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    Women, Soul Calibur, M.U.G.E.N., The Elder Scrolls, Youtube, Disney Infinite, Yu'gi'oh, Rock Band, Heavy Metal, Mortal Kombat, Swords (Especially Katanas), Ram brand Trucks, Horror Games, Dogs (Especially Labs and Beagles), Cats, Pizza (Seriously who doesn't like pizza?)

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I live in Banner, Kentucky. I work with my dad, we specialize in installing gutters, and metal roofs on houses. We also do room add-ons, concrete floors and paths, build decks, shingle roofs, pressure wash homes, paint, and install doors and windows. 


I collect Yu'gi'oh cards, knives, swords, and shot glasses. I enjoy gaming, bowling, and playing pool. My preferred games are horror, fighting, adventure, and RPG. I love getting out and driving around town and out of town, usually to get gutter supplys for the business or go to the mall in Charleston West Virginia. I drive a 2014 Dodge Ram.