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  1. Edge The Wolf
  2. Holy shit it's been a while since I've been on here, sorry for the inactivity. I've been involved some some college related things and work. Also I heard someone made a game about HARAMBE in the community????raw

  3. Isn't there a way to change his damage in the files?
  4. Which screenpack is that?
  5. Somethings wrong with downloading it, is there another link to download this from?
  6. Willing to check this pack out man, thanks! <3 Hopefully my PC is strong enough for this
  7. Anyone have any unique, amazing, or cool screenpacks theywant to share? The current one I'm using:
  8. This sounds pretty cool, I'm also a draw fav on some threads on the website also. But I haven't really heard of this project! Really interesting man, never knew about this.
  9. She looks fun, I'll check her out man! Thanks c:
  10. Honestly I think the worst TV show I watched growing up was this one show called "The Nut Shack" it's a TV program made by Filipinos (like me)... I just really think it's a horrible show with over used immature jokes that are either sexual or just plain out innopropriate.... plus the art style of it looks horrible and the animation as well... So what's the worst thing you've seen or have read during your lifetime? Pic related of the TV show I was talking about...
  11. Filthy Frank related Characters like PinkGuy *Pic related* topic related to answer
  12. I'm actually surprised someone made her....
  13. I'm really concerned about Chinese products