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  1. Looks like Net Neutrality is under attack again, man I detest politics, nothing but to groups trying to complicate your life while their getting rich.


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    2. Xiristatos


      @White Ranger If you're really worried about this, what if I told you that whatever happens doesn't make any major difference whatsoever? Net neutrality is a loaded term if you ask me, it's not even a mere law you can simply repeal... it's kind of like income equality, you don't turn it into a single law, you can just make a lot of laws to its effect. Follow me so far? And so far, it doesn't even appear to have really been achieved, so what is there to "repeal" if it hasn't been fully reached yet?

      But ok, let's say I'm "wrong and hitler" and everything I say is a lie, then let's just imagine for one second that all this doomspeaking is really true and ISPs all over America are apparently as evil as they are dumb... would a fighting game engine forum really be on the top of their "hitlist"? Adding to that, sorry for bringing this up again, don't forget that even by "everyone's" definition of "net neutrality", it was lost back in early 2014 and the internet didn't turn into a shithole back then... and let's not forget the internet's early years.


      Sorry for writing these long-ass comments and not submitting myself to the "internet knights of justice", but this infantile fear-mongering I see everywhere is going on my last nerve. If you want to truly advocate for something, research it well enough beyond the childish emotional dramafest that is battleforthenet.com. Do a little research on what net neutrality ACTUALLY is and whether or not it really is as life-or-death necessary as everyone seemingly makes it out to be (here's a hint: it really isn't). Only then can you really believe in something... until then you're just more fear-mongering... victims(?).

    3. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      @Xiristatos It took me a few moments, but I believe I'm picking up what your throwing down. I apologize, I'm bad for worrying, but I'm in no way trying to scare people or cause panic. As far as fear mongering goes, sorry if that's what it sounded like in my comment, but I wasn't try to spread that either, just a bit concerned for this community, as I really enjoy it. 


      Don't worry about how long your response is, I believe I needed that, much more calm now, so thank you.

    4. Xiristatos


      @White Ranger Oh, I wasn't explicitly accusing you of anything... I did attempt to make it clear that I picked on no single person, but I think it kinda failed... sorry man. No no, I was talking about every single person pushing this in general. Hell, you didn't do anything, you were genuinely scared of this, an understandable reaction... and ultimately the reason I keep doing something like this. I always go around on imgur or reddit and try to debunk all these worst-case scenarios for the infantile fear-mongering they are, fully knowing I'd be shat on and downvoted to oblivion or even called names like "paid shill" or "fucking ass nazi" and the ONLY reason I even bother is not because I want to start a shitstorm, but to keep unsuspecting people from freaking out about something that's not even that big of a deal.


      Long story short, too many people don't know any better (especially technical stuff like this) and fear is one volatile emotion once it goes out of control and I had a lot of experience with this. I wouldn't even state my opinions like this if I knew I'd just be yelled at, but I do it anyways. I genuinely couldn't care less about myself, but once someone gets overly terrified about something, I definitely feel like I need to step in.


      If anyone of you still needs to know why I believe this net neutrality thing really shouldn't be such a big deal, just ask me... I do have sources to some interesting articles talking about this.