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  1. The Awards system is now active!  Which means you can now earn trophies and badges etc. for your Mugen creations and contributions to the site. 

    You can actually get a shred more of the  credit and recognition you without a doubt deserve for the crazy amount of work that goes into these things.  And more of all that beautifully crafted, insanely detail oriented digital chaos that's alchemized here can get seen!

    Check the [ SPECIAL EVENTS ] forums.

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      @CozySquirtle SotM and SotY are something we're hoping to include in the near future, but we're gonna run it with just CotM for a little bit first, just to get some momentum going and see how it does.  The trophies there now to start stirring interest.  Each of these XotX things has an optimal rate at which we could run it and have it still be interesting, enough entries enough votes etc.  As time goes on we're going to see where each one best sits in that regard, work them in and adjust as need be.

      Palettes and addons, yearly maybe, but PlasmoidThunder's definitely right that a monthly thing for them wouldn't really work.

    3. CozySquirtle


      Understandable. Thanks for the clarification. 

    4. RobotMonkeyHæd
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