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  1. Mugen 1.0 version https://drive.google.com/file/d/143qi-mRahHOSmOafi1PMPpjxN-6hs5_f/view?usp=sharing Mugen 1.1 version https://drive.google.com/file/d/16eVEEi8-voMRFySkYosgAskQ6_2EI9Fq/view?usp=sharing Mugen Screen Pack has Intro, game over, victory screen, credit ending Mugen Screen Pack only have less slots because there not that many mugen characters for the Atari 2600 Mugen Screen Pack has its own custom made lifebars made and coded by me. The screen pack was made for the fans of the Atari 2600 console. enjoy the classic gem of Bitmugen :D code it and made By OldGamer
  2. Hey Oldgamer.

    Is it possible to make a IKEMEN Plus screenpack out of M.I.C.A Final Version cause I tried making it and I got so many errors of it when it comes to making this kind of stuff.
    And I know it sounds like a screenpack request but to be honest with you IKEMEN Plus doesn't have a lot of screenpacks out there that I need to try without causing any errors.

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      OldGamer is on break, or at least he doesn't have any planned projects. After all he has a family to attend to most of the time. Can you use the default one? It seems good enough. 

    2. STANELY6910


      Yeah but how? Like I got told over by many people wanting me to create a screenpack for IKEMEN Plus on my own and it kinda hard to do that, so isn't there a way to covert def files into a LUA file?

  3. OldGamer

    SNK vs Capcom EX

    I understand :D
  4. OldGamer

    SNK vs Capcom EX

    Yamori X how old is your video ? because you sure need to make your own lifebars for your Ikemen game :D and oh Im a also a I.k.e.m.e.n Coder and creator :) but would be nice to included the full Roster and show more the game content instead of the just character's game play :( that my opinion anyways. here a good example of what I mean when I coded My Melty Blood Ikemen remix. because its very important to show off the full content of your Ikemen creation :D
  5. hey if you love marvel and also want to play netplay  prety please check the new version of Shair Invasion made by bdc. Please its the first full game with the score system and netplay by using the Ikemen Plus v.3. i mean the guy took his time to make this in his free time. you dont see a ikemen with score system

  6. The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC This a Full Game made from The Ikemen Plus V.3 This Full Game has a full build Score system for the Ikemen Plus V.3 This Full Games has its own Intro,Game Over, Story mode, Netplay How to play netplay with The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC you can find you tube video guides on how to use Tunngle, Hamachi or Evolved to play netplay with your friends There are 8 Marvel Super Heroes Mugen Characters to choose from made by BDC AND 2 bosses battles there 9 pure custom ORIGINAL made Mugen stages coded and made by BDC Special thanks to OldGamer for beta testing and help with the Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Project Full Game Demonstration Real Time Netplay with BDC and OldGamer Download Full Game location http://shiarinvasion.weebly.com/ For more Discussion about the game located here http://marvelousmugen.actieforum.com/
  7. My Ikemen Plus version 3 Screen Pack WIP
  8. My Ikemen Plus version 3 Screen Pack WIP
  9. BitMugen Screen Pack A Atari 2600 Theme W.I.P That right this time going OLD OLD SCHOOL GET READY FOR THIS ONEif you loved my Super Mugen Screen Pack . just wait to get of hold of this one The software tools that I used to make this screen pack project 1. Gimp Software 2. Fighter Factory 3.0 3. MS Paint that come with pc 4. Stella Emulator The Atari 2600 Emulator ripping images video games and special thanks to Atari Age Community with the Roms and Bios to make this happen 5. Audacity for taking sound FX from the Stella Emulator for those DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IM TALKING ABOUT Here a bit of Video Game History what is Atari and who they are
  10. OldGamer

    Voicepack for Kanna by 586!!!

    I went and rip some the sound from the real game and some from other games to match her voices. your job is to add and make it for 586 Kanna Mugen character. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-791ZMl86O5UWlHa1ZxLWNWMEU/view?usp=sharing your lucky Im nice enough to rip these for you and have fun
  11. OldGamer

    Voicepack for Kanna by 586!!!

    That is correct that Voices of her not really her.... Some Noob must of added a random Voice Clip from something else. If your Big Anime Fan of Air the jp version . Common sense will tell you Her voices dont sound nothing like Chinami Nishimura and yes Kanna dont say mush on Eternal fighter Zero just 4 few attack move and that about it. There for you ether ask the guys that made it or found it and ask him for the character or do what I said and just use audacity to make your own clip voices pack from the real game or Real Anime of Air TV :) its that simple dude. I know you want a voices pack for her but that just the thing not everyone going to make it for you. you have to do your self :O I know its suck but that life yah know
  12. OldGamer

    Voicepack for Kanna by 586!!!

    Kanna only has 4 voices sample this is the real reason why was never made in high demand. or maybe 586 just got lazy never rip the sound him self your best bet is get the real game your self and go rip the sound your self by using audacity free software.... And Yes dude she only has 4 sound voices clip in the real game beside the her's sound effect here video to show you she only does 4 sample of the Kanna voices. and yes dude you can set the mute the music and also get inot the sound effect setting in the game