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  1. KFM and ReubenKee's characters.
  2. Just watched the first part of the Jojo anime. What a ride.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OxyontheWolf


      just you wait for Diamond is Unbreakable, you'll love the city of DUWANG Morioh

    3. Darkflare


      Just wait until Stardust crusaders. You'll learn to love Jotaro doing ORAORAORAORAORA to bad guys.

    4. DLF, The Meme Lord

      DLF, The Meme Lord



            -Joseph "JOJO" Joestar

  3. When I'm reading up on SSBM stuff and someone calls Luigi a low-tier:


    1. NEON 7
    2. DLF, The Meme Lord

      DLF, The Meme Lord

      True. Luigi has a lot of potential and his aerials are deadly as heck

    3. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      I actually preferred using Luigi over Mario. Much easier to get back on the stage with Green Missile, and Super Jump Punch is deadly when used up close.


        Image result for luigi super jump punch sweet spot gif

  4. Sometimes the website doesn't work all that well. I wasn't able to acess the characters, and I don't really know what's up. Oh, and ignore the quote.
  5. I'm quite honoured that a friend picked up the Skullgirls demo. I got to teach him a couple things.

  6. Speaking of fish jokes, What's the difference between a piano and a fish?
  7. Bagilu released a PXZ Lucina:
  8. Whelp, he's already released. That was fast.
  9. They work for me. Added Vegeta by FastFlash.
  10. Those are still online.
  11. Web archive has his/her site, and the characters themselves are MF links.