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  1. I'll just need different links to prevent using Mugen Archive (since some users do not want to use it due to the advertising service there during downloads).
  2. I'll just need different links to prevent using Mugen Archive (since some users do not want to use it due to the advertising service there during downloads).
  3. Probably so, once I find their links.
  4. I don't think he released Blue Ranger yet.
  5. I'll include them once I have their links and gifs (in the case of the MVC SpongeBob).
  6. Mario Street Fight sprites I recently ripped the sprites from the Flash game Mario Street Fight, which is essentially a Mario-ized version of Street Fighter and King of Fighters. This sprite pack includes all four playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad), as well as all effects and hitboxes used in the game. Gameplay screenshots of Mario Street Fight: Download the sprite pack here:
  7. Top Fighter already has its own collection.
  8. I already added him.
  9. I don't want to sound spoiled or anything, but do you think there could be an alternative gameplay for him that is more accurate to SSBB?
  10. Thanks for the shout out! I really appreciate It! However, I found several errors in your character: 1. This image showcases some very odd CLSN boxes. Why does Mario's stomach (the one that's lying down) appear to be deadly, and the rest of his body is simply hittable? Lie down poses should not be hittable nor deadly to the opponent. 2. I recently watched Dissonance's video on your Mario, and I noticed that several of his basic attacks seem more powerful than they should be. Same goes for the summonable characters. 3. How come two summonable characters can appear at once? It just seems cheap to have one helper attack, then the other immediately attacks the opponent shortly afterward.
  11. This collection contains characters from cartoons or animated movies that do not have or do not fit in another collection. Several characters in this collection are for collection purposes only. CHARACTER SELECT He-Man: Kain The Supreme ll Skeletor: Kain The Supreme CHARACTER SELECT Bender: Actarus [1st] / Warner [2nd] ll Leela: Warner - @ndroide's Update STAGE SELECT Planet Express Ship by Xedarts CHARACTER SELECT Popeye: DDR - TheFclass97's Edit CHARACTER SELECT Underdog: DDR STAGE SELECT Big City by DDR CHARACTER SELECT Fat Albert: DDR STAGE SELECT Junk-Yard by DDR CHARACTER SELECT ALF: Zobbes CHARACTER SELECT Arthur Read: Jedipolice [1st] - Rapthemonkey9's Edit / Mugenfan [2nd] CHARACTER SELECT Shrek: Cool - V1 / V2 STAGE SELECT Shrek's Swamp by Mugen Toons ll Duloc's Church by Unknown Creator CHARACTER SELECT Wallace: Beanfan112 CHARACTER SELECT Snoopy: Zobbes CHARACTER SELECT Felix the Cat: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Blue Aardvark: WlanmaniaX STAGE SELECT Pink-refridgerator by Unknown Creator CHARACTER SELECT Family Dog: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Lion-O: Erradicator and Hystalin CHARACTER SELECT Danger Mouse: WlanmaniaX STAGE SELECT The Secret Headquarters of Danger Mouse by WlanmaniaX CHARACTER SELECT Count Duckula: WlanmaniaX STAGE SELECT Castle Duckula by WlanmaniaX CHARACTER SELECT Oggy: Unknown Creator CHARACTER SELECT Littlefoot: Misdreavuslord159 CHARACTER SELECT Dave the Minion: ToonLinkMinions11
  12. Make sure to provide alt. links, Mugen Archive contains adfly and most people do not want to download from it.
  13. Collection contains South Park-related stuff for MUGEN. Click in the author name to download. Red denotes an offline creation. CHARACTER SELECT Eric Cartman: Pokemonboy7051 [1st] / AndysMugen [2nd] - JGearyandJSlikk3's Edit / ac70 [3rd] ll Kenny McCormick: Pokemonboy7051 [1st] - DarkLuigi's Edit / ac70 [2nd] Kyle Broflovski: Pokemonboy2051 [1st] / ac70 [2nd] ll Stan Marsh: ac70 ll Butters Scotch: ac70 Craig: ac70 ll Pip: ac70 ll Klyde: ac70 ll Tweek: ac70 STAGE SELECT South Park Street by AndysMugen
  14. I am considering making two South Park-related collections (one for South Park Ass-kicker, and the other for characters with custom or edited sprites), as well as a Futurama collection.

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    2. TMC55


      You really would only have to make 1 south park collection, it would be better to have them all in one collection than making 2 collections that involve the same series.

    3. Galvatron


      Sounds cool. man!... :-)

    4. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Make one big South Park collection, so people dont get confused. Just make the stop Ass-Kicker, and the lower part the other one. Don't make a collection just to make one, make it so its easy for people to find what they want. You guys keep like this, theres going to be a collection for yellow haired characters and black haired ones