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  1. It's green! must be in the jeans XD Pause menu included it seams X3
  2. well, spriting has improved quite a bit more, im almost able to animate my own stuff...so im feeling confident enough to try and make a mugen character! As soon as i get enough votes on which of the 3 that i should animate.

  3. Seems Mega X released a new animatronic...and he's hooked on fighting DL here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q7dp3jqdrol9ibb/Old_Foxy.rar or just get it in the video description Don't be deceived by the rar name...it's NOT old
  4. welcome paradox! hope ou enjoy staying here and remember butter the bread before frying it in a pan put cheese on the unbuttered side and then butter one side of another piece of bread and place the unbuttered side on top of the cheese.....let fry for 3-5 mins...depends if you like it soft..3 mins or crunchy..5 or maybe 8 mins...flip and repeat waiting time..
  5. awoke from a nap...weirdest dream...saw an apocalypse happening...neighbor kids broke into my house wanting me to get them on the roof of my house to save them....and find out it's a werewolf apocalypse...ones that dont actually bite...but the kids are scared shitless of them anyway...

  6. incase anyone wonders what this is....
  7. this is eggcellent and her new moves are eggciting. Sorry for cracking these egg puns but ya gotta admit these are pretty good yolks ok...im egging this on...downloading now.....
  8. for the love of all that is spicy with melted cheese and beef and a hint onion! Do not Post yet! it multiplies faster than a ditto and a eevee on a hot day!

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    2. wicloud


      what? im hungry...i spoke what was on my mind...and somehow pokemon got mixed in...

    3. Pluscross


      Oh no. That's never good. The last part...

    4. wicloud


      trust me...aspergers is one hell of a disease...you get the most random thoughts at unexpected times....if i wrote a diary...people would think im on drugs...


      here's a thought i just had...putting a bra shaped like 2 crosses under a small shirt meant for showing underbewbs...seriously im hungry and im getting thoughts like this?

  9. finally a matthew in mugen! but it's female XD *My first name is Matthew too*
  10. sweet! I'll pair it up with the washing machine and watch them wreck my roster XD. Good job synck
  11. Gum Edit released 40% done This is more likely a visual edit rather than a fighting style edit....Gum is now more feminine looking to appeal to her gender. This edit was made in the interest of having a female yoshi who now looks female in Mugen rather than it just being on a bunch of fanarts XD. DL Here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5314913AB5A7000!131&cid=05314913AB5A7000 New moves? Up + z to fly holddown then left or right to crawl + pressing C will make you roll in direction used More to come later on! Hope you all enjoy!
  12. been feeling good lately, figuring out stuff, and making a few sprites here and there...may even release the edited Gum soon...however there's still a lot of sprites to rework...but i've been reworking other sprites too.

  13. she's got enough weight...why add more??? Also holy crap her combo's and speed....She's a freakin tank with fur
  14. Well with the bizarre weather we're having...better take the opportunity and do some more sprites and sprite edits...i just really hope i don't get distracted by youtube again :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:

    1. Darkflare
    2. wicloud


      stop trying to distract me with videos....i gotta sprite dem sprites!