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  1. Ian Kelley (Hannah Montana's version) hello everybodyI found some interesting stuff in him, so I decided to make a new version:First I got a little idea about him since I am not fan or watched the cartoon, so I dunno, just reworked since the original creator BeanFan stated he is open to update.All info about specials are inside the first readme. I recoded this character changing the next stuff listen below:-common and relatives to EOH template were deleted in cmd and cns.-special and basics fixed and recoded.-he works with 1.0 and up-lie dead sprite edited,air roll on and strong punch reedited.-Air hyper deleted because was buggy-he still got his chain combos and they work properly, but no more super jump.-roll is executed with c only.-New portrait made by me.This picture he works with Groin Pain move(aka Cage's Split Punch,info will be posted later). get himhttp://starlight.scruffydragon.com/ I hope ya enjoy.
  2. Hello everybody. I like, I will download.
  3. Hello everybody. Hey Ali, do not feel bad, a beta release purpose is get feedback and test to improve until the next version-the final-. I suggest do not use that EOH template anymore, that infinite combos and other bad stuff are inside that freaking buggy template, use KFM as a template when you begin a character. And just keep the bunny as a striker, I think has many or do not use them.
  4. hello, as I remember he was created by IronMugen.
  5. Hello. She is Melissa,Rocio's enemy, she were beaten by her in the second sprite. I am thinking about her last name.
  6. Hello everybody. Rice is right, there are creations and maybe creators which me or you dislike comment about it is ok, but without harassment or insulting people like I seen at youtube videos. However ,calm down,I seen jessica being humillated and insulting along certain forums and admins or mod supported it, but try to not mess with the people, just talk the reasons because you dislike certain creations.
  7. Hello.This not pixel style. I did this taking Monster High-Ever After High style, intended to be showed at Halloween about my OC but here you can watch.
  8. Hello. I skip completelly any "new miley" stuff like non-existant for me. I stay with Old Miley so that not happen,but a Hannah Montana character maybe, I did a sprite about her, but maybe it will be done in other style.
  9. Hello everybody. There is a new Sargento Manuel version -1.2- with new mini portrait and some issues fixed like non working combos and smaller file. -Kung Fu Man 0101 was a old version who only uses 2 buttons -punch and kick- so I added button C for strong attacks and 3 new special moves and a funny taunt. He is legend and deserved a chance. I hope ya like it and have fun: get them now: http://starlight.scruffydragon.com/
  10. Hello everybody here comes Miley Stewart, totally new release. ClaudiaProgram III updated, recoded,and re-released by me. Also, Tintin October Patch, all only for 1.0,fixing problem in the intro vs player 2. more details at download page: http://starlight.scruffydragon.com/ I hope ya enjoy. However Sgt.Manuel will be rereleased soon because some infinite issues.the current in my site has infinite issue and non working combos.
  11. Hello everybody. -Kim Maree from Jackie Chan's arcade games. -A good Bebop from TMNT. -this will be read absurd but a Shang Tsung who can morph in any character at your roster!
  12. Hello everybody. 1-That is horrible,I remember some they can attack you before round starts then the game freezes. 2-The creators of that need to work the SND file. 3-Small characters: I think is better play and or fight with a small characters who looks better than a resized small character who looks very pixelated unless the creator work in it. 4-I am agree, there are many Ioris, Kyos, K's and his alternate versions -orochi, evil, etc- but many of the rest remains non converted or created to mugen. -ad.fly, I read that gives money for ya.
  13. Hello everybody. I made these: Tintin and Christmas Rocio.
  14. Hello everybody. This version made by me -and special thanks to Sidney Piller and Prof. Mugen by sheet,details inside the readme.- And this version is anew release of Tintin for Mugen,there are not codes and other stuff related to any other version released by other creators. -he works in 1.0 too. Get Him: http://starlight.scruffydragon.com/ I hope ya enjoy this my 3rd Mugen character.And the brunette girl in the pic is Rocio Rocket, another WIP
  15. hello again. I added this Rocio's portrait, I tried to do inspired by those Kof 99 portraits.