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  1. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P and Anna Ametrine Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Lobby Rokurou: Well, I'm heading upstairs. You coming? 13P: ... Was there any need to ask? Rokurou: Well then, I'll be right back. Rokurou went upstairs, ready to grab a bite for another fighting day. Soon, Agni, 5T and Anna reached the lobby. 13P: Finally you came out. Oh, and good morning to you two. Agni: Good morning, 13P. Say, has Rokurou passed through here or did he got out? 13P: Went upstairs for breakfast. You two should be going as well. Anna: Really? I hope there is still time for me to help. Maybe if I cannot cook, helping with the dishes would be- Agni: I doubt Mr. Darkflare would let you touch a single fork. Besides, did he agreed to leave you responsible with the magic part of the healing? Anna: Well, yes, but- Agni: Considering he's a man of the business, he won't let you do extra work. He has the Mech-Hisuis, if not for the fact that people like him hate paying extra work outside of contract terms, even if it's verbal. 5T: In other words, no housework, only healing. Got it? Anna: ... Yes... and I think I am not hungry anymore. Anna just sat in a sofa while looking bothered. She liked cleaning work. It was like a hobby that distracted her well enough. Not doing it seemed strange to her. 5T: She... got really bothered out of a sudden. Agni: I don't know why, but she likes to do those sorts of things. She says that it makes her less tense and it's a good way to kill time. 13P: Doesn't she have servants to do those stuff for her back at your home? Agni: Her only servant is a poltergeist armor. It doesn't do anything other than protecting her from danger. 5T: Wow... unusual. I'll keep record of that. Agni: Anyway, I'm not that hungry either, so I'll just wait here. 5T: We're also not going upstairs for obvious reasons. Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Seraph Artwaltz Location: Magical Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn Elizabeth rolled around her bed until she finally fell on the ground. Lize: Oww, my head... I was dreaming about having a nice show with a huge audience! Lize: Huh? Wait, am I alone? Did they leave without me?! She started to get worried about the fact they could have simply left her behind. Was she that unimportant? Just as she kept thinking, a sweet scent distracted her. Lize: Oooh, food! I'm hungry, so I'll head downstairs and think about it later! She got outside of her room, following the scent that made her belly growl a little. Meanwhile, inside the angels' room, Magnum questioned Seraph about the attack of yesterday. He did an explanation of how Elizabeth mentioned it and he wanted to confirm facts. Magnum: So it was truly Fang that assaulted us?! Seraph: Yes. From the looks of it, he's been following us from the skies for a long time. Magnum: Damn, that freak. If I knew he was following us, I- Seraph: Agni wouldn't have let you fight him. He plays nice around him, while going violent against us. Magnum: For how long he'll keep being so obsessed like that? Doesn't he know when to quit?! Seraph: I doubt he does. I've warned Agni for him to not go walking alone, even in Candor. I hope that he listened to the advice without mentally questioning it. Magnum: I should give him a call later. Just in case. Seraph: Agreed. Alright, let's go downstairs.
  2. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Rokurou Rangetsu and 13P Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Lobby BGM: A Life Without Worry (Sailor Moon: Another Story) Rokurou reached the lobby, where some people were already there. 13P, who was behind him didn't called and waited. Rokurou: Yo, good morning, guys. 13P: Good morning to you all. Rokurou: Came by yourself? I thought you'd come with the other one. 13P: 5T? He's in the usual moody, life-pondering morning routine. Though that's pretty strange, since we weren't made to do that. Rokurou: Oh, that's right. You two aren't human. You two are losing many things that humans do. Suddenly, Rokurou's belly let out a somewhat loud growl. Rokurou: Speaking of good things, when's breakfast? I can't fight if I'm hungry. Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine and 5T Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Outside the Rooms BGM: A Life Without Worry plays here As Agni and Anna left the room, 5T also came by. Agni: Oh, good morning, 5T! Anna: Good morning. Mr. 5T, have you slept well? 5T: Good morning. And I don't have an answer to that since I don't "sleep". Agni: Well, let's go to the lobby then. Where's 13P? 5T: Went ahead without me. Honestly, he activated later than me and it's all eager for another day... Anna: Are you not? 5T: Of course not. We know pretty well how the situation goes. Nothing good will happen in the day. Agni: Hey, don't be like that. Who knows, maybe we'll get some sort of important information that will aid us on our quests. 5T: Quests? Aren't you all sharing the same cause? Agni: Not necessarily. Most of us have our own reasons for working together like this. 5T: Huh... so this is why the teamwork is so broken and weak. Not having the same mission will cause conflicts all the way. Agni: You really are a logic guy, 5T? 5T: Agni, I don't work with emotions. I wasn't created for that. The other me might have been acting by his own "heart" and now is destroyed. Anna: Mr. 5T, while I do agree with that, it does not mean you have to limit yourself to data. There are moments where- 5T: I know, I know. Still, that doesn't mean I need to follow something so faulty. I'll carry out orders, help you within my limits, nothing else. That's the purpose of an android in a group. 5T went ahead alone, not waiting for them. He knew that his task was to explain how he's a different model from the one they met and help them according to the situation and eventual commands. Agni and Anna, being emotional beings, could only hope that his mind can change. Agni: Someday, he'll think differently. Or so I hope... Anna: Does he really sees himself as nothing but a tool? Agni: With time, his vision will change. Don't worry. Now let's follow him.
  3. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine and Rokurou Rangetsu Location: Warrior's Hangout - Room 3 BGM: Vox maternae (Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable) The light from the sun came through the windows. It woke Agni and Anna up. Agni: Hngh... good morning... Anna: Good morning... you sound a little drowsy... Agni: Isn't that how we always sound on the morning...? I think I didn't want to wake up... Anna: Me neither... but I guess we should not return to sleep... Agni: Yeah... c'mon, let's go and greet the others... Then, as their senses finally began to function normally, they managed to hear a loud noise near them. When they looked, it was Rokurou, snoring loudly. Rokurou: *snore* Agni: Wow, that's loud for a snore. Anna: Hehe... he is sleeping like a baby. Agni: Probably because he drank a lot in the last night and now he's like this. Alright, I'm gonna wake him up. He went quietly and began to shake Rokurou. The swordsman woke up, drowsy just like them. Rokurou: Eh... what... is it time... Agni: Yeah, it's morning. Now c'mon, we should get going. Rokurou: Give me... just 5 minutes... Agni: Nope. Hurry and get up already. Anna: I shall be leaving to help with the breakfast. If you excuse me. Rokurou: Good luck... with that... Agni: ... Rokurou, if you don't wake up, I'm cancelling the fight. That includes me and the guy I talked about. Rokurou: *gets up* Alright, alright, you convinced me. I'll go prepare myself with breakfast, so you do too. Rokurou is the first to leave the room. He wouldn't miss the chance to go into a fight. Anna: Agni, lying to him like tht was not nice. Agni: At least he got up. C'mon, let's go after him. 5T and 13P Location: Warrior's Hangout - Room 4 BGM: Peaceful Sleep (NieR: Automata) After a while, 13P finally "woke up", seeing 5T already up and waiting for him. 5T: Finally, you're active. 13P: Can't you just say "awake" like most people do? 5T: We aren't that human, don't go mistaking where you belong. Remember, we're tools for them, not friends or comrades. 13P: Harsh and blunt even after waking up... have your energy fully recharged? 5T: Why are you so worried about me? 13P: Well, if we're tools of humans, we're comrades of androids, right? 5T: I... suppose that makes sense. 13P: Then, let's do our best on another day, 5T. 5T: I can't follow you sometimes... once you're worried about me, in the other you're all happy as if nothing's going on. Were your programming this bad? 13P: It's just that I think differently of you. While you're busy lamenting facts, I want to revert them. You said we're only tools of humans, but I don't think they look at us exactly like tools. 5T: ... 13P: Well, I'm going on ahead. Don't just stay here pondering, got it? 13P left the room, heading to the others. 5T just sighed hardly at how he managed to act. 5T: *sigh* How blind can you be, 13P? Lucina Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Room 5 Lucina: No!! She had the same nightmare as always. Her master and her in a dark space. He walks away and she tries to follow, however he gets more distant no matter how she runs. Lucina: (This nightmare again... for how long will this continue...?) Melina and Zaveid Location: Ruling Metropolis Candor - Abandoned Church Melina woke up groggy, as if she was completely beaten up. When she looked around, back she was at the church. Melina: Ugh, my head... where am I...? Wait... that abandoned church? Zaveid: This was the only place I could've brought you on the middle on the night, girlie. You know, kids like you shouldn' just wander around like this. Melina: How... did I even get here? For as long as I can remember, I was in the road towards the castle, was I not? Zaveid: I brought you here. Simple as that. Well, other than the fact it looked like you just fainted on the road... She got up and looked at the door. Even though he was right there with her, it felt as if she was alone. In her eyes, that is. Melina: Well, the how matters little now, so I might as well go on my way back. My plan was to infiltrate the castle and get clues, but it seems that it did not work, by abnormal ways. Zaveid: Oh, so she can't see me or hear me. Normal, I suppose. Guess I'll just follow her along if she's taking me to the kid. Melina began to head back to the Warrior's Hangout with Zaveid following her. Since she could not see him, she'd never suspect of herself being followed.
  4. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Seraph Artwaltz Location: Magical Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn Lize: Ugh, yet another problem... Magnum: Well, guess we have no choice other than being careful. Anyway, I'll be heading to my room. There's something I need to talk with Sir Seraph. Lize: Huh? But we haven't even finished! Magnum: Well, kinda... but I don't think there's much that I can say anymore. Besides, what I need to talk with him is about the moment where I was attacked. Lize: You mean, that green-haired angel? Magnum: ... Wait, back it. Did you say "green-haired angel"? Lize: Yeah, I did. He came out of nowhere, trying to kill Seraph at all costs. He tried to convince us to do the same, but it's not like we paid attention, so- Magnum: ... If you excuse me! And good night! Even though the rooms were close, he left into a hurry. Seraph, who was near them, sighed and tried to calm him down. Seraph: Magnum, the room's over there. Why are you- Magnum: Just come in! We need to talk right now! Seraph: Can't you just wait tomorrow? It's too late to be explosive like you are now. Magnum: Ugh, fine! Then let's rest! But tomorrow early, we're having a discussion about a certain thing you know, Sir Seraph! Magnum quickly entered on the room and then silence dominated the area until Elizabeth broke it. Lize: Wow, he got pumped up over something like that... Seraph: *sigh* Seems like I have to wake up early because of him. Lize: You're a late riser? Seraph: No, but whenever he's like this I'll be deprived of sleep. So many energy for one single person... Seraph: Well, I should go to sleep as well. Good night to you two. Lize: Good night, Seraph. Seraph nodded and went on his room. Seeing how he openly said that, Elizabeth got excited. Lize: He said "good night"... great! One step forward to dig all of Agni's most favorite things! Once I know all of them, he's mine! That marriage of his is so over! ??? Location: Mysterious Floating Land of Light BGM: Cavern of Rememberance still playing He kept walking through the road until he reached the entrance of the abandoned arena. From there, he would be able to reach the main town, located at the center of the island. ???: So this is the arena. I suppose this is actually the back entrance, with the main being on the opposite side. Am I to suppose this place divides the main town from the village or it acts as this side's gate...? ???: ... Well, no matter. Let's keep going and the hints I'll find later. *BGM stops* ???: Except that I'm blocked by something. Something that was once slayed, as long as I can remember. BGM: Battle - FF1 (Dissidia: Final Fantasy) Once he looked up, a giant machine fell down. However, it wasn't anything surprising, considering it was an enemy he had previously defeated three times. ???: ... You. ???: Gallom, I won't even ask if you have followed me or for how long. I'll be quick: do you want me to destroy you that badly for how long? This is the fourth time. Gallom: All systems prepared! Engaging in combat!! The strange mechanical beast he seemed to know raised his left arm and tried to smash him. With a backflip, he got some distance. ???: Oh bother... fine. I was going to evade any sort of fight, but if I can't do that... Out of nowhere, he called upon two blades, a large one that depicted an angel wing and a thin one, yet sharp like a dragon fang. He once again put his mask and looked at the beast while pointing the red sword. ???: I'll remove you from your miserable existence, you Shadow Bug tank.
  5. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Seraph Artwaltz Location: Magical Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn Seeing Seraph, Magnum gave him a quick salute. He waved back to both Nemesis and Magnum and returned to pay attention to Enkidu's warning. Lize: Are you serious? Sheesh, we're already full of dangers already. Magnum: Seems like wherever we go, we find a problem. This is starting to become too normal to comfort. Seraph: ... Understood then. We'll be careful on our way. If we find him, we'll take the proper measure according to the situation. ??? Location: Mysterious Floating Land of Light BGM: Cavern of Rememberance still playing Once he reached the end, he landed onto the entrance to a small village. The place was desolate, with only the echoes of his steps making any sound. ???: Not a single fraction of life remained here. Whatever caused this land to separate of Heaven must've been a strong force indeed. I can still feel the presence of a powerful light, right there in the distance. ???: (I think I'll investigate this village at once. I need to know what lies in here or if there's any clue to help me.) He went through the houses and stores, trying to find what was lying in there to help him. However, they all seemed to be pretty normal enough, without anything unusual. It was then that he reached the house that belonged to the village's elder, as the sign in front of it indicated. Once inside it, he began to search for something. ???: C'mon, there has to be something! The elder of this village couldn't have just left it empty like this! Then, he opened a drawer and a strange purple light floated around, going directly into a table. ???: What in the...? A locked book appeared from that light. The magical aura it possessed was strong, yet from it no light could be felt. He grabbed the book, immediately feeling the seal contained in the lock. ???: ... This isn't some ordinary book. Alas, it seems that I can't open it with my powers. Even my darkness is faulty to break this seal and unlock this thing. I have a feeling that inside this lies an information that's viable, though. This thing in her hands is definitely going to play against my favor. ???: I'll have to find some way to open this thing. Even if it's just a spellbook, it'll help me already. If this is the clue this village has left, I'll keep going on. He left the house and walked with the book in his hand. His next stop was an abandoned arena, west of the main town. Lucent Vermillion and Fuindor Akaikage (Substory) Location: ??? - Mysterious Ruins
  6. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    ??? Location: Subspace - Floating Dark Castle BGM: Ultra Space (Pokemon Sun/Moon) The castle floats in the sky, held by an island of skulls. Amidst the dark space, the building gives the impression of an limbo. In the eastern veranda, a rift opened. After finishing his conversation with Zaveid, the mysterious man returned to his "home", just like he said to Melina. There, the girl came to receive him. ???: Oh, someone's back. How things were there? ???: It doesn't matter to you. ???: My my, I decide to be kind and help you and this is how you decide to show appreciation? Maybe I should cut our terms here then. ???: Feel free to do that. I don't know if it's a good idea, though. ???: What makes you think that I desperately need your help on my own affairs? ???: Shouldn't you at least honor your deceased brother? Or are you unable to find a single moment of compassion for family? ???: ... ???: I'll take that silence as a "yes" then. Well, I'll be on my way now. ???: Are you still going to investigate that land whose light maintains itself untarnished by the energy of the Subspace? Before answering, he took a half-mask from his pocket and equipped it. It wasn't for any sort of protection or anything, but it was something he began to use whenever he went into battle. ???: What I'm going to do with it or not matters little to you. Just don't get in my way. He snapped his finges and a strange vehicle appeared. He jumped on it and began to ride it towards this aforemented land. As he began to gain distance, she watched at him while biting her lip. ???: (Trying to attack me with family morals? Heh, good luck. I've destroyed my own father, who created me... why would I get sentimental over a brother?) ???: (Then again, you're useful to me... too much useful, in fact. I'll make sure to dispose of you once I'm done with the preparations.) Location: Subspace - Mysterious Tower BGM: Cavern of Remeberance (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) Despite the land was covered in darkness, the island stood there, emitting light of the morning. It seems the time has not changes, as the concept of morning and night exists within it. Floating in the space, without being invaded by the Subspace. He stopped at a cliff, close to a chain that was holding the island to the land. As soon as he jumped off from his vehicle, it flew back to the castle from where he came. He took off the mask and looked at the island. ???: (A land brought to the Subspace, yet not dominated by it... this light can only belong to Heaven. Which means...) ???: (Heh. They're not so immune to darkness as they claim to be. This ground will suffice to begin my plan and my nation, I suppose. I need to finish the preparations then.) He jumped into the chain and began to walk towards the island. In the moment he entered its atmosphere, the wind blew. He didn't lost balance, however, while taking a remote control out of his pocket. That belonged to the girl. ???: YoRHa Unit 5T. So you are using him to monitor them. Sad for you, but now I'm in control of his life. Besides, you already have a life in your hands. He kept walking the long chain. The breeze that blew brought a little of serenity, if not sadness. The risks taken would include lives and friendships, but he needed to put them at stake... all for the sake of a freedom he pursued, for him and someone else.
  7. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine and Rokurou Rangetsu Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Resting Quarters Room #3: Agni, Anna and Rokurou Anna entered on the room, only to see Agni on the bed while Rokurou was sleeping profoundly in the futon. Anna: Were you waiting for me all this time? Agni: Yeah. Why? Anna: You should have gone to sleep. There was no need for you to wait for me. Agni: C'mon, you know I don't mind it. Since we're together again, I'd prefer to sleep by your side. Anna: Agni... He finally rested his head on the left half of the pillow while Anna rested right near him. Agni: Good night, Anna. Anna: Good night, Agni. He closed his eyes and quickly fell in slumber. Even Rokurou's somewhat loud snoring wasn't bothering much. However, while he smiled, Anna looked at him with a sad face. Anna: ... (For how long... for how long do I have to keep with this lie? For how long do I have to hide the truth about your existence, Agni?) Anna closed her eyes and decided to sleep too. For a moment, she could feel Agni's embrace as they slept together. However, that moment soon ended as she vanished. Location: ??? - Dark Space BGM: The Secret Side of the Aether Paradise (Pokemon Sun/Moon) When she opened her eyes, she was floating in a strange space. Fragments floated in this space, but their original form is unknown. Was it a dream? No, she was called there. Victoria: What are you thinking? Anna: Victoria... When she looked behind her, Anna's other self stared at her. She already knew what the discussion would be about. Victoria: You're not thinking of blurting out "that" to my darling right now, are you? Anna. Anna: But I cannot take this! To have him living in this lie is something horrible! Victoria: Telling the truth now won't be a good idea as well. Or do you think he's going to accept that happily and that's it? Anna: ... Victoria: Don't give me that pitiful look. You're not the only one who wants to just say it out loud. But now's not the right moment to do it so. Anna: I... am so worried. If he discovers it somewhere else, far from us speaking, his despair will be even higher. Victoria: One thing at a time. Right now, we need to only watch over him until his life falls. Anna: ... Do you honestly believe this could work? If he dies, then can we- Victoria: Oh shush, you worrywart! Be quiet and get back! Anna: It is incredibly hard to have a conversation with you. Victoria: We're opposites, not friends. Get it? Now scram. Anna: Huh?! W-Wait, Vic- But in the moment she was going to continue questioning about their plan, Victoria banished her back to the real world. Victoria: If only I never needed you alive... oh, how better things would be, your pink goody-two-shoes prick... Magnum Alexandria, Seraph Artwaltz and Elizabeth Bathory Location: Magical Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn The sudden knocking interrupted their conversation. Lize: Oh come on! The talk was getting good! Magnum: Do you want me to open the door or should we wait for the answer, Nemesis? In the lounge, Seraph got up from the couch and decided to go to his room and rest. As he went upstairs, he saw Enkidu right next to Idealis' room. Seraph: Enkidu? What are you doing here? Melina, Zaveid and ??? Location: Ruling Metropolis Candor - Streets at Night BGM: Spagonia -Nighttime- (Sonic Unleashed) While everyone began to sleep, Melina cruised through the streets by herself. She escaped through the window of the room before everyone could notice it. Melina: Finally, I can explore the city in a time where there is few people around. I am the more nocturnal type, I suppose. Then, in the distance she saw a strange man. He was looking around in the middle of an intersection. ???: ... Melina: (What a strange man... I have never seen him around town at morning...) ???: Do you need something with me, little girl from the end of the road? Melina: Eh?! ???: You know, it's not nice to stare at strangers like that. If you're lost, I can take you to a guard. Melina: Oh no, that will not be necessary, I know the way around. I was just wondering... if you were lost. ???: I see... is that the case, then? I'm not lost, so don't worry about me. I did what I needed, so I'm heading back to my home. Melina: You live here? I have never seen you around before. ???: No, but reaching my home isn't that difficult. You should head back, since the night isn't the hour for little girls like you to be up and going like this. Melina: W-Well, I am to do that right now. So if you excuse me... and good night. Melina departed, going towards another street that led directly to the castle. In the meanwhile, a light breeze passed through the man, which looked into another direction. ???: So, you managed to arrive. Zaveid: Yo! Sorry for the wait. ???: Did you manage to meet with Seraph and give him the message? Zaveid: Sure did. The guy's hating me, though. Seems like he'll cut me through the next time we cross paths. ???: That won't happen, Zaveid. I assure you, the last thing you'll lose to Seraph is your life... assuming you'll follow the terms of the contract and the plan I gave you. Zaveid: Heh, whatever. This is going to be really interesting. All that I have to do is reach the kid now, right? ???: Yeah. Until the time I can be finished on my part. Then, you'll do yours. Zaveid: Fine by me. By the way, you haven't told me your name, mysterious guy who contracted me. ???: In due time. Right now, I'll keep without telling you. If you can help me, I'll give you what you want. Both my name... and your wish. Zaveid: Sheesh, is it keeping your name a mystery for no reason a huge tendency right now? ???: I don't follow them, so I don't really know. Well, I'm leaving. Zaveid: I better go on my own way and follow that little girl. She's heading to a place where she's unwelcome. ???: Just make sure she doesn't end up killing you or whatever... that girl is not your everyday cute little girl. Zaveid: She won't even see me or hear me. Oh, that reminds me. How can you see me or hear me? ???: You ask a lot. I won't answer that too. The man waved and walked away, disappearing into the night's darkness. Zaveid looked at the way Melina went and sighed, while walking towards it. Zaveid: I've been bumping into a lot of weirdos lately. I'd prefer to be seen by a beautiful lady for once, you know. Well, let's go after the girlie...
  8. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucent Vermillion and Fuindor Akaikage Location: ??? - Mysterious Ruins Floor: 1st Lower Floor - Road to the Catacombs BGM: The Bridge People no Longer Cross (Touhou Chireiden: Subterranean Animism) As they went to the lower levels, the place was entirely dark. They could hear steps and strange noises, making it noticeable that the monsters were there. Fuindor: Crap, I was so distracted with you guys that monsters managed to get through. I need to clean this mess right now or the temple will be destroyed. Soon, glowing orbs appeared in thin air, revealing the big amount of creatures in the area thanks to their light. Fuindor: Whoa, there are more guys than I imagined... Floor: 2nd Upper Floor - Trial Room #2 BGM: Worldend_dominator still playing Lucent reached the other room. Unlike the previous one, there was nothing in the area. Everything seemed quiet... Lucent: This silence... gives the layout away. He stepped on a random tile as it went down. Soon, spikes were shot from left and right. Lucent: (A trap maze... its deactivation lies on the other side...) You have incited my wrath. I shall kill you with all methods at my disposal. Lucent: ... Gods. Unreasonable and egotistical... wishing for death with every word. Lucent: I'll destroy you... just like the rest... He began to walk carefully between the tiles. Lucent tried to figure a pattern with them.
  9. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria and Elizabeth Bathory Location: Magical Northern Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn When he heard Idealis saying that they have killed him, Magnum shook his head and looked back at her. Magnum: Dead? No, he isn't dead. He's alive but he left the army and Heaven as well. Said he was a disgrace to the family and all that, also blaming me for the fall of the Alexandria. Lize: *snaps out* Wait, but doesn't defeated means killed? Magnum: He wanted to kill us both, but we would never do something of the sort. Then, he looked at the window for a moment. The snow fell through the night sky, as if they were lights replacing the stars. Magnum: It has been a long time since I last heard of him... I wonder how Estro is doing actually. He heard Idealis asking him about Seraph. Magnum's face closed and he sighed. Magnum: Now you got to a point which I don't comment with everyone. So, let's keep it a secret. Lize: A-Alright, we're listening. Magnum: How should I put it... he's... lonely. Lize: Lonely? Magnum: We work in good terms... but Sir Seraph's cold. He's pretty much emotionless sometimes. It's one of the reasons why he is lonely. Lize: He doesn't sound so lonely whenever Agni's near. Magnum: That's kind of an obsession that I can only describe as "unhealthy". It's not like Agni doesn't love him. He does a lot, but not in the same amount as Seraph. Lize: So, you're saying that Agni's his comfort pillar? Magnum: Basically, yeah, that's pretty much about it. You do see how he changed when we separated. They know each other for a longer time than I do know both, so I guess their friendship did evolve to a brotherhood... only thing is that he's really crazy about it. I tried to be friendly with him, but he gave me the cold shoulder. That's why I'm always on the edge to try that again. Even though he's trying to be friendly with me, I don't know if I should respond that way too. Lize: Then why did you defend him? If he's so cold to refute your friendliness, then- Magnum: Well, in a way or another, he's my friend too. He's just... hard to understand sometimes. Upon hearing the stories, Elizabeth came to her own conclusion, which differed a little from what Idealis could've possibly thought. Lize: (... I can't doubt him. I can't believe that Agni would be so horrible... I don't know him much, but I do know he wouldn't do such a thing. After all, Victoria herself said he's the love of her life because of how kind he is.)
  10. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria and Elizabeth Bathory Location: Magical Northern Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn Magnum: For how long? As far as I remember, it has been... I don't know, 5 millenia? Lize: Wait wait wait... millenia?! Don't you mean years? Magnum: Time passes faster back at home. One human year equals a millenium to us. Lize: Sheesh... talk about being ancient... Magnum: But let's keep me as a 22-year guy. Was that all? Lize: No, wait... let's move to another question. What draws you to be so like a brother to Agni? Magnum: Well... that's pretty easy. It's because he understands me and doesn't judge me like the others. Lize: Huh? Magnum leaned over a wall as he began to talk. Magnum: I'm more know as "The Failure" back at the Multiversal Heaven. My family, the Alexandria, have been known as one of the most powerful demon-slaying aristocrats. The legacy began with my 4x great-grandfather and ended with my dad. Lize: Eh? But you're alive, so how you're not that part of the legacy your family left? Magnum: Because I never wanted to. That alone made people begin to speak that our family finally fell. It all started when I accidentally traveled to a world in the future. When I came back, the angels congratulated me for my actions and made of me a commander, but that doesn't mean my fame as a failure ended. I did some slip-ups through my way and was criticized by each one, from the smallest to the big ones. Magnum: My younger brother, Estro, took my place and I became a normal soldier once again. He then ordered me to kill the fallen angel that has been brought to Heaven by Seraph under the pressure of the other comanding officers and so we could save the family's fame. Lize: And that's where Agni enters, right? Magnum: It was so funny at the beginning. He kept speaking to me as if he was my fan and everything. I felt overjoyed to finally meet someone who recognized my actions and never judged me because of them. We quickly became friends after that, going on adventures and missions together. I forgot about all my problems when he was there with me. Magnum: Then, my brother decided to kill us both. He hated me to my guts, so my life and nothing were the same thing. But Agni stood by my side, even though he knew I was there to end him. We ended up defeating Estro and finishing the legacy of my family. Lize: ... Magnum: ... Agni's like the little brother that I wanted to have. He's my support and I'm his. I'm a block-headed idiot who rushes through and he's the brains in most of the times. Not to mention, he's really kind to everyone and tries his very best to make everyone happy. I trust him deeply, because he's the last person that would try to deceive me, judge me... the kinds of stuff people do that I hate. Lize: So... he's kind, nice and you firmly believe he doesn't deceive you... but what if he did? Magnum: Nah, that's impossible. He's a horrible liar. Whenever he tries to lie, he does something that makes it obvious. Like, there was a time he tried to lie his way out for getting the last celestial peach we had and then he started to sweat like a fountain and play with his fingers so quickly it was impossible not to notice. Magnum: You would know better about it. After all, you feel something for him, don't you? BGM: Stray Cat (Melty Blood: Actress Again) Lize: Me?! H-Ha, don't be ridiculous! A-As if I could feel something for the fact that he's my Master and when I arrived wanted to know if I was OK... and he gave me a nickname even though we just met... Lize: N-Not to mention the sweet way he talks... and how adorbs he is when he's near Seraph... his crying face, that makes me want to hug him so badly... Lize: A-And his sweet smile and voice...! The kind way he is with me...! Not giving me orders all the time and not wanting to leave me alone...! The fact t-that I would miss him without knowing how...! Elizabeth somehow derived to her own little fantasy while talking. Magnum looked away and laughed through spurts while returning back to look at Nemesis. Magnum: M-My bad, I couldn't resist it... Magnum: Well, I guess that you doubt him as well, right? Can I know why? Lucina Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Corridor to the Rooms Lucina: Oh no, we managed to stop him. With the help of my father, everyone and my master, we slayed Grima. The world returned to its normal state. Lucina: Right now, I am travelling to find my master. I went on a mission with him, but he ordered me to retreat while the situation was horrible and disappeared. Lucent Vermillion and Fundor Akaikage Location: ??? - Mysterious Ruins The rumbling on the roof happened once again. Whatever was happening in the first floor seemed to be perilous. Fuindor was worried about Lucent, but he needed to go with Yerazig and Darius back to the temple. Fuindor: I'll guide you two to the temple and to its treasure. But once we're done, I'm rushing after that idiot. I don't know him well and neither I know you two, but I'm not letting him die to whatever's upstairs. Fuindor ran towards the stairway that went downwards, going to the floor that led to the catacombs and to his shrine. 1st First Upper Floor BGM: Worldend_dominator still playing Lucent was handling the stone creatures well. He was faster and managed to evade their slow attacks. However, none of his were doing any effect. Lucent: (No matter how much I attack, they don't fall... this is a puzzle... I just have to find and fill the hole...) Soon, one tried to step on him. He held it with a barrier and moved to the side while holding it. When it broke, the creature's stomp generated an impulse that blew him away. He landed near another statue that had an inscription on it. Lucent: ... "The piece that is missing must be seen. Not all the options need to be felt; a naked eye is simple enough." Lucent began to observe the creatures moving towards him once again. Soon, he saw that one of them had a red jewel encased on its "right eye". Lucent: The puppets fall with their master... Another creature tried to punch him but he jumped on its arm and climbed it quickly. Soon, yet another one tried to fist him, but it ended up hitting the other. Lucent jumped and aimed at the jeweled giant. Lucent: Fractura. Five stakes were generated and shot towards the eye of the stone giant. Upon hitting the jewel, they exploded into dark energy, breaking the jewel and consequently, the monster. The other giants all crumbled as well while Lucent landed back on the ground. Soon, a voice began to echo. You, who cleared the first trial... do you wish to obtain the treasure that belongs to me? If so, you shall fall! Misunderstand the powers of a god and receive your judgement! Your death is guaranteed... the second trial shall be the end of your story... Lucent: ... I killed a god. I don't fear the celestial or the infernal realms. My path keeps the same...
  11. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria, Elizabeth Bathory and Seraph Artwaltz Location: Magical Kindgom of Verve - Elysia Inn Magnum: I'm going ahead to the rooms... Sir Seraph, will you come too? Seraph: Yes, I believe I- But before Seraph could answer the question, his communicator started ringing Seraph: Wait, go ahead. I need to receive this call. Magnum: Yes, Sir. As he went towards the lounge, Magnum climbed the stairs to the rooms that they were supposed to stay. Once reaching the corridor, he saw Nemesis calling him. Magnum: Nemesis? Do you need something? Lize: Oh yes, we certainly do! Please, come inside! Magnum: OK. Excuse me. He seemed to be acting as if nothing happened earlier, but Elizabeth was a little unsure. Magnum went in as she went back to sitting on her bed. Magnum: So, what is it? Lize: Before she can ask, I have to ask first. Aren't you supposed to be mad or something? Magnum: Well, yeah... but that's water under the bridge now. Lize: Even if we don't trust you entirely because you're an angel? Magnum: I'm going to win your trust as myself, not as an angel soldier. I acted childishly before so... *bows* I'm sorry. Lize: For you to even bow as you apologize... I'm kinda impressed. You do know manners, after all. Magnum: I know when to admit that I did wrong on my part, though I don't resent myself defending Sir Seraph. Lize: Alright, whatever. Nemesis, your turn. Back at the lounge, Seraph answered the call. Seraph: Seraph speaking. BGM: Satellite Café Terrace still playing Agni's Voice: You finally picked up! I was worried sick about you! Seraph; Agni! Thank goodness, I finally got time to speak with you. Agni's Voice: Geez, and I thought I was desperate enough... anyway, where are you all? Everyone's worried about you all. Seraph: We're in the Kingdom of Verve, north of Candor. After meeting with the king and the queen, they requested us to meet with the Oracle in order to know why some of us have been taken to this world. Agni's Voice: I see. Did you manage to discover something about the situation of the others? Seraph: Due to some... circumstances, I've been unable to participate at the audience, but Idealis and the others have gotten the information. Agni's Voice: ... Idealis? Who's that? Seraph: O-Oh, I meant Nemesis. Sorry, it slipped out. Agni's Voice: That's okay, slips happen. I'll inform the others about your situation then. Seraph: Alright... Agni, there's something important I need to talk with you. About us... Agni Artwaltz and Rokurou Rangetsu Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Agni's, Anna's and Rokurou's Room BGM: Satellite Café Terrace still playing Agni: What is it? Seraph's Voice: The others have been getting wary of us. They think we don't know what they do because we're angels. Agni: Well, that's understandable. For the people, gods and angels don't know the idea of suffering humans do. We just observe, sing and dance peacefully in Heaven. Agni: Still, that will become a problem... if they can't work around us, then the teamwork reduces to greater levels than before... Seraph's Voice: I don't mind if they don't trust me. If you do trust me, then it's enough for me. Agni: Aren't you going a little overboard with it? Remember, a team is composed of many, not of only me. Have some more consideration towards the others as well. You promised me you'd try to. Seraph's Voice: *sigh* I know, I know. Don't worry, I'm doing my best. Agni: That's good to hear. I'll talk to you later then. Seraph's Voice: Agni, one more thing. Never wander around alone. Agni: What am I, a kid to you? Seraph's Voice: I'm serious. This is for your good. Agni: Alright, alright, I'll be more careful. Seraph's Voice: Well, please do. Alright then, I'll be going now. Brother, I love you. Agni: I... love you too... Seraph's Voice: Haha... why do you sound so embarassed? Agni: S-Stop teasing me, you jerk! Good night! Seraph's Voice: Hahaha! Good night, Agni. The conversation ended as Agni's face was a little red. He was embarassed to say that to Seraph, even though he wanted to. Agni wanted to show that he had become more mature with everything that happened, but Seraph like to tease him a little. Agni: Augh, just because I'm trying to sound less kiddy... Rokurou: I found that last part really cute. Agni: D-Don't you start it! I'm a general, I'm not supposed to be cute! Rokurou: Sorry to say then, but being a little brother won't save you from that. Agni: You're just like Seraph... what's so enjoyable on teasing me? Rokurou: It's funny to see you getting frustrated and grumpy over something so basic like family love.You shouldn't be so shy to show it. Agni: But it makes me look like I'm a kid! I'm 19 years old already! Rokurou: Oh, Agni... one day you'll learn. Lucina Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Corridors to the Rooms Lucina: My world... how can I say it? Valm is composed of humans, dragons and other animals and creatures. We were fighting against a dragon called Grima, the Fallen. He infested our world with monsters called the Risen and was trying to destroy everything. 5T and 13P Location: The Warrior's Hangout - The Androids' Room 5T and 13P managed to get a room for them. They were expecting to possibly having to share it with someone else. It didn't bothered them if that were to happen or not. 5T: We talked and talked, but still going in circles... wonderful how no progress has been made at all... 13P: Well, with an lack of information like that one, that's bound to happen. 5T: Seriously, they're so uncoordinated. I know we're androids and everything is pre-programmed, but that takes out of normal levels of misunderstanding in teamwork. It even goes to the point of some people being there just to be, because they're not interested in being helpful at all. 13P: Not that we can do much about it. Let's just go along and see where this takes us. 5T: I'd appreciate if it's not to our unimpending doom... 13P: Enough with the complaints, start the hacking already. 5T: Alright, alright... 5T generated a data orb and shot it at 13P, hacking into his system. HACKING START Once again, 5T took the form of a mini spaceship and roamed around 13P's system, trying to find any sort of viruses. 5T's Voice: Pod, is there any virus on 13P's system? Pod's Voice: Negative. Unable to detect any viruses in unit 13P's vitals. 5T's Voice: Good. Then the hacking is unnecessary... I'm getting out. HACKING COMPLETE 5T: No viruses in system. You're good to go. 13P: Alright, let's get some rest. 5T and 13P: Setting activation to morning. Deactivating... Their bodies became immovable as their eyes closed. The Pods also deactivated, falling on their legs as they were left there, sitting on the wall. Anna Ametrine Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Conference Room Anna: Oh, thank you very much! I will not disappoint! Anna: But... I will not be able to go with you to battle, sadly. However, I will still do my best from here!
  12. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria, Seraph Artwaltz and Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Hmm... are you suggesting that Agni is some sort of manipulator, as if he's making of Seraph, Magnum and possibly even me as his puppets? Elizabeth thought about it. The idea of Agni being a manipulator would explain this strange feeling she had for him. However, that was a little difficult to believe. If he was truly so evil as Idealis conjectured, then Victoria herself wouldn't be calling glory over her marriage. Other than that, she thought about LightFlare, who had a thick spirit, not that easy to be controlled. Lize: Hate to break it to you, but I sincerely disagree with that. It may look like that I might be controlled because of the contract, but I honestly think he isn't that good of a liar. If he truly was narcissistic, I bet he'd be somewhat like me or that it'd come out naturally without the needs of hiding. Lize: I can guess that Magnum's explosive reactions are of his own will, somehow. I mean, think about it. If Agni was truly an enticer, to the point of modeling someone's personality, wouldn't you agree that he shouldn't have exploded to defend Seraph? Lize: Besides, outside of the circle, there's LightFlare. I suppose he and Agni have been friends for a while too and his spirit looks firm as a wall of orichalcum. If Agni was that much on an unsincere guy, he would've done something about it. Soon, from the door, they heard a door opening. It seems the others have also arrived. Lize: Guess they arrived... oh, I have an idea! Lize: How about he snatch Magnum for a little second and question him about Agni? If we force him a little, I doubt he won't talk! In the main lobby, they entered in the inn. The warmth was indeed relaxing. Magnum: Aaaah... this is so better already... Seraph: So, where are the rooms? I suppose a nice rest is well deserved. Magnum: Yeah... I'm tired from all that happened today... *yawn* Lucent Vermillion and Fuindor Akaikage Location: ??? - Mysterious Ruins
  13. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucent Vermillion and Fuindor Akaikage Location: ??? - Mysterious Ruins Lucina Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Main Lobby BGM: Beautiful Dead still playing Lucina: Yes, I agree completely with you. Well, I suppose we should follow that maid to the rooms then. Lucina got up from the couch and began to head in the direction they were supposed to go. She saw Hugh and the others leaving, but decided to stay quiet in the matter. Anna Ametrine Location: The Warrior's Hangout - Conference Room Anna: It might be too much for me to ask this... I am not useful on the frontlines like everyone else, so... Anna: I wish to help in the way I can: healing them. Can I not be of some use in this matter? Is it not necessary to have someone specialized in magical healing? Anna: If not, please, just... give me a way to help you all... Agni Blackheart and Rokurou Rangetsu BGM: Satellite Café Terrace (大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy) Agni waved at the rest who already entered at their rooms and inside his own as well. Rokurou followed him and both saw the room's interior. Agni: Well, there's a bed, a sink with a mirror, a small square table and two chairs, a mini-fridge, some kitchenwares, a microwave, a futon... Rokurou: I call dibs on the futon! Agni: T-That was fast... well, I'm taking the bed then. Rokurou: Just don't forget to save some space for Anna- Agni: *takes out a gun* Complete that sentence and you'll sleep with a hole in your forehead. Rokurou: A-Alright, I'm staying quiet... As the gun vanished, Agni sat on the bed while Rokurou walked around the room. Agni: I think I should give my brother a call. I haven't spoke it earlier, but I'm worried about him as well... Rokurou: In the meanwhile, I'm going to see if there are any good drinks in the fridge. He began to reach the communicator in his ear and called Seraph. Rokurou opened the frigde's door and began to see if there was anything inside worth of his cup. Elizabeth Bathory Location: Magical Kingdom of Verve - Elysia Inn Elizabeth also removed her boots. She looked at Idealis once the question was made. Lize: I think he knows Agni for a longer time than I do. Still, I know why he acted like that. He's one of those foolish, heroic, selfless idiots that always follow the "talk what you want about me, but don't talk about my friends!" and all that spazz. Lize: I mean, c'mon. It's not like Seraph would get heartbroken from hearing that. The guy's so cold, the frigid temperature outside doesn't even bother me that much compared to how he acts! Urgh! Just because I wanted to get all the easter eggs... She returned to look at her hand. A concerned face began to appear, however, itself being related to her Master. She never wanted to doubt him, considering how kind he was with her, but after the experiences with Magnum and Seraph, it was impossible not to. Lize: ... I'd be lying if I said that, after this, I have no concerns about Agni. I have a strange feeling inside my chest that I can't explain it, but I wonder how he'd act if we questioned him personally. When Melina did that, his brother was there to defend him... I hope he doesn't act to childishly like those two, though. ??? Location: ??? BGM: Last Field "Her Moon" (Black Rock Shooter: The GAME) Inside the throne room, she stood alone, looking at the night sky outside in the island from the balcony of her castle. The moon shined beautifully, but she couldn't see any happiness from the horizon. Soon, a young demon came and stood by her side. ???: Why is he taking so long?! Is it so hard to find him?! ???: Calm down. You know he's doing his best. We both know that Agni wouldn't just bail out and call it quits halfway. ???: Doing his best... what best? I don't see any progress being made! ???: Also, where's that self-proclaimed, worthless apreentice of his?! If she's a supposed survivor, shouldn't she be doing something?! ???: Babe, you're getting too impatient about this. Your brother has more guts than most people we know. He's going to show up. ???: Two months of wait is enough for me... I can't take it anymore... She went inside, back to her throne. He followed her and hugged her, seeing as she wanted comfort. ???: I'm going after Agni. I want answers now. ???: Don't jump to conclusions. Remember, you're the Five-Elemental Esper, ruler of Verlaine. You can't just leave like this. ???: Quiet already. You're not stopping me. I have this right to know why is he taking so long to find my brother. ???: It seems nothing will stop you, right? ???: You don't even have to ask. I'll leave in the morning. She got out of his embrace and left to her room to sleep. Her determination to find answers was beaming and she was going to have them. ???: ... Magio, if this is some sort of trick, it's a mean one, man. I doubt you'll pull any laughs out of this...
  14. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucent Vermillion and ??? Location: Mysterious Ruins Lucina BGM: Beautiful Dead still playing Lucina: Yes, I am. I come from the kindgom of Ylisse, in another world called Valm. Although, right now, I am searching for my Master alongside some of my allies. Then, Lucina looked at the commander. Lucina: I suppose you have some words to speak, correct? You do seem as the commander behind the group. Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Why, yes, thank you very much. Excuse me. Lize walked in the room and sat in her bed. She crossed her legs and began to think. Lize: I wonder if Yomi managed to find the others. She just sent Jude away out of nowhere back then. 5T, 13P and Melina The androids followed Hinamori and Yui, still talking about Byakuya. They stopped at the door for a while. 5T: I have a feeling that Agni did that knowing the consequences and taking full responsibility upon it. He seems like the type to do that sort of stuff anyway. 13P: ... Hey, 5T. I think we haven't done our presentations to the people. I think some of them recognized you because of the other you, but... 5T: I know, but we'll do it later. I'm certainly going to be questioned about myself tomorrow. 5T and 13P were the next people to leave. The Pods, who have been flying and analyzing the others, followed them as well. Melina: Well, it is my pleasure to meet you two as well, Ms. Morrigan and Mr. Kyo. Now, if you excuse me, I shall be going too.
  15. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P and Anna Ametrine BGM: Iwatodai Dorm (Persona 3) Agni: Well, I'll try to contact Seraph or Magnum before I can go to sleep. Knowing where they are is going to be important. Rokurou: I'm going with you. I have nothing better to do anyways and we still have a fight to pull on. Melina: I guess the arenas are disabled since I believe all functionalities are finished for the day. Rokurou: What? Lame... Melina: I suppose I shall be the first to head out to see our accomodations. I must check with who I am supposed to share rooms with. 13P: 5T, should we go too? 5T: I guess so. I have to do a system check-up on both of us, so we might head to the rooms as well. Melina: Yes, but I suppose someone has to explain to Miss Hinamori why is the supposed "murderer" coming along with us. Agni: I'll do it. Melina: Artwaltz, your priority should be contacting the other team since you are the only one capable of doing it so. Agni: Well, yeah, but- 5T: Agni, we'll do the explanations. You can go and contact whoever you need to. Agni: R-Right. Well, let's go, Rokurou. Rokurou: Fine by me. It's not like I have anything to do anyway. Agni and Rokurou knocked at the door, trying to call the attention of the Mech-Hisui outside the room. 5T and 13P went towards Hinamori, Yui and Byakuya to tell why he's with them. 5T: From what I could gather, he's just coming along on his own will. This... "Chelicerata" guy, right? That's what he was called earlier. 13P: Wasn't it Agni's idea for him to come along? 5T: That's because Agni just gave up and let him come. But it's not like he's free to do anything he wants. We can just beat him dead in the case he backstab us, like Melina. 13P: Rokurou and Agni already gave him their warnings, too. He's not in a good situation, if he decides to play the traitor. Melina who was still sitting at the window, looked at the people around, looked at Kirimuri and then noticed Kiryu, Morrigan and Kyo there. Melina: Oh, Mr. Kiryu, you are back and I have not noticed you. I see you have found some other people with you. Who are they? Anna didn't follow Agni and Rokurou. She went towards Light and Dark to ask them about the way they found for her to help. Anna: Umm... excuse me, Mr. Light and... Mr. Darkflare...? I have something to ask of you two. Lucina BGM: Beautiful Dead (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc) They were waiting in the lounge for a good time. Lucina tried to see if Agni was somewhere, but the Mech-Hisuis weren't being too cooperative. Lucina: *sigh* I guess they are here, but those maids are not telling me anything. Is something too important happening that we cannot speak with the others now? I suppose we have no choice but to wait. Lucina: Come to think about it, from where did you all came? Considering how you are dressed, I suppose you are not from the slums, correct? Magnum Alexandria and Seraph Artwaltz BGM: Frosty Village (Diddy Kong Racing) The town seemed more lively at night. More witches were shooting magic at each other in the skies and even more people walked around. Torches were lit, so it wasn't horribly dark. Magnum: We're finally back. And look, the town seems more crowded now. Seraph: I suppose the people in this town are more nocturnal. Well then, shall we go to the inn? Magnum: R-Right! Although I'm unsure... Seraph: I'm going to hear and explain a lot. Got what I deserve, anyway... Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Really? Well, thank you, Nemesis. At least I'll have a good company to sleep and have some girl talk. Fang Fang was flying above the snowfields, heading back to the forest. He was used to cold places, so the wind didn't bothered him that badly. Fang: (Tch... seems like he wasn't there at all. I'll just head to the next town and see if I can find him.) Fang: (But that damn wind! Who the hell conjured it?! I was going to get Seraph dead but it blown me away! When I find the person who did it, they're going to be dead too!) He descended, reaching the border between the fields and the forest. He landed on a tree, sitting on a branch to rest for the night. He closed his eyes, thinking about his precious person before sleeping. Fang: Nothing and no one shall get in my way. I'm going to take him with me, no matter what... for his sake and for the happiness I deserve...
  16. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    ??? (To @A person and @Mister Fael) BGM: The Days When My Mother Was There (Persona 5) He breathed heavily. Taking out all of those creatures was a hard task. However, he was doing that for the person whom he loved the most. ???: Haaaah... haaah... damn, I'm tired. Those creatures doesn't just give up... ???: (Mom... I'm doing a good job, right? Even though I'm a monster, I'll protect this ruin from anyone...) Suddenly, steps could be heard. When the fox-looking young man looked, another person showed up. ???: Man, don't you guys ever quit?! How many times do I have to tell you that you're not coming in here?! ???: ... A kitsune...? ???: Wait, what?! You know what I am?! ???: Yes... although I never saw one... up close. ???: Well, that doesn't matter! You're not getting in!! ???: I see... then I'll just go away. The white-haired stranger turned out to continue walking, but the kitsune stopped him. This was something weird. How come he wasn't after the treasure? ???: Wait, wait, wait. You were supposed to say "Oh yeah? Then I'll force myself in!" or something like that and we jump into the fight part. ???: Is that so? I'm not interested in treasures. I just need a shelter... ???: Weird... so many people get here to come after the big treasure of this ruin. You're the first to say that treasure isn't interesting. ???: The desert seems long... I won't be able to endure it without resting... ???: The closest town is some miles away from here. You'll reach it drenched in sweat. ???: ... ???: Alright, alright. I'll be kind enough to let you rest a little. But... ???: If you get near the treasure altar, I'll kill you! Got it?! ???: ... Yes. And thank you for your kindness. The caped young man looked at the ruin and then looked at the kitsune. ???: ... Are you the god of this ruin? ???: More like a monster. I have my own reasons to stay here protecting this place. ???: I see... I suppose I should let you know my name then... Lucent: ... Presentation done. However, I have something to check before going inside. Goodbye for now... ???: W-Wait, my name is...! However, when he tried to introduce himself, Lucent just marched towards the sands ahead, looking at a point in the sky. The kitsune was left utterly confused, not understanding a single thing. ???: (He's so weird... I don't get him at all... how come he offered no resistance to me when I tried to attack? Is he so sincere or so stupid?)
  17. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory After feeling the warmth for a while, Elizabeth followed the other to the rooms. She looked but wondered where she was going to stay. Lize: Eeeeh... where am I going to sleep then...? Agni Artwaltz, Melina, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P and Anna Ametrine Agni: I could try to contact Seraph or Magnum. I have my communicator right here in my ear. Melina: Well, right now, we have no signals, so calling them here is not going to work. 13P: Can't we just hack into the network and try to find something out? 5T: You're really into the hacking part, right? 13P: Well, you're the best I know on that part, so if you could do it, we'd get somewhere! 5T: For the sake of... I don't know what. Didn't you heard me before? There's no machine potent enough to connect to their network! Rokurou: ... I guess we should call this off for now and wait for tomorrow. Anna: I think it is for the best. ??? (To @A person and @Mister Fael) The scolding heat of an endless desert was all he could feel. He kept walking towards the sands, the sunlight not bothering him. ???: Another world... different from my own... how many times will this happen... In the distance, he saw a strange ruin. It looked like a destroyed temple, used to rever a god or hold some sort of treasure inside it. ???: A ruin...? It'll have to serve as a shelter. ???: (Auras... heading towards that ruin. Two of them...? I'll know once I reach it.) He kept walking towards said ruin, following the winds leading to it. No sign of abnormalities seemed to be present at his sight, but he was prepared for everything that could happen.
  18. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory She followed them to the inn, immediately running to the fireplace. Lize: Aaaah, this feels so good... finally, I'm warm... Magnum Alexandria and Seraph Artwaltz Jude's sudden appearance hasn't surprised Magnum much. He knew the disc served for that, other than the fact that teleporting wasn't something so unusual for him. Magnum: Well, I don't. Maybe he's still fighting, so- Seraph: I'm here. Soon, Seraph approached them. He seemed to be fine. Magnum: Sir Seraph!! Seraph: Sorry if I took my time. Has the conversation with the Oracle ended? Magnum: Seems like it. Jude just appeared to take us back to the town. Seraph: Well, we shouldn't leave them waiting for too long. Let's go. Magnum: W-Wait... about the person who attacked me... Seraph: I'll tell you back in the town. Dawdling here will call the attention of the guardians and we might end up in an unnecessary fight against dragons. Magnum: Yes sir! Agni Artwaltz, Melina, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P and Anna Ametrine Rokurou: I've got no idea, his background's shady as himself and Hakumen never gave us too much details about him. Melina: Hmmhmm. This calls for investigative work. Agni: Melina, do you have any ideas? Melina: Well, gathering information is the first part of my job. I could try to gather some pieces of the puzzle around town. Agni: That seems good, but let's leave it to tomorrow then. 13P: Well, we could try to see something in the network... 5T, you can manage that, right? 5T: That would require a really potent machine, capable of even reaching archives and data from other systems. Clearly, even if this place is well equipped, something like that isn't in our reach. Anna: ... Agni: Still thinking about the soldiers? Anna: Yes... after all, if they are human... how come I never felt a change in the flux? Agni: I don't know what to say about them either... As the discussion went on, Melina noticed how bothered Kirimuri was. She believed it had to do with the whole scenario, so she asked out of curiosity. Melina: Well, someone seems bothered. Care to opine, Kirimuri, or do you prefer to remain as the silent outsider out of 6 people who never got inside? Lucina After a good amount of walk, they finally reached the Hangout. Lucina: And here we are. This is the Warrior's Hangout. My allies should be already inside.
  19. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory Lize: OK. We might as well see what happened to Magnum and Seraph... As Idealis opened up the door, the gust of wind came like if it was a giant hand fisting her back. If felt like that for her, obvious reasons... Lize: GAH!! C-C-Cold!! A-At this rate, I'm going to f-freeze!! Agni Artwaltz, Melina,Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P and Anna Ametrine BGM: Alien Manifestation (NieR: Automata) Rokurou: Well, if I can add one thing is that he's not doing it alone. Agni: Is there someone else doing this? Rokurou: There's another guy involved with this. I met him only once, but his name's Ocelot. He's the guy responsible for the armory and the equipment. He's a shady guy, mainly a lone wolf and no one knows his intentions. Hakumen meets with the soldiers but he rarely makes any sort of human contact. Agni: So that's how they got ahold of the armor... Rokurou: That part about magic I can't say. As far as I know, nothing we did involved those things. 13P: Something like a civil war... I think I got it, only by that explanation. Melina: Well, I have a question. About the public, how they are feeling about this? Agni: The opinion between them diverges between them. Some are in favor, some against and those who don't wish to be involved. Melina: Expectable. However, wouldn't it be true to consider most of their army being made out of a makeshift guerilla? 13P: Are you suggesting that the people are making part of an army? Rokurou: The girl ain't wrong. People volunteered to join the Knights of the Forsaken. Hakumen accepted and personally trained them... Suddenly, Rokurou fell silent. Something crossed his mind about the soldiers. Rokurou: But now that you mentioned it, there's something bothering me. 5T: What would that be? Rokurou: Lately, some of the soldiers began to act as if they were kinda robotic.They followed orders and never said anything. 5T: Like... machines? 13P: So we have machines involved in the story? Ugh, how troublesome... Anna: ... Agni: Something on your mind, Anna? Anna: I... have a question. I suppose you all fought those soldiers, no? How... many of them did you killed?
  20. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory BGM: Manoria Cathedral still playing Upon hearing Idealis and Hera, Elizabeth headed out of the room, going back to the main hall. Elizabeth: Sheesh, he lost it. It's not like it's our fault anyway. He's the one who messed up big. Magnum Alexandria and Seraph Artwaltz As Magnum looked behind him, Artoria came to see how he was doing. He buffed up a smile just to show that things were OK. Magnum: Oh... Artoria! I thought you stood with the rest. However, upon hearing her words, all that Idealis and Elizabeth spoke about them ran back into his mind. Anger started to well up on him again, something he hasn't shown before when leaving the castle. Magnum: I know I acted like a little kid throwing a tantrum, but what would I do? Stay quiet and that's just it? I just couldn't take it... I'd care less if it was directed only at me, but they just assume things because of who we are... as if we never had passed through. That... Magnum: Pisses me the hell off! Seriously, what the heck?! Goddamnit, they spoke as if we three were just kidding around while everyone else does the hard work! I'm so damn full of their blasted opinion about us! So following their logic, just because I'm an angel, I don't know the pain of humans. To hell with that shit! They don't know a single fraction of what we went through in other worlds! Oh, I'm so damn mad about this that I would simply tell them to f- Hearing himself, Magnum stopped talking, a little surprised on how he exploded. He looked back at Artoria and laughed nervously. Magnum: O-Oh, almost! Sorry, I tend to explode like this and just ramble on and on, haha! Magnum: But maybe I needed to explode. Whew, I feel better about this now. Thanks for listening to it, Artoria. Magnum: I'm going to break their bias about us. Just you watch, I'll make them see that we can undergo in the same pain as they do. He was determined once again. His usual energetic self came back as a new challenge approached him. From a little far, Seraph watched at both and he managed to see how things went well, even if he couldn't hear them. Seraph: (He certainly changed a little... he was the type to just engulf those feelings and never let them out, not even to another ally.) Seraph: (... Change or else your actions will impact on others. That fool's words... are they actually correct in the end?)
  21. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory BGM: Manoria Cathedral (Chrono Trigger) By the conversation between them, things were definitely horrible. Elizabeth tried to hold her tongue, but she was clearly unable to. Lize: Let me get this straight then. Based on this whole shenanigan, we were supposed to stay here only for a little while but now we're trapped in this world for who knows how long?! Not all of them came here through a portal, that's a fact. However, she was also forced into this by someone else. Now, she hears that any chance of her leaving this world is reduced to zero. Elizabeth couldn't take it. She has already been forced to do what she never wanted to four times, this being the fifth. Lize: Are you going senile?! What makes you believe that we are some sort of heroes transcribed into some sort of manuscript that tells about "the legendary heroes that are destined to save the world" and the whole cliché, overused routine?! Lize: Well since you're the one who brought us, send us back then! We all have things to do in our worlds and we can't waste our time in this endeavor you're pushing onto us!
  22. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucina Lucina: Very well. Follow me then, I will lead the way. Lucina began to follow the streets as she began to lead them towards the Hangout.
  23. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucina Lucina: Very well. Follow me then, I will lead the way. Lucina began to follow the streets as she began to lead them towards the Hangout.
  24. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P, Melina and Anna Ametrine Agni: About us two, we're- 5T: Tell the details later. Let's head to this meeting room. Agni: A-Alright. Melina: Welcome back. When Agni looked at the seats to his right, Melina waved unsincerely at them. Melina: Have you taken a nice trip, Artwaltz? Agni: Melina. Anna: So she is the Sixth Bariura Princess, Melina... 5T: ... Melina: What a beautiful conglomeration you have managed to reunite. Perhaps your words have brought them to your side as well. Agni: I did nothing of the sort. Everyone came here by their own free will. Melina: Say whatever you want. Your words and nothing are the same to me. Anna: Your Highness, please, there is no need for anything of the sort. We wish to help you with this endeavor, so- Melina: I have no trust for angels or anything that is related to the gods. 13P: And I don't trust a brat who can't get her head straight. Upon hearing the words coming from 13P, she looked directly at the androids. Melina: Excuse me?! 5T: Just because you are a princess doesn't mean you have to be judgemental of others. Who are you to say anything about them when you're the uncooperative kid here? Anna: H-Hold on a moment... there is no need to mistreat her like this Melina: Well, we have new sharp-tongued additions to this cast. The kind of people like you can clearly accuse others while doing something wrong yourselves. Maybe a mirror would help you watch better your twisted behavior. 13P: What is she, a sheltered little prick? Melina: L-Little prick?! 5T: Agni, I clearly suggest for her to stay out of this. We don't need a backstabber around us. Agni: H-Hey, don't go overboard with this. She's with us too. 13P: She doesn't seem like cooperating with us anyway, so why bother? After all, like 5T said, she's a real double-crosser that could easily leave us to die. 5T: That's only an presumption, but I'm certain that's close to what she really is. Our "Highness" might sell us to the enemy in a fingersnap if the situation is convenient for her. Anna: P-Please, enough... we do not mind her distrust... 5T: But we do. If she's not going to be useful, then she should just leave. 13P: It won't make a difference. We don't need to watch a weakling like her, who's absolutely a stone in our shoes. This was enough for Melina. Even though she never had pride as a princess of Bariura, her own self was being dirtied with words. Bearing her casual smile, she looked back at 5T and 13P. Melina: ... You wish for me to be cooperative? Fine. I shall do it so. I heard enough coming from you two... Melina: But as a friendly warning... sleep with your eyes open. Who knows what could happen in the night? 5T: Well then, humor me. It's a pleasure to think on how things will go, Princess Melina. 13P: And about sleeping with our eyes open... that's a cheap and dull way to threaten someone. So let's be a little more direct. 5T and 13P: Backstab us all and we'll kill you. Melina: ...!! 5T and 13P left to follow the others that went ahead to the room. Agni: Great, they hate each other. Wonderful way to start on making the team work together. Anna: Your Highness, I am very sorry, we never meant to have things happening like this... Agni: We actually don't mind if you're doubting us or not. You have reasons to, anyway. Melina: ... Please, stop. Let us just go to this meeting room... They followed the others who already went ahead. Rokurou just stood silent, while watching all the scene. Elizabeth Bathory Lize: (Finally. I was starting to think that my dress was going to fill with mana dust...) Lize: (But I wonder why they're so concerned about this...) Elizabeth followed Hera, Idealis and Seth to the Oracle's sanctum. Lucina Lucina: Oh! W-Well, it is my pleasure, Miss Penelope. Lucina: Well, I am glad I could help at some point. However, I must depart back to somewhere and warn my allies about a serious situation. Lucina: ... On a thought, would it be better for you to come with me? I believe we can help each other and they will not refuse to do it so.
  25. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, 5T and 13P Anna: Actually, I have no information on any sort of incident. I was worried because Agni left on his mission without warning me beforehand, so I came after him. Agni: I'm sorry. We really need to sit and talk about this, just the two of us. Anna: It is OK. I am not mad. He gave her a sad smile. Just like with Light, Agni has been hiding things from Anna, someone who trusted him deeply. Even though she wasn't mad at him, he was disappointed in himself for doing such thing. Same could be said about his old friend. Agni: That samurai is Rokurou Rangetsu, an ex-commander of the Knights of the Forsaken. He helped me escape from the slums, like you previously saw. We worked under the guise of me being a new monster bait for his hunts. The other guy... I don't really know his name. All that I can call him is as Chelicerata, which is the name of his own source of power. Agni: ... And I know I have so much to explain to you. I never meant to lie, but there are things that can't be just spoken with everyone listening. That's the case of Melina's own story, Light. Anna: Ah! Now that you mentioned... I felt something too in the flux of souls recently. It was that her soul has disappeared. It was meant to be waiting for judgement, but it is not anymore. Agni: Someone ressurected her, for reasons unknown. The thing is, knowing how she is, getting her full cooperation in this will be difficult. As they talked, the androids joined the conversation. 13P was the first to bluntly put about it. 13P: Talk about an edgy teamwork you all have. I don't know how it's standing by the way you talk, since it looks like you're working together, but going at each other's heads at the same time. 5T: If this is how you all normally work, I don't know. But from my point of view, it's a hunter against hunter situation with too many lies, betrayals and such things like that. 13P: Our battle routines are pre-programmed, but even we know about the importance of a team. Aren't you all in the same situation? Agni: We all are here for different reasons. Some of us came by own volition, some were sent and trapped here, others were from here ever since the beginning... even though we want to, it's hard to mix all of them into one only so that we can fight together. Anna: Even if union is the most logical conclusion, our hearts are different. In this case, no one has their emotions fully aligned. Because of that, internal conflicts are bound to happen. Until they are aligned, it is impossible for us to achieve anything. 5T: Well, hearts are bound to changes every time. It's not like we understand that very well, but what we can at least comprehend how faulty your teamwork is and how you'll never achieve anything other than each other's deaths if you all don't take it more seriously. Agni: Yeah, you're right. We have to reverse that, no matter what. I'm giving my 100% and beyond it to make sure everybody returns home. Anna held Agni's hand and squeezed it. Once he looked at her, she beamed him a smile. Anna: You already have my trust, support and love. I will always stand by your side, Agni. 5T: (How come they are so different? Anna's so open about it and Agni's too closed...) 13P: Well, we can't do magic, but we'll try our best in what we can do. Ain't that right, 5T? 5T: Correct. There are many things I want to know and I'm going to do it so. Agni: Great. That's good to hear. Agni: Light, I know that I lied twice to you when I should've just been sincere, but I want another chance. Whatever I know, I won't hide it anymore.