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  1. [PREVIEW] http-~~-// [DOWNLOAD LINKS] http://www.4shared.c...MvCToochie.html http://pokemonboy705...y7051schars.htm [COMMENT] This is a mugen character that I, Pokemonboy7051 made that represents me, it has an MvC theme (mostly) to it. I don't care if any of you don't like the sprites/animations (if so), all I'm doing is sharing this character to all of you. This character's AI has three difficulties in it; his default difficulty is Normal (Toochie style). Toochie also has two different modes, each using different specials/supers and hypers (Normal Toochie, which is used by palettes 2-6 and EX Toochie, which is used by palettes 7-11); pallete 1 uses both modes' hypers, but uses Normal Toochie's specials/supers, while pallete 12 uses both modes' hypers, but uses EX Toochie's specials/supers. DISCLAIMER: If you find almost anything wrong with Toochie's moves (glitch-wise), I may try to fix their problems/bugs (for Toochie's vomiting victory, he is indeed supposed to sometimes spare his foe(s)).