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  1. Attempting to beat Metroid Prime on hard mode, wish me luck. 

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    2. Darkflare


      I'll be impressed if you do it on Prime 2

    3. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      @Darkflare that's gonna be the real challenge, the Spider Guardian is an absolute nightmare. 

    4. Mister Fael
  2. Wow, looks like Mugen Free For All turned into Internet Explorer for a moment their. Oh well, nice to see everything's back to normal lol. :)

  3. Oh boy, 300 edits total:omg______by_ewemad420-da9cq6a:


    Am I finished?:


    Image result for nope gif


  4. My parents sadly had to cut their vacation short, mom fell and broke her wrist. It's rather baffling, they was just walking around seeing the sights, and mom tripped over her feet, it wasn't even that bad of a fall, it's unfortunate as they really needed this vacation, everyone in the family even said they needed and deserved it. Her wrist may need a cast or splint, but other then that she's alright. 

    1. SSBK65


      Nobody else could've taken care of your mom so you still could've gone? Well, did you get a refund?

    2. White Ranger

      White Ranger

       @SSBK65 I'm afraid I don't know the full details, I'm just repeating what my mom told me. As for the vacation this was just a trip for my mom and dad, a ten day vacation to be exact, I think a Valentines treat of sorts. This was just spare money that they wanted to spend for fun, nothing in particular was planned, and no work was scheduled for this week and everyone was off, so it's not a big deal whatsoever.

  5. What does one do when you've got the house all to yourself for the next ten days? (paces around room)

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    2. Darkflare


      I'm more of a shooter and fighting game person. If you can play online, that's still a good option. Otherwise, a really good single player game that can last you.



      Or just go outside.

    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      (Act 1) °◦=͟͟͞͞ʕ̡̢̡ु•̫͡•ʔ̡̢̡ु ☏ (Act 2) °◦=͟͟͞͞ʕ̡̢̡ु•̫͡•ʔ̡̢̡ु ----(I'll Have Two Million Pizzas, Please!!) ☏ (Act 3) ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-----(These 10 Days Are Going To Be Awesome!!) (The End)

    4. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Likewise, I also enjoy survival-horror, and hack' n' slash. I'm not too big into online, though I will play it occasionally


      As for going outside, don't need to tell me twice, as much as I like gaming, It's not enough to keep boredom at bay, at least for me. That when I usually just go cruising around town. :) 

  6. I've added quite a few new characters to our KoF edits collection. Many thanks to everyone for your help. I'll try to get back to work on the Orochi/Mizuchi collection sometime later this week ;)

    1. Galvatron


      Awesome!! good job man!:goodjob:

  7. When your parents surprise you with a ticket to go see Bill Engvall!!!


    Here's Your Sign XD 

  8. Happy birthday man! :)

  9. It's been awhile, my family and I are taking it day by day, and I know everything's going to be fine. Grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep, her death was tough to endure, and the fact that I was one of the pallbearers only made it tougher, but I'm doing alright.


    Also, I understand I have a knack for posting some rather sensitive things, and I feel like I owe an apology to everyone here, I don't know why, but that's just how I feel. My main reason for posting as such is the fact that I like hearing others opinions on stuff like that. I know that may sound strange, but that's just me being me, and I would never post anything to cause trouble or to insult anybody, that's a promise. :bow:


    With that being said I should be able to return tomorrow, I miss this place. :ReallyTruly:

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- It's All Good, White Ranger! Sometimes You Just Got To Let Out Your Feelings, You Know! Makes You Human and It's Okay! My Prayers Are With You and Your Family! Keep Being Strong, Yo! I've Been There Myself! Just Think Of All The Good Memories You Had With Each Other And Know That The Wisdom That Was Shared With You Through Those Years From That Special Person Will Make You Stronger! Keep Being Awesome, White Ranger! *Peace* ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”

    2. SSBK65


      It's life, death will happen to us at one point, it's a painful feeling to get through though. And some of us post life related issues around here, don't be afraid to say what you want. See you then WR.

  10. It's been a very rough month for me and my family, even though business is slowly starting to return. Not long ago mom got a phone call from my dad's sister, (in truth he's my step dad, but I've always thought of him as my actual dad). Their mother is dying, her kidneys are shutting down to be exact. Worse she has no idea she is dying due to her also having alziemer's disease of which she has had for years, and it's gotten so bad that she doesn't know who any of us are, even showing pictures of the family don't help much. The doctor says she has until about the end of this month but it could be any day now. She's not suffering or in any kind of pain. Still, even though she isn't my grandma, she was always very sweet, she actually got me into to handheld gaming, as one of her Christmas gifts to me was the original Game Boy. My brother use to call her frog lady when he was real little, because she loved frogs. She even had her house decorated with them. I can still hear him asking mom, "Can we go see the frog lady?" I miss those years, and I'm definitely going to miss her. :'(


    So for now, this is goodbye. 

    1. DuckMannnn


      I feel you man. My paternal grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer since more than a decade too. Before she was still consciously aware of her surroundings, but few years ago she became very sick for a while and after that she was unable to do anything... she's bedridden, semi-paralyzed and can't recognize anything at all... I'm actually sad of the fact that I didn't know what kind of person she really was, since she suffered from that disease when I was a toddler...

    2. Galvatron


      im sorry to hear that man.. :-(


      I will prey for you and your Family..

    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      My Prayers Go Out To You And Your Family White Ranger... Stay Strong!

  11. I'm happy to say that the first batch of edits for the Orochi/Mizuchi Collection is up, by that, I mean I need to make more GIF's


    It's far from finished lol. xD


  12. Anyone else watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story? Love that movie.



    1. NijikakuFan61




      Huh. Must be Italian...

  13. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just enjoy spending the day with your family and friends, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

    1. Galvatron


      Happy Holidays to you to Man!... :-)

    2. Big Fella

      Big Fella

      Happy Holidays to you too, White Ranger!

  14. Been a little inactive lately, mainly because I've been helping my family get ready for this Saturday. My sister is getting married.

    1. SSBK65


      Congrats WR, it's wonderful to hear something good happening in your life, as you post some pretty sensitive topics. 

    2. gui0007


      Nice to hear that bruh. :D

  15. The employees of a Best Buy in New York just made some kid very happy with an awesome early Christmas present.



  16. (unsheathes Saba) Time to cut the head off the snake.

  17. (In response to the topic: What's your icon's origin?)



    It's kinda like Deadliest Warrior, but the victor is decided by the number of votes, not statistics.

  18. Happy Birthday Galv! :)

  19. I'm happy to say that the Goenitz/Goeniko Collection is finished, a missing edits list has also been added. It's not as epic as the other collections but it's good overall and I hope you all like it.  As usual I'm gonna wait a week before starting a new one. Normally I'd give a hint as to what it is, but this time I'm going to keep things under wraps for now. The only thing I'll say for now, is that it's probably one that everyone will love and I can assure, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you responded with "Your crazy". Also this may be the biggest collection I attempt so far, and will need all the luck and help I can get.


    With that being said, I'm out, and I'll see you all later, have a good one :)

  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. :D 

    1. Big Green

      Big Green

      Wait, it's your birthday? Have a good one, well at least the rest of it.

    2. White Ranger
    3. Anastasia


      Sorry if I missed your birthday, super busy with stuff and I miss you White Ranger. I'll make it up to you and I have something special for you.

      Anastasia gently puts one of her hands onto Gladiolus' cheek and caresses his face. This was of the moments she truly cared about him and hoping Cindy doesn't ruin our special moment.

  21. First off, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I'd also like to apologize for my inactivity on the forums. I've been quite busy with Christmas decorating, as well as trying to find gifts for my family. However, I've finally been able to start another collection, take a look, when you get the chance. Thank you.

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- It's All Cool, Yo! You're still a MFFA Warrior! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving to You Too!

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Happy holidays to you too bud!  
      No worries, everyone here's free to come and go as they please.  Ain't no thang!  
      Except me lol, I kinda gotta be here.

  22. This is just sickening,


    Whether your for or against Trump, this is not the way to go, and Twitter is actually allowing this.

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    2. jenngra505


      P.S Why did you use Breitbart when less extremist sources are also reporting on it?

    3. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      @jenngra505 no reason in particular, just noticed how low some extremists can be and thought I'd share it. Plus it was the first source google provided me with at the time. It's a sight for sore eyes nonetheless.

    4. Dissonance™


      And yet, twitter is censoring Pro Trump posts...

  23. The NES Classic has been released today, but good luck in getting one, as Nintendo has released limited quantities of them, and several scumbags are buying every one in stock and putting them on eBay, and selling them at prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The retail price is 60 dollars. 


    1. Tony Redgrave

      Tony Redgrave

      Just wouldn't be a Nintendo product without scalpers beating everyone to them.

    2. Dissonance™


      Already got mine on day one!

    3. Anastasia


      Wow, dirtbags in real life should only sell the classic for like $40-$50 bucks because it's still in good condition and it shouldn't be expensive.