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  2. Well i returned to found that most of my posts got deleted either be full games,screenpacks,guides,help,coding and several content more missing for unknown reason not only that my 500 over points are nonexistent after returning of a 6 months blank.


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  3. i dont know what you meant by multiple accounts since i only have this one,besides the one with multiple account is user and author dissidia.

    Besides there is a lot of problem with this forum,i have posted several content but none to be found even help guides,content creation and lot more so you will remove the restriction or apply that restriction to user dissida since he has always had several accounts reason of why he never got downvotes.


    User account the auditor is one of the several accounts of use dissidia in fact in anothers forum dissidia got perma banned and ipbanned for using several accounts to harrass other users same as he is doing with me since most of my downvotes are from user dissidia,the auditor,mister fael and similar users that write in the same way and express in the same from praising themselves

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    2. Tabris666


      what do you know of other forums admins?

      nothing at all since you never get out of your comfort zone (MFFA) unless you see someone complaining from "your" stages or the screenpack.

    3. Dissidia


      Let's see... former admin of Newagemugen, moderator of their discord, do I need to say more?


      You have no clue what you're talking about. Refrain yourself from posting. This isn't really helping your case nor your alternate accounts just to simply downvote me lol.

    4. Ricepigeon


      I think I've seen enough... Keep it up Tabris and see how far this behavior gets you.

  4. Tabris666

    Help me new laptop make problem

    I barelly understood what you said but i grasped the concept of what you wanted to say. First i would advice you if you talk in japanese,german,spanish,french or other language use it instead of forcing you to use english (english is barelly used since more people use spanish then english in the world) so use your native language. Now to your problem your laptop has Intel HD chipset so it isnt going to work with mugen since intel chipset are just cheap barelly usable for gaming chips,my advice as always is when buying laptops or desktop the best choice are AMD specially if you use mugen since AMD are great for 2d games excelling at 3d games.
  5. Tabris666

    Fighters Kyodotai Flash?

    Is a full game you have to buy it THIS ISNT A PIRACY SITE!!!
  6. Tabris666

    How to rip sprites from Knuckle Fighter?

    Well you have to organize the sprites since is a bitmap splitted in several tiles with everything needed by the char if you are skilled as me it could take you a week minimum to organize all the sprites if you arent then it would be a work of several weeks to months depending on the complexity of the char
  7. Tabris666

    2B by Betalille released (4/15/18)

    Problem is why this guy released this char without the ORIGINAL voices besides is easy to solve the awfull voices and is to remove the sound,i dont know how to extract the audio but if the author is able to get the audio from DLC then he is able to do the same with the ORIGINAL VOICE SINCE ENGLISH VOICE IS GOD AWFULL AND SOUNDS WRONG.
  8. Tabris666

    2B by Betalille released (4/15/18)

    Only problem with this character is "english voice" (uugghhh i throwed up my lunch) i dont know or understand why he choose english voice but is plain weird since the game has only japanese voice by default (I think there is a DLC to have english voice but is plain stupid and is really bad dubbing ) update the char and use the original japanese voices. BTW i have the game in all the releases and still havent found the english voices besides DLC (i was curious because i grabbed this char so i wanted to know if the game had or not english voices) and i couldnt find anything.
  9. Tabris666

    Stage Collection: ExShadow

    Upload the music since all the music is lost from the files. Not even exshadow had problems with copyrights when he posted the stages,besides most of the music was from free sources (there are tons of sites with music and they dont care if someone use it) What is the point of posting the files if they dont have the music
  10. Tabris666

    Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha

    Yes while there is R-18 in mugen those come from edits of ryona mmugen bbs (has lot of years since 1999) since most users start with their bullshit of "I am a parent and my 12 yo son started to learn about this but why you allow chars with X or Y content,i will report that content since it shouldnt be at children reach" the adult content that reached other countries forum was deleted even something with panty shots is deleted by those prudes laughable dont you agree even dissidia complained of said content in other forum (the answer i used before was from another forum he got banned) and my answer to him was "If you arent going to make things right just dont do it"
  11. Tabris666

    Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha

    i ont know what you call "ALL" because after making side by side comparisson they have lot of missing sprites and animations,mugen running at lower frame rate would make thing more visible since is just running everything in slow motion besides it has missing attacks as mentioned due to missing sprites (is more easy to pretend they didnt exist instead of adding all the source content)
  12. Tabris666

    Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha

    Most of the ports are badly made for unknown reasons,most have missing animation and sprites which is plain weird since mugen has almost the same rules for chars as knuckle fighter which mean none at all,take for example the stages from knuckle fighter they are easy to port but because is easy i dont post them since all the stages are a static 8 bit pic which can be ported in under 5 minutes. For example one version of athena asamiya which is a port from the knuckle fighter version has lots of missing sprites same as one version of tifa lockhart also has the same problem missing sprites,Hatsune miku made from mmd also has the same problem i think they called the version for mugen D4 or similar has missing basic attacks missing sprites missing animations and a lot more,same applies to the K-on girls made by dissidia has a lot of missing sprites and animations his answer was "the important is they are made and nobody cares if they have missing attacks or sprites since those are just panty shots and no one care about that" most people that made port said the same thing but there are no rules on mugen that forbid that what is more problematic is that some mugen users go as far as to take down ports of chars they deem inapropiate in their judgement. For example what happened with the junniper lee char made on winmugen some users deemed the char inapropiate and took it down,monako gold (port of Knuckle FIghter) this char was a perfect port but again prude mugen users deemed the char inapropiate and took it down. The reason people migrated from mugen was because they realized that prude mugen users will take down anything they dont like and they created an engine from scratch.
  13. Tabris666

    Knuckle Fighter X/Alpha

    Knuckle fighter is an engine made in java with online options,the engine has way more chars then what you show several of them 3d HR for the plus version (X and plus isnt the same but have retro compatibility) Since the gameplay is quite good i use the chars in Knuckle fighter since ports are really bad made in fact most ports are so poorly done they suck because the gameplay fails or either they dont have the full sprites or other content. Advantages of knuckle fighter plus to mugen .- DX9 or Opengl is your choice and some chars are made exclusive to opengl so you have to change the config sometimes. .- Different portraits for each palette something mugen doesnt have .- Winning dialog .- Zoomed stages (this is common since fighter factory 95) .- No censorship (for some weird reason mugen chars that showed panties in the source game got deleted or removed those sprites) .- Screenpack selection from menu (this was really good if you wanted to change the screenpack when you got bored) .- Chars update (you just pointed the folder with your chars and ready and if you added more you just needed to refresh and will get updated) .- Each char had stage (quite good since you just grabbed a char and the engine checked if it had the stage and the will load the char with the respective stage) Monami and Monako ogura have missing sprites,animation and attacks,same as yadamon which is weird since i checked the differences betwen both engines and there isnt much in terms of coding the most difficult part is organizing the sprites
  14. Tabris666

    [STAGE] Japan Railway Station II by CoolAnimeHustler

    HD chars are there some because besides the street fighter HD remix i havent seen any more just HR like persona 4,dengeki bunko,guilty gear and more all them are just HR chars did you edit the mugen.cfg i can bet you havent since editing the cfg need more hardware requirements in fact most people that have problems with 1.1 are either because they have Intel HD chipset or they didnt edit the cfg properly,for example the default setup of mugen is good for low res chars only if you use high res or better quality stuff you need to edit the cfg properly This is part of what i use for a default one ;Number of simultaneous afterimage effects allowed. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 1). AfterImageMax = 1024 ;Maximum number of layered sprites that can be drawn. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 32). LayeredSpriteMax = 2048 ;Size of sprite decompression buffer in KB. Increasing this number may help ;if you experience slow performance when there are many sprites and/or large ;sprites shown over a short period of time. ;Minimum 256 for acceptable performance. ;If you set this too large you may also experience performance degredation. SpriteDecompressionBufferSize = 262144 ;Maximum number of explods allowed in total. Note that hitsparks ;also count as explods. ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8). ExplodMax = 5800 This setup was made to properly run sxvector screenpacks none has crashed until date Those are the kind of setting no one will teach you same as the ammount of helper in mugen 1.1 while in 1.0 was locked at 56 in 1.1 got unlimited according to some people and according to japanese developers the ammount is around 330 since there are chars that are only 1.1 exclusive and those have around 300 helpers as a test run i leave the game running for as long as posible and it hasnt crashed on me and i use only 1.1 while it has some problems with old fonts you can fix those by using windows fonts on everything
  15. Tabris666

    [STAGE] Japan Railway Station II by CoolAnimeHustler

    1.0 people say is more stable but is at the same level as 1.1 the only difference is you dont have low limitations and 1.1 have GPU support which is a plus (learning the setup is important since most people dont mess with mugen.cfg) a plus is 32 bit color palette wich give a higher end product as shown by sxvector,if you know how to use shaders you can achieve some higher quality low res product (i made a setup of street fighter 3 on 1.1 and setup the shaders side by side to get the same end product as the arcade release and work perfect in fact so perfect that people started to use those as base to add screenpacks and more because it has shaders and support 4 Gb of ram in 64 bit windows if you see videos with refined characters they are using my setup) low res would be anything that has a 240px high no matter the size (i have a so called HD stage but was low res it was 2048x240) if the high is minimum 720px then is HD as the newagemugen stages which are awesome but heavy (900 Mb just one stage for 1.1 32 bit color HD 4380x860)