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  1. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory Lize: OK. We might as well see what happened to Magnum and Seraph... As Idealis opened up the door, the gust of wind came like if it was a giant hand fisting her back. If felt like that for her, obvious reasons... Lize: GAH!! C-C-Cold!! A-At this rate, I'm going to f-freeze!! Agni Artwaltz, Melina,Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P and Anna Ametrine BGM: Alien Manifestation (NieR: Automata) Rokurou: Well, if I can add one thing is that he's not doing it alone. Agni: Is there someone else doing this? Rokurou: There's another guy involved with this. I met him only once, but his name's Ocelot. He's the guy responsible for the armory and the equipment. He's a shady guy, mainly a lone wolf and no one knows his intentions. Hakumen meets with the soldiers but he rarely makes any sort of human contact. Agni: So that's how they got ahold of the armor... Rokurou: That part about magic I can't say. As far as I know, nothing we did involved those things. 13P: Something like a civil war... I think I got it, only by that explanation. Melina: Well, I have a question. About the public, how they are feeling about this? Agni: The opinion between them diverges between them. Some are in favor, some against and those who don't wish to be involved. Melina: Expectable. However, wouldn't it be true to consider most of their army being made out of a makeshift guerilla? 13P: Are you suggesting that the people are making part of an army? Rokurou: The girl ain't wrong. People volunteered to join the Knights of the Forsaken. Hakumen accepted and personally trained them... Suddenly, Rokurou fell silent. Something crossed his mind about the soldiers. Rokurou: But now that you mentioned it, there's something bothering me. 5T: What would that be? Rokurou: Lately, some of the soldiers began to act as if they were kinda robotic.They followed orders and never said anything. 5T: Like... machines? 13P: So we have machines involved in the story? Ugh, how troublesome... Anna: ... Agni: Something on your mind, Anna? Anna: I... have a question. I suppose you all fought those soldiers, no? How... many of them did you killed?
  2. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory BGM: Manoria Cathedral still playing Upon hearing Idealis and Hera, Elizabeth headed out of the room, going back to the main hall. Elizabeth: Sheesh, he lost it. It's not like it's our fault anyway. He's the one who messed up big. Magnum Alexandria and Seraph Artwaltz As Magnum looked behind him, Artoria came to see how he was doing. He buffed up a smile just to show that things were OK. Magnum: Oh... Artoria! I thought you stood with the rest. However, upon hearing her words, all that Idealis and Elizabeth spoke about them ran back into his mind. Anger started to well up on him again, something he hasn't shown before when leaving the castle. Magnum: I know I acted like a little kid throwing a tantrum, but what would I do? Stay quiet and that's just it? I just couldn't take it... I'd care less if it was directed only at me, but they just assume things because of who we are... as if we never had passed through. That... Magnum: Pisses me the hell off! Seriously, what the heck?! Goddamnit, they spoke as if we three were just kidding around while everyone else does the hard work! I'm so damn full of their blasted opinion about us! So following their logic, just because I'm an angel, I don't know the pain of humans. To hell with that shit! They don't know a single fraction of what we went through in other worlds! Oh, I'm so damn mad about this that I would simply tell them to f- Hearing himself, Magnum stopped talking, a little surprised on how he exploded. He looked back at Artoria and laughed nervously. Magnum: O-Oh, almost! Sorry, I tend to explode like this and just ramble on and on, haha! Magnum: But maybe I needed to explode. Whew, I feel better about this now. Thanks for listening to it, Artoria. Magnum: I'm going to break their bias about us. Just you watch, I'll make them see that we can undergo in the same pain as they do. He was determined once again. His usual energetic self came back as a new challenge approached him. From a little far, Seraph watched at both and he managed to see how things went well, even if he couldn't hear them. Seraph: (He certainly changed a little... he was the type to just engulf those feelings and never let them out, not even to another ally.) Seraph: (... Change or else your actions will impact on others. That fool's words... are they actually correct in the end?)
  3. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Elizabeth Bathory BGM: Manoria Cathedral (Chrono Trigger) By the conversation between them, things were definitely horrible. Elizabeth tried to hold her tongue, but she was clearly unable to. Lize: Let me get this straight then. Based on this whole shenanigan, we were supposed to stay here only for a little while but now we're trapped in this world for who knows how long?! Not all of them came here through a portal, that's a fact. However, she was also forced into this by someone else. Now, she hears that any chance of her leaving this world is reduced to zero. Elizabeth couldn't take it. She has already been forced to do what she never wanted to four times, this being the fifth. Lize: Are you going senile?! What makes you believe that we are some sort of heroes transcribed into some sort of manuscript that tells about "the legendary heroes that are destined to save the world" and the whole cliché, overused routine?! Lize: Well since you're the one who brought us, send us back then! We all have things to do in our worlds and we can't waste our time in this endeavor you're pushing onto us!
  4. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucina Lucina: Very well. Follow me then, I will lead the way. Lucina began to follow the streets as she began to lead them towards the Hangout.
  5. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucina Lucina: Very well. Follow me then, I will lead the way. Lucina began to follow the streets as she began to lead them towards the Hangout.
  6. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T, 13P, Melina and Anna Ametrine Agni: About us two, we're- 5T: Tell the details later. Let's head to this meeting room. Agni: A-Alright. Melina: Welcome back. When Agni looked at the seats to his right, Melina waved unsincerely at them. Melina: Have you taken a nice trip, Artwaltz? Agni: Melina. Anna: So she is the Sixth Bariura Princess, Melina... 5T: ... Melina: What a beautiful conglomeration you have managed to reunite. Perhaps your words have brought them to your side as well. Agni: I did nothing of the sort. Everyone came here by their own free will. Melina: Say whatever you want. Your words and nothing are the same to me. Anna: Your Highness, please, there is no need for anything of the sort. We wish to help you with this endeavor, so- Melina: I have no trust for angels or anything that is related to the gods. 13P: And I don't trust a brat who can't get her head straight. Upon hearing the words coming from 13P, she looked directly at the androids. Melina: Excuse me?! 5T: Just because you are a princess doesn't mean you have to be judgemental of others. Who are you to say anything about them when you're the uncooperative kid here? Anna: H-Hold on a moment... there is no need to mistreat her like this Melina: Well, we have new sharp-tongued additions to this cast. The kind of people like you can clearly accuse others while doing something wrong yourselves. Maybe a mirror would help you watch better your twisted behavior. 13P: What is she, a sheltered little prick? Melina: L-Little prick?! 5T: Agni, I clearly suggest for her to stay out of this. We don't need a backstabber around us. Agni: H-Hey, don't go overboard with this. She's with us too. 13P: She doesn't seem like cooperating with us anyway, so why bother? After all, like 5T said, she's a real double-crosser that could easily leave us to die. 5T: That's only an presumption, but I'm certain that's close to what she really is. Our "Highness" might sell us to the enemy in a fingersnap if the situation is convenient for her. Anna: P-Please, enough... we do not mind her distrust... 5T: But we do. If she's not going to be useful, then she should just leave. 13P: It won't make a difference. We don't need to watch a weakling like her, who's absolutely a stone in our shoes. This was enough for Melina. Even though she never had pride as a princess of Bariura, her own self was being dirtied with words. Bearing her casual smile, she looked back at 5T and 13P. Melina: ... You wish for me to be cooperative? Fine. I shall do it so. I heard enough coming from you two... Melina: But as a friendly warning... sleep with your eyes open. Who knows what could happen in the night? 5T: Well then, humor me. It's a pleasure to think on how things will go, Princess Melina. 13P: And about sleeping with our eyes open... that's a cheap and dull way to threaten someone. So let's be a little more direct. 5T and 13P: Backstab us all and we'll kill you. Melina: ...!! 5T and 13P left to follow the others that went ahead to the room. Agni: Great, they hate each other. Wonderful way to start on making the team work together. Anna: Your Highness, I am very sorry, we never meant to have things happening like this... Agni: We actually don't mind if you're doubting us or not. You have reasons to, anyway. Melina: ... Please, stop. Let us just go to this meeting room... They followed the others who already went ahead. Rokurou just stood silent, while watching all the scene. Elizabeth Bathory Lize: (Finally. I was starting to think that my dress was going to fill with mana dust...) Lize: (But I wonder why they're so concerned about this...) Elizabeth followed Hera, Idealis and Seth to the Oracle's sanctum. Lucina Lucina: Oh! W-Well, it is my pleasure, Miss Penelope. Lucina: Well, I am glad I could help at some point. However, I must depart back to somewhere and warn my allies about a serious situation. Lucina: ... On a thought, would it be better for you to come with me? I believe we can help each other and they will not refuse to do it so.
  7. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, 5T and 13P Anna: Actually, I have no information on any sort of incident. I was worried because Agni left on his mission without warning me beforehand, so I came after him. Agni: I'm sorry. We really need to sit and talk about this, just the two of us. Anna: It is OK. I am not mad. He gave her a sad smile. Just like with Light, Agni has been hiding things from Anna, someone who trusted him deeply. Even though she wasn't mad at him, he was disappointed in himself for doing such thing. Same could be said about his old friend. Agni: That samurai is Rokurou Rangetsu, an ex-commander of the Knights of the Forsaken. He helped me escape from the slums, like you previously saw. We worked under the guise of me being a new monster bait for his hunts. The other guy... I don't really know his name. All that I can call him is as Chelicerata, which is the name of his own source of power. Agni: ... And I know I have so much to explain to you. I never meant to lie, but there are things that can't be just spoken with everyone listening. That's the case of Melina's own story, Light. Anna: Ah! Now that you mentioned... I felt something too in the flux of souls recently. It was that her soul has disappeared. It was meant to be waiting for judgement, but it is not anymore. Agni: Someone ressurected her, for reasons unknown. The thing is, knowing how she is, getting her full cooperation in this will be difficult. As they talked, the androids joined the conversation. 13P was the first to bluntly put about it. 13P: Talk about an edgy teamwork you all have. I don't know how it's standing by the way you talk, since it looks like you're working together, but going at each other's heads at the same time. 5T: If this is how you all normally work, I don't know. But from my point of view, it's a hunter against hunter situation with too many lies, betrayals and such things like that. 13P: Our battle routines are pre-programmed, but even we know about the importance of a team. Aren't you all in the same situation? Agni: We all are here for different reasons. Some of us came by own volition, some were sent and trapped here, others were from here ever since the beginning... even though we want to, it's hard to mix all of them into one only so that we can fight together. Anna: Even if union is the most logical conclusion, our hearts are different. In this case, no one has their emotions fully aligned. Because of that, internal conflicts are bound to happen. Until they are aligned, it is impossible for us to achieve anything. 5T: Well, hearts are bound to changes every time. It's not like we understand that very well, but what we can at least comprehend how faulty your teamwork is and how you'll never achieve anything other than each other's deaths if you all don't take it more seriously. Agni: Yeah, you're right. We have to reverse that, no matter what. I'm giving my 100% and beyond it to make sure everybody returns home. Anna held Agni's hand and squeezed it. Once he looked at her, she beamed him a smile. Anna: You already have my trust, support and love. I will always stand by your side, Agni. 5T: (How come they are so different? Anna's so open about it and Agni's too closed...) 13P: Well, we can't do magic, but we'll try our best in what we can do. Ain't that right, 5T? 5T: Correct. There are many things I want to know and I'm going to do it so. Agni: Great. That's good to hear. Agni: Light, I know that I lied twice to you when I should've just been sincere, but I want another chance. Whatever I know, I won't hide it anymore.
  8. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, Anna Ametrine, 5T and 13P Rokurou: Well, guess I'll follow Kiri and head right in! 5T: Don't forget the coin. *flips it towards Rokurou* Rokurou: *grabs it* Thanks, 5T! Now, to make my signup and drag someone with me to those arenas. 13P: Good luck with that. Rokurou went inside as well. As they were about to go in, Light and the others from Team A appeared. Agni: Light! Ryuko! Etomo! Cu! Anna: Oh my, Mr. LightFlare! It has been such a long time, how have you been? Lucina BGM: Onward, Yggdra! still playing Lucina: Very well, I shall not disappoint! Even though she was being dragged, Lucina held Falchion in order to react quickly at any sort of attack towards them.
  9. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, Anna Ametrine, 5T and 13P BGM: Peaceful Sleep still playing Agni, Anna and Rokurou reached the entrance, where 5T was waiting for them, alongside someone else they didn't know, but familiar to the android. Agni: Oh, there you are. I thought you would have lost yourself among the road. 5T: I have a mini-map and the route recorded in my data, don't take me that lightly. Rokurou: Haha! That's an android for you. Anna: Oh, now I understood what he meant about protocol. It was strange how I am unable to feel any sort of aura coming out from you. 5T: What's... an aura? Agni: It's best if you don't know. We don't want you getting up into magical stuff without using it. 13P: Magical schtick and whatnot isn't for us, 5T. Let's do as he says and stop asking about it. Rokurou: By the way, who's the glasses guy? 13P: YoRHa unit no. 13 Type Punisher. 13P for short. I came here to aid 5T. Anna: I suppose he is too an android. Well, I suppose we should present each other again. Rokurou: Right. Well, I'm- 5T: There's no need for that. I'll pass the data I have about them to you. Pod. 5T's Pod: Affirmative. Requesting permission to initiate allied forces data upload to unit 13P's memory data. 13P's Pod: Permission granted. Initiating download of data... Agni: Being an android seems to make life so much easier... Rokurou: Wanna have an android of you walking around then? Agni: No, I don't. I think one of me is already enough. Anna: I agree with Agni. Rokurou: Aww, aren't you two the cutest lovebirds. Agni: Rokurou, don't overstep the boundaries or I'll shoot you! Rokurou: O-OK, I'm backing off... After a while, the procedure was complete. 13P's Pod: Download complete. Data of Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, Rokurou Rangetsu and Kirimuri has been stored as allied forces data. Proposal: a word of appreciation must be said. 13P: ... Alright then. The names are here. Nice to meet you all. Agni: The pleasure is ours, 13P. Then, 5T saw that Byakuya was still following them and got annoyed. Seeing his face towards Byakuya, 13P was going to order his Pod to shoot but was held back by 5T. 5T: That guy's still following us. Agni: There's nothing much you can do about it. 5T and 13P: You could have just said "no". Agni: Well... there's that, but... I don't think would've listened to me. 5T and 13P: ... Anna: Hehe... you two look like brothers. 5T and 13P: Huh?! Agni: Well, considering they're androids, I suppose the synergy between them is better. I can definitely see them as brothers. 5T and 13P: Me? His brother? 5T and 13P looked at each other and looked away at the same instant, each with its thought about Agni and Anna's opinion. 5T: (I don't think it would work...) 13P: (... That wouldn't be so bad, I guess...) Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Well, it's not like I have something against their kind. You know, there is an exception to me... I don't know why, but he is. Lize: But... if you think they're somewhat important to us, then I'm not saying anything. Not going after him, though. I might end up skewering him if he takes my patience off. At the end of her thought, Elizabeth giggled a little and looked at Idealis again. Lize: Hehe... you're kinda fit to be the boss around us, Nemesis. I mean, I can't say I'll fully follow your orders since my contract is exclusive to him, but you seem diligent enough to make the decisions around here.
  10. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine and Rokurou Rangetsu Anna: ... Rokurou: Man, I guess you should just quit. They don't seem convinced of you. Agni: Well, clearly you can't expect me to say "yes" easily... but at any rate, you're going to follow us even if we say "no", won't you? Anna: I... am really concerned about this... Agni: I won't let anything happen to you or to anyone. Something happens and my bullet is the last thing he'll see... we're clear on that, Chelicerata? Anna: OK. I believe in you, Agni. Mr. Chelicerata, we will be counting on you. Rokurou: Wait, are you just letting him come? Agni: Like I said, he's asking but what he'll do is very clear. Whether we say yes or no, he's going to follow us anyway. I won't stop him from coming, but the warning has been given. Agni and Anna went back to the Warrior's Hangout, holding hands ever still. Rokurou gave Byakuya a glare before following them. Rokurou: Tch... hey, kid. You mess up and you're mine to take care, got it? 5T and ??? After reaching the Hangout, he just leaned at the entrance, waiting for the others to arrive. 5T: *sigh* I guess I'll just lean here and wait up for them, I guess... BGM: Peaceful Sleep (NieR: Automata) ???: 5T! Hey! 5T: Wait, that's... 13P went running towards 5T, who was surprised he was still around and alive. That made him glad. 13P: I finally managed to find you... after all this time... 5T: 13P... 13P: I heard that there was one survivor among your model. Am I glad to have found it! 5T: Y-You don't have to sound so glad. I mean, there's nothing so special about my model anyway. 13P: Did you forget? I was assigned to help you. That's solely the reason why I was created. 5T: Not all of your models were designed to do that. The Punisher models were designed to be full-fledged battle units, while the Tracer were created solely for recon missions. 13P: I'd take any recon mission over being sent to a war. After all, working out with other models is where lies the fun. 5T: You do remember that having fun isn't something we were programmed to have, right? 13P: Neither to have free will, but hey, here we are. 5T: Touché. 13P leaned agains the wall, next to 5T. He looked at his fists and clenched them, demonstrating a little of anger. 13P: YoRHa's so demented as hell... that organization is so messed up that I'm glad the production of my models stopped. 5T: Yeah... there are many things that happened under our eyes that we never noticed in the time... but now... 13P: You don't sound that filled with revenge. For the last survivor, that is. 5T: Well, you see... I'm not technically the last one. He... died. 13P: ... 5T: Sorry to disappoint you that much, I guess... 13P: Who said I'm disappointed? Like I said, if I could find a survivor, it'd be great. I did, so there's that. 13P: Besides, my mission stays the same. I'll assist you whenever, so we're a team now. 5T: Well, I guess this leaves me a little happier. Fighting alongside another unit will help me much, in comparison to the others. 13P: Same here. Except I've been alone for a longer time. Lucina BGM: Onward, Yggdra! -PSP Version- (Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone) Lucina: Haaaah!! Without any hesitation (or caution), Lucina broke through the knights and reached the group. With Falchion in hand, she decided to fight alongside them and help with any eventual escape, if that were to be the case. Lucina: Greetings. My name is Lucina. I have seen you were in problems with those guards and I decided to help. Magnum Alexandria Magnum went to the outside, looking at the brigde that connected Verve's land to the castle, alongside the two guardians standing in its end. He then looked at the disc. Magnum: .(If this is just like I suppose they're thinking, I'm the... oh, great...) Magnum: (But seriously, I should head back to the town. I guess working nicely with them isn't an option anymore. Well, I'll try to get the most distant possible from here, anyway...) Elizabeth Bathory Lize: Are you sure you wanna go? Why do we need to look after him, anyway? It was his decision to play the crybaby.
  11. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Magnum Alexandria and Elizabeth Bathory As he tried to leave, he felt his scarf being held. He looked back at her. Magnum: If I'm not helpful, then why do you want me around? Lize: Ugh, getting overemotional over a stupid commentary that wasn't even directed at you. But oh brave commander, please forgive our horrendous sin. We never intended to insult your Excellency with our outrageous words. Oh, woe is me for doing such mistake. Magnum: ... Are you done with your theater? Lize: Pretty much. Magnum grabbed the disc thrown at him, knowing exactly what Yomi intended with it. Magnum: I'll wait in the city. Maybe even knowing I'm simply outside might end up bothering you. Lize: Talking seriously now, you're being such a brat with all this soap opera. It's not like we were so offensive, it's just the blatant truth, plain and simple. Magnum: Then why don't you say the truth in front of your Master and see what he thinks about it when we get back to Candor, Elizabeth? I dare you're even able to try. Lize: !! Magnum: Then again, he's different from us. Like you said, he's the only one who you can count between us three angels. He brushed off Idealis' hand from his scarf and continued to walk outside. Elizabeth got a little irritated by his comment. Lize: Playing a foul game like that... fine! I know that Agni will take that with the maturity that he doesn't possess! Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, Anna Ametrine, 5T and ??? Anna: Yes, I did. The church was in a horrible state, physically and possessed by such evil spirits. I managed to purify it, so now it is only an abandoned building. 5T: I think we should head back and continue the needed discussions there. Agni: Alright then, let's- However, before they could leave, Byakuya has appeared and talked with Agni. Agni: You... the Chelicerata! Rokurou: By the looks of it, you're not happy of seeing him. Agni: How can I be? This guy attacked us and even killed innocents. Anna: Then... the change in the flux of souls... even if I am a minor goddess, I was able to feel it... 5T: Let's just brush him off and go back already. Certainly you don't want to fight here in the open. 5T went ahead, ignoring the young man's presence while they stood behind to confirm his intentions. ???: Where is he going? ???'s Pod: Unknown. Proposal: follow unit 5T through a different direction. ???: Right, let's go this way then and rendezvous with him at wherever he's going. Pod, mark his signal and keep tracking it. ???'s Pod: Affirmative. Signal found and registrated on mini-map.
  12. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Lucina She was desperate. Lucina had ignored Agni's warning and went after him as the coast seemed to get clearer. The guards were so focused on getting him that she got past by them. However, because he never returned, she decided to search for him and had no success. Lucina: (I was not able to find him... I cannot believe this. What has happened to Agni? If something would ever happen to him...) Lucina: Master... what am I to do now...? I have gotten separated from the rest and I cannot seem to find another way to reach Agni or at least a proof that he is fine... As she walked, the sight of a skirmish was notable. The guards had a team completely cornered. Even though they weren't looking in a helpless situation, she was unable to just ignore it. Lucina: (A fight...?! No, those guards have them cornered! I must make haste! They will need any sort of aid!) Magnum Alexandria and Elizabeth Bathory BGM: Zanarkand still playing She wasn't understanding why some of them were worried. Elizabeth just looked around. Lize: Well, it's not too good. And oh, the speckles of dust coming from this single room... how absurd. Magnum: ... Ungh... Lize: Oh! Magnum began to move again. Elizabeth just dropped him on the ground. The fall might have hurt him, but he didn't even complained about it. Magnum: Ugh... where am I... Lize: Good morning, sleeping dog. You're inside a castle. Magnum: Oh... so this is the inside of the Oracle's castle...? Lize: Yep! It sure is. She looked at Magnum, who was unconscious and somewhat hurt. For some reason, she felt worried. However, that certain feeling brought conflict upon Elizabeth... Magnum: ... Where's Sir Seraph? Lize: He... stood behind to fight another angel. The guy seemed like angry in levels to kill... Magnum: I see... Lize: Don't worry. He'll be back soon. You know Seraph's a tough piece, so... He fell silent and waited for their next move. Normally, he'd be more active, so Elizabeth asked him. Lize: Uh, Magnum? You don't need to fall mute. Magnum: I said it before, I don't feel like talking. I'll just be quiet, so that I won't bother you. Lize: Oh, c'mon! Just be a little more enthusiastic, like you always are! *tries to give a friendly pat* Magnum: *stops her hand* Don't touch me. Lize: ... Magnum: ... I'll just wair outside. Tell me about what the Oracle said to you later. Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T and ??? 5T: One coin will suffice, thank you. As he took the single coin and turned around, he saw Rokurou and Kirimuri staring at Agni and Anna outside. Rokurou: ... 5T: What are you two doing? Rokurou: Isn't it obvious? We're waiting for the next move. 5T: Ugh, "perverted" isn't a word sufficient to describe you two. *sigh* Let's go. Rokurou: Oh, you got it already? 5T: Yeah, now come on. Let's meet her up, you two. 5T and Rokurou left the bank and went back into the street, where Agni and Anna were waiting together. 5T: We're back. Agni: You managed to get the needed amount? 5T: Yes. Also, who is she? Agni: She's my wife. Her name is Anna Ametrine. Anna, those are Rokurou, Kirimruri and 5T. Rokurou: It's my pleasure, miss. 5T: For me as well, ma'am. Anna: Hehe, I am very honored. And please, no formalities. I prefer to called as my name and not as miss or lady. 5T: Sorry, but I can't promise that. We don't have that much friendship and something like this is out of my protocol and manners. Anna: Protocol...? Agni: It's a long story... As their conversation began once again, from the end of the street and away from them, a man was looking at their way. ???: Is that 5T?! But his models are...! Pod: Affirmative. Unit fully recognized as Type 5 Tracer. ???: So it's true... there was a 5T survivor... ???: (5T... how much it has been since out last encounter? Before you were sent on that suicide mission YoRHa planned for your model...)
  13. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Seraph Artwaltz, Fang and ??? BGM: The Joker still playing The battle went on, fierce as it could be. Seraph and Fang dealt their blows Fang: Damnit... I forgot that for a piece of trash you fight well... Seraph: It would be hard for me not to know how to fight against you. Fang: Heh, don't count your victory yet! This thing's just getting started! Seraph: (... A change in the wind... hold on, this isn't coming from...) Suddenly, the wind began to blow against the flow Fang has previously established. Soon, he felt himself being pushed away by it. Fang: W-What the hell?! T-This wind...!! He couldn't resist it. His crippled wing was not much useful, so he couldn't hold his stance and was blown away. ???: Ugh... why did I had to save a guy? Is my luck with women that bad? BGM: Zaveid the Exile (Tales of Zestiria/Berseria) When Seraph looked, another person was standing there. He didn't seemed too bothered, contradicting his last comment. ???: Heh, if that kept on, you would have lost. Holding back won't do you any good. Seraph: Are you the one responsible for the wind? ???: You bet I am! I'm a wind seraphim, so something like that is easy for me. Seraph: A seraphim, huh? Well, I appreciate your help- ???: Drop it. I know you're not that kind. Talk like you usually do. Seraph: Huh? What are you talking about? ???: Don't play dumb with me. Just stop that whole act. Seraph's smile quickly ended and his stare lost a good amount of emotion as the strange man asked him to stop. Seraph: ... So let me get to the point then. Your name and make it quick. ???: Oho, you really sound different. Kinda better than the whole "good guy" mask you had on. Seraph: I said "make it quick". ???: Alright, sir... well, my name is... After his presentation, Zaveid stopped leaning on the tree and just went towards Seraph, who looked back at him with a frigid stare. Zaveid: That dude was hell-bent on killing you, from the looks of it. You sure you wanted to die here? Seraph: No, I don't wish to. I just don't understand why you decide to help me. Zaveid: You said it yourself. Don't you have a family waiting for you? That's it. Seraph: That's not a true reason for you to aid me. You don't even know who I am. Zaveid: Are you sure of that... First Archgeneral Seraph Artwaltz? Upon hearing his name, unlike the last time with Idealis confronting him, Seraph didn't hesitate and pulled his katana out, pointing directly at Zaveid's neck. Seraph: ... Who are you and what do you want? Zaveid: Whoa whoa, put you blades down, man! I didn't come here after your head! Seraph: Zaveid, was it? A guy who knows my name can't claim to actually not be after my head. You have 10 seconds to give me a reason or else I'll sever your head here. 10... 9... 8... Zaveid: I see. So that's how the cold First works, huh. Interesting. Seraph: 7... 6... 5... 4... Zaveid: Haha, so you truly are a killer, after all. Good story you did back there. Was that all just to hide what you actually are? Seraph sighed at Zaveid's laidback laughter and put his blade away. Seraph: Revenge on someone important to you that I killed? Zaveid: Ah, give me a break. All that I wanted was to see you finally leave that kind facet you were putting before to those guys you're with. Zaveid: Between us both, you don't actually feel compassion and regret for those you've taken down, do you? Seraph: They're the ones who came after me. So what if my blade has taken their lives? What were they to me, anyway? Zaveid: Nothing. But you actually saved them, don't you think? Zaveid: They could have fallen to deeper sins and became fallen angels, right? So by putting them down with your sword, you managed to prevent that. Seraph: Let me guess. Death is salvation and a life taker like me did nothing wrong. Is that it? Zaveid: ... Unsurprising, considering that's you who we're talking about. Glad that you came to understand that, Sephs. Zaveid: Well, guess ol' Zaveid here will just head back to Candor. You should just go ahead and follow the rest. Seraph: ... Yeah, I'll do just that. In the next time we meet, I'll kill you. He walked past the angel and gave him a last talk before heading back Zaveid: You said you have a little brother, right? Seraph: I do. What about him? Zaveid: If you love him like you so fondly speak, why don't you try to change your ways for real instead of lying to him and to the others? Seraph: ... Zaveid: Your actions will reflect upon him. Keep being this cold and he'll end up meeting a new way of seeing things... and not in a good way. It'll also just further enhance your own loneliness and the distance between you both. Zaveid leaves back to the town. Seraph took his blade out of the sheath and looked at it. Seraph: (... My actions reflect upon his...? But asking me to become friendly like him is just...) Seraph: (No, Agni will never fall again. He's different. His heart is warm and welcoming, unlike mine. He'll never be alone... and as long as he's here, I don't need anyone else.) Magnum Alexandria and Elizabeth Bathory BGM: Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) Elizabeth gave a glance at the castle and wasn't amazed as she was with the previous one. She felt as if it was smaller. Lize: So this is the castle, huh... pretty grand. Well, not like Candor's, but it's still good for a show or two. Then, the two dragon guardians appeared. She looked at them and different from Idealis, who got a little scared, Elizabeth got amazed. Maybe it'd be because she wasn't so different from them. Lize: Oh my, what beautiful scales you two got there! I'm impressed by it! Lize: Anyway, shall we go inside? We need to see this Oracle or whatever and find a place for this idiot to rest. She looked at Magnum, who was unconscious and somewhat hurt. For some reason, she felt worried. However, that certain feeling brought conflict upon Elizabeth... Lize: (... Why am I feeling worried about him? Why is it mattering to me that Magnum's hurt? And why I have a strange feeling to head back and help Seraph?) Lize: (I don't get it! What are those emotions?! Why am I feeling this out of a sudden?!)
  14. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team BGM: The Joker still playing Seraph: Don't worry about me. Just go ahead before you lose them. Lize: Tch... if you don't return to us, I'll go after you in hell and kill you again!! Seraph: I have a family who's waiting on me. I can't let him down. Elizabeth ran after Hera and Idealis while carrying Magnum. Seraph held his now burning katana firmly and faced Fang. Fang: Family, huh... the one you took away from me! Seraph: I never took anything from you. How should I know you had the same desire as I? Fang: I was planning to ask him after he completed Nirvana... but then, you had to send me away on a mission! I know that you did that on purpose, you damned piece of shit! Fang: But it's easy, see? I can just kill you and take Agni with me! He'll become my brother, like it was supposed to ever since the beginning! Seraph: Doing this without his say on the matter... if there's something that infuriates me, it's that single point. Fang: As if he has any free will! You all locked him into a fate of constant fighting and pressure! A fate only a trash like you is supposed to suffer! To counter the flaming blade, Fang infused his claw with wind magic. He went into position, ready to charge. Fang: Not having to fight anymore... completely relying on me... that's the life Agni deserves. A life of freedom, unbound by any sort of shackle... after all he went through, nothing seems better to someone like him. Seraph: You clearly don't know Agni well. He'd never choose a life where he wouldn't fight. Helping someone is innate of him. Fang: Shut up! His suffering is your fault! I'll free him from you here... Fang began to attack with claw slashes and kicks once again. Seraph defended and countered, but Fang evaded them quickly. They both had the same level of power, the only difference being in recklessness, a point the rebel angel had in big quantity. Everything for making Seraph suffer counted. After all, he is the reason why soldiers betray, hate and fear him. Seraph: You already destroyed my life enough. How much more until you are fully satisfied? Fang: Until your heart is shattered in pieces. I can use the claw to do that, but it'd be better by taking what's mine by right! Seraph: Don't treat Agni like an object! Fang: I'd never. He's a precious person... hate to admit it, but to us both. But that's what makes it entertaining! If I can take him under my wing, your spirit will be crushed! After all, you'll return to your world of loneliness without him, won't you? Seraph: Grrr.... Fang: HAHAHAHA!! I should've told those fools while I had the chance! The mighty and cold Seraph actually fears loneliness! They would laugh out loud and see how pathetic you are!! Fang: After all, Agni's just your comfort pillow, right? This is his true purpose as your brother... Seraph: Don't compare me to someone like you!! Seraph attacked with Type 0: Flash, it hitting the mocking Fang. He immediately went to Type 2: Sow, shooting a wave of ice and fire (thanks to Hera's infusion in his blade). Fang was blown away, but immediately got up. Fang: (Damn... that horned magical pinky's infusion actually powered him up...) Seraph: What's the matter? All that you said was actually cheap talk coming from a sore loser? Fang: !! You'll eat those words, served with an extra of my claw piercing your skin and heart!! Agni Artwaltz, Anna Ametrine, Rokurou Rangetsu and 5T BGM: Mushroom Bank still playing 5T: Sure, here they are. 5T handled the coins to the banker while awaiting the results. In the meanwhile, Rokurou looked at Agni and Anna from the window. BGM: "Ha ha! Yes, it will take some time getting used to!" (Fire Emblem: Awakening) Agni: Now that I think about it... we haven't talked to each other like this for more than two months, right? Anna: I think so... you are always so busy with your duties and I never wished to bother you. Agni: You'd never bother me. You should have spoken up whenever. I'd happily open my time to stay with you, Anna. Anna: But everyone expects so much of you. If they even heard you abandoned your tasks as the Second General to stay with me, I- Agni: Stop saying those things! Seriously, you need to stop with the self-loathing! If you were so horrible like you're saying, I wouldn't have married you, would I? He embraced her again and looked directly at her. Anna's somewhat excessive negativism towards herself bothered Agni. Agni: I'll repeat it many times until it can hit you. I love you, Anna. You are important to me. Anna: I... love you too, Agni, but I just do not wish to stay in your way... Agni: *sigh* Guess my words aren't coming through... you'll leave me no choice. Anna: What do you mean? Mmmph!! She received a heartfelt kiss from Agni and didn't offered a single resistance out of embarassment or prying eyes. Anna wanted that... to feel her husband's love once again. She always understood how much he loved her, but kept doubting herself in the matter. Agni: Do you finally understand it now? Anna: ... I am sorry... I always understood it but- Agni: Stop with the apologies. Just say what you really want to. Anna: Do... not leave me alone anymore. I cannot stand it. I want you close to me, Agni... Agni: As do I, Anna. They returned to a tight hug while looking at the final moments of the sunset. From the inside, Rokurou was cheering them on, but since the glasses were blocking sound, his voice wouldn't be able to reach them. Rokurou: Aw yeah, Agni! That's a good move, man! 5T: Be quiet! We're inside a bank, you know. Rokurou: Well, you just missed a good scene, 5T. 5T: ... Please, don't tell me that he did... Rokurou: Right on spot! 5T: (Agni, good job... you just dig your own grave...)
  15. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Elizabeth just shrugged and kept walking. As they progressed, Magnum was walking a little slowly, slightly behind Seraph. Suddenly, the gusts of winds become stronger. Seraph: The wind... this is... Magnum: Guh... I...! Seraph: !! Magnum!! Suddenly, something... or rather, someone rammed on Magnum. Because he was already in a weakened state, he was sent flying towards a tree. Once he hit it, he fell unconscious, without any energy left to resist. BGM: The Joker (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax) ???: Seraph!! Seraph held his weapon and stance while the other person forced his own weapon at him. As he held, she finally appeared. Elizabeth ran to Magnum, who was on the ground. Lize: What the- Magnum!! Seraph: How is he? Lize: He finally fell unconscious, but he's fine! More importantly... who the hell is he?! ???: You bastard... prepare yourself to die!! Seraph: Tch... so you're still held on that, I guess. You really don't want to let the past go away, do you? ???: Of course I don't, I'm not over with you yet! Your suffering has still a lot of ways to go on, just like mine! Lize: (He looks like an angel... but he seems to hate Seraph to his guts...) Seraph: *sigh* I guess this will continue on for a long time, Fang. Fang: Oh no, it won't! I'll make sure to decree your death today so I can finally have what I want. Do us all a big favor and just die, you son of a bitch! Lize: "Us"? What do you mean by "us"?! Don't pit me with you, pig! Fang: You heard the nonsense he spoke, didn't you? Still, I see that you possess some hatred for him in your heart. After all, a guy like him comes around and bosses you all as if he's all high and mighty. Doesn't it make you sick to the bones? Lize: ... Fang: You don't deny it, girl. So why don't you just join me and kill him for good? Maybe his death will do a good to us all. He tried to stab Seraph, who defended the advance with his katana. Fang switched to attack with kicks and punches from his left arm, but Seraph defended all of them and backed off. Seraph: ... Take Magnum with you and continue without me. I'll resolve this in my own way. Lize: Seraph, this isn't time to be proudful! Seraph: This isn't about pride. Like Seth said, there are far more important things than a bickering. Plus, after what just happened, do you really have it in you to fight alongside me? Lize: Well, if I am to be sincere, no... but even so, he- Seraph: Don't leave the Oracle waiting. Our mission is to meet with her. If I can't do it, you and the others can. Rokurou Rangetsu and 5T BGM: Mushroom Bank Theme (Mario Party) Rokurou: Aww, we just missed a good chance to get a kiss scene. 5T: Do you know "privacy"? That's important. Now let's hurry up with this and get back. 5T grabbed the coins that Rokurou had and went to the counter. 5T: Excuse me, but what is the current value of these 20 silver coins I have here?
  16. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Lize: Nemesis, calm down. You're letting something so petty bother you. Magnum: He... he did! More times... than you know...! Magnum stood in front of Seraph and even if he had not much strength, he held one of her katars with his hand. Magnum: We went on a mission to... hunt a monster... and when we reached the target, our whole squad... turned against him! Not only I had to watch and be unable to help... but I saw him fighting against all of... them and the demon... alone...! Seraph: (Magnum... to think you would rise your voice for me...) Magnum: I know... the scars he bears for... all of us angels. Sir Seraph is... cold... and he may not be the friendliest person ever... but I know him in battle and... he knows what he's doing...! Magnum: I won't let you... insult someone like him...! Seraph: Enough, Magnum. Don't overstep your boundaries. Seraph took the front this time. He stared at Nemesis, not raising his weapon against her. Seraph: I know betrayal, I know backstabbing... after all, the most feared and hated figure in Heaven would know well. Lize: Wait... hated? Feared? But aren't you the First General or something like that? Seraph: Between both Generals, I'm hated and feared while Agni isn't. If I had to count the times something like that have happened... I'd have stopped at 59. Magnum: 59?! I... didn't knew that... the number was that high... Lize: Then why do you keep trusting people so much? I don't get it. Betrayed 59 times and you're still willing to believe on people?! Seraph: There was a time I stopped believing. At that time, I was on a war with Agni in the world of humans. I killed so many enemies, but my sword also killed so many innocents... if he wasn't there to stop me, I'd have razed a whole town because I believed they were soldiers as well. Magnum: But there was... something he said... that changed your... mind, right? Seraph: "Even if I'm backstabbed, even if I'm betrayed, I won't quit on believing on people. I may be called as naive, as an idiot but I'm not changing my mind. I'll keep giving my belief, even if the other person doesn't. Its heart might change one day and my death might bring a chance for them to regret their choices. I'll kill them outside of my sword." Lize: That's something Agni would say alright. Seraph sighed. He already knew he wouldn't convince anyone with his story, neither tht would change the way they would think about Enkidu. Seraph: ... Well, I'll leave you to your judgement. You're free to hate me. I don't mind it. If even my soldiers hate me, fear me and betray me... but I'll still help you get back to your own world. I swore to do that, after all; He walked away, going in the direction Hera was leading. Magnum released Magnum: ... You have a... misconcepted vision of us... if you think that... we uphold in virtue... or something like that... Magnum: We're sinners... just like you all... and our forgiveness... won't come. Our judgement in... the end won't be... so easy. Lize: ... Look, you can't blame her. Angels are people coming from the glorious, oh majestical Heaven with the frilly gods and what not. Having you all understand humans is something hard to believe. Magnum: ... I see... so that's how... it works... then. Alright... I got it... Lize: Magnum? Magnum: ... I don't feel... like talking... I'll stay quiet from now on... and just go on... ahead. Lize: Idiot, you can't even walk! Here, I'll be kind this time and help you- Magnum: Don't... touch me... I'm not... like you. Weak and tumbling as he could, Magnum followed Seraph. He was irritated at how misconcepted they were and how they were judging ahead of even thinking about anything. Lize: ... Really, I think the only angel I can like is Agni. Those two are beginning to get on my nerves somehow. Agni Artwaltz and Anna Ametrine Anna finally got back up and just held his hands. They were exchanging smiles. Then, Anna looked at him, serious Anna: I... want to help you somehow. I cannot risk myself on the front lines, but I wish so much to be useful. Agni: Maybe we can ask Mr. Darkflare if you could work at the Warrior's Hangout. Anna: The Warrior's... Hangout? Agni: Yeah. It's a place that helps us with training. There's a clinic there, so I think you can help with magical issues, since we don't have anyone with the expertise. My Cura won't save us all the time. Anna: Well... I have second feeling against it... mainly because I feel I will become a hindrance. But I will go along with your idea.
  17. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Lize: Glad that we can go along now. Seraph: Magnum, give me your shoulder. I'll help you walk. Magnum: Yes... thanks, Sir... They followed Idealis and Hera as they walked towards the castle where the Oracle was residing. The topic of the conversation was Enkidu, the mysterious man that appeared to offer prayers. Lize: Well, I do agree. That Enkidu guy was so weird... but this place's like some sort of Caster conglomeration... Seraph: Weird or not, he's offering his help. Turning it down will cost us one moment or another. Lize: We already have enough people. Besides, he's a complete stranger. Don't tell me that you can't refute people because you're an angel and you can't commit a single sin... Seraph: ... Do it as you wish then. Don't complain if you end up like Edward because your pride spoke higher. Lize: H-Hey, I was just doing a commentary! Seraph: Our conversation is over, Elizabeth. Keep walking quietly or talk with someone else. While carrying Magnum, Seraph distanced himself from Elizabeth. He firmly believed that refusing Enkidus aid would bring consequences, but decided to not comment anymore. He knew that just because he's a General in Heaven doesn't mean he orders on others. Lize: Harsh... geez, I can't believe someone like him can have a brother like Agni. They're so different... Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T After a quick walk, they reached the exchange store once again. It wasn't that far and Agni had the route memorized. Agni: And here we are. Rokurou: Alright, so all that we have to do is to give them the coins and we'll get the cash, right? 5T: Of course not. They'll check the coins before giving the exact amount. Rokurou: Oh, right. Well, I guess we'll have to go in and- ???: Agni! As they looked, a white-dressed girl with wings looked at them. She seemed in verge of tears... Rokurou: Wow, that's a beautiful girl... 5T: That's something among Kirimuri's lines... that aside, do you know her, Agni? Agni: Anna?! Hearing him calling her, Anna ran to him and immediately jumped into his shoulder, hugging Agni tightly and breaking into tears. Anna: I was... so worried... *sob*... you left and never told me where you were going... Agni: *hugs Anna* I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I got desperate and just left, it's true. I never meant to make you get worried, I swear. Anna: I know... *sniff*... I know. I guess I... got too worried as well... Agni: It's your right to get worried when your husband suddenly leaves without giving any warning. Rokurou: (Wow... he got himself a good catch. Lucky kid.) 5T: (So they are married. I think I won't indulge more into it. I don't understand a feeling such as "love" either.) Agni: But haven't we already talked about this? You shouldn't be leaving home alone. You're the Goddess of Healing, Revenant should be with you. Rokurou and 5T: (A goddess?!) Anna: ... I think I was like you. Desperate, wishing to see you soon... if I could at least see your smile, it would have been enough for me. Agni: Liar. You wouldn't be satisfied with just a smile... well, neither I would in this case. Anna: Hehe. I believe you are right. Although the scene was something to watch, 5T began to pull Rokurou and Kirimuri with him. 5T: ... We saw enough, c'mon. Rokurou: Eh? But shouldn't we wait- 5T: Leave them be, it's their moment. C'mon, we can't waste time.
  18. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu, 5T and Melina 5T: *sigh* Seems like our cooperation won't go well... we do play the same coin, anyway, since I also don't care if you're interested on taking me seriously or if you're going to make fun of me because I'm don't have the same sense of humor you do. Agni: 5T... c'mon... 5T: I know, I know, I'm being blunt, disrespectful and stupid, I'll stop and apologize to you, Kirimuri and I never meant any offense... but I'm not lying about how things won't steer too well between us both right now. After all, I'm just a serious living lump of metal. Rokurou: That was unnecessary and you're clearly not a kid. Well, you and Agni do look like you're 14, though... Agni and 5T: What?! I'm 19! Rokurou: Hahaha! You even sound the same! As 5T and Agni groaned, the Pod began to analyze the latter, Rokurou and Kirimuri. Pod: All basic data about Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu and Kirimuri have been registered. Specifics are still unknown. Agni: Now I noticed this little thing flying. What exactly is it? 5T: That's Pod. He's somewhat an assistant. He only obeys to my orders though. Pod: I am currently assigned to assist Unit 5T. It is a pleasure to make acquaintances. Proposal: Unit 5T should follow Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu and Kirimuri to collect specific data for tactical uses. Agni: Specific data? 5T: ... Just ignore it. This thing can be really annoying sometimes... Rokurou: Well, if that's the case... can we go...? 5T: Alright then. Lead the way and I'll follow. Agni and Rokurou began to walk as 5T followed them. The android was rather interested on knowing them, but not for the same reasons as the Pod proposed. Meanwhile, Melina returned from another street. She looked at them leaving. Melina: (Where are they heading? Also, who is that fourth person?)
  19. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu and 5T Agni: W-What kind of question is that?! Why do you need to involve massages with androids?! Rokurou: I don't think that was such a bad question. Sounded rather normal to me. Agni: Didn't you got the meaning behind the- never mind, I won't bother explaining it... While Rokurou was feeling rather normal with the question, Agni got embarassed for 5T. As for the android, he was just direct and blunt to answer Kirimuri. 5T: ... I can definitely see the type of guy you are... and no, I'm not programmed to do that. Even if I was, either you wouldn't want it or I wouldn't do it. Rokurou: Whoa, that's a blunt response. Agni: Well, for a question like that, I don't blame him... that much. Still, that was kinda blunt... 5T: Also, can you please tell me your name? If I'm to work with you, I don't think you want me referring to you as "perverted oriental-looking human with second interests". Rokurou: Even harsher and direct... he just went directly into a honor stab... Agni: Guess our group has a lot of different personalities... I don't know if that's good or bad anymore...
  20. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Seraph: Any assistance is welcome. If we ever need you, I'll make sure to inform it. Lize: Then we're done with this whole burial issue. Can we move on to the Oracle? Lize: And let's be quick before Magnum ends up fainting on us. Magnum: I'm completely... fine...! Don't worry... about me...! Lize: Your legs are talking the inverse, you idiot. Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu and 5T The three get outside, where Rokurou was waiting for them. He looked at 5T once again. Rokurou: So you managed to escape from there too. Good to know, kid. Agni: Wait... was he with that army too? Rokurou: Yep. He was one of the commanders, just like me. Your name is... 5T: It's 5T. YoRHa Unit Type 5 Tracer. Rokurou: Right. So, 5T- 5T: There's something I need to tell you, first. I'm not the same 5T that was there. That was another of my model. Rokurou: What? Agni: Are you... an android? You spoke about model, so... 5T: Yeah. This is actually the first time we meet. Agni: I see... so, in that case... then the other 5T... Rokurou: Probably got destroyed. He must have tried to escape and got caught. Thing is, he had more information about the operation than I do. His betrayal would be a heavy loss since he had a lot of information behind the whole thing. 5T: ... It seems to be the case. But I'm here on his behalf. Even if I don't have the information, I still want to help. Agni: Well, feel free to hop on aboard. Any help is welcome. Oh, I'm Agni Artwaltz. Rokurou: And I'm Rokurou Rangetsu. It's nice to meet you, another 5T.
  21. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Seraph: I wouldn't say "fond"... it's something we do out of traditions. And about us both, we're not humans. We're angels. Wingless, but angels. Magnum: I'd rather... not do it... again... Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu and 5T 5T: Well, I do think there's a 50/50 in this situation, so I guess I'll think about it a little more before registering fully. I don't even know the steps anyway... Meanwhile... Rokurou: Uh, are you sure? Shouldn't you keep them for emergencies? Agni: Well, I'd agree with you, but all things considered, this is a sort of emergency. I don't know when the team who had the money will return so it's best if we use what we have. Rokurou nods and takes the coins. Then, Agni gets up and stretches his arms. Agni: Now let's go. We're going back to the exchange store. Rokurou: OK. Also, thanks for the company. Agni: I said I wouldn't leave, but waiting here forever seems like a waste... since it's close, we won't be taking long anyway. Rokurou: Thanks for the coins, man! I owe you and I won't forget to pay. Agni: You're free to come with us, Kirimuri. You might be tired, so if you don't want to, then we'll see you later. They waved at Kirimuri and began to walk towards the doors. As they did that, Rokurou noticed 5T and immediately called for him. Rokurou: Wait, it's you! 5T: Huh? What are you... Agni: Is he someone you know, Rokurou? Rokurou: Of course! Oh, but it's best if we talk outside. There's a lot of people here, so I don't want someone hearing this... He was the first one to leave, standing outside to wait for them. Both Agni and 5T looked confused. 5T: Uhh... what just happened...? Agni: I don't know either... sorry if we disturbed you. 5T: Wait. He said... he knew me? If that's the case, then... With a little more of thought, he remembered about the model who fell. If he were to get any information, it had to be from this person. 5T: I'll head out with you two. There's something I need to ask him regarding what he said. Agni: Alright... I'm kinda curious as well. 5T: Well, I'll be taking my leave then. Thanks for the information. Agni: We'll be back soon, Miss Mech-Hisui.
  22. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Lize: Well, I'm sorry for just speaking out an honest opinion! Even if they're tired. Seraph and Magnum managed to get up by themselves. The latter was still wobbly, though, losing a little of balance. Seraph: If your opinion will criticize others, then don't speak it... Lize: Y-Yes, sir... Magnum: ... Weird... Lize: S-Stop labeling me as weird already!! Then, Enkidu introduced himself. Seraph nodded and did the same thing in response. Seraph: It's a pleasure. I'm Seraph Artwaltz. Magnum: Magnum Alexandria... at your service...! Lize: I'm Elizabeth Bathory. Magnum: You... definitely look strong, Mr. Enkidu... also, thanks for... the words... Lize: Someone's falling down. Did karma hit you? Magnum: That ritual... takes a lot of energy... I'm not used to it... like Sir Seraph is... Seraph: It's a rite we do to send souls to receive their judgements while blessing them to reach Heaven. In a way, those are our parting words. Agni Artwaltz, Rokurou Rangetsu and 5T 5T: I see... battle training, huh... Pod: This Pod agrees with the commentary. Unit 5T will not gain any benefits in participating into training sessions. YoRHa units are already programmed with the battle routine. 5T: Even so and being a little against my own skills as a Tracer model, I can't simply rely on data when it comes to battling other lifeforms outside of machines. So I think I'll gain something by participating. While 5T kept speaking with the Mech-Hisui, Agni and Rokurou listened to the result of the match. Rokurou: Whoa, that sounded bloody. Just the way I prefer a battle to be. Agni: Well, aren't you two assassins? I'm not surprised. Rokurou: You did explode a building too. Does that makes of you an assassin too? Agni: I highly doubt that... Rokurou: Well, if you say so... The conversation ended and the air got a little boring. There weren't many topics to talk about. Rokurou stretched his arms before sitting on the couch beside Agni. Rokurou: Really, now I'm itching a battle. Hey, Agni, how 'bout a duel between you and me in the forest? Agni: ... You know what, I'm going to exchange the locket. Rokurou: Don't. Agni: Fine... but I'm not heading out of Candor, Rokurou. We need to do your registration process so that we can use the arena and I don't have the money to do it so. Rokurou: Ugh... then what, we'll just sit here and chat until your friends return? Agni: What choice do we have? I can't just bring you inside an arena with only my member ID. Rokurou: ... Can't you, now? Agni: Rokurou...
  23. The Roleplay Paradise Redux: Fortis Novum Mundum

    Audience Team Lize: I'm not good with parting words, so count me out. I don't even know him sufficiently to tell something nice, either. As Elizabeth also denied to do a parting, Magnum and Seraph were the last ones to do it. Strangely, they extended their arms towards the casket and began to pray. Magnum: Soul lost in the earth, whose blood has been spilled for the good... thy falling runs in the earth that gives the people hope... Seraph: A sacrifice never to be forgotten... even if embedded with vices, it shall teaches us to reach virtues... Magnum and Seraph: Your soul shall find peace, your mind find brilliance and your heart find purification. Lost lamb, time has come. May thy soul reach the lights of Heaven and be received with glory. A beacon of light shined upon the casket. Edward's soul departed to await its judgement. It was a special angelic prayer used to fasten the process, since it takes at least three years for a person to be fully judged upon its sins. However, said prayer costed energy and it left Seraph and Magnum tired. Seraph: Tch... doing such ritual costs some energy... Magnum: Yeah... without a doubt it does, Sir... Suddenly, a strange man appeared behind them. Elizabeth jumped, a little scared of him. Lize: Eeeek!! Half-naked person! It's a pervert! A pervert!! 5T 5T was startled with the sudden appearance of the Mech-Hisui. He looked at her in the same confusion she did, although he had emotions to portray. 5T: Ah! Geez, that was a little surprising... Pod: Analysis: This is an android. However, identification is unknown. Does not belong to YoRHa network. 5T: W-Well, that's to be expected. I never saw her model either. 5T: In any case, do you... possibly work here?