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  1. Wait, willg8686 (formerly EarthwormJim4) made second Machoke? Hm...
  2. Diancie by vo-jk: https://mega.nz/#!14UGnCaQ!tvPGljdi1obi0-mnfb1HAKIzxZqCFipWBmh_PtD3a14
  3. Zangoose by MugenFan1998 (reuploaded to mega): https://mega.nz/#!xwchWKgC!ADWcpAhY7pB1v7XnX2asLJcCSBw2-eAni--7D87jGEQ
  4. Sprites: - Paint.net (mostly) for making character sprites. Sounds: - Twistedwave (mostly) for editing character sounds. - Audacity (rarely) for editing music(?) Coding: - Fighter Factory 3 (mostly) for most of scripting and adding character sprites to sff file - Fighter Factory Studio for making base part of "throw" coding
  5. TotalDramaXtremist is probably the most suitable option for me, so I vote for TDX's banner
  6. Machop by EarthwormJim4/willg8686: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9m5vhti93aimcq8/MachopBetaRelease.rar/file
  7. Cyndaquil by LameR: https://mega.nz/#!Yk00QKwI!5lDhetnNE3vmd_6iN2cX-5tf--8StxNk0RBdjFDNS5Y Reuped by myself to MEGA from that blacklisted site that I don't want to mention UPD: Also StarPlatnum4658/Pizzasause made Sumin-like Pikachu (probably made as a part of Sumin Imitators project): https://sites.google.com/site/pizzasausemugenwebsite2/si-project/sumin-imitators
  8. Happy Birthday, Sir Ryou! 🎂

  9. Now it's time to say goodbye, 2018, because we are at 31st December.
    Let's say "Hello" to the new 2019 year.

  10. Wait, vo-jk made Mewtwo? Hm. I also made SSB Ultimate Soundpack for PichuMario's second Pichu: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/palettes-addons (yeah, link is same as my all other soundpacks and palettes)
  11. Wait, that Chinese MUGEN creator made another Mew? Is vo-jk's Mew better than the existing one...?
  12. Reuploaded EvilDarkLXS' stages to mega from blacklisted site (beware: there are many links (there are 31 at this time), so that's why I put spoiler here to... save space for this post or what?):
  13. Either I or Uncle Plas need time to reupload your stages to somewhere else than one you mostly upload here.
  14. You also forgot Oliver as Latias' Engineer (Dell). He's from Overtime (for those who are wonder what is Overtime (game), it is Undertale AU with all characters were replaced by Team Fortress 2 characters): https://gamebanana.com/skins/158984
  15. Okay, I got it. I was not enough gentle in this text file...
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