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  1. @radar4 There is always an alternative link for all the team releases, one is Howfile (for China users mainly), another one mostly is Mediafire (for international purpose), which aim for ease different regions purpose. So i would advise to you better look it out there. Thank you.
  2. Character Info 角色情报: Name 名字: Natural Miku (Final Version) Author 作者: NIBANIBANINIBA (泥巴泥巴泥泥巴) Current Progress 进度: Complete 已完成 Mugen Version 版本: 1.1 Release Team 发布群队: Mugen League Release Type 发布类型: Character Release Date 发布日期: 09/08/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY) Release Catalog 发布编号: MLOC005 Video Type 视频类型: Real Play/Demostration 手操/展示 Video Provider 视频提供者: NIBANIBANINIBA Video Premiere 视频首发: YouTube: AcFun: BiliBili: Follow 关注:- Nibanibaniniba Email: Facebook: YouTube: AcFun: BiliBili:!/... Mugen League Webpage 网页: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: BiliBili 哔哩哔哩动画:!/ Rules 条规: Read"ReadMe Before Use" before playing. 在使用前细读"ReadMe Before Use". Download 下载: