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  1. I think I've visited almost all the MUGEN-related geocities sites before, but obviously I might have missed some. Here are the ones in my bookmarks. Many are likely already dead since they were bookmarked a while ago. Archives of already-dead geocities sites: Not sure why these are in my bookmarks, but presumably they contain links to MUGEN sites I haven't exhaustively gone through yet. This is not, and in fact, I'm not sure what this is: Finally, just note that a lot of these contain links to other MUGEN sites that I haven't exhaustively gone through.
  2. The link to Athena 96 by Zolagun died
  3. From this page here: It seems like someone named Rekku (烈空) once made a Kyo_R in the past, though unfortunately it wasn't archived. It does appear as if someone here did once download everything else that was on this page in the past, namely the Mother/Earthbound characters, so maybe someone has it? Hopefully anyways.
  4. An old character by Ikaruga, it's mentioned here: and you can find the old link to it here: but unfortunately it wasn't archived, does anyone have it?
  5. File read error means the file is probably corrupted. I had it happen to me once (on a character named Archer), and when it did, I went back to the site where I got it from and downloaded it again, and this time it extractd fine, so it was probably a corrupted download. Try telling the filename and the author and character. I may have it already, or may be able to locate a noncorrupted version of the download. Chances are, I probably already know of it, since very few of the authors I've encountered have ever used dgc.
  6. Any chance you could upload your Hannah Dundee and Wolf Stak's WN-Sasuke-teen(V-1) somewhere? Those were the only characters on mugencoder that weren't archived or posted elsewhere.

    1. Алексей


      You can find most of my stuff here: As for Wolf Stak, I don't have his content sadly, so you'd have to ask him. I'm not sure if he has an account here, but he definitely does on MFG.

  7. The link to Blanka's Fido is broken, please reupload
  8. Master China at is no longer accessible. Can someone please reupload? Edit: never mind, didn't look at first page. Delete button doesn't seem to work as of now.
  9. Found youmu_konpaku_a from somewhere. yuyuko_saigyouzi_a is still lost it seems though
  10. I found various things on 4shared as well as Sog's new yahoo box etc., it's definitely not all of Sog's things though. Not sure if I should close this as completed.
  11. Looked all over and couldn't find a working link. Also is it just me, or does it seem like downloads from bitshare don't work at all?
  12. All the ones other than Suwako Bou (found from a file named Hatless Suwako), Miku T, Miku L, Miyako, and Agrias which are still available. They are: sakuya_izayoi_a, youmu_konpaku_a, and yuyuko_saigyouji_a.
  13. Sog's former website: Characters include stuff like Situ Kuhai And many more
  14. Since freett closed, it's not accessible anymore. Keroro, Giroro, and Tamama were reuploaded elsewhere, but the AI patches on the site ( for Keroro and Giroro are missing. Does anyone happen to have them?