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  1. Fingers crossed that the new forum upgrade takes care of the multi-post bug.

    If not, next weeks attempt will be disabling the custom css file.  If that doesn't work there are a few other possibilities planned, which we'll try one at a time week by week.  If none of them end up working, we might try resorting to a band-aid using flood control with an extremely low time minimum.

    One way or another we're going to get this thing dealt with.

    That's all for now. 

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Hope it works man, good luck :)

  2. Welp, after a small debacle with my internet provider, an (admittedly needed break) and walking into my job one morning to find out the shop had closed with zero warning, me and my gf getting new jobs (at the same place, which is wonderful) I'm finally back.  I apologize for any problems caused by my absence.  Sometimes life just comes out of nowhere and blind sides you on some random tuesday.

  3. Just found out this is a thing.  Hyped af.

    1. OxyontheWolf


      hopefully we get a Rocksteady as well, I LOVE DCat's work

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      That was post was originally made 2 months ago lol. Well took you long enough anyway.

  4. My all time favorite comic book character, since I was a wee little kid, has always been Minion.  One of the first comics I got into, I think I was 12.  Obsessed.

    Unfortunately he never really got popular.  But I just found out they actually made a toy of it!!!

    Even if it is just a rebuild on some Colossus parts, a fucking Minion toy!?!  Joy!  I didn't even know people knew Minion existed, let alone made a freakin toy. <3

    Here's his bio:

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Thinking about it, this character and the predator are mostly responsible for my dreads, which are def due for a trim at 9 years long lol
      Top 5 comic chars, for fun's sake:
      1) Minion      2) Lobo      3) Spawn      4) Venom      5) Apocalypse
  5. Status of the double post bug:   Bug Trap

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Please ignore the fact that you can't view profiles.  That'll be fixed tomorrow.
      Interesting tho, I can reply to this status update, which is basically my profile page...

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      aaaaand there it is!

    4. RobotMonkeyHæd


      aaaaand there it is!

  6. Beginning set up for the 4th.  Things may look a little weird over the next couple hours...

    1. Rimu


      *feeling excluded for not being American*

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Hopefully that feeling won't last too long, there's a sub-board that's about to open up in Random Chatters International section, where a bot will autopost holidays from a collection of 17 different countries calendars, including a collection of international independence days for over a hundred countries, and astronomical events :)

      I originally had them organized by continent, but that turned out to be impractical in the end, so it's all just one calendar now.  It'll be open by the end of the night.

  7. Last nights HDBZ Tourney was a ball!  Great time, went very smoothly.  RodKnee and TheFclass97 are collaborating with a few other people to create the final video with commentary, which we will live stream on MFFA in a couple days.  Aaand without further adieu, the results of the Ikemen Dojo's Summer HDBZ Tourney!


  8. Hyper Dragon Ball Z tourney is today!!!  Last chance to sign up, if you're down for some online mugening! -Link

  9. Testing saturday double post bug theory? 

    1. RMaster007


      Guess what error occurred again. Y'all need to run a better site

    2. jenngra505


      Yep, it's Saturday alright.

    3. RMaster007


      Saturday is the day we shouldn't use this site

  10. The forum / sub-forum structure is now consistent throughout the entire site. 

    All main forums (e.g. news ) just act as 'containers' for their sub-forums.  And if there was any content on the forums main page, a new sub-forum was created to house that content. The forums that were effected, from top to bottom, were:  Introduce Yourself, News, Mugen Theater, Gaming, Random Chatter and Staff HQ.

    Again, each of those now has a new sub-forum in it that houses the content that used to be on it's main page.

  11. Staff Directory updated.

  12. Upgrade in progress, some errors may occur over the next couple hours.  They're temporary. 

    1) Forum software upgrade
    2) CKeditor minor update
    3) Search index rebuild

  13. Demo videos of a fighting game I programmed back in 1996-97, which included a custom character maker.  It's called Real Hard Death Smack:




    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Coded this when I was 15-16 in Basic.  No sprites, all math based graphics.
      Here's the source code if anyone's interested:  Download
      *Link updated
  14. Mugen online?  Live streaming Mugen online?  Yep, KOF Zillion tourney today at the Dojo!

    Check the Upcoming Events link below for more info.

  15. Cars are definitely first gen mech suits.

    1. Metalkong1


      That's a pretty good comparison. XD

  16. If you've ever wondered what the site would look like with no plugins added, this is it :)

    (Except the text editor of course.)

  17. A few things may change or disappear momentarily for the next couple hours or so.  Routine maintenance.

  18. [ GAMING ] now has a sub-forum titled Live Gaming where you can live stream.  Just get the stream key there, and stream right to the page top.  No Twitch account necessary.  Create an event on the Calendar to let other members know when you're going live.  It'll show up on the front page, just under the status updates and birthdays. :gaming:

  19. Online Mugen tourney this Sunday in the Dojo!  

    MFFA's Ikemen Dojo Grandmasters Rodknee and TheFclass97 are hosting a Touhou RP tourney that's free for members to enter.  Hit em up in the Dojo, or just go there sunday and watch it live stream, while you chat live with other audience members about the fights :)

    1. Darkflare


      No prize money? How do they expect me to pay my rent?