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  1. Marco Hworang e Go Rasetsu

    i already posted it
  2. Marco Hworang e Go Rasetsu

  3. Marco Hworang e Go Rasetsu

    Marco hwoarang isn't private. I have it. I'm uploading it now
  4. Shiva (SOR 3)

    Hell yeah! a good Shiva.
  5. Sakuya_Izayoi_R by Ryun released (9/27/2014)

    i might try this. looks cool.
  6. Who are your favorite soccer players?

    Ali Dia lol
  7. Where do you live on MFFA?

    News and the Request section.
  8. it doesnt look like you put a lot of work into this.
  9. My Character

    the sprite looks good. what are you gonna name this char. looking forward to this. also, what moves are you going to have him do.
  10. [KOF EDIT] Steven

  11. 3D Samus 0.5 Beta released by Odb718 (20/03/2013)

    where can you get the stage? it it private
  12. Capoeira Fighter 3 chars

  13. Capoeira Fighter 3 chars

    long list!!! so can you provide linkage for panda,arubim,zumbi,zumbizaul,gator,cobra,maionese and pantera???
  14. Capoeira Fighter 3 chars

    which ones do you have?