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  1. Young Link by Arumikan updated 9/28/17

    Let's give it a try! looks awesome! Hey Listen!
  2. fixed a gum the yoshi issue, infinite flight *sigh* wasn't aware this could happen but it "was" a thing, just need to make a custom fall and land anim...i may redo her sprites...the edit is kinda old and i improved a lot on sprite art.

  3. dude this isn't patreon, coming in here and saying "you gotta do this and i'll give you a link" defeats the purpose of posting in a character/stage release section of this site. Just post the link, there are mugenites here who'd give your characters reviews, and this being marco from metal slug, your most likely going to gain some attention either way. Heck i do it, i always tend to link to the authors youtube or post where he released it, i dont go releasing someone else's stuff unless i added a whole lot of my own edits. So give us a chance, you'd be surprised.
  4. dunno why but...archive keeps saying it has an AI...it's not really showing any...it seems to be throwing out random moves XD, other then that, she's an interesting character, i'll keep her for any future updates. also, dat hyper lol, darwin watterson would be proud.
  5. Tomoka Minato(Beta Version)

    she shall fight soccer len! hmmm i'll try to get a video of that tonight...soccer vs basketball, it'll be interesting! Also great work!
  6. Kazecat's Characters

    got 'em! thank ya kaze i'll give 'em a spin.
  7. great character, but i raged when her AI patch wouldn't work with mugen 1.1.... ah well...maybe that'll get updated one of these days...
  8. what is love?

    from above?

  9. noice! whens she gettin cream back? *smile intensifies*
  10. Arrived in MFFA

    welcome im one of TBM's friends enjoy the stay!
  11. Hello, My name is AAA !

    your names AAAmazing! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  12. A casual Mugen fan saying hello! :D

    welcome dude! IF mugen is what you fancy best then stick around for new mugen characters to test! XD sorry had to throw a rhyme there...im creative but dont always get the time to study or create much...but i'll get something made 1 day, nice having ya here!
  13. Rulue by Robo released

    im a crappy coder...all i can say is...find the state for the kick and check the values...then just mess with them until you get your needed result..also check her collisions in the animations, as well...it's possible that red or green box might have too much X axis causing it to miss targets that are too close.
  14. What characters are hard for you to beat?

    Almost anything by Moku...*i've beaten them but with cheap methods...* Anything by Robo *except warewarecolibri he's a boss and is simply broken/cheap* Pre-to's characters *no cheap method i've used so far is effective...* ABAB's Rouge the Bat *she flies constantly and SPAMS projectiles...* I actually have a long list...but these are currently my most known challenges XD
  15. Rulue by Robo released

    no problem dude, it's fair to give warnings for those challenge seekers *like me XD*