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  1. Charile

    Dragon Ball XenoVerse

    Well now with Dragon Ball Xenoverse coming to PC, yeah I'm going to buy this on the PC It'll be release on steam 5 days before it's NA release(Feb. 17 2015)
  2. Charile

    [WiiU/3DS/NS] Super Smash Bros

    I bought the game on it's midnight release in Downtown Crossing at Boston, MA and there was 130+ people ordering it. The game does really well for the 3DS which some people didn't think of. I think the only disappointing part is unlocking characters is really easily compare to what I had to do in Melee.
  3. Charile

    Dragon Ball XenoVerse

    Maybe later in the future once I see reviews or opinions from fans who have played the game, then I'll pick it up. Also I'm not really into creating my own DBZ characters but I'm really into "What If" that they did with raging blast so I hope they do that again. For now the only thing I'm hype up for that's DBZ related is Battle of Gods 2 or any interview with Akira.
  4. Charile

    Bleach movie and DBE2 possibly in the works

    Less Live Action more Animation. Sometimes they are just shows that are needed only for Animation and it's impossible to make it Live Action. But we shall see.
  5. Charile

    [ARC] Marvel Vs. Capcom

    I remember playing this game as a young chap, thinking it was a Street Fighter Alpha Something Edition. Eariler as becoming an Adult Chap I search for this on the webs, and I found it. And probably the best fighting game I've played.
  6. Charile

    [PS2] Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

    Probably the best 2D action DBZ ever made to man-kind next to burst limit.
  7. Charile

    Some Bleach Fans Amaze Me

    Naruto(I has too) and Bleach are ending soon, what will I have to read on Wednesday and watch on Thursday? One piece? Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  8. http-~~-// A Special Movie for Bardock, if you don't want to ruin the fun of the Movie don't go on the youtube page. Made by Dragon Ball SSSS (Saikyo Super Saiyan Secret) A launched by Bandai to help take developments and further expansions to new Dragon Ball titles.
  9. Charile

    [3DS]Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dreamdrop Distance

    After waiting this long, I'm considering this KH3 for me. The game-play and story-line is too much for 2.5 that it should have been Kingdom Hearts 3 and been for the for all Consoles(Or PS3 and Xbox360). Well... now I shall buy a 3DS, If there's a Kingdom Hearts 3 it's going to be overwhelming enough to become Game of the Year. Do anyone think that Micky's voice in Japanese is Hilarious?
  10. Charile

    Some Bleach Fans Amaze Me

    I think with all the pokemon in pokemon, it can probably destory bleach, naruto, and fanboys in the sametime. Why hasn't the pokemons rebel againist humans.
  11. Charile

    Some Bleach Fans Amaze Me

    A person Educated person with Crystal Meth and they could probably destory the whole world.
  12. Charile

    High School Of The Dead

    I liked it but I hated the dub (the only dub thing I hated). I forgot some retarded shit they would say.
  13. Charile

    Do Anybody Like Modern Warfare 3?

    I believe we all know Every game in the world had an issue, I was just referring to CoD games and their issues. With why people who Quickscope, Quickscope. And it's not my fault, Assholes play the game 24/7, and that they give their money to Activision making almost every CoD a success to be "game of the year" for FPS (Hope Battlefield wins this). It's their game and they love it, with the most biased way they can ever be. But those Assholes do like to Quickscoping and Zombies, if a CoD doesn't have one of those games, it is not going to have people playing for while(though, it might make a lot of money) and that's what I believe. I had friends I used to play with complaing about how Black Op sucked because of Multiplayer being boring and that the only reason they play it is because of Zombies. Now they don't even play that game anymore, they went back to MW2.
  14. Charile

    Do Anybody Like Modern Warfare 3?

    Call of Duty is a First Person Shooter, it doesn't have Vehicles, It's just a regular FPS. I believe it's easy to get bored at that game in few Months(IMO people start to dislike after December). Compare to other shooters such as Halo Reach when you can play Gametypes like Invasion, and uses Vehicles making that Teamwork vibe (that doesn't work sometimes). So I would see why someone would want to do cool tricks on a sniper, or play a Survival game challenging yourself how Far you can go. It would make the game fun. They also have Kill streaks which also makes the game fun. Also I thought COD also had issues with shotguns, and those overpowered guns. And of course those 10 prestige servers.
  15. Charile

    Do Anybody Like Modern Warfare 3?

    I stop playing Blackops once I became a Level 55. Many people believe that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is just MW2, Which I believe also. They did change the Multiplayer or that's what I think. But in my point of view, the game isn't good if you're not able to "QuickScope" or Play Zombies. If a COD game doesn't have one of those two things. It won't survive for a long time. Even people who plays Black Ops doesn't like it anymore, they just do it for Zombies. My friend believes that it should have been more of an HUGE Add-on then the full game.