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  1. back to school problems sigh*

  2. hey ppl, im just wondering wat mugen characters that are currently a wip and you totally want to get whenever it comes out and who started the wip (you know just BORED)
  3. didnt megaman copy onslaught's techniques in MVC1? the magnetic shockwave, i think
  4. this is the best Vexen I have ever seen, thanks Deathnintendo
  5. awesome! so downloadin it
  6. max your accessory slot and use all multipliers, unequip everything equip hatless, armorless, ...less, level gap 90, level 1-10 and etc. that will give you one hit instant break to feral chaos
  7. it may be big but is SOOOO WORTH IT!!!
  8. this is the biggest Cloud file i have ever downloaded
  9. I found a way to defeat him, this tactic is risky but very easy to do
  10. how about the ken? just askin
  11. i was gonna ask the same thing since megaupload is gone and infinitymugenteam needs to register/ login
  12. I have never heard of Motaro in Shaolin Monks. Kintaro, yes but never seen Motaro.
  13. lol, looks like im actually playing the game even though im not
  14. I love your Newage City. So many McDonald's!
  15. hahaha, he IS FREAKIN HARD, i only won against him a few times