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  1. Hay everyone,Sorry I have been inactive in this community as of late,I've been meaning to make a announcement about where I'm at in the mugen community for a long time now,And I'll come clean with you guys,Ive officially lost and stopped working on mugen a really long time ago(Late summer 2015 to be exact)I've been extremely busy with work and family that Mugen has always slipped out of my mind and I had never had any time on it,the only thing I had actually been working and was the last thing I was working on is the English sound packs for ABBA"s Version of Sonic and Shadow,I've out Grown mugen and I've moved on from it,Tomorrow I will release a pack of all of the characters that I had in my screenpack roster.I will also release my unfinished Rarity along with it(So if anyone wants to fix it up and release it as your own then that would be cool by me.)I'm extremely sorry that I had never been active on here for a really long time,I've wanted to make this announcement for a while and I never had.So I got that out of the way,Tomorrow afternoon I'll release my last post on here and Release the characters with the Sonic and Shadow sound packs.You can say your goodbyes here on the site,but if anyone thinks that they will miss me,You can Follow me on Instagram,Just PM your Tag name and I'll add you.I"ll miss and never forget MFFA,and the amazing members this place has helped me when I was actually working on my mugen.Once again Thank you and I Wish the best of luck to everyone here on MFFA.
  2. Hay guys long time not see,I'm a complete anime freek and love all kinds of anime Dubbed,Cause I'm a dub fan and I heard that there is two dubs of DBZ,the ocean dub and the funimation dub.Which dub is better cause it's hard to decided which dub to watch when there is two dubs of the show.So lastly which dub is better,cause I'm planning on watching DBZ really soon,and I want to know which dub is better and why?
  3. Just out of curiosity what worlds you you like to see in kingdom hearts 3? For me would like to see:Frozen,Toy story,Treasure planet,Tangled,wreak-it-Ralph,The avengers,and the princess and the frog. But nooooooo Star Wars in KH3,it would just screw up the story of Star Wars. What worlds would you like to see in KH3?
  4. Hell yah 2.5 remix.Im so buying it day 1,just to play Birth by sleep on ps3.and as for the second kingdom hearts 3 gameplay trailer,I think it's better than nothing,can't wait for what worlds that are going to be in KH3.
  5. Well im happy that he is in the game again,cause i Love Me some Sonic in smash,He's my All time favorite character in Brawl
  6. Hay everybody,long time no see,I havent been on here for a while now,Why you ask My Parents took my laptop for a couple of weeks due to a bad grade on a test from School But im getting it back this friday,So then i can upload my Rarity(Which she is now completed) Plus i will give you one Hint on what my Next Mugen Character is Yes,Twilight Sparkle is My Next Character But she wont be out untill sometime in 2014Then after Twlight isBut thats wayyyy later within next year.But you never knowAlright just wanted to say hi and tell you im not dead and that im still working of Mugen its just a slow process.Thats allP.S Im Typing this on my dad's computer untill i get my laptopP.S #2 Whos Hyped for Season 4 of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic this Saturday?
  7. Have you guys heard that they are having Sonic back in the Game?(even thought most of you already have know that by now)Im still Exicted that he is now back in the game.
  8. Alright,Downloading Right Now,When will we See a KH Character Soon?And is The Kingdom Hearts Mugen Project Still on or has it been Canceled,Cause I have not heard about it in a Real Long Time.
  9. It may need some Work done,But so Far this is the Best Rainbow Dash that has been Created for Mugen.Cant wait for your Other MLP Creations.
  10. im so happy Pinkie pie took out the Party Canon and said..
  11. that's not a bad idea,if ryon is up to it,i would not mind at all
  12. Ya,i made this topic to say that tomorrow is my Birthday,and by the time you read this it would already be my b-day.Just hope i get some Love from Mugen Free For All on my b-day. Thats all.Im turning 17 if you want to know.Saying this Puts me in a Good Mood.
  13. me to,is just that i don't get why they added the Wii fit Trainer as a Playable Character.
  14. First of all,Who is So Exicted the Kingdom Hearts 3 is Now in Development,and it also looks like the Versus XIII,Changed to XV.But there is one tiny slight problem with this good stuff happing.It's for the PS4,and Apperntaly the Xbox One as well. Now from looking at both of the Trailers for the games,i say that They Really look good. FFXV:even though it didnt show any sign of when the game is going to get release,but on a good note it Did show us some Preety Sweet Gameplay would you agere?Just so you know im buying this game for the sake of this game holding up the Development of KH3.But other than that,it gave us a good glimspe of what the game is going to look like and it also looks like it's Wraping up development and soon to be released sometime in 2014,if i had to preidec it.Looks like a lot of fun Can't wait to pick it up when it starts to come out. KH3:Finaly after years of waiting and all of the Handheld Spin-offs that they put out their,Kingdom Hearts 3 is Finally in development,Now from just watching the trailer,it may not be long,most likely because they did not have much to show,but not other than that it was good to see that the game was now in active development.Let's Just hope that it comes out for PS3 as well as FFXV. So what do you guys think,Your Thoughts? P.S Here is the Trailer to FFXV P.S#2 Here is the Trailer to KH3