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  1. Happy Birthday Infinite Kyo.

  2. I've finished uploading the newest version of Nijikaku, you can delete the old one Gal, and Phantom's Sendspace links are also expired. There's two "new" characters, alternate versions of Kiai-San, the fighter Nijiura Maid. New Link:
  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Green.

  4. Happy Birthday Magic Toaster.

  5. Happy Birthday, Ricepigeon.

  6. Happy Birthday, TDX.

  7. Nijikaku over the years, I have 3 versions with minor differences: Nijikaku 24 (2003) Nijikaku 36 (2006) Nijikaku 61 (2016)
  8. Baiken looks kinda masculine actually, but that's just me. And this is the game where you got a feminine male character.