll probably add it to the gates. Threads just offer the chance to post updates, and discus the site. It's just a matter of whether or not you want that. I guess that kind of leads to the idea that if anyone wanted to start a general discussion thread for an existing site that wasn't their own, that could be done as well...
  3. Dear lord this collection is fucking beautiful. You and gui man, holy shit. Nice work.
  4. If you think a certain member should be given the rank of either Creator, Editor, Evaluator, Author or Artist, post their name below along with what rank you think they should be given. 3 up votes and the person will be given the rank.
  5. The live stream in the Gaming section now has a public stream key.


    Paste that in your Open Broadcaster live stream settings and you can live stream your gaming right to the page top.
    Use Discord for live voice chat while you do. Invite people to the Live Gaming section of our Discord server.

  6. After about 10 pages of 'history homework' I think I'm finally prepared to respond to this. _____________/ Why We Discourage Forum Bashing @Jirobou I have to give you some respect here, simply for defending your opinion against something like 12 other people, but taking everyone on for 10+ pages in order to drive home the point that the guild sucks? I'll do my best to explain why this is a problem, and if you still have questions after that, I'll try to answer them. What you seem to be saying is: - You predict that MFG is doomed to be washed up within a few months, because the staff is not only overbearing, but was unfounded in challenging Mugen Archive for its use of adfly, which ironically resulted in MA absorbing a substantial amount of MFG's members. - Fine, nothing wrong with that prediction. But detailing it with 10 pages of insults and name calling, and trying to get others on board with you essentially adds up to a direct attack on the forum, rather than a neutral observation of its state and behavior. Granted you think the Guild sucks, so that might not bother you, but you should consider the damage the community would takes for each person that actually agrees with your point here. Essentially thousands of people acquire a slightly tarnished name that they don't deserve (or even know about), simply because you felt like blaming an entire community for the decisions of its leaders and the behavior of a handful of its members. This is clearly not fair. Slamming an entire forum, is pretty much like slamming a quarter of the mugen community at once. It's too heavy handed. It does damage to all of us in the end, simply by existing as a post amidst impressionable people. Forum bashing is essentially kicking at the cornerstone of the communities future. Which is why we try to prevent it. But preventing it takes staff attention. And that is a limited resource. So when threads like this start to cycle the same content, you begin to see the same questions repeated over and over, and it becomes increasingly clear that people are talking past each other. Either A) the person with the issue isn't listening to other peoples attempts to resolve it, or B) people trying to resolve it are wording their answers not for the person asking the question, but for other people reading who already agree with them (the choir). Either way, when this starts happening in a discussion about the details of why another forum is bad, it becomes a circle with problematic potential. So staff locks it. And restarting a topic that staff locks is basically a way of just ignoring what they're telling you by locking it. Again we only have so many mods, and they only have so much attention to give. So please listen to their warnings. Or they / we will ban you again. If you want to discuss the reasoning behind this further, you can pm me if you wish. I'll answer whatever questions you have regarding our policies. _____________/ RicePigeon Rice did not ban you for answering his question. Rice gave you a warning point for phrasing your answer with all the same problematic insults of MFG that you'd been asked to stop with already. Not for providing the evidence he asked for, but for not doing so in a civil way, which he also asked for. And he didn't know he was banning you. You had already acquired 2 warning points from other mods. His just happened to be your 3rd. Our system is set up to auto-ban for 15 days at the 3rd warning point, it's not a 'decision' he or anyone made especially for you. He was simply doing his part as a moderator and trying to keep the peace. And the behavior you describe of Guild mods basically banning people for their opinions, rather than their behavior is not what's going on here. You could've expressed all of your opinions just fine without issuing personal insults, or insults towards entire forums. Of course critical discussions like that over sensitive topics will require some 'agreement to disagree'. You can't just show up and be like "The guild fuckin sucks and this is why" and then get pissed off when people don't agree with you, and proceed to try to insult your opinion into their mind. That's just crappy behavior whatever the topic is, guild or anything else. And that's what you're being talked to about. Not the content of your opinion. Everyone actually entertained your ideas for quite a while, discussed the rational parts of your point which was very impressive, and nice to see. _____________/ Adfly Is adfly malicious? According to the link you posted, yes actually: ^screenshot of what I got when I clicked your link that was supposed to say why adfly was safe. Because no one really bothered providing evidence (in the form of infected links, so good on them), I'll reiterate the points they made instead. First, adfly is not infected. No one is saying it is. The problem is that they do not filter / virus scan the files they host or the sites their adds link to, or the content of those adds (meaning that bad-case scenario, they could use javascript maliciously). That's the problem, not that adfly itself is infected. The problem is compounded by the fact that, even if adfly did filter its shit at this point, it's reputation is so bad it scares people, even if it shouldn't and that does its own form of damage to a place. Given that there are plenty of alternatives that don't have the same issues or rep, it seems sort of silly to insist on adfly. Especially when it brings about the added moral issue of making money off of other peoples work, when many of them have no idea that's even happening, and none of them were asked. Granted this can be blunted slightly by what they do actually offer to the community in the form of a hosting service, it still can't be cancelled outright as a valid (and possibly game tipping) point. And banners and adds on the site itself better represent that contribution that directly tagging the downloads themselves. So to summarize: Even if there is evidence that adfly itself is safe, why use it when there are alternatives that have no bad rep, better represent the forum itself's contribution (imo at least), do filter / virus scan their stuff, don't allow unchecked adds or links, and offer all of the same benefits? _____________/ Resolve We really don't like banning people. And if you can agree with the grand design of 'why we do what we do', it definitely shouldn't need to happen. And that part can be explained. So going forward, if you have questions about our policies or whatever, please don't hesitate to ask. We'll be happy to keep you up to date, or discuss anything in a civil manner. But please, try to refrain from bashing entire forums here (doesn't matter what forum, it's equally unfair), and try to keep your discussions level, by checking your end point.
  7. Happy Staubhold day to you good sir!

    1. Staubhold


      Thank you! :=D:

  8. Here's a demo discussion point. I think the op rambles on to an unnecessary degree, where a simpler explanation would've done just fine. There's like 4 sentences there. tl;dr Vote this up or down, if agree or disagree.
  9. ~ Overview ~ New proposals will be put forward for voting or discussion, and each will get in a new thread on this board. Sometimes the top post will include a poll so members can vote on it, sometimes it won't. Depends on the nature of the topic. Responses to the op should be in the form of talking points that can be up-voted or down-voted. People can then read these to get a better sense of the issue before voting in the op. And that's how the voting works. Only staff members, elders, and legendary saviors can start new posts on this board.
  10. The "Whats New" menu on the top bar has a lot of new options on it.

    You can now filter forum posts and status updates easily, and it has a few 'generally useful' options.

    All in all it should make finding the stuff you follow and staying current much easier.  
    Hope it helps.

    1. Galvatron


      Nice!!! :-)

      thats actrully a very clever Boss

  11. Man, that My Way Home stage from Tuesday's looks nice. The Hatter's Domain one below it too.
  12. You would probably want to start a WIP topic in the Ikemen Forge under Projects. Characters and stages can usually be added as is. The screenpack, however, will require converting. Here's a quick tutorial on Ikemen Screenpacks. You can find more on Youtube if you need.
  13. Just a heads up, MFFA is going to be host to a live vodcast very soon.

    It's hosted by InfiniteRetro and a group of co-hosts, and it's Mugen and general gaming themed.

    It'll be in the Gaming section on the Live Stream board, and Discord members will be able to get on the show via voice channel :)

    More info to come, and as soon as me and InfiniteRetro have an exact time for the first run, I'll post it.

    1. Ryon


      give me more info, i want in... or try to!

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      The guy hosting it, InfiniteRetro, is Australian and he currently runs a general gaming podcast called The Gimp, where himself and a group of about 6 or 7 guys talk gaming on a YouTube live stream + Discord chat with a live voice channel.  The link in the op is to that podcast / his YouTube channel.  

      An episode of The Gimp usually runs about 2-3 hours, and it's definitely a lot of laughs and an overall good time.  The MFFA podcasts are going to happen directly before The GImp.  They're going to last about an hour give or take, ( if it were up to me it would probably never stop lol ), and it's going to be half mugen half general gaming themed. They're going to happen weekly I believe,  Maybe more or less frequently, but it's going to be on the regular.  Really as often as he feels like doing it.

      Hopefully, aside from just being a kick ass time, it'll inspire other people to use the Live Stream page top for their own podcasts, vodcasts, and live game streaming.

    3. Darkflare


      Now this interests me. I wouldn't mind crashing this party...

  14. Oops, my mistake. And thanks man, it really does feel nice to hear positive feedback about the forum. Of course if you ever need any help, please don't hesitate to ask :)
  15. @CoolAnimeHustler I got a notification that you posted in this thread a couple hours ago, but by the fact that there's no post I'm guessing you deleted it? Did you still want me to send you the stream key?