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    Mugen, music, Nijikaku,drawing, bowling, the Mario, Kirby Kingdom Hearts, Spyro(Classic) Banjo-Kazooie series, many cartoons & anime. OC's, new stages. Unique and original chars.

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About Me

My username SSBK65 means, SSB (Super Smash Bros, K (Kirby,mainly I'm always good with Kirby in those games, and my name's initials. Little Mac is my new main in Sm4sh. And 65 is my favorite number.






I'm just someone who's been playing Mugen for 2 years and I've known about it for a long time. I also LOVE nijikaku (it has a variety of original chars, as a young gamer I mainly played Nintendo systems like the 64, Game Cube and Wii and  a huge fan of the Smash bros, Kirby, Mario and Kingdom hearts series. I also watch anime, like Kanon, which is where Ayu's from, It's a really heartwarming and good anime.


Before I found out about that crazy full game.  I made a roster of my own with about 200 chars and downloaded about 1,200 stages. I already know about tons of popular and obscure Mugen chars like Orochi & Ronald, original obscure ones,and even those overpowered broken chars like like OTW & Rare Akuma, and those messed up vore and rape chars. I also have seen many original stages and existing from other games made by several authors, like EX Shadow's beautiful stages. I've seen many characters and vids of mugen. I even remember some important events, like when Reu died in a boating accident. Dragon Claw is one of the greatest creations and I'll always remember him as a really well done original character, his creator put in a wonderful effort. And when Elecbyte disappeared and left Mugen behind, then came back with version 1.1


 So, even being new here, in terms of knowing things and editing with Mugen, I'd say that I've got a good memory of Mugen and the many creations people have made. I also love a lot of different music, like rock, techno and mainly video game music.


My favorite song is Up Down Adventure from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, it has a goofy title, but is a beautiful orchestrated piece of music that I just love. It gets so serious at the end and gives Disney Town a different feel. Miss Shimomura's musical talent for music is amazing, UDA is my favorite of her pieces.




Some of my favorite chars not in any order and a some comments about them.


Kazu by The_None Even not playing AH, this unique transparent living drawing is one of the most unique chars I've seen.


The Unknown/Communi: probably the most unique Mugen char, besides 00N, this papery creature boasts a wide variety of attacks.


Kat by Daigoro: my favorite Wario Ware char.


Core Star(large cube) & Chaos Satellite (small cube) by 0-Saft: 2 unique chars that are pretty mobile in battle.


Windows 2000: Awesome char and my favorite OS tan, she's Win2k as a human, I think that's really creative. 


Wind-SE by Warheit : Edit of BBB's Senna who is just amazing.


Itai-San: My favorite Nijiura maid.


Mr. Game & Watch by Kamek: The most unique and the oldest Smash bros char, he's the master of two



Game Boy by While this authors creations aren't the best, this retro boss char will always be memorable.


Rozwel: His author's unknown, but this younger, faster version of KOF's Oswald is one of my mains.


Wu-Ling by mass:One of the only heroines I loved, this underrated woman is an awesome character.


Lesty Flamebright: A beautiful blonde woman who looks simple, but with her playstyle & appearance, I'll always remember her as an old favorite. 


Rouge: by Neat Unsou: An adorable mascot with brutal AI, she is a lovable Christmas companion from obscure fighter Astra Super Stars.


Rage Rock by Vans & The_None: Aside from a few others, he's probably my favorite Mugen char, with many voices, funny references, and that epic nod to WinXPs' 3D Pinball. This char is wonderful and awesome to play as. I still have that old Pinball game,so nostalgic.


W-Tenko by NNS & macbeth: the greatest Tenshi edit ever made, IMO. 


SSBB Kirby by Bane84: the 1st Mugen char I mastered, being a huge Kirby fan, I played as him several times in the Smash series and fighting others in Mugen as him is even more enjoyable, one of the best chars IMO.


Kabegami: My favorite Nijikaku character to play as, his unique look and cool papery animations are what I liked about him. His Egyptian appearance and simple attacks, Kabegami's a creation that stands out from the rest and is somebody that everyone should like. There are even more unique creations than him, but he's also my favorite of the unique Mugen characters.


Think: My favorite fancharacter who's based upon Rozen Maiden's Shinku. She's even bilingual, speaking some English in her quotes. I think she's underrated, I cant find any info on her at all.


Visbou: Awesome character who represents Windows Vista, as bad of a reputation it had, her great AI really shines amongest the others.


Imoge: No matter how small or weak a character can look, this little potato is not a bad char at all, I was able to beat Arcade with him and he has some small combos. Imoge may be weak, but is another of my mains.


98-Balkan: An unoffical mascot for Windows 98, I think he would've been a great mascot in America.


Puri★Princess: Cute character who mainly does grabs and has a little pudding companion, for some reason, Puri herself can only say Puri, while the pudding creature can speak correctly.


Ayu by 586: My favorite character from Kanon, I was really surprised to see her in Mugen and she is one greatest chars ever made. She's part of another fighter known as EFZ (Eternal Fighter Zero), but I will always remember her from Kanon, it's such a sweet anime.


Himewaka Kotone by Tuki no Turugi: My favorite char from ToHeart, this poor girl can only bring misfortune to her friends but is a great Mugen character nonetheless.


Astraea by Sankiti:I hate her source anime because it's NSFW and wrong, but I love this character. I fangasmed when I saw that SHE of all people was created, Sankiti did a wonderful thing, I have always dreamed to play as her in a fighter, and with beautiful sprites, her cute voice, and epic AI, Astraea is just amazing. Of all the chars, I was the most surprised when I found out she existed, I guess she's not as obscure as I thought. She's also my final boss.


Pittan-San: A unique square shaped being from Namco's Mojipittan. I use him and Abe as my Training Mode punchbags, I don't hate him, I love practicing on him with all the goofy expressions he makes, Pittan is another creative character who stands out from the others.


Getsuyoubi: A unique creature who's made up of Japanese letters saying his name, meaning Monday in English. Getsu is another really cool fighter that I think everyone should have.


Favorite Stages:


An epic battle on this gorgeous stage, now this is a classic battle right here. No items,Mayoiga Night,awesome characters only.


Low-Res: Mayoiga Night


My favorite Mugen stage from my favorite fullgame, yes this masterpiece comes from Nijikaku, as weird as that game is this stage is the most realistic and there's nothing odd about it, no crazy effects, sprites, just a simple background and there's even a day version. It's home to Yamiyuki & Ikisan, two Nijura maid fancharacters based upon Yuki from Suigetsu. The whole stage is quite simple really, as you fight on snowy white grass with a large blue beautiful tree in the background, amongest a calm night sky with a bright moon, with blue bushes in the distance as small sparkles rush through the air. IMO, this is a great stage that I'd recommend to everyone, its my No.1 stage to fight on.


It's got good space, makes a great boss stage IMO, and is perfect for all those serious 1-on-1 battles. Every character looks great fighting here and both watching and playing matches on this stage is enjoyable. As simple as it looks, the simplicity and calm look of it all amazes me. I see it as a serious, calm stage to have some great battles on. Simuls are awesome here too. 




I always liked fighting angels & otherworldly beings on this stage, but I still prefer Mayoiga Night because it isn't so color intensive.


High-Res: Ranbow Solstice (originally Starrystarstorm) by Mapelao: A stage I'd thought I'd never find, I love it for the constantly changing colors and the swift animations, though Mayoiga Night is definitely my favorite stage overall.