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  1. Here's her AI patch:
  2. She's Sankiti's orginal character.
  3. She was updated again today with more new sprites and effects.
  4. Comments: Siburin is a chibi parody of Rin Shibuya from THE iDOLM@STER. She has simple flying kick attacks and can summon Mio Honda as a damaging shield.
  5. Well, see ya Green and good luck in any coming trials you face.
  6. Another AI patch for her from Air:
  7. Considering it's passworded, it's a good thing to have a new link altogether:!tEwGlBbS!XWNiU06yw3RNDarat7bUFrlCYnTqkg2Q3WP-yyJdgcw
  8. This epic, edgy girl is Satsujin/Satujinclaw, another original KOF-like Nijikaku character, attacking with her simple claws and awesome moves.
  9. Updated today 6/28, same link.
  10. AI patch:
  11. Here's a reupload for Rouwe:
  12. Anyone have her?
  13. Well, here I'll post my Random Mugen Battles, and any other battles I do. I also take requests. Here's battles 4 to 7. Battle 7 is continued from here. Then 8 to 11. I'm always gonna remember this one. And here an old Simul battle from long ago:
  14. Happy Birthday Gui0007.

  15. I really wish I could solve the mystery of where he finds all these elusive and "private" characters. But anything that shows up in Sano's vids means there's a link to it out there, somewhere.
  16. Hunmer (Hammer): It's the almighty item from Super Smash Bros & the original Donkey Kong in Mugen! Created by Mikaduki. DL: Sledgehammer: An edit of the original Hammer character with a deep voice by Gyuki. DL:
  17. Here's a gif: & link for Kirbey by mother earth: I also found this Bandanna Dee by RoundOne: , and SNES King Dedede by Tam Tam:
  18. Bandanna Dee: A decent BD for Mugen, using his trademark spear. With his growing popularity, he's now the Toad of the Kirby series. Created by RoundOne. DL: SNES Dedede: It's King Dedede in SNES style, attacking with similar moves from Kirby Super Star. Created by Tam Tam. DL:
  19. 1st: A giant hexagram with other smaller hexagrams as helpers. 1st spins wildly about and shoots it's smaller siblings to attack. Created by H.a.T. DL: Nabla: A triangle that litters the screen with all kinds of memorizing shapes. Created by BK. DL:
  20. That site is safe, and you should be able to download stuff unless it's over 200MB.
  21. It's associated with Baidu, when you click on a file click the green box, then in the Baidu window click the white box with the filesize on it to download a file.