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  1. great character, but i raged when her AI patch wouldn't work with mugen 1.1.... ah well...maybe that'll get updated one of these days...
  2. what is love?

    from above?

  3. noice! whens she gettin cream back? *smile intensifies*
  4. welcome im one of TBM's friends enjoy the stay!
  5. your names AAAmazing! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  6. welcome dude! IF mugen is what you fancy best then stick around for new mugen characters to test! XD sorry had to throw a rhyme there...im creative but dont always get the time to study or create much...but i'll get something made 1 day, nice having ya here!
  7. im a crappy coder...all i can say is...find the state for the kick and check the values...then just mess with them until you get your needed result..also check her collisions in the animations, as well...it's possible that red or green box might have too much X axis causing it to miss targets that are too close.
  8. Almost anything by Moku...*i've beaten them but with cheap methods...* Anything by Robo *except warewarecolibri he's a boss and is simply broken/cheap* Pre-to's characters *no cheap method i've used so far is effective...* ABAB's Rouge the Bat *she flies constantly and SPAMS projectiles...* I actually have a long list...but these are currently my most known challenges XD
  9. no problem dude, it's fair to give warnings for those challenge seekers *like me XD*
  10. yep, pill and nyakko are his most original since neither have copied moves, prishe is kinda like bison and rulue has chun-li and rugal kicks.Oh and prishes assist seems to do a clark throw...from KOF...prishe does high damage and rulue has a few high damaging moves too.
  11. This character was updated May 21st...4 days ago pretty much...honestly can't say what was added..but her AI is improved and her damage is dampened a bit better now.
  12. It seems Robo has made another character...Im a fan of his pill and his others characters are great too but...when you turn on their AI *by using the def file with AI in their names* They're very difficult to fight. I'd know i fought his Prishe...and Colibri is a boss/joke character...but CAN kill you quickly. I hope you all enjoy! DL Link---> https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=C0C526F504489011&id=C0C526F504489011!106
  13. I tried her out along with the run away...i won't throw out spoilers...but...it's worth trying XD AI is dam good and dam tough, I've beaten ringo/Eve but dam she rushes more than Eve! Probably due to her not having projectiles...
  14. this character is quite shocking! *gets slapped*
  15. animating is fun and time consuming......i just realized a week passed by when i started practicing this stuff XD

    1. IDGCaptainRussia


      well, someone had to agree XD

      for me it's coding, animating is just plain tedious