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  1. Bug Trap

  2. Welcoming for New Staff!!!

    Hello MFFA peoples! Lasses and Gents, We would like to welcome our newest staff member to the team @White Ranger! He's joining the News Staff and is going to be working on some brand new Mutha Fuckin Fawn issues in the near future, so keep an eye out! Please give him a proper welcoming, and let him know what kind of hell on you'll be raising on his watch in the future!!! And remember, he has mod permissions on all the News forums, so treat any of his interventions with respect :) Welcome aboard good sir! May your stay be long and prosperous!
  3. Bug Trap

    I've figured out how to trigger the profile error component of the multi-post bug manually. For whatever reason it does not cause the multiple posts component to trigger, but this does mean that we don't have to wait a week per attempt to diagnose at least that part of it. If in fact the 2 parts are distinct.
  4. Bug Trap

    The forum upgrade did not fix the bug. Search index rebuilt until nex tweek, where we'll try the conclusion above.
  5. Fingers crossed that the new forum upgrade takes care of the multi-post bug.

    If not, next weeks attempt will be disabling the custom css file.  If that doesn't work there are a few other possibilities planned, which we'll try one at a time week by week.  If none of them end up working, we might try resorting to a band-aid using flood control with an extremely low time minimum.

    One way or another we're going to get this thing dealt with.

    That's all for now. 

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Hope it works man, good luck :)

  6. ~ Recommend a Site for the Departure Gates

    Mugen Lab added to the gates. @Ricepigeon Sorry for the slow add, I just noticed it wasn't up there.
  7. Wario WIP by RobotMonkeyHead

    New beta released to testers. A hard drive crash last summer set Wario back quite a bit, but over the last few months here and there I've slowly regained the lost ground. Now that he's back to approximately where he was before the crash, I'm releasing a really rough beta. It's not remotely polished, expect errors, bugs glitches, it's kind of a mid-stream snapshop of his progress, rather than a semi solid phase of completeness reached where I would normally release one. To add to the chaos, none of the new progress is logged. But I do know quite a bit has been made since his last release, so there should be plenty of new stuff to glitch up. Double tap taunt to bring up in-game menu.
  8. Welp, after a small debacle with my internet provider, an (admittedly needed break) and walking into my job one morning to find out the shop had closed with zero warning, me and my gf getting new jobs (at the same place, which is wonderful) I'm finally back.  I apologize for any problems caused by my absence.  Sometimes life just comes out of nowhere and blind sides you on some random tuesday.

  9. Just found out this is a thing.  Hyped af.

    1. OxyontheWolf


      hopefully we get a Rocksteady as well, I LOVE DCat's work

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      That was post was originally made 2 months ago lol. Well took you long enough anyway.

  10. My all time favorite comic book character, since I was a wee little kid, has always been Minion.  One of the first comics I got into, I think I was 12.  Obsessed.

    Unfortunately he never really got popular.  But I just found out they actually made a toy of it!!!

    Even if it is just a rebuild on some Colossus parts, a fucking Minion toy!?!  Joy!  I didn't even know people knew Minion existed, let alone made a freakin toy. <3

    Here's his bio:

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Thinking about it, this character and the predator are mostly responsible for my dreads, which are def due for a trim at 9 years long lol
      Top 5 comic chars, for fun's sake:
      1) Minion      2) Lobo      3) Spawn      4) Venom      5) Apocalypse
  11. [ MEMBER REGISTRY ] ~ Sign Ups