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  1. Happy birthday.

    1. TopKirby8305


      Thanks BigGreen!  :3

  2. There's also a bunch of new 2002 UM characters around various places, if you have time.
  3. Added the DBZ CHOUJIN Ikemen version of Cell. It's an edit of the author's version by RodKnee and TheAnswer to make it more balanced.
  4. Added Jotaro by ShinRei
  5. About the A.I, does normal mean that the character has no A.I whatsoever?
  6. Sorry. I guess I misunderstood this part of the OP. I'm Canadian.
  7. King Koopa (Mario cartoons) and Four (Seven Little Monsters) I'm having a total nostalgia attack here...
  8. Added the 95 Mexico stage by Vegaz.
  9. I was referring to the creator.
  10. King by Jmorphman released (2017-01-06) Plays in his signature style, as per usual.
  11. Works now.
  12. Chrome tells me the file is malicious.
  13. Why did the chicken cross the road?