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  1. Happy Birthday Gui0007.

  2. I really wish I could solve the mystery of where he finds all these elusive and "private" characters. But anything that shows up in Sano's vids means there's a link to it out there, somewhere.
  3. Hunmer (Hammer): It's the almighty item from Super Smash Bros & the original Donkey Kong in Mugen! Created by Mikaduki. DL: Sledgehammer: An edit of the original Hammer character with a deep voice by Gyuki. DL:
  4. Here's a gif: & link for Kirbey by mother earth: I also found this Bandanna Dee by RoundOne: , and SNES King Dedede by Tam Tam:
  5. Bandanna Dee: A decent BD for Mugen, using his trademark spear. With his growing popularity, he's now the Toad of the Kirby series. Created by RoundOne. DL: SNES Dedede: It's King Dedede in SNES style, attacking with similar moves from Kirby Super Star. Created by Tam Tam. DL:
  6. 1st: A giant hexagram with other smaller hexagrams as helpers. 1st spins wildly about and shoots it's smaller siblings to attack. Created by H.a.T. DL: Nabla: A triangle that litters the screen with all kinds of memorizing shapes. Created by BK. DL:
  7. That site is safe, and you should be able to download stuff unless it's over 200MB.
  8. It's associated with Baidu, when you click on a file click the green box, then in the Baidu window click the white box with the filesize on it to download a file.
  9. He didn't give them to me, I found them myself on this lovely archive: Xcvgfhd has archived a lot of files from a dead site called Muvluv, or the Niconico uploder. Sano mentioned this site in some of his video descriptions. While I was searching for the Smash Bros Hammer character. I looked up it's numbered filename, and voilia! I found that site, so that's where he's been getting those chars!
  10. Here's the link to HCL's Dedede: Just Jiggs/Purin & Falcon missing.
  11. @SSBK65 Sanotohno is a D E A D  H O R S E 


    And Jansen, stop asking for offline/private Mugen stuff! And I'm upset that SSBK 65 share the link to HCL's private SSBB characrers, (except Dedede, Jigglypuff/Purin, and Captain Falcon) and other private Mugen stuff to autistic Mugenites in public.

    P.S. Your Insane Aki-San rocks. 

    1. SSBK65


      If  you try searching for those chars, you might be able to find em. And HCL's stuff isn't private, it was on the  Nico Uploader archive and I found his Dedede too.  I don't get why Sano wants to keep everyone from getting all these chars. Thanks Jansen. 

    2. Jansen Franca Mugen

      Jansen Franca Mugen

      If you send links to Dedede on Yandex disk aka:,I Will just thank you.

    3. Pluscross


      Hey, Sano. Since I know you're reading MFFA stuff out there...


      ...This "autist" was impressed how good you are with D4 Kirby, and had no idea D4 could combo that well. Also he really likes Mario and Nintendo stuff (for the most part) for Mugen. And other "cool" Mugen things.


      That's pretty much it...

  12. Preview: Kirbey is a strange wordlike version of Kirby who resembles Japanese kanji and fights with human limbs. Created by mother earth.
  13. As it says these are Cafe & P-tan's AI Patches. Don't know if it's all of them.
  14. Siburin got a big update today, which includes her hypers. LVL3 Finisher: