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  1. Love Live!

    Added Nozomi by TheBuddyAdrian
  2. Love Live!

    Added Nozomi by TheBuddyAdrian
  3. Star Fox

    Falco by Magnazard: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u39b9su0bo2co2q/FalcoL.zip Early version with update coming soon but best to add it for collection purposes.
  4. Love Live!

    Thanks for letting me know, I've remedied it with a OneDrive link.
  5. Falco Lombardi

    I'll take the sky any day! Hello everyone! Falco here with my first release unto the MUGEN world. I bring to you, Falco Lombardi! (Note that I use the pseudonym Magnazard in this creation.) There are a few Falco versions already, but most have used low-res, chibi sprites, I used Chotto-Komaru's Fox as a base of sorts for my Falco's sprites to make sure that the sprites were at the very least properly sized. The gameplay is based on DarkWolf's Fox, but I've made changes to compliment Falco's character (such as air gatlings and high jumps). It's a first creation so it's nothing particularly amazing, but I'm always looking for constructive feedback to help me the next time I decide to create something. I will be and have been gradually updating this Falco over time, but now it's in a state where (after some consoling from other MUGENites) I'm finally confident to give it a public release. Edits of Falco are welcome. It's a long time coming, but this is hopefully one step closer to having a high quality Falco for MUGEN! Screenshots: Features: 4-button gameplay Uses A, B, C, and Z. Air-combo system j.A chains gatling-style with itself, this was a feature I added to compliment Falco's aerial prowess. Aerial backdash 12 palettes Uses the standard palette system, but people are welcome to make more. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u39b9su0bo2co2q/FalcoL.zip Mirrors will be created at request! Thank you for your time.
  6. Love Live!

    No prob! Let us just hope that more Love Live! characters hit MUGEN in the near future. (I personally have my fingers crossed for You.)
  7. Love Live!

    First collection, not confident in my formatting, but I'll do my best! Links marked with red text are offline, and links marked with yellow text are a work in progress. At the time of writing, there are currently no known Aqours characters available, however, I've decided to include all nine Aqours characters in the collection in case anything arises in the future (and Aqours is just as important as µ's!). Characters Aqours "Aqours, sunshine!!" Takami Chika: Currently none. Sakurauchi Riko: Currently none. Matsuura Kanan: Currently none. Kurosawa Dia: Currently none. Watanabe You: Currently none. Tsushima Yoshiko/Fallen Angel Yohane: Currently none. Kunikida Hanamaru: Currently none. Ohara Mari: Currently none. Kurosawa Ruby: Currently none. µ's "µ's, Music Start!" Kousaka Honoka: Currently none. Ayase Eli: Sakuraka (same DL link as Sakuraka's Nozomi) Minami Kotori: Currently none. Sonoda Umi: Furai and qychina Hoshizora Rin: Currently none. Nishikino Maki: Furai and GPEZ Toujou Nozomi: Sakuraka (same DL link as Sakuraka's Eli), TheBuddyAdrian Koizumi Hanayo: Currently none. Yazawa Nico: "Elecbyte" (KFM edit) Stages Snow Halation / Uranohoshi Girl's High School
  8. New Job Openings

    I could try out the social media stuff, or anything here really, while I feel qualified I don't feel like I've made enough of a presence on MFFA to be in any of these positions. However if you believe otherwise I'm always available to be contacted.
  9. The Portraits Thread

    Falco? (Image has some stray background pieces, would be cool if you could get rid of 'em, otherwise I'm not too tossed.)
  10. Kuroyukihime (updated 5-7-17)

    Looks sick! Plays well too, one of my new favorites to play, LOL. Excellent DFCI character as always Kohaku. EDIT: removed offtopic mumbo jumbo since I should save that for later.
  11. Have a good one!

  12. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    That was... fast! Looks freakin' awesome, though. Looking forward to playing her.
  13. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    Really glad about the turnout over the past week. With not only more updates on characters, but sprite rips that will pave the way for even more stuff. Looking forward to 2017.
  14. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    Sucks that a lot of these are 1.1 only though, making the jump to 1.1 is so strange for a picky dude like me. Ontopic: Hoping that I can turn all of my characters into basketballs for Tomoka.
  15. Yo. My name's Falco. I've been lurking these forums without an account for a short while so I may as well make an account just in case I wanna speak up about somethin'. To be fair, I'm pretty nooby at MUGEN stuff. I wouldn't say I'm new to it, since I've been into it since about 2008, but I took a long break from it and I've degraded to full noob. I hope to learn some stuff and get along with you guys. I'm slowly tryin' to work to get some nice content out, but since I'm fairly inexperienced in this scene it'll be a long time before you see my name on any creations. Not too long, though, I hope. It's nice to meet all of ya.