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  1. CVS Mugen Stage Japan for Mugen 1.0 and 1.1 UPDATE FOR 2/17/2018 My SNES version of 16bit CVS Mugen Stage Japan for Mugen 1.0 made for the mugen 1.0 and 1.1 special Thanks to Flowrellik for his awesome Suggestion 😄 Mugen stage have animation Mugen stage got better Delta setting Mugen Stage come with Mugen 1.1 with ZoomDetla Mugen Stage got Parallax YAY!! Mugen stage can run on both Mugen 1.1 and 1.0 😄 download located here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M3gPqhkSbj_M_hlNgawcIAlhTkXD8djZ/view?usp=sharing
  2. THANK YOU SO MUSH also the Mugen stage got a Mayor Upgrade and please check out the new link and video
  3. I just release a screen pack and no responses this must be a dead forum :th_082_:

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      Bruh...why didn't you drop it in our section. I didnt even see it. I commented at the guild anyway, sooo....

    3. OldGamer


      @LightFlare_Da_Realest XD OMG im so sorrry  the screen pack was not even an reign of creation. becuase the idea was not made by me I only coded the stage and screen pack for akito xD 

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      Lol! It's all good.

  4. wow I see well I dont know if you knew this but I did made a super mario world remix HIres mugen stage maybe you seen it but if not here you go and maybe you can put it on one your video 😄 here the link 😄 The Mugen Stage has animation The Mugen Stage can do mid super jump The Mugen Stage is made only for the mugen 1.0 The Mugen Stage is 640x480 HI resolution 😏 Download can be found here http://network.mugenguild.com/oldgamer/OldGamer%20Mugen%20Creation/My%20Mugen%20Stages/My%20Original%20stages%20creation/SMWRemake.rar
  5. oh yeah ? your just like me then I huge fan of snes games as well. if you had to choose one favorite snes game what would that be ? My was Super Adventure Island just loved the music and the game xD
  6. From Akito-sama Guys, it's time. Capcom vs. Snk: Mugen Edition is ready, for Mugen 1.0 and 1.1, made by me and OldGamer! The screenpack is complete, containing Intro and an optional Ending for anyone who likes to customize their Mugen as a real game. I believe that this screenpack is the dream of many, who like me, always wanted to see something really different, different from the various versions that try to recreate CVS2, this one, focuses on CVS1 with a mixture of new elements, and also, a history to merge the CVS universe completely into Mugen. These were exhausting days of hard work, because we were careful to rip images and sounds from their original sources, many of which were never made for Mugen, and of course, pixel art work. Me and OldGamer wanted to bring something of quality to everyone, and here it is, I hope everyone likes it! PS: There is a New Addition Included inside the screen pack with a New Mugen Character and the mugen stage "Akito's Tower" By OldGamer.. A small tip: É NOIS! Download in my website: http://www.cvsextreme.com This Patch for the Fight.def for the player 2 turn mode from not flashing and this will fix the issue https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OcgRbPsd5_gbW_CDiNKE9ALokAqvvLYC/view?usp=sharing
  7. I just love when I see mugen fans use my mugen content for there video entertainment keep up the good job and thank you for using my mugen screen pack and My lifebars.
  8. we know that we have up scale size for portrait and big portraits and I also know that we can up scale the names for the lifebars but the main Question is there a Scale code for Player's name on the system.def only for Mugen 1.1 ? Because I know its dont have it on mugen 1.0 Please answer my question if you know the answer of my question
  9. well I never heard of this screen pack till today. we can use the mugen 1.0 and 1.1 so we can use the slots that been made and use for making screen pack with these many slots setting and resolution setting
  10. that very nice Transfer Data good job :D
  11. Okay then in that case for future project I just have to make very short sound FX.wav for the system.snd for mugen 1.1 for now on and thank for your info and your help :)
  12. Does anyone know how to fix WAV sound on Mugen 1.1 ? for the system.snd because when I select my character the sound only plays haft way ?and how do you go about to make it play the sound all the way for the mugen 1.1 software ?here a video that I made and I explain about it even more detail, I hope anyone can take the time help me out how to config it the sound for mugen 1.1
  13. Hi fido are you using bitmap font or true type font ? also please remove this thing hey dont belong there ;Win quote text winquote.text = "Winner!" ;Default win quote text to show winquote.offset = 270,220 ;320 winquote.font = 5,0,1 winquote.window = 18,171, 301,228 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< remove this because is crap winquote.textwrap = w ;Word wrap also be sure that your bitmap or true type Definition are in the right spacing and size
  14. Mugen 1.0 version https://drive.google.com/file/d/143qi-mRahHOSmOafi1PMPpjxN-6hs5_f/view?usp=sharing Mugen 1.1 version https://drive.google.com/file/d/16eVEEi8-voMRFySkYosgAskQ6_2EI9Fq/view?usp=sharing Mugen Screen Pack has Intro, game over, victory screen, credit ending Mugen Screen Pack only have less slots because there not that many mugen characters for the Atari 2600 Mugen Screen Pack has its own custom made lifebars made and coded by me. The screen pack was made for the fans of the Atari 2600 console. enjoy the classic gem of Bitmugen :D code it and made By OldGamer
  15. I understand :D
  16. Yamori X how old is your video ? because you sure need to make your own lifebars for your Ikemen game :D and oh Im a also a I.k.e.m.e.n Coder and creator :) but would be nice to included the full Roster and show more the game content instead of the just character's game play :( that my opinion anyways. here a good example of what I mean when I coded My Melty Blood Ikemen remix. because its very important to show off the full content of your Ikemen creation :D
  17. Melty Blood Ikemen Remix Release Made and Coded By OldGamer Credit the People that made this Project Possible Grand Master Teacher > TheFclass97 for his AWESOME VIDEO GUIDE about HOW TO IKEMEN Series http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/how-to-ikemen-series-171303.0.html Dr. Kohaku's LifeBars and Portraits Add-on http://www.kohaku.trinitymugen.net/type-mugen/add-ons.html 14 Mugen Characters made by Mugen 9 or for short 930 Melty Blood Mugen Stages Made by Multiple Mugen Creators Sorry no link Custom Big Portrait made by OldGamer Melty Blood Sprites from Sprite Resources https://www.spriters-resource.com/playstation_2/mbaa/ Titlte Screen loading Screen IP Portal Screen Connection Screen Select Screen Download link http://network.mugenguild.com/oldgamer/OldGamer Mugen Creation/My I.K.E.M.E.N STUFF/MB_ikemen_rimex.rar
  18. hey if you love marvel and also want to play netplay  prety please check the new version of Shair Invasion made by bdc. Please its the first full game with the score system and netplay by using the Ikemen Plus v.3. i mean the guy took his time to make this in his free time. you dont see a ikemen with score system

  19. The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC This a Full Game made from The Ikemen Plus V.3 This Full Game has a full build Score system for the Ikemen Plus V.3 This Full Games has its own Intro,Game Over, Story mode, Netplay How to play netplay with The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC you can find you tube video guides on how to use Tunngle, Hamachi or Evolved to play netplay with your friends There are 8 Marvel Super Heroes Mugen Characters to choose from made by BDC AND 2 bosses battles there 9 pure custom ORIGINAL made Mugen stages coded and made by BDC Special thanks to OldGamer for beta testing and help with the Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Project Full Game Demonstration Real Time Netplay with BDC and OldGamer Download Full Game location http://shiarinvasion.weebly.com/ For more Discussion about the game located here http://marvelousmugen.actieforum.com/
  20. My Ikemen Plus version 3 Screen Pack WIP
  21. My Ikemen Plus version 3 Screen Pack WIP
  22. BitMugen Screen Pack A Atari 2600 Theme W.I.P That right this time going OLD OLD SCHOOL GET READY FOR THIS ONEif you loved my Super Mugen Screen Pack . just wait to get of hold of this one The software tools that I used to make this screen pack project 1. Gimp Software 2. Fighter Factory 3.0 3. MS Paint that come with pc 4. Stella Emulator The Atari 2600 Emulator ripping images video games and special thanks to Atari Age Community with the Roms and Bios to make this happen 5. Audacity for taking sound FX from the Stella Emulator for those DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IM TALKING ABOUT Here a bit of Video Game History what is Atari and who they are