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  1. I could try out the social media stuff, or anything here really, while I feel qualified I don't feel like I've made enough of a presence on MFFA to be in any of these positions. However if you believe otherwise I'm always available to be contacted.
  2. Falco? (Image has some stray background pieces, would be cool if you could get rid of 'em, otherwise I'm not too tossed.)
  3. Looks sick! Plays well too, one of my new favorites to play, LOL. Excellent DFCI character as always Kohaku. EDIT: removed offtopic mumbo jumbo since I should save that for later.
  4. Have a good one!

  5. That was... fast! Looks freakin' awesome, though. Looking forward to playing her.
  6. Really glad about the turnout over the past week. With not only more updates on characters, but sprite rips that will pave the way for even more stuff. Looking forward to 2017.
  7. Sucks that a lot of these are 1.1 only though, making the jump to 1.1 is so strange for a picky dude like me. Ontopic: Hoping that I can turn all of my characters into basketballs for Tomoka.
  8. Yo. My name's Falco. I've been lurking these forums without an account for a short while so I may as well make an account just in case I wanna speak up about somethin'. To be fair, I'm pretty nooby at MUGEN stuff. I wouldn't say I'm new to it, since I've been into it since about 2008, but I took a long break from it and I've degraded to full noob. I hope to learn some stuff and get along with you guys. I'm slowly tryin' to work to get some nice content out, but since I'm fairly inexperienced in this scene it'll be a long time before you see my name on any creations. Not too long, though, I hope. It's nice to meet all of ya.