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  1. is okay I got help and support from Phantom now New mica is Rebuild and remodel with NTCore 😄 check out the first post xD
  2. Im trully sorry I went and closed the screen pack until further notice until I fix all the bugs and also I need recontruct the screen pack iM TRULLY AM SORRY
  3. I am not saying that I'm quitting Mugen I'm just saying I'm not coming here anymore I am going to spend most of my time at Mugen Fighters Guild and infinity Mugen team I get more feedback and suggestion over there then here at MFFA. I don't get much feedback or suggestions when I release my content here at MFFA so therefore I am moving elsewhere where everyone appreciates my work, So everyone at MFFA Community you have a good one and happy holidays and goodbye from old gamer 👍

    1. Ryou


      its not that nobody appreciates your stuff here, its just that 99% of the folks who comes to mffa only does so to browse around the warehouse section, its hardly a place where members actively give feedback to each others. it happens not only to you but to everyone else who posts their creations here as well, myself included. while it indeed is sad, i'm afraid there's not much that can be done about it. respect your wishes though.

    2. jo19sh92


      Take care OG, sorry you're not getting the attention you desire. Don't get me wrong, I wish MFFA was more active, but since all sorts of stuff have caused MFFA to kind of become more or less a hosting spot, and with a lot of other resources and activities shut off from a lot of people, that tends to happen. You might have better luck on MFG, but nonetheless, thank you for everything you do. Personally, as Ryou has said, I come here to browse. While I would be willing to post extensive reviews of characters, I only do that for people who actively request it (and if I happen to notice they uploaded something that won't take me forever to download, lately a lot of people's characters are getting bigger and bigger and its just becoming obnoxious to download them on my crappy net). Plus, nobodies like me don't really have an opinion that matters my dude, so if you want some serious constructive criticism, why not just visit like TrinityMugen or something, I do believe many of the people there are far more active in the talking department. MFG is kind of the same, but there's also a lot of people on there that tend to be VERY demanding of creations, so you'll have to basically go 200% to get any recognition. I only even go to MFG anymore to upload game resources for people to MUGENize and to download stuff. I guess you could try MA, but that's a cancer upon this community.

    3. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      I feel ya OG. See ya round...

  4. I am not saying that I'm quitting Mugen I'm just saying I'm not coming here anymore I am going to spend most of my time at Mugen Fighters Guild and infinity Mugen team I get more feedback and suggestion over there then here at mffa. I don't get much feedback or suggestions when I release my content here at MUGEN FREE FOR ALL so therefore I am moving elsewhere where everyone appreciates my work, So everyone at mffa Community you have a good one and happy holidays and goodbye from old gamer 👍
  5. im happy you liked it buddy and happy holiday to you too, its sad your only person here in mugen free for all that do cared to reply and share your comment to my work. be nice if everyone in this community can do the same, this be my last post here for mugen free for all, and going spend more time posting my mugen content at mugen fighter guild and not on here anymore, thank for your support Cool Anime Hustler only person that enjoy my creation, fare de well and good bye from OldGamer 🙂
  6. New Rebuild M.I.C.A FINAL HD Screen Pack NTcore Version Complete Release Dowload link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-h1D0MxhJ4ju08dMYjp97gOv_XHkYDff/view?usp=sharing All thanks to Phantom and the Newage Mugen forum and Discord and New Mica now run great without no issues from Phantom test this what he said Phantom: Hey oldgamer, I have tested MICA version you sent me and I have good news and bad news.... The good news is, it is working completely fine with no issues or errors Twisted Evil The bad news is...I don't know why anyone would be having any problems because I couldn't find any even after testing on 3 different PCs. The input button config works fine. The rounds start fine no crashing. So to deal with the more technical issues of why it is possibly crashing for people, I am going to ask my friend on here to make a more detailed post, an FAQ if you would on Mugen, crashes, performance issues, and the sorts of common errors people seem to always be getting. But in summary, those people having problems with your screen pack are all people with either hardware, or software, or driver issues on their own PCs. There is no issue with your screen pack or Mugen, or the Mugen patch. I have tested this on 3 separate windows 10 PCs with different PC specs. This screenpack only uses about 1GB of system Memory, and about 1.5-2GB of Video Memory (VRAM) when it is running a match. Therefor it is safe to sat that anyone with a PC that has 64bit Windows 10, atleast 8GB of RAM and an OPenGL compatible Video Graphics card from AMD or NVidia manufactured in the last 10 years, should have zero issues. If they cannot run this game, their PC is not suitable for HD resolution mugen of 1280x720 or higher, and is not suitable for Mugen 1.1 or the OPenGL features it has. I hope that helps.
  7. yes like the title is sayingI need your guys help with pure HD or HI rES MUGEN CHARACTER with out no extra bars on the mugen software screen,I need 140 mugen characters without nu extra menu or bars showing on the screen. don't matter if the mugen character si made for the mugen 1.1 or mugen 1.0so far I found 7 mugen character from Super street fighter 2 hd remix made by Parsebut I would like for everyone help me and find the rest of any kind of mugen character that HIres or hdI do need a character that will support at least 1280x720 if possible7/140 so far
  8. I did manage to figure how to run full hd intro for my mica screen pack mugen 1.0 and 1.1 also new edition new life bars and more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_YsgvjLmJc lifebar and victory screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bVrY3wAWoU select screen and etc... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xoV06_MkN4
  9. I like to make an announcement about the Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 AND I've been doing a lot of experimenting with the software and I learned there's a limitation on how much you can put into a Sprite data .SFF for the Intro.sff and System.sff when you're trying to save it through the fighters Factory limitation is 120mb for the intro as HD quality 720P for the system data limitation is 400mb are the HD quality 720P for the intro please keep it as 120mb don't go over or the intro won't work same thing for the system data don't go over 400 megabytes or you'll get em crash message on the screen so please limit yourself when adding Sprite in HD quality 720P if you were making an intro for the Mugen software for the 480p that 640x480 and 240p that 320x240 your limitation is 800 images but for the HD quality 720p the limitation is 120mb for the intro.sff and 400 mg the system.sff, Please don't go over the limitations for this high-quality definition don't the intros and system.sff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Az1Dj_zwk
  10. this time the game is been moved to a safer location, I notices a lot these youtuber take my Compilation game and dont give credit of the Mugen community or to me when making the game. some the video I saw took my good name and replace it there own name by confusing the other viewers by making them to think they created Mica Screen Pack and making money of my creation. And so I made a partnership with Game Jolt. Mica can finally be a Free full game for everyone to enjoy. Mugen Infinite Character Arena Final Compilation was not to be distributed to be pay to play or Commission or to be a Product for sell, The Mugen Software is freeware fan made base software to create and build your own Fighting game in 2D with no type of programming skills, Only way Mugen creator can make money of The mugen software by Commission or donation by Hiring them to make a Mugen Characters for you or submit a donation to keep their website a float to pay their bills, Today Youtubers take and steal from the Mugen Creator's Content for there selfish greed or for build more traffic attention to there Youtube contribution, Now the game be safe here at Game Jolt. you can download the full game compilation located here Mugen Infinite Character Arena Final Compilation Full Game Download at Game Jolt https://gamejolt.com/games/mugen_infinite_character_arena_final_compilation/450074 I would love for All Mugen Creator that love to build and create your mugen original content and Join Game Jolt, and Contribute your full game project with them for better security and fun way to distribute your creation to the world here there website https://gamejolt.com/
  11. I like to give special thanks to Cedric Flowers for helping me make the video to show the Pure HI Quality of the Screen Pack also he been good friend and great beta Tester for this new project :D This video shows the Title screen, Main Menu, Options Screen, and the Select Screen. And the Music Composer for these tracks, Nitro Fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0P889DKcfc
  12. birdmania reach City MUGEN Stage only for 1.1 the mugen stage were created base off gobou Creation Animation credit goes to him The Mugen Stage is Only for Mugen 1.1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1muzJRtdG7Ggl_WxRAE5J4zb82g4HXw9C/view?usp=sharing
  13. that very nice and all but why Mega.....you know darn well that mega only aloud 2GB..per download. I suggest that you should upload this to Google Drive >.<
  14. Download located here at Google Drivehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1qm7_KMHkccwtb8gK_mMbyNy3iassuEwG/view?usp=sharing the history of this screen pack started in 2017 after Crusadercast website shut down and a Mugen fan was seeking me out and asked requested that I should make a Capcom theme for it. I told him that they already made way too many Capcom themes for the Mugen software. I did made an intro for it by ripping the resources from Namco X Capcom and using fonts for the title screen then I stopped doing it because my best friend told me that I should never go what they asked me and I should create what make me happy. And now I got bored and I had nothing better to do and so I decided to make it anyways amd yes I'm not a fan of Capcom games of this New Generations but I did like few of the old game made by capcom. like Son Son, Captain Commando and Bionic Commando and Megaman and Street fighter One. So I took and ripped most of the resources from all the classic games from Capcom most of the sources were ripped from the games itself most of the majority were made from PS2 Emulator, Mame Emulator, Winkawaks , Nebula emulator and The Game Boy Advance Emulator. BIT OF WARNINGDon't use Vselect for the Category Select screen. you need to add the Mugen character ManuallyCaution of the Screen Pack BehaviorDon't Freak out the Screen pack is Loading High Res RGB Sprite for the Intro Screen, Menu Screen and Ending Credit Screen, its take at least 1 min per loading the RGB Sprite for the Screen packThe screen pack is 640X480 Stander ResolutionThe screen pack come with 20 MUGEN 1.1 STAGESThe screen pack come with its own lifebars,Intros, and Survival result screen, Continue screen and moreThe screen pack come with Add-on folder of 96 SLOTS , 296 SLOTS AND 600 Category screen
  15. Hi everyone I want to show a full version of my Screen Pack was banned back in 2017 this were suppose to be A Capcom theme.


    How did this project started ?

    A mugen Fan from the Old Dead forum site named Crusader Cast.. ask me if there was a Future plan to make  Capcom theme. I explain to the person that its no point of me making a Capcom theme screen pack because there were to many of them.then he got salty and said there no way oldgamer can make a capcom screenpack. so all I did was made a Intro for its but, then my friend bdc said to me don't bother with people demanding you to make things for them, so I banned the project after crusader cast finally got shut down I took the stuff from what I created and made BitMugen from the idea layout. 

    here the a video of 50% done so far I hope everyone love it....


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