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  1. Un sujet pour les francophones!
  2. Staff Directory updated.

  3. Wild NEW STAFF appeared! ⤵
  4. Wild NEW STAFF appeared! Sir Ghostler used G-Mod! IGPCaptainRussia and Navana wants to Social Media Specialist! Darklight grew to level Collections Curator! Global Moderator @Sir Ghostler Sir Ghostler, is our new G-Mod so expect no mercy in the months... nay Years of random senseless verbal abuse to come! May your glances be quick, your voices soft and your movements slow in his presence, lest ye be instantly fucking perma-banned! Without question or concern! You know how we do here lol! ...And check out his wip cause dayum. Social Media Specialists @IDGCaptainRussia @Navana The brand spanking new Social Media Specialists team is Navana and IDGCaptainRussia! So one day when you notice MFFA's tentacles spreading invitingly across your favorite social networks, you know who to chat it up with. Please like, share, subscribe, and submit :) Look for these guys / MFFA on Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Twitch, YouTube (and YouTube Gaming), Google+, Evolve and Discord! Collections Curator @Darklight Also, don't fuck around in the collections section! Fear for your account in proximity to the omniscient Darklight, who decided to descended from the cosmic aether to grace us with his expert help curating the sites finest sanctuary; the Collections section. Let us continue hoarding fervently acquiring approximately all of the Mugen content, with continual gratitude for his awesome presence! Welp, that's it, they're the new staff! Welcome aboard fellas! Please feel free to give em your welcomings below! ...I have to say too, I really wish we had more positions to fill. Thanks to all for the awesome turn-out in applications.
  5. Calendar not showing date fixed.

  6. Upgrade in progress, some errors may occur over the next couple hours.  They're temporary. 

    1) Forum software upgrade
    2) CKeditor minor update
    3) Search index rebuild

  7. Demo videos of a fighting game I programmed back in 1996-97, which included a custom character maker.  It's called Real Hard Death Smack:




    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Coded this when I was 15-16 in Basic.  No sprites, all math based graphics.
      Here's the source code if anyone's interested:  Download
      *Link updated
  8. Mugen online?  Live streaming Mugen online?  Yep, KOF Zillion tourney today at the Dojo!

    Check the Upcoming Events link below for more info.

  9. KOF Zillion Online Mugen Tourney

    Sign up or watch the live stream on YouTube today! Here's the Discord for more details:
  10. Cars are definitely first gen mech suits.

    1. Metalkong1


      That's a pretty good comparison. XD

  11. I hear what you're saying about the g-mod thing being asked freely, where you never know who you're going to get applying. But if we narrow the field by making it a 'promotion only' type position, you never know who we're going to miss by handling the position that way. So my approach is to keep it open to both, but with a strong lean towards promoting, because the current section mods have clearly proven themselves already. The Social Media Experts function is outlined in the first link in my last post. (here) I'm currently waiting to hear back from the person running the FB. If they end up never responding, or something to that effect, we'll create an alternate FB page to work alongside the existing one.
  12. Quoting this because I can't move the post here. But members can have up to 10 recipients for personal messages.
  13. Right, you can nominate yourself, but you can't up or down vote yourself.
  14. For everyone asking me to explain the positions in more detail, here's the link. The threads kinda new, still a bit of a wip on my part, so the display is... slightly less than optimal, shall we say? @DS12 Productions here's the link for the author thing. Discussion amongst staff is under way. Just wanted to let everyone know. That doesn't mean it's too late to put in your bid for a position, just that once we decide that's it, so time is limited.