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  1. Well this Chalice is a beta. Other than that, his other characters have no updates.
  2. Huh. Another Puyo character in MUGEN. Neat.
  3. Is it bad if one of the fighting games I'm looking forward to the most this year is the Kemono Friends one?

    1. Rimu


      If its gameplay end up similar to Monmusume★Fight, yes, it's a bad thing.


      In Monmusume, the characters can't even crouch and you can perform 12,13,14 hit combos just by mashing a single button.

    2. Pluscross


      So that weird leopard girl that already got two Mugen versions is getting a fighting game? Like... A doujin or a actual company release...?

    3. Darkflare


      It's not Tekken 7, so yes, it's bad.

  4.!500&cid=C8E8765CC9C6845D Chalice by Jaki
  5. Shedinja/Nukenin by しらんな。
  6. Sorta KOF styled!AGbjEGEz-IPZlnc&id=B534B18614C4F01E!121&cid=B534B18614C4F01E
  7. Note: To turn off AI, open Minori-AH3-09-Watch and set [State -3] type = varset trigger1 = RoundState = 2 && Alive && Ctrl && !var(59) trigger1 = p2name != "training" && p2name != "TRM Man" var(59) = 5 ;0~5で手動設定可能 var(59) to 0 Mugen Minori AH3
  8. This is why I left the nico link up there, since that's the only place he can post updates. Updated the actual DL link
  9. What version are you using? Works properly in 1.0 for me.
  10. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;AI set ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- [State -2] type = Varset trigger1 =1 var(59) = 1;1でAION 0でOFF ignorehitpause = 1 Sure this is what you're changing?
  11. Nope. Archer is the first creation of this author it seems
  12. Pseudo-GG playstyle (P,K, S,HS, with some custom stuff)
  13. Other characters also updated.
  14. Finally finished the CCC event on my and on my friends account!


    Well technically need to do some other stuff on the other account but I beat the main bosses there.