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  1. Man I hear those funnies.
  2. The Open Vodcast Studio is soon going to be host to a general gaming vodcast with a slight mugen bent by InfiniteRetro, who currently does The Gimp gaming podcast. Check him out here. It's going to be for general member usage as well. OBS can be synched to discord, allowing you to have people on your show via discord voice chat, where you can control their volume / muting / kicked velocity etc. More to come soon.
  3. How to balance a game? This thread is for discussing the details of how to make a balanced full game. Frame rates, damage ratios, play types, average match times, win ratios are all terms you might discuss here. Or maybe it's just a simple question of whether a certain character should be in a certain build or not. Whatever it is, simple or complex, if it has to do with balancing a game, here's the discussion hub.
  4. DEMO ARTICLE SUBMISSION AN INTERVIEW WITH POORBASTARD by RobotMonkeyHead RMH ~ So Poorbastard you've been into mugen for how long now? PoorBastard ~ Let's see I got into mugen about 134 years ago, I think. RMH ~ Wow that's so interesting, well I guess this concludes our interview, bye! PoorBastard ~ But wait, what? RMH ~ I was just asking your non-existent ass a question to demo an article in a far away place called reality. PoorBastard ~ What the fuck is reality? Is that like the internet or something? RMH ~ Close, except people actually can punch you for talking shit. PoorBastard ~ Damn, that sounds shitty. I hear the graphics are decent tho. RMH ~ Yea 3d roaming open world. Limited gameplay, but you choose the storyline. So what kind of stuff do you make for mugen? PoorBastard ~ Oh you know, I exploit all 60 available variables to map coordinates in 3d space to produce my own wire frames that I map textures onto using angled and scaled explods. Basic shit. RMH ~ Sounds fun. You should up your trig tho. Shit sounds like a speed drain if done improperly. PoorBastard ~ Yea well you know, just condense the math down to a basic rotation sub-routine that a helper modifies on the fly, x = sin y * cos z. y = cos z * sin x bla bla bla bla RMH ~ Oh my, that's lovely. Let's be done here. Again. Bye. PoorBastard ~ K. Later on. Have fun in 'reality'. RMH ~ Yea, thanks. Have fun never knowing what a job is. PoorBastard ~ Job? RMH ~ Yea, that's where you get all the energy sucked out of you and turned into green paper that you have to give back to reality so it'll let you do what you want for a minute. Never mind. PoorBastard ~ Dude, you got issues. RMH ~ Na, that's called a 9 to 5. We do have a support group tho that meets at the bar on weekends. I never go. Ok, this has gone on Way to long. Over and out. PoorBastard ~ True story. Peace. ~ END OF DEMO ~
  5. Fixed up the News board a little.  The Fawns got a new page top, the main board's showcase got an upgrade, the sub-board got buttons, and the 'submit your article' board was merged with The Fawn.  Like a robot arm with a rocket hoof, you know.

    1. Galvatron


      AWesome! Goodjob boss....:twothumbsup:

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Thank you sir! 

      Glad you approve :)

  6. This thread is for keeping up with the latest Ikemen development news. Any discussions about the engine and it's progress can go here. • Latest version of the Ikemen engine: Downloads • To track the engine's development: Ikemen Dev Page • Latest version's change log:
  7. Alright, we're probably going to need a g-mod or a second hand at least (maybe myself) to handle the cotq / sotq voting and stuff. Whenever works just let me know a little in advance so I can start building some hype.
  8. Should the Forge page top expand with a spoiler like other showcases?
  9. ☯ ◥█ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ █◤ YELLOW MONKS ◥◣________________ ____________________________________________◢◤ Sooo what's this forge all about? ⤵ ____________________________________________◢◤ How do you build Ikemens? ⤵ ____________________________________________◢◤ How do the shops work? ⤵ ⛩ ◢███████████████████████████◣ ◢███████████████████████████████◣
  10. The Evolved Ikemen Dojo has evolved one step closer to its final form.  It now has live streaming Ikemen (Mugen online).  The stream key is available in the dojo, so no twitch account is necessary. 

    Plus it's Much more organized now.  5 sections:

    1 ~ Centeal Courtyard w/open live ring, anything goes style.

    2 ~ Thumb Fu League with a leaderboard.

    3 ~ Tourney Tower with regular tourneys, member and staff held.

    4 ~ Ikemen Forge where you run ikemen wip threads and tutorials.

    5 ~ Q&A Sanctuary for member to member help.

    For anyone who's into the idea of Mugen Online, it's worth visiting or revisiting at this point. 

  11. Added your video preview to the Ikemen Releasees Page top.
  12. ⚒ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ FREE SCREEN RECORDERS Open Broadcaster Bandicam ezvid Icecream Screen Recorder ◥◣ DOWNLOAD ◢◤ ◥◣ DOWNLOAD ◢◤ ◥◣ DOWNLOAD ◢◤ ◥◣ DOWNLOAD ◢◤ __________________________________________◢ Which one should I try? ⤵ ⛩ ◢██████████████████████████████◣ _\|◢████████████████████████████████◣|/_
  13. ~ DEMO ~